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Jessi Finds a Mistress

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Ever since the Women Pro Bowlers had left town, Jessi had been feeling lonely. Okay, “horny” was probably a better word for it! Please see the story “Jessi Meets the Women Pro Bowlers” in the Celebrities section to see what happened then. She was definitely feeling that something was missing in her life.

Jessi is 26, single and has been bi since her best friend Lisa seduced her when they were both 16. Jessi broke up with her last boyfriend almost a year ago, after she found put he was cheating on her. She has spent the last year exploring her bi side, and has had several exciting adventures. It has been since she broke up with Rob that she has been with a guy sexually, and she has not missed it. Her last two boyfriends really hurt her emotionally, and she has pretty much decided that she wants to have a girl friend now. She is tired of the crap most men deal out, and she loves the feeling of holding a soft woman next to her.

She has wondered for some time if she might be submissive. Most of the time she loves to let her partners take the lead. She had never really found anyone that would totally take charge, but she had fantasized about it occasionally.

That Saturday, she decided she needed to go dancing. It had been too long, she had been spending too much time on her schoolwork and not nearly enough time playing. She called James, her best friend from work, to see if he wanted to go with her. James is gay, and the two of them love to go out dancing together, and pick out prospective partners for each other. But James has a new boy friend, and he wants to spend the evening alone with him. Jessi understood, so she headed out by herself that evening.

She wore a sexy outfit, a short red tank top that showed off her flat stomach, and a white mini skirt with just a white thong underneath. The white looked very hot against her tan skin. White heels set off her bare shapely legs, and she had a little gold chain around her neck with a cross that dangled in the valley between her breasts. Jessi is medium height, 5’5″ and slender, with firm high breasts and a very tight ass that is the result of many hours riding her mountain bike. Jessi has shoulder length, curly brown hair and big brown eyes.

She felt like treating herself tonight, so she took a cab to the club. Even if she didn’t meet anyone, she could enjoy herself without having to worry about driving home drunk. She decided to try out a different club she had heard about, one that had recently opened. It was a lesbian club, rather than the bi clubs she and James usually went to.

Jessi entered the club, and it took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She looked around and saw nothing but women, every shape and size, from the biggest bulls to the tiniest femmes. Jessi considered herself a femme, but she had no interest in the real butch girls. She loved the feeling of being next to a beautiful girl, and if she wanted a real muscular body next to her she could always find some guy.

Jessi took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. It wasn’t very long before the butchest of the “butchies” walked over and offered to buy her a drink. “I’m sorry, no thanks.” said Jessi, “I’m really looking for a girlie girl.”

“Aren’t we all?” asked the big lesbian with a smile. “Good luck, I hope we both find what we’re looking for!”

Jessi scanned the crowd, looking for sexy girls that were obviously single. The last thing she needed was to pick up some one’s girl friend. There was a tap on her shoulder and she turned to see a gorgeous redhead in front of her. Actually, she was looking at the redhead’s chest, because this girl was TALL, over 6 feet.

The redhead was dressed in all white, a white silk blouse and bra underneath it, and a white mini skirt and heels. She was a little older than Jessi’s 26 years, maybe mid 30’s. She had a slender body, but Jessi could see she had shapely legs, and her erect nipples were visible through her blouse and bra. She had a long mane of red curls that cascaded halfway down her back and framed her face nicely.

“Excuse me, is this seat taken?” she asked, pointing at the empty stool next to Jessi.

“No, please, sit down! My name’s Jessi, by the way.” Jessi extended her hand and the redhead captured it in hers, then lifted it to her mouth and kissed it.

“Good evening, fair Jessi, my name is Elise.”

“Hi, Elise, it’s nice to meet you!” Jessi said with a broad smile.

Elise turned on her stool so her thigh was against Jessi’s. The shorter girl could feel the warmth coming off Elise’s thigh, and she liked the feeling of their thighs pressed together.

“First, please call me ‘Mistress E’. And second, the pleasure is all mine. So tell me, fair Jessi, what brings you here tonight?” Elise asked.

“Well, I’ve been working wayyyy too hard lately and felt that I deserved a night of fun. I have not been dancing in a long time, I have a friend that I like to go with, but he has a new boy friend and has been too busy with him to come dancing. How about you, Elise, why did Escort Göztepe you come out tonight?”

Jessi is surprising herself, she is not usually this quick to share private details with new people, but she feels at ease with Elise. Not to mention that Elise is rubbing her soft thigh against Jessi’s, and Jessi could feel herself getting damp from the contact.

“That’s too bad, a sexy thing like you should always have your share of fun. And I came out for the same reason you did, to maybe meet someone nice and maybe have some fun, too!” Elise stroked Jessi’s bare arm with the back of her hand, and Jessi felt her nipples harden immediately. This woman was turning Jessi on, a LOT, and she had only just met her…

“Thank you, Mistress E, that is so sweet!” Jessi said. She took the red head’s hand and put it on her thigh, then leaned into Elise and whispered into her ear. “And I hope maybe we could have some fun together…”

Elise responded by sliding her hand up under Jessi’s skirt, until her hand was cupping Jessi’s mound through her thong. Jessi gasped and gave a little moan into Elise’s ear, but opened her legs wider. Elise ran her finger down Jessi’s thong-covered mound, and between her legs. Jessi moaned again, and pushed up with her hips against Elise’s finger.

“My, my, aren’t you the little slut? And already wet for me…” Elise hissed into Jessi’s ear as she slid Jessi’s thong to the side and pressed a fingertip into Jessi’s pussy. “And shaved, too… Mmmmmm, Jessi, you know what you want, don’t you?”

Elise’s finger was slipping in and out of Jessi’s pussy, then up and across her clit. Jessi was moaning into Elise’s ear and squirming around on the bar stool. She had one arm around Elise’s waist and the other around the taller woman’s neck so she wouldn’t fall onto the floor. No one seemed to be paying them any attention, though, as if one woman fingering another was a common occurence at this club.

Elise whispered, “Okay, my little slut girl, will you cum for me, right here? If you do, I will take you home with me and fuck you all night long…”

Jessi spread her legs wider, so Elise’s finger would go deeper inside of her. She put both arms around the redhead’s neck and whispered back, “Please, Mistress E, I want you to make me cum right here, on your finger, but will you please kiss me now? I am dying to kiss you!”

Elise turned Jessi’s face towards her and lowered her mouth to the younger girl’s. Their lips met, and Jessi’s tongue darted out between Elise’s lips. The taller woman opened her mouth wide, allowing Jessi’s tongue inside. Elise gave a small moan into Jessi’s mouth, and Jessi was excited to know the other woman was turned on by her.

Elise was finger fucking Jessi, sliding her slender finger in and out with long, slow strokes. Elise broke the kiss, then pulled her finger out and brought it to her lips. It was clearly wet with Jessi’s juices. Elise darted her tongue out and ran it around her own finger. She leaned close to Jessi and whispered in her ear, “Mmmmmmmm… Delicious, baby, I can hardly wait for you to cum so I can take you home and taste you firsthand!”

Jessi grabbed Elise’s hand and sucked her own juices off the older woman’s finger. Then she put Elise’s hand back under her skirt and onto her mound. Elise again pushed Jessi’s thong aside and began to finger Jessi’s shaved pussy, sliding a finger in and out then rubbing her hard little nub.

Jessi put both her hands on Elise’s shoulders, then slid her hips forward a little on the bar stool and spread her legs even wider. The taller woman was fucking Jessi hard now, slamming her finger in and out. Jessi was moaning and pushing back with her hips, forcing Elise’s finger deep inside. Jessi leaned close to Elise and whispered into her ear, “Ohhhhhh… God yes, baby, so close…” Jessi was darting her tongue in and out of Elise’s ear, moaning and nibbling on it. Elise could feel Jessi’s juices running out of her pussy, oozing down her thigh, coating Elise’s hand.

Elise reached out with her other hand and took Jessi’s breast. Jessi’s erect nipples were clearly visible through her thin top. Elise squeezed the hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger, then pulled hard and twisted. This sent Jessi over the edge, and Elise could feel Jessi’s hot pussy throbbing around her finger. Jessi bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud, and moaned into Elise’s ear, “Ohhhhhhh… Fuck yeah, fuck me, Mistress E… Ohhhhhh…” Elise was soaking wet, too, very turned on to be taking this sexy girl in public, turned on that this sexy girl wanted her so badly.

Elise turned Jessi’s face to hers and they kissed. Jessi was panting, trying to catch her breath. Elise gently slid her finger out of Jessi’s pussy, and brought it to her own lips. She licked the finger clean, then took Jessi’s hand. “Come along, slut, you were such a good girl that I will take you home now and give you your reward!”

Jessi slipped her arm into the redhead’s and they headed out. Elise had a limo waiting Caddebostan escort outside the club, and they climbed into the back. Jessi crawled onto Elise’s lap and the two women began to kiss. Jessi’s hands were roaming all over Elise’s body, cupping a breast here, rubbing bare thighs together, kissing passionately. Elise broke the kiss, grabbed Jessi by the hair and held her face about 6 inches away.

“Tell me, slut, is there anyone you need to call?” Elise asked.

“No, Mistress E, I am yours totally. Please do with me what you want!”

“Okay slut, lay back for me. Open your legs wide, show me your cunt, show me how wet you are for me!”

Jessi lay back against the door of the limo, then put one leg across Elise’s and the other foot up on the back of the seat by Elise’s head. Jessi’s white thong was soaked, it was so wet it was see-through. Elise could clearly see the outline of Jessi’s shaved pussy through the soaking wet panties. Jessi arched her hips up, then slid her thong off and dropped it on the floor. Jessi’s bare mound was glistening with her juices.

“Is that better, Mistress E? You want to see how wet you have made your little slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, Jessi… That looks very nice, but you are not showing me how much you want me!”

Jessi put her hand between her legs and slid a finger inside herself. She was soaked, and her finger slid in to its base easily. Jessi started sliding her hand up and down, rubbing her clit while her finger was moving in and out.

“Is that better, Mistress E? Do I please you?”

Elise turned to face Jessi, and cupped Jessi’s chin in her hand. Elise whispered, “Oh God, Jessi, you please me so much you would not believe it…” and gave her a tender kiss.

Jessi cooed softly and continued to finger herself. Elise reached over and took Jessi’s hand away from her pussy, and lifted it to her mouth. Jessi’s fingers were shining with her juices. Elise started licking and sucking Jessi’s fingers, and Jessi was sliding her fingers in and out of Elise’s mouth.

The older woman pulled her head back and asked, “Do you truly want to please me, Jessi? Really, truly?”

Jessi’s response was immediate. “Oh, yes, Mistress E, I really, truly want to please you, to serve you, to make you happy…”

Jessi was actually surprising herself, amazed that her response to this strong woman was so intense.

Elise reached into her purse, removed a slim leather collar and handed it to Jessi. “Okay then, slut, put this on…”

Jessi immediately wrapped the collar around her neck and buckled it. There was a D-ring by the buckle, and Elise took a matching leash out of her purse and snapped it into place. Jessi was feeling light-headed, and when Elise patted her lap, Jessi lay her head down on it.

Elise was stroking Jessi’s hair with one hand, and exploring her body with the other. The feeling of Elise’s soft hands on her skin was very erotic to Jessi, and she could feel herself becoming very aroused again. Elise’s hand was inside Jessi’s top, cupping her breast, pinching and twisting her hard nipple. Elise’s hand stroked down Jessi’s smooth, flat stomach, and Jessi cooed softly.

“Mmmmmmm… Mistress E, that feels so nice, I love how you touch me!”

Elise’s hand moved down Jessi’s hip and between her open thighs. Elise was excited to find how wet Jessi was, and her finger easily slid inside Jessi’s wetness to its base. Jessi moaned softly and arched her hips up against Elise’s hand.

Jessi reached up and started cupping Elise’s breast through the silk of her blouse. Jessi could feel the older woman’s nipple was already erect, and Jessi squeezed it between her fingers. Elise brought her hand back up to the younger girl’s face, and stroked her cheek. Jessi’s arm snaked up around Elise’s neck.

The car came to a stop, and the female chauffeur got out and opened the door for them. She seemed not to notice that Jessi was now wearing a collar, or that Jessi had been laying on Elise’s lap, or that Jessi’s skirt was up around her waist. Jessi smoothed her skirt down and looked around, they were at the front door of a huge, old house. The chauffeur moved to the front door and opened it. Elise said to the chauffeur, “Thank you, Diana, we won’t be needing you any more this evening.”

“Very good, Mistress, I shall be in my quarters if you should require my services later.” Diana said with a smile. Under Diana’s plain uniform, black coat and pants, a white shirt and cap, Jessi could see that Diana was in fact very beautiful. Her brown hair was obviously long and stuffed under the chauffeur’s cap, and her body was quite shapely. Jessi wondered what sort of “services” Diana rendered for Elise. She was brought back to the present by a quick yank on the leash by Elise.

“Come along, slut. We have things to do…”

Jessi floated along behind Elise, watching the taller woman’s ass sway gently as she walked. She resisted the temptation to reach out and grab Elise, but Jessi was mesmerized by the way it swung Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan back and forth as she walked.

Elise led Jessi through several large rooms, then up a flight of stairs and entered a bedroom. It was nicely decorated, with a full size bed. Elise stopped short in front of the bed, and Jessi almost ran into her.

Elise turned to Jessi and said, “Okay, my little slut, this is your room. Remove your clothes.”

Jessi exclaimed, “Ooooh, Mistress E, it’s beautiful, thank you!” Jessi stepped next to Elise and slipped her arms around the taller woman’s neck.

Elise stepped back and said, “Didn’t you hear me, slut? I said remove your clothes!”

Jessi hastily undressed, she unzipped her skirt then slid her thumbs into the waistband and slid her skirt down her body. She looked at the collar and leash, then slid her tank top down and off, so her clothes were in a pile on the floor at her feet. Jessi was standing in front of Elise, nude except for her heels. Jessi’s nipples were very hard, and she could feel that her juices were oozing out of her pussy.

Elise said, “Very nice body, slut! I can’t wait to take you, but you need to bathe me first! Follow me, slut…” and walked away. Jessi had no choice but to follow, since Elise was pulling her by the collar.

Elise walked into another, even larger bedroom, with a huge canopy bed and a large balcony. She walked through the room into a large bathroom. There was a hot tub large enough for two, as well as a shower. Elise switched the jacuzzi on then turned to face Jessi.

“Okay, slut, you may undress me. I shall be bathing this evening.” Elise dropped the leash and stood with her arms in front of her.

Jessi stepped close to Elise and began to unbutton her blouse. Jessi’s hands were shaking as she fumbled with the buttons. She said timidly, “I’m sorry to be so clumsy, Mistress E, it’s just that I am a little nervous.”

Elise looked at her. “Nervous, slut? Why are you nervous? I won’t hurt you… Well, not much!” and laughed.

“Mistress E, I’ve never really done anything like this before. I’m not afraid, I know you won’t hurt me.”

“That’s a good little slut, I won’t hurt you. As long as you are good, anyway!”

“Thank you, Mistress E. I know that, and I will be a good little slut for you.”

Jessi finally got Elise’s blouse unbuttoned, and was kissing and licking her bare shoulders and flat stomach. Jessi could see that the older woman’s nipples were very hard, poking through the lace of her bra. Jessi bit Elise’s nipple through the lace, and the redhead moaned softly and put her hand on Jessi’s head.

“What a good little slut you are…”

“Thank you, Mistress E. I am only here for your pleasure.” Jessi undid the front clasp of Elise’s bra, and slid it off the taller woman’s shoulders. Her breasts are small, but the nipples are large, with very pink areolae and were almost an inch long. Jessi lowered her head and took a nipple between her teeth, biting then sucking the turgid flesh.

Elise moaned again, and her hand was in Jessi’s hair, running her fingers through it. Jessi moved to the other nipple, chewing on it gently, loving Elise’s reaction.

Jessi reached down to the waistband of Elise’s skirt. She found the zipper and lowered it. She slid the skirt down, and found that Elise was wearing sexy white panties, just a tiny square of silk held over her mound by strings that went around her hips and down between her legs. Jessi tugged at the strings, and the panties slid easily off Elise’s hips and to the floor.

Elise had a small “landing strip” of red hair on her mound, but otherwise was completely shaved. Jessi slid her hand down, over Elise’s mound, then ran a finger along the taller woman’s slit. Jessi was happy to find that Elise was already very wet, her hot juices were coating her pussy lips and running down between her legs.

Jessi slipped a fingertip into Elise, who moaned and spread her legs further. Elise put her other hand on Jessi’s shoulder, to support herself. Elise was soaking wet, and Jessi’s finger slid easily into Elise, to its base. Jessi was still sucking Elise’s nipple, and now she started sliding her finger in and out of the older woman, fucking her with her finger.

Elise was moaning, “That’s a good slut, Jessi. Fuck your mistress, slut. Make your mistress cum all over your hand, slut!”

Jessi was sliding her finger in and out faster as she licked and nibbled on Elise’s erect nipples. Elise was panting and thrusting up with her hips, forcing Jessi’s finger deeper inside. Jessi carefully added a second finger, sliding both of them deep into Elise’s drenched pussy.

“Yes, slut, that’s it! More!”

Jessi added a third finger, then a fourth. She couldn’t believe it, her hand was sliding in and out of the older woman’s pussy, and her Mistress only seemed to want more. Jessi curled her hand and reached up inside so she was touching Elise’s g-spot. Het thumb was flicking back and forth on Elise’s clit at the same time.

Jessi sucked harder on Elise’s nipple as she fucked the taller woman with her hand. Elise was moaning and arching her hips up, and her hand was clutching Jessi’s hair. Elise’s body tensed and she screamed, “Oh, fuck! Fuck me, slut, give it to me harder! Fuck me, slut, fuck your mistress…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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