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Jenn , Becky, the sequel

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This story is 100% true, and it somewhat connected to my first story titled “I’m late for work!!!”.

In the summer of ’99, things had changed in a big way for me. Especially sexually. My girlfriend Jennifer who was 15 at the time, and her best friend Becky who was 16, all became very “close” if you know what i mean. For more insight on the two of them and how our relationship blossomed, check out my first story titled “I’m late for work!!!”.

After our first encounter that summer, there were other minor experiences, but nothing worth writing about. But as summer came to an end, it just felt like tension was once again building. It was as if things were starting to get boring again, and like we were about to start pushing boundaries again. My girlfriend Jennifer and i had spoken about things, and agreed that i would be allowed to fool around with Becky in her presence, and that there would be no actual penetration.

In September of ’99, Becky revealed to us all that she was pregnant. At first the news was shocking, and me being a horny teenager, i was immediately bummed about the fact that our three-way fun was probably over. My girlfriend Jennifer had always been TERRIFIED about getting pregnant, so she was also thinking the worst for Becky.

Every year, Jenn’s parents threw an end-of-summer bonfire party. They owned a huge amount of property, and people from all around would come out. It was also in the middle of nowhere, so it was pretty much a free for all when it came to partying and getting rowdy. People would bring their campers and stay for the night. And being the trusting parents they were, they even allowed Jennifer to use their camper for her and any friends who were over.

Becky was of course invited to the party. But being pregnant, it wasn’t likely that she was going to be partying very hard. The sun had set by now, and things were starting to get loud. People laughing, yelling, and running around like drunken fools. Jennifer and i had a couple glasses of green apple schnaups, and had decided it might be fun to go swimming in the pond. So, Jennifer, Becky, and i all got into our swimming gear, grabbed a few towels, and headed out.

I vividly remember watching the girls taking off their tops, revealing their bikini underneath as they were silhouetted şişli escort by the headlights of an idling truck. Both were very well built on top, but i had noticed a change. Becky had started showing a slight “baby bump”. Things like that had never affected me before, but for some reason, this time it was different. I had to immediately get into the water for fear that the whole party might notice my growing hard on inside my swimming trunks!

After an innocent swim, we all decided to head back inside and dry off. We had all left our clothes in the upstairs bathroom, and as we all went inside to get them, i heard the door shut behind us. Jennifer had closed the door. As she locked the door, Becky started immediately with getting undressed. Jennifer followed suit. Here i was, watching them both standing naked before me, drying off….. trying to figure out if there was something more going on. Were they trying to turn me on? Were they just cold, and couldn’t wait to get warm and dry? My cock didn’t care though as it was hard as stone as i tried to take off my trunks.

Neither of them even seemed to glance, and i proceeded in getting dressed. We all left the bathroom and rejoined the party. As we got back outside, jennifer led the way to her dad as if she were on a mission. She asked “Dad, is it ok if we go to our camper and play Monopoly? Becky’s not feeling well, and we’re all kinda tired.” He of course said yes, and Jennifer once again led the way to the camper parked at the far corner of the property.

We went into the camper, turned on the TV, and lazily sat around. Things seemed very…. boring…. and i had absolutely zero hope of anything exciting happening at this point. But while Jennifer and i were huddled together under the blanket, and Becky sitting across in another seat…. i decided i’d cop a feel. I began rubbing her pussy over her pajama pants, feeling my girlfriends soft mound, and running my finger up and down her slit.

I was sure Becky was aware of what i was doing, b/c i wasn’t exactly trying to hide the motion of my hand under the blanket… nor was i hiding the fact that i was getting hard. Jennifer had started to shift her body though as if to make herself more accessible to my hand. As if it had it’s own mind, my other hand began to rub my hard cock. By now, Becky had started giving off chuckles, and smiles in our direction. Jennifer said “Are you ok with this Becky? Or should we stop?” Becky replied with the most beautiful words i’ve ever heard to this day…….. “May i sit next to him?”

I think both Jennifer and i were a little shocked to hear this, given the fact that we had figured our sexual escapades were finished now that Becky was pregnant. But she said “Sure! Do it!”. Becky sat next to me, and slid under the blanket that Jennifer and i had been sharing. I was harder now than i’ve ever been in my life. My hand had now slid inside in Jennifer’s pj pants, and was rubbing her wet pussy. Becky moved my hand from my cock, and replaced it with her own. And as she was stroking my cock, my free hand immediately moved toward Becky’s pregnant pussy.

I moved slowly for fear that she’d reject me, but she wiggled into position, and gave me full access. My two hands were rubbing two wet pussies, one pregnant, and one who has never even allowed me to cum inside yet. My girlfriend Jennifer was always paranoid about pregnancy, and always insisted on taking full precautions in preventing it. She was on birth control, but always made me pull out. It had always been a secret fantasy of mine to hold her down, and fill her pussy full of my cum against her will… but i always resisted. So, rubbing Becky’s pussy, knowing she is pregnant, started making me realize what it was that turned me on so much about her “baby bump”.

I dunno why i hadn’t thought of it before, but it occured to me that Becky doesn’t mind having a man cum in her. The thought of it turned me on to no end. I turned to my girlfriend jennifer and said, “Can i fuck you in front of Becky?” She of course obliged. I needed to be inside of a pussy. I needed to fuck someone. I needed to release the tension i had been feeling all night…. so i threw the blanket off of us, slid down her pants, and mounted her.

My cock slid into her pussy with ease. Becky had moved next to Jennifer on the couch, and i began fucking my girlfriend harder than i ever have. I can still remember the look on Jennifer’s face as i was pounding her pussy. The window blinds in the camper had begun to swing, tapping against the window as the camper was moving to our motions. I started noticing whimpers coming from Becky as she was rubbing her own pussy. Jennifer turned her head toward Becky, and began to kiss her. Almost immediately after, i started feeling Jennifer’s pussy getting tighter, and wetter….. and she started to cum. Her moans muffled by Becky’s open mouth, i heard Becky’s whimpers turn to moans as well as if she were cumming with her. I’ve never been sure whether she had been faking it to make Jennifer cum harder, or if she were actually getting off…. but i didn’t care at the time.

As Jennifer’s moans turned silent, and a glassy look appeared in her eyes… i started to feel as if i were about to cum myself. Without thinking, i blurted out “I wanna cum in you… please…”. She replied with “No, but how about in Becky? I wanna see you.” Becky smiled, and nodded with approval…. and my heart began to pound. I kissed my girlfriend with the most passionate kiss i could come up with, pulled out of her, and mounted Becky.

Becky spread her legs for me. My cock, wet with Jennifer’s cum, slid from tip to base in one smooth thrust into Becky’s pregnant pussy. I immediately felt my balls begin to burn, and a tightening at the base of my cock as i started pressing deep inside. I remember Becky’s pussy being much much warmer than Jennifer’s. To this day, i have a slight fetish for feeling the heat of a woman’s pussy soak into my cock deep inside.

The excitement of being able to cum inside of a woman for the first time, combined with someone new brought me to the edge. I said “I’m close… i’m gonna cum. U ready?” Becky nodded…. and i felt Jennifer slide off of the couch and behind me. I felt her hand gently cup my balls…. and i released. Spasm after spasm shot thru my cock, dumping my cum inside of Becky’s pregnant womb. I came harder, and more than i think i ever have…. even to this day.

I collapsed onto Becky while Jennifer continued to hold my sack in her hand. Her other hand rubbing up and down my spine as if to say “You’re welcome, i love you.”. And i knew at that moment i was pretty much the single luckiest guy on that planet in September of 1999. It was to be the last time i was ever inside of Becky, but not the last time we would all three fool around. However, this was pretty much the pinnacle of it all, and i hope you all enjoyed it half as much as i did. 😉

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