Jeff’s Business Trip

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It started out just like all the other days in the office. Nothing exciting. Same old same old.

Then the boss called me into his office.

“Listen up Smith, I need someone to go to Arizona and check out some property that the firm is interested in buying. I picked you. Pick up your company credit card and tickets from Candy down in Accounting. I want you back here in a week with a full report.”

That was Mr. Rivers.

He’s my boss.

My name isn’t Smith by the way. He just calls everyone ‘Smith1 if he can’t remember their name.

Over all a nice enough guy to work for.

I went down to Accounting to see Candy. Candy is a tall busty blonde who looks like a brainless bimbo. But she has a tremendous IQ and keeps her Accounting department running like a well-oiled machine.

She’s also my cousin, else I’d be all over her like the horndog I am. (Although if she ever showed any interest, her being my cousin would hardly slow me down, we ain’t THAT closely related)

“Hey Candy! Ya got somethin’ for me?” I said as soon as I saw her.

“Yes Jeff,” she told me. “I have your card and tickets right here.” She handed me an envelope. “You leave at 7PM tonight, and return on the 6PM flight on Wednesday. That will get you back here in LA about 9PM. Your parking voucher is also in the envelope.”

Yup, That’s Candy, all business, and no nonsense on the job.

“OK Candy,” I said out loud. Then I leaned closer to whisper just to her. “Hey cuz, want me to

bring you anything from Arizona?”

Candy looked around. “Bring me a bottle of Tequila from Nogales if you get down there.” she said

back in a low voice.

“Gotcha cuz.” I whispered back.

Then I took the envelope and tucked it into the inside pocket of my coat.

I smiled at Patty, a cute redhead who worked in Accounting. We had a weekend a while back… But I’m getting away from my story here.

I went home and packed for a week. No big deal, I had done it a dozen times in the last couple of years. I grabbed a quick shower and changed into a new suit. I transferred the contents of the envelope to my wallet and the inside pockets of my new coat. At last, I was ready.

I drove to LAX without incident, and got there in plenty of time to check my bags and catch my flight.

I flirted casually with the flight attendant, a cute black chick with ‘Debbie1 on her nametag. As I deplaned, I slipped her one of my business cards and told her to give me a buzz sometime.

She gave me a smile and tucked the card into the neckline of her blouse.

Mmmmm, possibilities there.

I went to the Hertz counter and used my own credit card to rent a Ford Mustang convertible. If I had to leave my own wheels behind, I wanted to drive something with style. And an econobox cheapie just ain’t stylin’.

I knew Tucson from my college days here. So finding my way to the downtown Holiday Inn was no problem. I had called ahead from home for a reservation, so my room was ready.

I un-packed in just a few moments. Then I went back down to my rental Mustang.

Time to cruise Speedway and check out the action.

I stopped at a couple of the tittie bars long enough to see that most of the dancers were skanks, then I went looking for fresh talent.

Besides, I liked the desert air in autumn with the top down on the Mustang. Brought back lots of memories.

I pulled up alongside a car full of high school kids. They checked out the Mustang and gave me a thumbs up.

I pulled into Bookman’s bookstore parking lot. Inside, I picked up some reading material for the night in case I didn’t get lucky.

Back on Speedway, I made one last run, and then went through South Tucson on 6th Street. Plenty of hookers, but not a one I’d dare stick my prick into on a bet.

I went down to Benson Highway. It was dead as usual.

I was starting to think that I was going to have a dry night.

I pulled into the TTT truck stop for gas. A pretty girl with curly brown hair came over to chat about the Mustang. My radar was pinging, so I casually asked how old she was.



Nice, but jailbait.

I paid for the gas and headed back into town.

Once back in town, I took a run out to Grant road. Still nada.

Heading back down Speedway, I decided to pick up a snack. Hell, it looked like I wasn’t going to get laid, so what the hey.

I pulled through the drive through to order. When I pulled around to the window, I heard the gal taking the money from the drive through window yelling. “You don’t pay me enough to keep grabbing my ass!”

She looked through the window at me. “Hey, you wanna ensest porno take me out for supper? I just quit this pig sty and I’m in the mood to celebrate.”

“Sure.” I said. Why not? This looked interesting, and what I could see looked damn good so far.

“Meet me out front.” Said the girl.

I put the car in gear and pulled forward. I left the engine running.

A moment later, she came out topless, carrying a t-shirt in her hand. “Keep your fucking uniform and shove it up your ass!” she bellowed over her shoulder.

She tugged the shirt on over her head. Nice jugs.

“Sorry about the drama.” she said as she climbed into the passenger seat and belted up. “You don’t have to take me out, I just wanted to yank that bastards chain.”

“No problem.” I said. “I’d be happy to take you to dinner. That is, if you would like to?” I replied.

She gave me a long look. “OK, but dinner is all.”

I held up my hand. “Scouts honor.”

She grinned then and held out her hand. “Lucy.” She said.

“Jeff Fisher.” I told her.

I pulled out onto Speedway and headed for a restaurant I remembered from my college days.

Carlos Murphy’s. A Mexican/Irish restaurant. It’s tastes better than it sounds.

I took Lucy into the restaurant and held her chair for her to be seated.

We chatted as we waited for the food to arrive. We talked about jobs, school, and professors we both knew.

Lucy was a student at the University of Arizona.

She was an engineering student, and took many of the same courses I had taken, although she was into mechanical engineering and I was an electrical engineering student.

I offered her a ride home afterwards. Lucy was hesitant about letting someone she had just met know where she lived. So I gave her $30 and had the restaurant manager call her a cab. I waited outside with her and saw her safely into the taxi. I gave her a card with my room number written on it. I told her to call me later and let me know she got home OK.

The taxi pulled off, and I went to the Mustang for the drive back to the hotel.

An hour or so later the phone in the room rang. I put down the book I was reading and answered it.

“Hello.” I said.

“Hey Jeff, This is Lucy.”

Hi Lucy. You got home OK?”

“Yep. Thanks for being understanding. And thanks for being concerned enough to have me call so you’d know I got home safe.”

“Not a problem.”

“I hope I didn’t wake you.” “Nope, still wide awake.”

“Well, you get some rest and call me sometime.”

“Kinda hard to do that since I don’t have your number.”

“(giggles) If you haven’t found my number by tomorrow this time, I’ll call you. Deal?”


She hung up and I shook my head as I cradled the receiver back onto the phone.

I went to the bathroom and yanked off thinking about those nicely rounded, firm, pink tipped tits that I had seen so clearly before she put her shirt on.

The next morning I made a call to a buddy from college who had become a cop. I gave him the info about Lucy that I had, description, where she had worked before she quit, and what classes she took at college.

My buddy met me for lunch; right after my first meeting with the real estate company my firm was dealing with.

“Your Lucy is a real wild one.” My buddy told me. “She was a stripper for a year or so, been busted once for possession of pot, but the case was dropped.”

He slid an envelope across the table to me. “Here’s her name, address phone number, etc. You

Didn’t get it from me. Don’t do anything stupid OK?”

“Me? Nah, nothing like that.” I assured him.

“Meet me at the pistol range tomorrow afternoon?”

“You got it,” he said. “Usual stakes?”


“OK.” And he split. I picked up the tab.

I called Lucy that evening.

“Hi there!” “Jeff?”

“None other.”

“How did you….?”

“Trade secret.”

“(giggles) what else do you know?”

“Well, I wish I had caught your act at the Follies Burlesque a year or so ago…”

“(Gasp) Holy shit! Who told you about that?”

“Trade secret.”

“Oohh, you’ll THINK trade secret…”

“Does this mean I get a second date?”

“What will you do with your information if I say no?”

“Shred it and dream wistful dreams in my old age about what might have been.”

“Corny, but nice. Pick me up in an hour.”


“Don’t you want to know where?” I rattled off her address and apartment number. “OK don’t be late.”


I showered and put on a casual shirt and slacks. Since I didn’t like what I had seen so far in parts of fake agent porno town, I slipped a compact 9mm into a holster in the small of my back where a denim jacket would conceal it. I had picked up the handy little piece from another buddy who had a bunch of less than legal activities going.

I pulled up to Lucy’s apartment just a few moments early. Lucy was waiting for me by the curb.

She looked good in her tight jeans and halter-top. She also wore a light denim jacket, and had a matching purse and denim wedgie sandals.

I got out and opened the door for her.

When I got back into the drivers seat, I reached into the back and handed her a dozen silk roses. “That’s sweet.” she said, and leaned over to give me a kiss on the lips.

“I am thinking the street fair on North 4th.” I told her.

“Suits me,” she said.

I pulled out and headed for downtown again.

We parked a block or so away and walked hand in hand to the fair. We strolled among the booths and the stands, gawking at the arts and crafts displayed there.

We came upon a display of are depicting scenes and landscapes on far planets.

“On that world,” I pointed to one of the paintings, “Live the Naranza. They are a warlike race who have recently discovered hyperdrive and have embarked on a course of interstellar conquest.”

Lucy looked at me like I was nuts.

“And on that world,” I pointed to another planetscape. “They are a race evolved from cat like animals. They are the chief opponents of the Naranza invaders.”

Lucy started to grin. “And on that one?” She pointed to another space scape showing a planetary system.

“Ah, those are the homes of the robotic civilization. They have a name for themselves, but it is a long string of ones and zeros, everyone else calls them “the Mechs’.”

We went through the whole display, inventing alien civilizations for each painting. The artist had listened to the whole thing, and I was startled to find that we had an audience. They applauded when we finished.

I swept them a bow, and Lucy curtsied. The artist gave us each a painting, and the crowd pushed forward to buy the rest.

Lucy was laughing and excited. “I haven’t had this much fun in years.” she told me.

“Me neither.” I answered.

I had my arm around Lucy’s waist. I pulled gently, and she came into a hug without resistance. I kissed her softly, then lightly brushed her lips with my tongue.

She tightened her arms around me and opened her mouth to mine.

I caressed her back as our tongues slid together.

We broke the kiss by mutual consent. We walked with our arms around each other, and Lucy rested her head on my shoulder.

When I had caressed her back when we kissed, I had felt the gun that she had tucked in the small of her back. And I had felt her find mine.

I led her back to the Mustang. “I have a new idea for a date.” I told her.

I drove us out to Craycroft and 29th to the indoor range. “Let’s practice a bit.” I said.

Lucy raised an eyebrow at me in true Spock fashion. “Fascinating.” she said.

I raised my hand in the Vulcan salute. “Live long and prosper.” I intoned.

Lucy giggled and kissed me again.

We went in and spent a couple of hours happily blowing holes in targets.

Lucy also carried a compact 9mm similar to mine. I am a good shot, but she easily matched me, and even beat me a few times.

We left with a whole new respect for each other.

“Your place.” she said as we got back into the car.

On the way back to the hotel, we discussed various brands and calibers of ammunition and guns.

Lucy was definitely my kind of girl.

Back at the hotel, I told Lucy that I was going to shower, and that I had a robe she could wear if she wanted to shower too.

“Are you saying I stink?” she asked with a mock pout.

“Just wanted to know if we should share a shower, or if you wanted to go first.”

She shrugged out of her jacket and unzipped her jeans. “Together of course.”

I joined her in undressing.

Once in the shower, Lucy pressed herself against me. She kissed me hard, he tongue darting into my mouth as she twined her arms around my neck.

Her blonde hair was darkening under the spray of the water, and I had seen that she was evenly tanned all over as I got into the shower.

I brought my hands up to cup the sides of her generous breasts. “All natural,” she had told me as she undressed. Her tits were plenty big, and just the tiniest bit of sag. They were firm and soft to the touch. We played and soaped each other in the spray from the showerhead.

Finally, we dried fake cop porno each other off. I carried Lucy to the bed and gave her a toss, bouncing her a good foot from the mattress.

“Yippee!” went Lucy with a happy grin.

Lucy grabbed me and pulled me down onto the bed.

She had her legs open and tried to pull me on top of her. But I wasn’t ready for that yet.

I pushed her gently but firmly back on the be and slid down between her legs.

I love to eat pussy, and I was taught by some of the best.

I wrapped my arms under her thighs and around her hips to pull her firmly to my mouth.

Lucy drew in a deep hissing breath when I ran my tongue up through her pussy slit to lightly touch her clit. I flattened my tongue and laved it up and down, splaying her inner labia, then I rolled my tongue into a pointy tube and slipped it deep into her pussy hole.

Lucy’s hips were pumping up into my face and grinding around. Her juices were tangy and salty sweet. I pulled back and dotted little kisses all over her inner thighs and on her pussy mound.

I ran my tongue around the creases where her thighs met her body beside her outer lips, then back to exploring her hole and her clit again.

My face was covered in her pussy juices. I raised up over her and kissed her nipples and her belly.

Then I kissed her neck and mouth. She reached down and grabbed my cock, trying to cram it into her.

I moved her hands up over her head and held them there gently. She wrapped her legs around me and I shifted my hips just a bit. This allowed my cock to sink deeply into her. Lucy sighed and shifted her legs a bit higher around my body. I held still in her, ball deep for a moment. All 7 ½ inches of me buried in her hot, molten softness.

She licked her own juices off my chin and cheeks as I began to slowly stroke in and out of her.

I let go of her hands and she reached up and grasped the slats of the headboard.

I braced myself up with one hand and slid my other hand under butt to lift her up to me. Then I hooked her knees over my elbows and held myself above her as I stroked into her faster and faster. Lucy’s cunt clamped down hard on my cock when she came. I pumped harder and faster until I came.

I stayed atop her for a moment, and then rolled us over. We were still connected, and Lucy just lay there atop me, resting and twitching a bit.

“You’re still hard.” Lucy murmured to me.

“All the more for you Honey.” I said.

Lucy tossed her long honey colored hair back and grinned down at me. Her tits were pressed into my chest, and her nipples were like pebbles.

She shifted her legs around fluidly and sat up, still impaled on my erection.

Lucy braced herself with her hands holding mine as I stiffened my arms up straight.

She slid her hips back and forth for a while, and then she leaned forward, her hands on my shoulders while my hands played with those magnificent tits.

She humped her hips up and down, then started rocking back and forth, slamming herself down onto my shaft as hard as she could. She sat straight up and rose and fell on my cock with her head thrown back. I reached down and found her clit standing up the size of the eraser on the end of a pencil.

I rubbed and flicked it gently, bringing Lucy off time and again.

I rolled us over again. Lucy planted her feet flat on the bed with her knees bent and as wide part as she could get them. She lifted her hips clear off the bed as I held myself up above her and thrust as deep and as fast as I could.

I felt her inner muscles contracting and pulsing around my shaft, and I let my own come start spurting into her.

Lucy writhed under me for a while longer as she completed her orgasm, then she slumped back down, limp and panting.

We showered again to clean the sweat of our exertions before we slept.

In the morning, I dropped Lucy off at the campus before I took my first inspection trip out

to the building my company wanted to buy.

Lucy was my companion each evening while I was in Tucson, and we had a great time.

She even went with me to Nogales to do a little shopping.

Lucy kissed me goodbye at the airport when I left.

“Call me whenever you come back to Tucson,” she said.

“I will,” I replied.

I got home a little tired and ready for a rest.

Lucy phoned to see if I got home OK, and promised to come see me if she made it to LA.

I put the tequila aside to take to Candy at the office the next day, and then I went to bed.

I had just laid down when the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said.

“This is Debbie. The Flight Attendant from your flight to Tucson a week ago.”

“Oh, Hi Debbie, how are you doing?”

“I was wondering if I could drop in and see you. Are you free for the night?”

“Sure, I got nothing planned.”

It’s great to be young and single in LA!

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