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Jacoby’s Ass Pt. 02

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“I don’t know man, this is all too new right now. Maybe I can…” the big boy stood contemplating a way to satisfy his quarterback, “… jack you off?”

The big eighteen year old sheepishly motioned his hand in an up and down motion, hoping to avoid having to suck his quarterback’s dick, or worse yet lose his anal virginity to him.

“Fuck that! My dick is going in one of your holes. You wouldn’t have come over here if you didn’t want to find out what kind of dick fiend you really are. Your ass is hungry and I’m feeling charitable. Now come suck this dick.”

Paul leant back on the bed waving his dick at the black teenager. He watched as the bigger boy’s eyes focused in on his glistening dick. As he lustfully licked his lips Paul knew he had him.

“Yeah come get it. Warm up to it. You know you want this.”

Paul patted the space on his bed between his legs, goading the big boy to take position and service him. Jacoby slowly shuffled his way over to the bed, his gorgeous dick swinging, dripping the remnants of his orgasm as he moved. The bed sank under his weight. He got on his knees, ass in the air, grabbing onto Paul’s dick.

Not knowing what to do, Jacoby engulfed the large dick head in his mouth and started sucking.

“Ah yeah. Go head man, suck it,” the words crawled out of Paul’s mouth in a groan..

Jacoby couldn’t believe the firm but softness of the dick in his mouth. He’d never admit it out loud but he was already hooked. His own dick throbbed and quickly hardened. The dick head in his mouth felt at home and he couldn’t believe he’d already fallen in love with sucking dick. Overcome with lust Jacoby slid Paul deeper into his mouth. Impossible as it seemed Jacoby felt his dick get even harder. He ran his tongue along the underside of Paul’s dickhead making the quarterback groan in pleasure.. Jacoby finally looked up to see the white boy’s eyes rolling into the back of his head.

That was all the motivation Jacoby needed, he took his teammate further into his mouth attempting to get as much in as he could. He didn’t believe he could deep throat and was proven right when he felt himself gag when the head of the dick hit the back of his mouth. Jacoby resisted lurching back off the dick instead he controlled his reflex, calmly backing off Paul’s dick until only the head was left in his mouth.

“Damn it Jacoby. You’ve been holding out. Your mouth is just as open as your ass..” Paul rasped. He continued to run his hand all over the black boys head. Jacoby’s hair was cut into a low fade, there wasn’t away way for Paul to get extra leverage in the boys hair. Instead, Paul gently tried to coax his teammate into take more of him into his mouth. While it wasn’t the technically best head he’d ever gotten the fact that it was his big black teammate eating his dick Ataköy travesti had Paul ready to explode.

Jacoby couldn’t help wiggling his ass in the air he was so enamored with sucking his first dick. Trying to hide his enthusiasm was not going to well. He had caught himself moaning already and could feel Paul’s reaction when his dick jumped correspondingly in the boys mouth. At this point Paul was guiding Jacoby’s head up and down his shaft face fucking the boy. For what it was worth Jacoby enjoyed the new experience nonetheless.

“Damn Jacoby, bring that ass around here.”

Paul coaxed the big boy to maneuver his body perpendicular to his side so he could have access to his wiggling ass. The action reminded Paul of a puppy wagging his tail. He was happy to know his teammate was enjoying this new adventure. He’d be having numerous versions of it in the future.

Paul began to palm the fat ass to his side. Smacking and rubbing it. Groping digging his fingers into the fat cheeks. He was trying to control himself as he got head to not just force had down Jacoby’s ass again. He was reserving the hole for his dick.

“Shit man. I’m in love with this mouth already.” The quarterback announced, his voice nearly squeaking when he felt Jacoby inch further down his shaft. He really couldn’t believe he gotten all of this without even really having to do anything to convince Jacoby to let himself be used. He knew he’d have to get into the lineman’s ass. If his mouth was the willing, his ass must be just as ready.

“But you know, I’m gone need some of this,” he slapped Jacoby’s ass to let the boy know exactly where his mind was. “Yeah I know you’re going to enjoy this.” Paul slipped his middle finger between the boys cheeks and rested his fingertip against his teammates puckered hole.

Jacoby continued to suck his teammate off while looking up into his eyes. He hoped the look on his face conveyed that he was enjoying sucking the dick and would rather have it end there. Even with a dick in his mouth he still couldn’t fathom another man pushing his dick inside him. He continued his sucking adding his hand stroking the boys shaft. Hopefully he could make Paul cum and further delay losing his cherry.

“Oh no you don’t,” Paul realized Jacoby was trying to make him cum and forcefully pulled his dick out of the boys mouth. “I want to see what this ass is like. Get up there on your knees.” Paul pointed to the head of the bed, which the lineman reluctantly crawled towards. “Awww yeah Shells I think you’re gonna enjoy this so perk up buddy.”

Jacoby felt the weight of the bed shift behind him and for the second time that night he felt Pauls face bury itself between his ass cheeks.

“Shit.” The boy braced himself arching his back at the warm sensations. Paul was Bahçelievler travesti slowly lapping at his asshole pushing as much saliva into it as possible. The spit had gathered and was dripping off his hanging nutsack in no time. If his dick hadn’t been sticking back up into his stomach from being so had the spit would probably be dripping off of it as well. Jacoby couldn’t help but push his ass back into Paul’s face. He knew he was being prepped to get fuck but if that was the price for his ass getting this much attention he’d gladly pay it.

“Mmmmmm Paul. Eat me. Damn. I feel like I’m gonna cum.” The words barely escaped Jacoby’s mouth he was so out of breath. He was getting lightheaded and decided to drop his face into the mound of pillows gathered at the top of the bed.

Paul had now been eating his center’s ass for 20 minutes and had long felt the boys anal ring pucker and pulse. Deciding there was no better time than the present than to take his teammates butt cherry Paul pried his face out of the magnificent ass it had been planted it.

Paul watched the asshole spasm and pulse. Jacoby’s head was down anticipating his first dick. Paul spat onto his dick rubbing the saliva along his shaft and head as he moved his hips towards the black boys big but.

“Ready Jacoby?” Paul’s dickhead rested against the boys ass now. Not really waiting for a response he pushed his weight against the opening.


“It’s ok buddy. I’ll be gentle.”

Paul was honestly stunned that he couldn’t slide right into his friend. The puckering of the ass was definitely an illusion. Jacoby was going to be one tough nut to crack. He pushed more of his weight against the hole. Still he was denied access to the tight ring. Ignoring Jacoby’s muffled moaning and squirming Paul spat directly onto the winking butthole and again used his weight to press his dickhead into Jacoby.

“Relax Jacoby, it’s gonna be alright.” Paul could finally feel the anus give way to the steady pressure as his dickhead squeezed into the ultra tight space. He continued to push slowly inching into his friend. Paul concentrated was so focused on the ass he didn’t realize he bottomed out until he felt Jacoby’s body seize up.

Now fully conscious of his friends muffled moaning. Paul ground his dick into the boy giving Jacoby’s body time to adjust to its new best friend. Jacoby for his part couldn’t believe that he was here at this very moment bent over with a white boy’s dick in his ass. An entire dick. And, as much as it hurt he knew this was something he’d be enjoying as long as someone was willing to get behind him. He felt it was crazy to know he’d love sucking dick as soon as Paul’s head touch his lip but to know he was down to get fucked despite the pain was impossible to believe. But, here Bahçeşehir travesti he was getting used to the pain in his ass so much he could feel his ass gripping and squeezing Paul while he waiting inside him.

Finally feeling ready Jacoby started the process of slowly pushing on and off the dick. Paul felt it was important that Jacoby get time to acclimate himself so he provided no resistance to the boy using his dick to fuck himself.

“Sheesh Jacoby your tight as hell man.” Paul was squeezing the words out as his dick was being squeezed. He’d never been in any girl as tight as Jacoby and he was sure it would take him lot of practice to get used to such a tight grip around his dick. Just as he was getting used to the slow pace, Jacoby stopped. He lifted his head from the bed and looked back at his friend with lust in his eyes.

“Fuck me Paul.”

Jacoby’s head fell back into the pillows while Paul picked up the pace, sliding his dick in and out of the tight ass. Jacoby could feel it, the need to be fucked. He’d enjoyed leisurely pushing and pulling himself off and on the dick but he knew he needed more. The building pace Paul was exerting at his back door was just what he needed. Jacoby couldn’t believe he’d be so keen to getting fucked. He started to throw his ass back into his friend’s thrusts.

“Oh yeah boy. Throw that ass back.” Paul was now gripping onto the boys thick waist. Slamming his body into Jacoby’s creating ripples that tore across the lineman’s backside. His white dick disappearing into the darkness of the virgin ass was driving Paul mad with lust.

Jacoby gritted his teeth as Paul tried to cave his ass in. The searing pain had now turned into a pleasurable numbness. Jacoby could feel his dick bouncing around undulating under his body, he was so hard and throbbing he felt like he was about to cum. He arched his back to give his friend deeper access to his hole. He continued to throw his ass back hard and fast hoping to make the QB nut before he wanted to.

Paul was at a loss for words. Not only was this the tightest place his dick had ever been but he was also about to embarrass himself by cumming way to fast. He’d only been inside Jacob’y for 20 minutes tops. Deciding to get his money’s worth Paul began fucking with abandon, he felt his friend relax and arch his back opening up for Paul. This was more than Paul needed at the moment and felt the cum gather up in his balls as his orgasm approached.

“Damn Jacoby I’m bout to cum!”

“Cum in me man. Flood this pussy.”

At the word pussy Paul slammed his body against Jacoby’s ass and released a flood of nut into the boy. Jacoby could feel what seemed to be an impossible amount of nut being deposited in his body. The hot feeling made his dick pulse and shoot all over the covers underneath him.

Slowly the boys separated deflating dicks finally satisfied. Jacoby felt the cum ooze out of his ass and he loved it. Paul breathing hard as if he’d just ran a mile slapped the sloppy butt.

“Yeah you’re a dick fiend.” He couldn’t see it, but Jacoby smiled with approval.

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