Kas 21

Jack Starts To Work Ch. 08

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The next morning was fantastic. Jack woke to Susan sucking his cock; she had made him stiff. Susan then went on top of him in the cowgirl position. She was terrific; her massive tits were swaying beautifully as she rode him, he was stroking her big clit, she loved that. Thirty minutes later, they both climaxed simultaneously, Jack, was sure that Susan had made this happen, as she had been in complete control from the beginning. Susan said, “Jack, I’m going to leave, you know, can we meet in the warehouse at nine? I want to check the software; tomorrow will be a big day as the container will arrive, it’s better if I go now, then nobody will see me slipping out. I’m tingling all over. I’ve enjoyed it so much. See you at nine.”

Jack then showered and dressed; he went into the warehouse at eight-forty; there was so much space there. He wanted to visualise what twenty palates would look like. They had two forklifts in the warehouse; it wouldn’t take long to unload it. Susan appeared just before nine; she looked great; she was glowing. She then tested and double-tested the software, everything worked. She then counted every bottle and case in the warehouse. She asked Jack what wines he had given the Bistro. Soon she knew what she would charge the Bistro for the wines that they had got for stock.

They went into the Bistro, Susan was amazing, she missed nothing, she checked Rudi’s invoice for the container. She then had the Transport invoice. She knew the duty that needed to be applied to the wines. She then gave Jack the wholesale prices, he was making forty per cent on the wines he sold wholesale, the Bistro was his only wholesale customer. Then Jill came in, she was impressed, she said, “Susan, what wonderful work you have done, I must organise wine tastings, we have a captive audience here in customers that use the Centre, we have over four hundred dealers, they all love wine. I suggest that we keep it in house initially, to see how it goes, then we can decide if we want to wholesale. Another possibility is to set up a Wine Club; I’m sure that would be popular.”

Jack’s phone rang. It was mum; he went outside to take the call, “Hi mum, how are you?”

“I’m great Jack, I had to phone you, Peter just phoned, it goes back to court tomorrow, the divorce will be final tomorrow. I’m so happy that it’s all over.”

“Mum, I am happy too, that’s great news, mum I must see you today, tomorrow is not good as the container arrives tomorrow. Can we meet in the Bistro at six?”

“Of course we can, I’m curious to know why you must see me today?”

“I have a present for you, that comes from my heart. The main reason is that I want to commit adultery with you one last time before tomorrow.”

“I’ll be there; you make me so hot, I love you.”

“I love you too, mum. The other big news is that I’m looking after Jill, I am also looking after Susan, who will now be our bookkeeper. Jill has also suggested that we give Connie and May some extra work. They are all very competent women. I don’t know when the meeting is, but I wanted to keep you in the loop.”

“That’s a good idea; they are all the type of people that you want around you, I am going to the hairdressers, I’m looking forward to tonight, see you at six.”

Jack went back into the Bistro, Susan and Jill were working on the retail wine prices. Susan had the price lists from the previous suppliers; they were dearer than the proposed prices. Susan argument was that the margins were good. Jill thought that they could get more. Jack said, “Our quality will sell our wines; if we’re a little cheaper, then more will buy, our value for money is excellent.”

Jill şişli escort smiled, then hugged Jack and said, “You’re right; I’m just a little bit greedy.”

They then went for the two other iPads and a printer for the warehouse. When they got back, Jill said, “I’ve spoken to Connie and May, they are both very interested, May wants to cut down her medical work to one day a week. The meeting will have to be on Wednesday afternoon; I knew that you’d be busy with the wines tomorrow. May’s working on Wednesday morning so two on Wednesday afternoon, I suggested that we have it in your studio upstairs as it’s more private there.”

The day flew in; things were happening all the time. Mum arrived at six; she looked gorgeous. Jack took her into the Centre to give her the ring. What a surprise it was, mum was overwhelmed, she looked at it for several minutes on her finger then said, “Jack, I don’t know how to thank you, that’s the most beautiful ring that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s perfect, how much did that cost you?”

“Mum, the cost didn’t matter, when I saw the diamonds, I wanted them for you.”

They hugged and kissed, then mum said, “Let’s eat, tonight will be special.”

The meal was excellent; they had the Premier Cru Chablis. Jack took a chilled bottle upstairs with him. Mum was over the moon with her ring; they got into the studio, mum said, “Jack, let’s get to bed, get naked and lie on top of the bed, I’m going to do all the work.”

The next two hours were terrific, mum licked, sucked, teased with her tongue, she did everything to give Jack pleasure. He was so hard with the foreplay that she gave him. She then lubed her ass, then went on top of him, cowgirl. It was the first time that she’d done this. Usually, she did reverse anal cowgirl. She pounded his cock with her ass until she had three vaginal orgasms. She then took him in her pussy in the cowgirl position. What a ride she gave him, gripping at the right time on every thrust, they both climaxed simultaneously; it was a magnificent feeling for both of them. They lay in bed kissing, touching and talking for the next hour. Mum was happy with Susan and Jill. She thought that Connie and May would be excellent too. They would all be assets to his business. Jack’s phone beeped, he had a message from the transport company, the wine would be delivered at eight tomorrow morning. They both then fell asleep.

They woke early next morning, mum was still hot, Jack lubed mum, she loved that, he didn’t rush, mum had her three vaginal orgasms. They then went doggy style in mum’s dripping hungry pussy; Jack was so loving, once again they came within seconds of each other. They showered, as they were leaving the studio, Jack saw the unopened bottle of Chablis, he said, “Mum, I’m going to get a fridge up here, so we’ll always have our stock.”

Mum said, “That’s a good idea, I am going to change your sheets and towels here, I will pop in every few days and do it, I want to keep this place smart when you are entertaining here.”

They kissed lovingly, then Jack left. The lorry was outside the warehouse. Jack opened the gates to the yard. It was terrific; Jack used one of the forklifts; the driver used the other; the lorry was cleared by nine. Tuesday flew in; mum messaged at eleven to say the divorce was final, she thanked him again for the ring. Judy told her that it was the most beautiful ring that she had seen too. Jack bought a Liebherr fridge for the studio. It was delivered in the afternoon. Jack bought that brand because the fridge that, Judy had brought back from Berlin was Liebherr too, they were great fridges. Jack slept alone on Tuesday night; beşiktaş escort he slept so soundly.

The meeting started at two, Jill, Susan, Connie and May were there. Jill had arranged coffee for them all. Jill explained the work done in the precious metals department and the buying of jewellery. Both May and Connie were interested in this. It was arranged that Jill would spend time with them explaining how everything worked. Jack sat and listened; he was impressed with how Jill conducted herself; she was so professional. All the women there were beautiful, May and Connie were both full-bodied, there was something very sexy about both of them. Everything was agreed then Connie said, “I would like to say, how happy I have been since I started trading here. I’m so impressed with the way that everyone here helps their neighbour. I also feel privileged that I have been asked to do this new job. I have a suggestion to make, may I make it?”

Jack was about to say of course, but Jill beat him to it, Connie thanked her then said, “It’s my opinion, but I feel that we are playing with the House Clearance side of the business. We have space, equipment, mainly vans, to give a much more professional service. There’s a lot of money in House Clearance, an average house, you can expect to pay, seven hundred and fifty pounds for this service. I have a detailed list which I’m happy to give to everyone later. We would have to register, with the Authorities for a licence to carry out this service. We would also have to work with a landfill site, there are several in the area, to dispose of unwanted articles, mattresses etc. Once we have this licence, we can approach every law firm in the area, with our licence, they can trade with us legally.”

Jack was liking what he was hearing. Connie continued, “My suggestion would be, this business will make money undoubtedly, we can make additional profits when the items are brought initially to the warehouse. They can be separated and put on display for any dealers who trade in the Centre, to inspect the items, if they see a value in them, then they can purchase for a nominal price. This would provide the Centre with additional income. It also creates a feeling of goodwill amongst the dealers. Let us give it a try. I am sure that most of the dealers would help in the running of this business. I think of the old saying, ‘There’s money in muck’. If you have any questions, then please ask?”

Instantly Jack said, “What a wonderful idea, Connie, what you said was an education for me. I’ve wondered how to make our House Clearance business better. Honestly, I had no idea about the legislation; we must apply for the licence as quickly as possible. This affects our Insurance; we must comply. I do not doubt that this side of the business will thrive if we adopt what Connie has suggested. It’s nearly four, would anyone like a glass of wine, then we can discuss it fully in a more relaxed manner?”

Connie said, “Jack, I have the Council Application form here, I’ve filled out all the relevant information for you, the Council offices close at five. If you sign it, I can lodge it for you today. The lady in the department, I get on very well with her. She also suggested that we join the House Clearance Association, I’ve checked their website, there’s not a member of this Association within two hours drive from here. Let’s join this Association.”

Jack read the application form then signed it; he said, “Connie, you’ve done an excellent job, we must talk about this, are you free tomorrow?”

“Yes, I am, give me your business card. I will message you. I want to get this application lodged today, taksim escort and then we will be legal. Thank you for listening to me.”

Jack loved the way, Connie’s big tits swayed as she walked. Connie and May both had a sparkle in their eyes. Connie then left, May then said, “Jack, the three rooms that have set out beside this studio are beautiful, the antiques you have in them are incredible. I notice a lack of paintings on the walls, would it be possible if I placed some of my paintings on these Walls?”

Jack loved May’s figure; Jack said, “May, the pieces that I have here I am reluctant to sell, they are my private collection. Yes, people enjoy walking through these rooms. If you want, then hang your pictures, but I would ask you to put prices on them, my pieces have no prices, as I’m only storing them here.”

May said as she gave Jack a gentle hug, “Jack, I understand completely what you are doing. I have so many paintings. I would love to hang some in your rooms, thank you so much.”

Susan and May then left, leaving Jack alone with Jill, Jill said, “That’s a marvellous idea that Connie has come up with, that puts a completely different perspective to House Clearance. When you get it set up, you should get May and Connie to go around all the lawyer’s offices; they will get you so much business. What she’s suggested will work.”

“I think the same; I learned so much when Connie was speaking. Would you like some supper tonight?”

“I would love it; I still have some things to do. I also want to go home and change, say six in the Bistro?”

The kissed passionately then Jill left. Jack was reading the papers Connie had left regarding the House Clearance Association, joining that would be good. He poured himself a glass of wine then his phone beeped, he had a message from Connie, it read, “Jack, the application is lodged, the lady couldn’t have been nicer, she will visit the warehouse tomorrow at eleven to see our facilities. If everything is suitable, it will be the following morning. I think it would be good if you were there for the meeting. She asked who I was; I didn’t tell her that I was just a stallholder. I told her that I was one of your assistants. We can apply online for the House Clearance Association. I’ve spoken to them on the phone. We pay a yearly subscription, there’s a one-off joining fee, and that’s it. If we have any problems, then they will support us. After our meeting, you can give me your credit card details so we can join. I would also like to spend some time with you tomorrow. I am so excited that this is happening. Regards, Connie.”

Jack replied, “Dear Connie, I will be there at eleven. Thank you for the excellent information. I’ve checked the Association website; we comply with their requirements. We must arrange the Liability Insurance. We must also change our website. After our meeting, we can enroll with the Association. We could have a busy day tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help. Regards, Jack.”

Jack was sitting in the Bistro when Jill arrived; she had changed; she looked gorgeous. Jack told her that the Council would inspect the warehouse tomorrow at eleven. Jill laughed then said, “I’d bet you that whoever is in charge of this department, has been waiting for a long time for someone to apply. It will be approved with no problems. If we market this properly, it will be so beneficial for the business. I think Connie and May have the hots for you; I told them both that you liked big tits, if they are showing their tits off tomorrow then you know that they are interested.”

They finished their meal then went upstairs. Jack wanted to watch a television programme; they sat in the lounge. Jill stripped naked, then unzipped Jack’s trousers. Jack smiled, then he stripped naked too. Jill went down on Jack’s stiff cock. Jack switched off the television. They went to bed. An hour later, they were both fast asleep.

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