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Jack , Kira Ch. 01

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Jack Wilson


It had been a LONG fucking night in retail indeed.

Those of you who can not only relate to this, you have my utmost sympathy as well.

Three call offs in the front end department where I grinded away as a “glorified” courtesy clerk, the store manager leaving at the most convenient of times (5 p.m.) and a pitiful duo of lazy ass teens who left me the bulk of their work as usual later, I was in no mood whatsoever to interact with the human race.

Thank the gods I had two days off in a row, and I was looking forward to not only spending those days off by myself, but also wondering what sort of fun I could stumble into and it made no difference to me whether I was going to be drunk or sober.

I bid farewell to the closing front end supervisor after grabbing and paying for a six pack of my go-to beer, then headed out the door into the night, the arctic air whipping through what was left of my body after a ten-hour day.

It had snowed earlier around the afternoon toward the start of my shift and didn’t let up until two hours ago around eight. I looked out in the bare parking lot and saw my car buried about a foot high on the roof in Old Man Winter’s generous offering.

“Goddamn it.” I hissed, knewing what was to come next. But I realized the more I spent bitching about it, the more time I was cutting into my time I could be at home. So I opened up the back seat, grabbed my ice scraper with the nifty big brush at the end, and set to work after starting the car, turning on the blades to clear some snow from the windshield and the heater on full blast volcanic mode, of course.

Fifteen minutes later and with the labor finished, I threw the scraper into the back seat, shut the door, climbed in front and sat down to warm up.

In total perfect timing by the universe, my phone rang.

I looked to see who it was, and if it had been another damned “Scam Likely” call, I was about to let ’em have it.

But it was something even better.

Someone I liked a lot, actually.

The contact photo revealed that beautiful mane of short, ear-length and dyed black hair, sky blue eyes and a fair-skinned but gorgeous face kissed by her small handful of freckles that ran over her lovely cheeks…

It was my closest friend, Kira.

A smile already upon my face, I answered right away. “Hey, perfect timing! I’m unthawing as we speak!”

Kira’s laugh on the other end was not only cute but helped warm me up even more.

“Poor little Jack Frost!” she taunted, in her smooth and borderline sultry, cheery tone, having another laugh. “You still at work?”

“Yeah, I was just about to head over. Your mom still at work?”

“Of course,” Kira sighed, sounding a little sad. “She did a double today.”

“That sucks!” I said. “Hopefully she’s got some time off this week.”

“Her only day off was yesterday and that’s unfortunately all she was able to get,” Kira chided.

“Pretty fucked.”

“Yeah-p. Did you grab some drinks?”

“Sure did, you got some Jaeger left?”

“Do you know who you’re talking to?” Kira laughed again.

That laugh was enough to amp up the excitement I was feeling already. Any time spent with her was nothing short of fun, spontaneous and even sometimes illegal.

We chatted for a little bit longer, and before I knew it it was already ten-thirty eight.

“It’s damn near eleven!” I cried. “I’d better get off here and come down right away.”

‘It’s your climax, Jacky, not mine,” Kira teased, this time cackling at her X-rated comment.

It took me a moment what she was implying until I realized what I said.

“Oh-!” I laughed, finally back on earth and in the loop.

“Okay, now you’re gonna hang up…?” she coaxed.

“I’m gonna hang up.”

“You’re gonna buckle up…?” she said.

“Definitely gonna buckle up.”

A few seconds ticked by in silence.

“I don’t hear the belt buckle fastening, Jackson…” Kira scolded, playfully.

The sexy authoritative tone she was suddenly using caused my crotch to tingle some. Luckily she didn’t see my bulge building.

“Right, right,” I said finally, clicking the belt in that split second.

“Good boy,” Kira chirped, giggling again. “Now… you’re gonna do what next?”

“I’m gonna come down now.”

“Wrong! You’re not just gonna do that. You’re gonna come down and in ONE fucking piece. Deal?”


“You’d better…” Kira threatened, a small giggle emanating in the background. My cock jolted.

“You’d better not be threatening me, Kira Mae…” I shot back, smiling.

“Get your ass down here, Jack Frost!”

“Yes ma’am. See you soon, K.”

“Bye-eee!” she replied in a sing-song tone. She then hung up.

I hung up, shifted the car into drive, then proceeded to make my way down to our street.


I’ve known Kira Mae Kesey ever since we were both nine years old. She was the only girl in the group of us guys at that time and did everything with us; football, fishing, hiking, şişli escort rode bikes, even bare knuckle boxed us for our Pokémon cards.

She cussed, spat, always went home the dirtiest and wasn’t into what the other girls were into.

By the time she and I both entered high school, she began to really take on a feminine look: first her chest filled out to firm double C’s. Next her ass followed and became a cute and ample bubble. Then makeup followed, but only eyeliner and occasionally lipgloss. For her sixteenth birthday she got her first pair of tattoos on either one her arms, a tongue ring, and a small green stud in the left side of her nose. Her wardrobe changed slightly and she began to dress from casual boy style like the rest of us to low-cut tanks and her ass-hugging jeans. She was still pulling off both the tomboy and feminine look perfectly here in her age of twenty-three.

So all in all, Kira blossomed and fucking fast into a gorgeous woman. Along the way she never lost her personality as we grew closer in our high school years, with her upfront tell-it-like-it-is ways, nor her sharp and, at times perverted, sense of humor. She was still compassionate, soft at times, hard on her aggressors and took no shit. She loved her Jaeger cold and her grass fresh. Above all, she loved her mother.

At times I wondered if she loved me, too. Which of course was ridiculous… a lot of the times with all the boys (and sometimes girls) she was with, I felt way out of her league.

Before I knew it, I was finally rolling up in her driveway by her sidewalk, leaving room for her mom to park in the driveway. I got out after shutting off the engine, then stepped out and started up Kira’s walkway.

The front door was open, living room lights on. I heard some old tunes from our middle school days playing from the inside, and the TV was off.

I knocked on the storm door’s glass, and peeked around the living room. Still no Kira. Where was she…?

Suddenly I felt stinging cold in the left side of my face and got my answer; I’d been a victim of an open kitchen window snowball assault!

Kira’s adorable laughter rang out: “OHHHHHHH FUCK, HAHAHAHAHAH!!!”

I smirked, wiping off the remaining snow from my hair. I looked up to see her face turn from the window to go to the front door. In that split second, I quickly scooped off a pile of snow, formed a wonky snowball and hid it behind my back. She was gonna get it!

Then Kira emerged, and in that split second I about dropped my arsenal;

she was wearing her favorite low cut black tanktop, baby pink cotton shorts that revealed her thick, creamy thighs, and was barefoot. I stole a glance at her toes and felt my cock stirring. Her nails were decorated in pewter silver polish. Her hair looked wet like she’d just come from the shower, and she had on some of her eyeliner.

I never was more blown away by just her simple beauty.

I snapped back into reality, remembering that I owed her some payback… my grin returned.

There she was at the storm door, a hand on the glass, still doubled over and wheezing out her laughter, her gorgeous pale blues shining in absolute mischief up at me, causing her tits to jiggle in the process.

“OOOOOOoooooo heheheheeee!” she greeted, sticking up her middle finger at me along with her tongue that now jutted out playfully.

I only stood there, smiling, biding my time and nodding. I had hers waiting…

Finally she opened up the door for me after she calmed down, and when she did, I shot out my hand out and quickly crammed the snowball down her top and into her cleavage.

Kira screamed in laughter as she fell back, then delivered a sharp rabbit punch into my chest. “Eeee! Jack, you ass!”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “What’s the matter, too cold?!”

Her blues playfully glaring me down, she shook out the snow that now ran down her tank and onto the floor. But I know that little smirk on her pretty face told me she wasn’t really mad.

Kira and I played jokes on each other all the time. It was our thing.

“Is that how you greet a lady, Jack Parker??” Kira hissed suddenly, that smile now spreading wide.

“If I like her well enough, of course!” I crowed, grinning back.

She shook her head, and then wrapped me in a hug, and as she did I heard her little, happy sigh. My arms went around her waist and my hands went about her tight back. As my head went over and cradled into her right shoulder, I got a brief feel of her soft, smooth skin, fresh from the shower. She smelled of lavender and a touch of her natural scent. To this day I could never pinpoint it, but it was intoxicatingly erotic…

Rubbing her back some, I suddenly got the confirmation that she was braless.

Oh shit, I thought.

I stepped out of the hug once I felt my bulge building again. Of course I didn’t want her to see it… so I had to play nonchalant. “Thanks for having me, Miss Kesey.”

“Good to see you as always, assface, how’d work go today?” she asked, laughing as she went into the kitchen to fetch us a beer.

“About the same. One man band as always,” I replied, taking the beer she brought me as she cracked one open for herself. “Thanks.”

“Poor Jacky. Get the hell out of that place, man! You can do WAY better than that!” Kira chided, sitting down on the couch as she patted the right side of the cusion for me to join her.

She had crossed her legs beneath her, and her feet pointed outward once she did so. I caught a slight glimpse of her right foot’s soles facing out and even that was a turn on.

As you can already guess, yes, I have a foot fetish. I can’t deny it.

But what the fuck was going ON with my ass tonight?? I wondered.

Kira just looked… beautiful.

And she was in practically in as casual of attire as you can get! But she just had this natural beauty about her.

I walked over and sat down next to her after shutting the front door and locking it, taking my jacket off.

Kira gazed at me, taking a drink. “I love that fucking leather jacket on you. It totally suits you.”

I smiled wryly. “Thanks.”

“Sure,” she said warmly. She sat up suddenly and packed a bowl for us to smoke. Another past time for us, since we were fifteen and sneaking hits from under the bridge in town on a school night, way past curfew…


Fast-forward to now, and here we were, already stoned after a few hits.

As if she was reading my mind that was now deep in the memory bank, Kira asked, “You remember when we fell down the creek when we went sledding?”

“Oh, last weekend?”

“Oh, yeah!” Kira laughed out loud as she sat back, her legs spread as her tits bounced rapidly again as she’d laughed. “Shit, I’m stoned already…” she said.

This time, and incoveniently, Kira’s eyes fell down to my bulge as I was crossing my legs to attempt to hide it.

As we kept talking, her blues kept glancing from what looked like my crotch to my eyes, doing a little back and forth, and I thought I saw her smile widen.

Suddenly, she changed the subject. “Wanna do a shot?”

“Sure, want to drink another beer?”

“Look who you’re asking!” Kira laughed again, then stood up and took me by the hand this time.

It threw me off some because she’d rarely done stuff like this with me. Every now and then, but tonight felt different.

But I went with it. We went to the kitchen and I watched her fetch our shot glasses and the bottle of Jaeger from the freezer. All the while I kept watching her asscheeks peeking through the cotton fabric of those pink shorts, and her legs looked absolutely godess-like in all of their sweet, ivory thickness.

Kira poured our shots, and my eyes stopped their window shopping and looked back in time to see her face.

“Here ya go, Jacky.” she said, handing me one. I took it from her, clinked her glass with mine, then we downed our shots.

“Wooo!!!” Kira cheered, then let out a burp. “Five star review!”

We both laughed, then went back into the living room with new beers and back on the couch. I sat down first, then Kira sat on my opposite side, stretching out her legs in my direction as she did so. As she concluded her stretch, her feet suddenly rested on my crotch.

This time I couldn’t stop the ever-present lurch of my crotch from under them, and it caused Kira to stare at me wide-eyed and let out a giggle.

“You okay down there??” she said, slightly moving one foot down, which only grazed down, causing me to twitch again.

My face burned with embarrassment, I only smiled and rolled with it. The combination of the weed, the shot and the second beer was causing me to loosen up. “Yeah, why?” I looked at her.

Kira kept her grin on her face, her eyes still in its wide expression. “Just wondering…” She paused and took a sip of her beer, set it back down and continued. “Are you turned on or something all of a sudden??”

I couldn’t lie to her. She was always good at picking up on my vibes for so long now, anyway. “I’d be lying if I said no.”

“Really??” said Kira, in an intrigued tone. Her foot remained flat on my crotch, and it felt to me like she had planted it firmly so I wouldn’t budge.

The silver paint on her toenails shone in their taunting song beneath the tableside lamp. “Do tell, what’s got you all anxious, Jack?”

“You want the long or short of it?” I then asked, looking her right in her blues, which now twinkled wickedly.

Her grin matched that, and I could see she was curious.

“For now, and since we’re stoned, the short of it. I wanna remember this.” she said, now tilting her head slightly to the right, her blues never leaving mine.

I took a drink of the beer then took a deep breath, then kept my gaze on her. One shot or nothing, I thought.

“You’ve always been a beautiful woman to me, Kira.”

Kira’s mouth dropped open, her blues bulged, and I saw her face turn from her normal vanilla to a bright red. A hand went to her face as she fanned it to cool herself down. Her voice stuttered some. “You- I’ve- what…?”

“You’ve always been a beautiful woman to me.” I said again, smiling at her.

She sat back some, still fanning herself, and now even the fierce Kira Mae Kesey, tomboy turned woman, the girl who knew me best, now found it hard to look me in the eyes. “Wow… Jack, uh…”

“Deep breaths, honey. Take a moment and tell me how you feel about that.”

Kira finally faced me, and her eyes seemed to look at me in a different way. More softer. More lovingly.

“I’ve… well, always, uh…” she began, putting a hand up to her mouth, shaking her head as she was trying to hide her smile. “Sorry…”

“Don’t be,” I said, smiling at her. “Take your time, babe.”

Kira giggled a little bit. She tucked some hair behind her ear, withdrew her feet and suddenly rose up from the couch, going into the direction of her room after doing so. “Hold on for a minute.”


She was in there for a little while, then I heard her call to me. “Come in here!”

Curious, I drained my beer and stood up, then walked toward her room. The door stood open, and I walked inside.

The light was off, and I couldn’t see exactly where she was.

“Kira?” I said, looking around the room.

Suddenly her bedroom door shut, encasing me in the darkness. Then i saw a couple of candles were lit on her nightstand. Her room smelled of lavender, weed and her natural scent. It was pretty intoxicating.

Then in the dim candlelight, I saw Kira herself, leaning on the door, one leg raised up with one foot on the door. She had a wry look on her face.

“What’s going on?” I said, intrigued but also confused. This had never happened before.

“You wanna know?” Kira asked softly. She stepped toward me suddenly, her blues holding me in a trance. The closer she got to me, the more my pulse quickened in excitement.

“Yeah, are you okay…?” I asked, still not breaking eye contact.

Kira’s smile broadened, and before I could even say another word, she took me into her arms for a hug, standing on her toes. I took her in and hugged back, taking in her scent, her softness, her warmth. Everything.


Her head now leaning into my left ear, I heard her say, “Shhhhh.” Her hands went up and down my back.

She then whispered some more, and as I felt her tits push into my chest I immediately felt rock hard.

“Do you trust me?” she asked, and I could hear her breath becoming shallow, almost excited. A faint trace of alcohol emanated from her mouth.

“Of course I do, what’s-“

Kira shushed me again. “Shhh, shshshhhh…”

My poor dick was straining against my jeans. The room felt so erotic then.

Kira pulled back from our embrace to look me in the eyes. Her blues looked deep into mine, the candlelight glimmering in them. Her mouth was slightly parted and her hands never left my back.

“Do you trust me.” she said again, her tone looking for real confirmation.

I nodded. “Yes. Are you o-“

Kira’s hands had left my back and was now on both sides of my face, rubbing slowly and sensually. Her eyes blinked slightly, and her smile widened. “Shhhh.” she whispered. She closed her eyes and I did the same.

I could hear her breathing pick up slightly. From my closed eyes I could still feel her face drifting closer.

Then her lips brushed into mine, then pressed gently into them. I kissed back, my hands on her hips, pulling her closer and feeling her tits buried in my chest again.

She tasted so good, and before long we were making out, trading tongues, sighs and little moans. Kira was such a wonderful kisser. She had an art in doing so.

Her sounds were sexy, too. I loved hearing her moan. I loved being the cause of her moans, best of all.

“Mmmmnnn… mmmmmnnn?” she whined in my mouth. I felt her tongue slither under and over my own, and it just made me want to keep doing so.

Suddenly she pulled free, and had her mouth up to my ear again as I kissed about her throat. That seemed to be a turn on, because she cried out a little while pulling the back of my hair some.

“Ohhhhhuhhh… shit…” Then I heard her giggle in my ear. I smiled into her throat, lapping at her skin with my tongue, causing her to emit a sharp squeal. She panted in my ear, saying in a voice just above a whisper:

“Bad boy.. I’m gonna have to step up my game, huh?” she said, kissing my earlobe.

I giggled slightly, as I kissed down her throat and around the tops of her tits.

“FUCK.” Kira hissed, pulling my hair back some. Her blues flashed up at me in pure hunger.

She suddenly let go of my hair then and dropped slowly to her knees, never taking her eyes off of me.

I stood still then, looking down at her.

“Do you trust me?” Kira asked again, undoing my belt slowly. Her face was riddled in absolute mischief.

I nodded, breathing hard. “Yeah…”

“Shut your sexy eyes.” Kira said, as I felt my jeans being tugged down with her hands. All that remained was the thin cloth of my boxers, housing my hardness and at full length and against my body, pointing up.

I felt Kira’s hands at my waistline of my boxers, then stop. I heard her whisper just to where I could still hear a little of her voice: “Holy. Shit.”

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