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It’s Too Darn Hot – Day 07+

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This story follows “Ryan Family Chapter 5,” a “crossover” story that follows both “Ryan Family Chapter 4” and “It’s Too Darn Hot (Day 5 – Night)”



Ellen dropped her bathrobe onto her own bed and climbed into Greg’s, resting her head against his chest. He put her arm around her, just under her breasts. Very carefully right under her breasts, making sure not to touch them.

She felt wonderful being held like this, but it was also a bit confusing at times: She and Greg had never moved on from, or even repeated, what they did together that first Friday night, but they did become very close friends. They remained very casual about nudity around one another, and one night during their second week as roommates, Ellen was very upset about something that had had happened in a class, and Greg offered to hold her. She crawled into his bed, both of them naked, and she slept nestled against his body. After that, she slept in his bed most nights.

Ellen had said that very first night that she didn’t want a sexual relationship, and Greg seemed determined to respect that and not make sexual advances. Ellen appreciated that. And she also wished he’d break that promise.

Some nights, when they happened to be in separate beds, she would rub her clit, and finger-fuck herself, often imagining that it was Greg fingering her, or sucking her clit, or fucking her. She knew Greg could hear her, in bed not ten feet away, but neither of them made a point of it. Other nights, she could hear Greg’s bed squeak as he stroked his own cock, followed by a soft sigh as he came. She remembered the time she’d watched him jerk off, and the way the cum spurted from his cock.

“Greg,” she said as she snuggled bursa sınırsız escort against his body, “is this bothering you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know. After that night we watched each other, I’m sure you thought we’d end up doing more together. I thought we’d end up doing more together. But…”

“You were afraid if we got any more intimate that that, we’d end up having sex, and you weren’t ready for that. I get that, Ellen. It’s okay.”

“It can’t be comfortable for you, though, with me next to you here.”

“I think maybe I’d be less uncomfortable if we weren’t discussing this.”

She pulled back the blanket. “I’m going to take that a a compliment,” she said, looking at Greg’s very erect cock. “Can I touch it?”

“Well yeah, but… are you sure?”

“No, but I want to anyway.” She closed her hand around his cock. “That’s nice,” she said. “You know, I’ve had fantasies about this thing. Do you want to hear them?”

“Only if you stroke me as you tell me,” Greg said softly. “Otherwise I’m going to go crazy.”

The power she had over Greg was turning her on more than she’d thought. She began moving her hand slowly up and down his shaft. “I think about waking up before you one morning, and seeing your cock standing up like this, and just leaning over and taking it into my mouth.”

Greg groaned. “Oh,” Ellen said, “your cock twitched. That’s sexy. Sometimes I think I’d like to just crawl on top of you while you’re not quite awake yet, and let your cock slide deep into my pussy.” She began finger-fucking herself with one hand as she continued to stroke Greg’s cock with the other. “You can hear how wet it is now. Imagine how wet I’d be with your cock sliding in and out of bursa üniversiteli escort it. Tell me what you thought about the last time you stroked yourself. Was it me?”

“It was. We were taking a shower together, and I soaped you up all over. Then I asked you to lean over, and you braced yourself against the wall, and I slid my cock into your wet pussy… ah, ” he said, as he shot cum all over Ellen, himself, and the bed. Ellen pressed down hard on her clit, and she came a moment later.

She collapsed down on the bed next to him, both of them to spent to clean themselves up.

Ellen knew they’d crossed a line tonight, and the nights of lying chastely in one another’s arms were over. She was okay with that — but she also knew that her plan to ask Greg to shower with her the next day was out, because there’s no way now he wouldn’t interpret that as an invitation to fuck.


Things weren’t going quite as well in the suite’s other bedrooms. By mid-October, the Paul/Gail thing had cooled down, and just a couple of days after Ellen jerked Greg off, Gail wanted to return to Ellen’s bedroom. “What do you mean, ‘no’?” she asked.

“I mean ‘no,'” Ellen said. “Greg and I are together now.”

“You’re fucking?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Actually it is my business. Ellen, come on, if you’re not sleeping together, I need my bed back. It’s kind of awkward being in the same room as Paul now.”

“Gail, I let Greg move in with me when you wanted to be with Paul. That was awkward too.”

“It’s not the same thing. I can’t share a room with my ex.”

“Well, I’m sleeping with Greg now,” Ellen bursa anal yapan escort said (which was strictly true). “I’m sorry, but we’re not switching back.”

Gail effectively stopped talking to Ellen after that point. Paul would have felt a lot more comfortable with Gail gone and Greg back in his room, but he told Greg later on that he “got it,” and he was okay putting up with Gail so Greg could stay with Ellen.

(Greg, of course, didn’t mention that he and Ellen were not in fact having sex, and probably never would be)

There were no more dinners shared by the six suitemates, and nobody walked around in the common rooms in anything but proper clothing.


And all was not well in the third room: Cyn had met another girl, a junior, and put in a request with the Dean of Students to switch dorms. She didn’t mention any of this to Cathy until a day before the permission to switch came through.

Cathy was shell-shocked: she and Cyn had met during an “incoming freshmen” event back in May, stayed in touch during the summer, first had sex together when Cathy visited Cyn’s home in July (Cyn had been Cathy’s first serious sex partner of either gender), and arranged to room together once the school year began, rarely using both of the room’s beds.

Cathy ran across the quad to Carol, whom she’d begun referring to as her BSFF — best straight friend forever — and cried for an hour. The next morning, Carol put in a request to move into Cathy’s room.

After the first week or so, Carol accepted the fact that nobody was going to believe she wasn’t gay — especially since she was never seen dating any guys — so she just didn’t worry about it. She and Cathy did watch one another masturbate a few times, but that was just naughty fun, not lesbian behavior.

Cathy very discreetly left the room when Carol went online with Mark, to allow them their privacy — though on November 1, Mark’s birthday (and with Carol’s approval), she “accidentally” walked past the webcam completely naked. Mark’s eyes grew wide, and Carol said “Happy birthday, dear.”

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