It’s Time

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I received an email letting me know that you’d be close, very close. You told me you wanted, no had to see me. I smiled at that thought. Having talked with you, hearing you I knew I needed it too. There were dates and the name of the hotel you planed to stay at. I pulled up my calendar and looked at it. I would be free, actually having planned a trip there myself that very weekend. It seemed fate was working with us.

I jotted down the information and managed to send you back a quick reply. I let you know that I was already planning on being there that weekend with friends and that I wouldn’t mind seeing you. It would be our first meeting and that thought alone was enough to strike fire in my body. Imagining the things we’ve spoken about, the things we’d do. I sigh and close down the computer getting myself ready for bed.

My thoughts are of the coming weekend. I smile softly as I slip off to sleep. My thoughts on that meeting, that touch, the kiss we’ve talked so much about. Before I know it it’s morning and I’m waking up to the sun pouring in and birds chirping outside. I wake up and get myself around for the busy day. I look through the dresser pulling out a pair of panties that you’ve touched. The very first pair I sent you. Pink and black, I hold them in my hands thinking about them being wrapped around your cock. The cock I can’t wait to see and touch.

I put them on along with the bra, a pair of shorts and a tank top. Going down I go through my morning routine, having coffee and breakfast. I don’t bother with the computer as I’ve got so much to do. I make a couple of phone calls, talking to the girls, wanting to make sure everything is settled. We fly out tonight and tecav├╝z porno I’m a tad nervous I must admit. I stop and take a deep breath, then head up to pack. A girl can never be too early in getting around.

I put in a few dresses, a couple of skirt and blouse combos. Not to sure where we’ll end up I settle for a little of everything. I grab some of my favorite panties and bras, ones we’ve talked about and you’ve bought for me. Ones you’ve said you can’t wait to see me in. I smile as I fold them and place them in the suitcase. Before I know it the time has past and I go eat lunch. Not soon after my phone rings.

It’s you and we talk, nothing sexual, although it’s underlying, just there below the surface. I can’t believe I’m actually nervous about it. It’s not as though I don’t know you, we’ve talk for a few months now. I’m thinking its just because its new, something I’d never thought I’d do. This is the case with several things with you.

This is only another to add to the list. I rattle off hotel where I’ll be staying and when I’ll get in. You tell me you’ll call and that you’ve got to be going. We hang up and I head back to my packing. I make the finally preparations. The time has gone by so quickly and before I know it I have to be at the airport. We fly and arrive and head to the hotel. We each have are own rooms but my girlfriends notice something is up with me.

I’m in my room, getting ready to shower when the phone rings. I can’t help but wish it were you. I answer with a hello and am treated to your voice. The seductive tones in it already heating up my body. I tell you I’m getting ready, that we are going to a club. You ask if you can teen porno meet me there and I agree. We hang up and I shower and get dressed. Knowing you’ll be there and the possibility of what might happen I dress the part.

Black and pink lace covers my body. It’s one set we actually picked out together online, one you told me you’d love to see. Along with that I’ve got a black dress, low cut, short dress. It looks amazing with my two and a half inch heels. I look myself over in the mirror and smile. I feel so hot, so attractive. I get a few looks from men passing by but I pay them no attention. I’ve only got my sights set on you this evening.

We reach the club and its in full swing. I wonder if I’ll be able to find you. I hope so. We move to a table, standing there, ordering our drinks. Then a song plays, one that reminds me of you, how typical I think. My girls and I go out and dance. I’m no longer paying any attention to anything but the song. Just dancing and enjoying myself when I feel eyes on me, someone is looking at me. I wonder is it?

Looking up there you are. My eyes lock with yours. You look wow, I can’t even think straight. My body is already responding thinking about you, about your touch, the feel of your hands. I hear someone, a friend, whisper about a man staring at me as though he wants to eat me up. It’s you they are talking about. I tell them I know and that I was expecting you. They smile and nudge me your way. I move through the crowd, nearing you. Your hand reaches for mine and pulls me to you. Our lips finally meet. There’s no hello, only a kiss. A deep and very hot kiss that both of us want.

We get pushed out onto the dance floor travesti porno and we begin to move to the music. Our body’s pressed together. I can feel your hands, those hands I’ve wanted touching me for so long on my body. It’s burning me up. I want more of it. You cup my breast, slightly tweaking my nipples. The feelings running through me are delicious. I want this. I want you. We move to a corner of the floor. Your hands slowing moving up my dress, touching me in ways you’ve told me about.

Your fingers moving over the lace of my panties, feeling how wet my body is. My pussy is already aching for the feel of you. It knows you’re near. Slowly you slip your hand down my panties, running along the lips of my sex. It feels better then I thought. I’ve so wanted this. You begin parting my folds, easing into my sweet, wet warm. One finger then two. My hips move against you, pressing into you. My right leg moves around you, opening myself further to your touch. My breasts push against you, my nipples achingly hard. I can’t help but try to ease their ache by rubbing against you.

Here we are in the middle of the dance floor and haven’t said a word. You’re fingers are moving inside me. Teasing and tempting me, as I knew you would. The fact that we are surrounded by people, that anyone could see turns me on. The careful movement of those wonderful fingers, knowing just where to touch, just how to play me brings me to the brink. You cover my lips with yours and catch my voice with your mouth. I cry out and into you, my pussy clamping around and soaking your fingers. You hold me there till its done then slip out your hand.

You bring it to my lips and I suck your fingers into me, tasting me, tasting you. I suck them clean, our eyes never leaving each other. I can feel and see the need on your face and in your body. I lean forward, and whisper the first words in your ear, “Fuck me, take me out of her and fuck me like you told me you would.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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