Eki 04

It’s A Guy Thing Ch. 02

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Those words, oh, those words. What Eli had said to me was running through my mind all day. I was wondering nervously when he would strike. We were on our way to the beach now, and he kept shooting coy glances at me, innocent-eyed.

What was he going to do? The beach was a very public place. Kids running around everywhere, parents chasing after them… Maybe I was safe there. Correction, hopefully.

I later learned that day that I would not be safe. Did I want him to pull something like he had at the movie theater? Well, that was a hard question. The part of me that made my cock harden simply at the thought screamed yes, but the part of me that wouldn’t live it down if we got caught, insisted no.

I knew he was going to do something just by the way he looked at me, and by the things he’d whisper to me when we were close. Dirty things, things that made me guiltily ache for him. He’d whisper about the things he’d like to do to me; One of these was sucking me until I screamed, which I knew he was very capable of.

I knew it was happening when he suggested we try a session with the surf instructor. He was a young guy, who looked to be a little bit older than us. He was attractive, with dark brown eyes and spiked-up brown hair. This guy was tall, taller than me, and quite muscular.

Oh, the way that Eli mischieviously looked between me and him gave it all away.

“Come on, it’ll be fun.” Eli insisted, tugging at my arm, trying to pull me over there.

“I don’t know… What about the others?” I asked, trying to draw him away nervously.

Zaire shook his head. “We’ll be fine. Go on.”

“See? Let’s go!” he pulled me away to the surf instructor’s hut, despite my obvious anxiousness.

The minute we had gotten away from the group, I forced him to stop and look at me. “What the Hell are you doing?”

He just grinned, causing my heart to pick up pace. “So you caught on to my little plan.”

“Yes I caught on!” I growled, looking away. “No, Eli. No. Just no.”

He crossed his arms across his bare chest, which supplied a great view of his toned six-pack abs that I had found myself staring at. “Come on. You can’t tell me you’ve never thought about a threesome. And doing it in public makes it all the more fun.”

Okay, so I had. But that didn’t make me up for this anymore Erenköy travesti than I had been five minutes ago. “Shut up! Somebody’s going to hear you!”

“Oh well.”

After a second of staring at him, silent, my mind began to change. The thought of him naked was glorious in my mind, almost enough to convince me. But we didn’t even know this guy. What if he wasn’t up for it? I’d never even done anything with one guy, let alone two. Even so, the idea got me hot. Reluctantly, I nodded just the slightest bit. “F-Fine.”

He grinned brightly again. “Wonderful.”

I let him pull me away, with hesitation, but without a fight. When we arrived at the hut, he smiled seductively at the man. “Hello. My boyfriend and I thought it would be fun to try out some surfing.”

Boyfriend?! I stared at him, wide-eyed. Was making it obvious that we were both open for guys really necessary? The man didn’t seem surprised. He just smiled and said that he’d love to help.

He led us to an assortment of surfboards, where Eli sweetly decided that ours needed to match. The whole time he subtly flirted with the surf instructor, who didn’t seem to be offended or anything. As we walked out towards a secluded area of the beach reserved for him and his clients, Eli bumped it up a bit.

“So, Luke, are you seeing anybody?” he asked sweetly, tilting his head with an innocent look.

Luke shook his head. “No. My last relationship sort of failed during college, before I dropped out and took up surf instructing.”

“Aww, why?” he asked sympathetically, his gorgeous face lit by golden sunlight. He looked amazing, like always, and I could tell that Luke noticed.

“Well, college is the time when people try out new things, if you get my drift.” he began. Eli nodded, listening intently. “My girl and I tried out something, with another guy, a close friend of mine, and things sort of went downhill. The big thing was that I enjoyed the stuff with my friend more than what I did with her, and it just kinda dropped from there.” Luke explained.

“So what do you consider yourself?”

“I haven’t really thought about labels, to tell you the truth. But I guess if I had to, bi maybe?” he shrugged. He didn’t give either of us time to respond; He simply launched into telling us all about surfing stance, Beşiktaş travesti movement, waves, etc.

Eli glanced at me. His lips remained neutral, but his eyes were slightly narrowed, sparkling with the light of a grin.

The lesson passed by much too quick. At the end of it, we were back in the hut. “So, Luke, have you done anything with a man after that?”

He shook his head. “Haven’t really gotten the chance.” he proceeded to write a few things down, do a calculation, and tell us the price of the lesson.

Eli pursed his lips in a cute pout. “Oh, Jaybear,” he cooed in disappointment, “we didn’t bring any money.”

“You don’t need to pay, it’s alright.” Luke said with a friendly smile. “This one’s on the house.”

Eli shook his head. “No, no. We couldn’t do that. Do you accept other types of… Payment?” he asked with a sly smile, leaning forward to whisper to Luke. His eyes widened slightly, but he nodded, seeming eager.

How cliche, I thought. Doing the, “Can I pay you in pleasure?” bit. Before I knew it though, I was standing naked in front of Eli. He was on his knees, helping Luke get out of his shorts. With a smile he wrapped a hand around each of our cocks, stroking firmly.

Oh God, it was hot to see him down there, his lips only inches away from my dick. I kept wondering what the Hell I had gotten myself into, but I was enjoying it.

Turns out, Luke was the dominate type. Eli was perfectly fine with that, happily sucking away while Luke thrust into his mouth, stroking me in time with the thrusts.

He finally pulled away from Luke, turning towards me. He looked up at me with a sexy fire in his eyes, before moving forward to take me in his mouth.

Damn, he was good at this. I wasn’t all up for the face-fuck thing, but I couldn’t keep myself from ramming my cock down his throat. Surprisingly, he didn’t gag at all, and certainly didn’t look like he didn’t like it. Despite the fact that I was being so uncontrollably rough on him, I could tell that he was loving every second. He just worked his magic, listening to me moan in pleasure.

“Oh, fuck.” I moaned breathlessly. Just as I did, he pulled away. Of course. He didn’t want me to blow before he even got started. It was torture. My rock-hard cock trembled, desperately needing the release Avcılar travesti that I couldn’t have just yet. Eli went back to sucking on Luke, keeping his hands off me until I had calmed down.

This lasted a good ten minutes before Luke shoved Eli onto all fours. He circled to where Eli’s bare ass was exposed, gently pushing a finger in. Eli moaned gently, beckoning me over.

I was inexperienced. I gingerly walked over, cock standing tall. When I was in position, he took me into his mouth, muffling his moans, which rised in volume as Luke’s finger rised in speed.

Eli pulled away for a second. “Fuck me,” he panted urgently to Luke, then returned to sucking my cock.

He obeyed without hesitation. Luke was down on one knee, gently pushing against Eli’s hole with his glistening pink tip. Slowly, he pushed in. The minute the head popped into him, Eli gasped.

I put a hand to the back of his head, fingers in his hair, pushing my cock further down his throat. He moaned in ecstasy, taking the entire length of my dick into his mouth with joy.

I groaned in time with Luke, as he picked up speed. It didn’t take me long to get worked up, and it didn’t seem like Luke had a problem with that, either. I thrust once more, as deep as possible, exploding into Eli’s mouth with an animalistic cry. A second later, Luke pulled out, cumming all over Eli’s back.

We were all panting, satisfied. Eli sucked every last bit of cum from my cock, swallowing it all greedily. I pulled away from him, my manhood already beginning to limp downwards. He grinned, licking his lips and turning his gaze to Luke.

“Good enough payment?” he asked, breathless.

“Fuck yes.” Luke panted, reaching for his shorts.

Eli got up, excusing himself for a moment to clean up. Afterwards, we both got dressed and left, agreeing that we should take another lesson soon.

“Aren’t you glad I talked you into that?” he asked as we began to walk back to the center of the beach, where everybody would be.

I nodded and couldn’t help smiling. “Okay, yeah. But this stays between us, alright? Never speak of it again.”

With a smirk, he shrugged. “Fine.” he agreed, stopping me. I could see our friends in the distance, walking towards us. He took my hands, leaned in, and pressed his lips to mine.

At first, I wanted to hide all of this from anyone. Even just the flirting. But right now, I was too lost in the kiss to care that my group of friends could see us perfectly, tangled with each other in deep kisses.

I couldn’t wait to see how the rest of the day would play out.

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