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It’s a Gay Old Life Ch. 02

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A/N — At the time of uploading this chapter, the writing of this story is complete and it will be ten chapters long. All subsequent chapters need more editing before they’ll be uploaded.

For those interested in following this storyline, it will be a mixture of romance and non-romantic scenes. If you like an older man / younger man dynamic, and even a bit of a ‘Daddy’ kink, you’re definitely going to like this. If family loving is your style, you might like later chapters too (those will come with a warning regarding content.)

Hope you enjoy this chapter and the next eight chapters. Comments and feedback welcome as always.


Waking the next morning with Scott in my bed, I had to jog my memory for a moment. The fact I woke up with cum stains everywhere was a reminder. I remained in bed until he woke up next to me, a smile immediately forming on his very cute face, blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight that filtered through the blinds.

“Morning,” I whispered, my fingers running up and down his back, “How are you feeling?”

“Wonderful,” he whispered, “You?”

“Shared a bed with an incredibly cute boy last night. Knew he came next to me. I enjoyed an orgasm next to him too. Fairly sure his back and butt are still covered in my cum.”

“Definitely feel sticky back there,” he replied, giggling to himself.

Sliding out of bed, I still had morning wood, noticing his eyes widen as it would have been the first time he’d seen my cock hard and me completely nude. Offering my hand, he slid out of bed, his cock also nice and hard. “It’s six and a half,” he told me.

“I know young men like yourself worry about such things, but trust me, that’s a good size. If you ever top, it’s not always how big it is but how you use it.”

Taking him by the hand, I led him towards my son’s bedroom. I didn’t hear much noise, opening the door to reveal Wayne and Charlie lying together on the air mattress, Charlie spooned back against the larger man, while my son was spooned back against Mike. Steven opened his eyes at the appearance of Scott and myself. I thought the pair of us being nude would have provoked a negative reaction. Instead, all he did was smile at us, mouthing ‘Good morning’.

‘You okay?’ I mouthed to him. He nodded, then gestured down my body, definitely getting a good look at my cock. I knew he’d seen me naked before, but not sure if he’d seen me hard. I gestured to Scott. ‘He joined me last night.’

‘Sex?’ he mouthed back.

I shook my head. ‘You?’ I gestured towards Mike behind him.

He shook his head too. I gestured to the kitchen and he nodded, figuring he’d wake up the others to join us. Scott followed me into the kitchen, getting a few things out of the fridge as I figured I’d make them an English breakfast. Sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, maybe some tomato and mushrooms, toast, with coffee, tea and juice to wash it all down.

Standing behind Scott at the counter, I pressed into him from behind as he leaned back against me. Turning his head towards me, I almost admitted that he was making me feel twenty years younger in that moment. I still managed to pull a beautiful twink every couple of weeks, but there was still innocence in the boy currently in front of me, considering he was almost untouched.

My son was the first to walk in, as naked as Scott and I were. He stopped and smiled at both of us, glancing down his body to see my son almost took after his father in one department, at least. “You’re not going to fuck him here in the kitchen are you, Dad?”

“You’re being quite laid back about this, Steven.”

“We’re all adults here, and you did say nudity wasn’t going to be a problem. And Scott’s had the hots for you for ages now. I’m surprised you haven’t fucked him already considering he said he was going to join you in bed last night.”

“You didn’t warn him off?”

“Why would I? He’s eighteen and free to make his own choices. And I know you’d treat my friends right, Dad. I know you don’t do relationships but I know you wouldn’t treat them like shit. You’d make sure they had a good time.”

Running my hands up and down Scott’s slim body, I replied, “Well, I certainly make sure any lover I’m with has a good time, whether I’m sucking cock, having mine sucked, or whether I’m being fucked or I’m the one fucking.” Pulling Scott tight to my body, pressing my cock against him, he released a moan that had my son chuckling. “I think Scott’s excited, by the way.”

“Totally want to cum again,” he murmured.

“If you want to masturbate, go right ahead.” He turned to meet my eyes. I shrugged as I put on an apron. “I’ve said nudity won’t be a problem, and this is a sex positive house. If you want to masturbate, go for it. If you want to have sex, go for it. Want to shove a toy up your butt, go for it then make sure you wash it afterwards.”

“What about me, Dad?” Steven wondered.

“Already walked in on you masturbating more than once, Steven. It’ll be nothing I haven’t seen before. Yes, Çanakkale Escort it’ll be weird if you got your dick out in front of me and started jerking off, so I’m hoping that, considering I’m your father, you would think about that before doing it. But want to do it with some friends? Masturbating with others is always a lot more fun.” Patting Scott on the butt, I added, “I need to start preparing breakfast. So if you need to jerk off, there’s some great porn in the living room.”

“Dad does have the best gay porn. It’s totally hot.”

I had tried to limit my son’s exposure to porn, as it can affect developing minds in regards to their expectations regarding sex. But considering the internet, it’s almost impossible to police it unless you put in all sorts of safeguards. That would limit my access to porn. I only looked at it occasionally while browsing for new films. I enjoyed watching a film with the occasional lover.

“Can I, Dad?” he asked.

“You’re eighteen, Steven, but thank you for asking. Go have some fun with your friends. I’ll have breakfast ready soon.”

The two boys disappeared into the living room as I started getting breakfast ready. I heard excitement from Wayne and Mike as they no doubt walked in on Scott and Steven watching a little porn and probably already stroking themselves off. Charlie walked into the kitchen as naked as everyone else. He was as cute as Scott, a definite twink, similar blonde hair but a pair of gorgeous hazel eyes. He was as hard as everyone else in the household, it seemed, with maybe six inches between his legs.

“May I have a drink please?” he asked politely.

I returned a smile first. “Charlie, you’ve been a guest in this house far more times than I can count. Help yourself to anything you want.”

He confidently approached me, reaching under the apron to grasp my cock. “What if I want this?”

I smirked at his bravado. Leaning down to his ear, I growled, “I’d be careful what you wish for, little boy.” He shuddered, which made me chuckle. “I do like the confidence, Charlie. Men like that.”

“What Scott did kind of helped. The fact he’s sitting out there naked, unable to stop smiling about the fact his back and butt still have cum stains from you masturbating next to him last night…”

“Get yourself a drink and your cute butt back out into the living room. I’ll call when breakfast is ready.”

“Sure you don’t want to cum on me too?”

“Don’t tempt me, little boy, otherwise I’ll drench your face in my spunk.”

He grabbed some juice from the fridge. Before he left, I beckoned him to me with a finger, leaning down and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. That made him blush and left him a little speechless, turning him around and patting his butt, telling him to scoot. I heard a bit of giggling from the living room, and other comments that suggested they were enjoying the movie they were watching. Having a quick peek, Scott and Mike were masturbating, the other three either watching them or the movie, I reckoned doing their best not to touch themselves just yet.

Calling them in for breakfast once it was ready, it was obvious that Scott and Mike had both cum all over themselves. Charlie looked like he was close to orgasm. Wayne walked around confidently with a thick erection, certainly the most well-hung of the five boys, while I think my son was a little overwhelmed by it all as he was looking a little rosy cheeked.

They enjoyed breakfast, at least, filling themselves as they certainly cleared all the food available. Polite as ever, the five all thanked me for breakfast, my son suggesting they all help clear the kitchen and wash everything up. Steven took me by the hand, forcing me to sit down on the lounge, returning a couple of minutes later with a fresh coffee. “Take a load off, Dad. You’ve already done a lot for us the past couple of days.”

“Just looking after my son.”

He smiled at me. “Love you, Dad.”

“Love you back, son.”

His four guests left mid-morning. At least they were not all hungover. They’d had a bit to drink the previous day and night but had paced themselves the entire time. Wondering if I should at least put on some underwear, my son eventually joined me in the living room without putting on a stitch of clothing, sitting next to me on the couch as we watched a little cricket.

“You’re not weirded out?” I asked.

“No. Are you?”

“I mean, I guess we can’t do this all the time, but…”

“So you told Scott about your first time? With Uncle Peter?”

The name made me chuckling again. My son had been calling him that since he was a small child. He’d eventually learned that Peter wasn’t my brother but one of many lovers, but the name stuck and Peter did enjoy being called the title. As far as I knew, he’d never called any of my other regular lovers anything other than their first name, if he’d even met them.

“Well, more than just my first time, to be honest. Peter and I were pretty Çanakkale Escort Bayan much in a relationship from the first time we fooled around until we ended up in this city for university. It was only after we started that things changed. We were close and remained lovers, but we’d long agreed that we were going to have a lot of fun while at university. I’d always know that I wasn’t going to settle down for a long time.” I turned to meet my son’s eyes. “Are you sure you want to hear all this?”

“Consider it education for when I get to university. Perhaps I’d like to share some of the same experiences.”

“Did you want to have sex with Mike last night?” He blushed but eventually nodded. “Okay, let’s be honest, why didn’t you?”

“Why didn’t you fuck Scott?”

“Because he’s one of your close friends, and a near forty year old man fucking an eighteen year old, barely out of high school, isn’t always a good look.”

“What put me off being with Mike is that I was sharing a room with at least two others. I want my first time to be a little bit more special than that. You only get one first time. I’m not saying I want it to be perfect, or to match some ridiculous ideal. But I would like it to mean something to both of us. I know Mike really likes me, so if it does happen, I want us both to be sure.”

“Well, I guess I could say the same thing about Scott. Yes, I’m aware he has a crush on me, like most of your friends seem to have. But I also want him to be sure before we make that leap.”

“Got any stories from university you’d feel comfortable sharing with your son?”

Shrugging, I replied, “Well, considering we’re sitting here naked while watching the cricket, telling you about some of my sexual past isn’t really that big a deal. The idea that it might turn you on is a little weird.”

“Want me to call Scott back?”

I gave it some thought. “Fuck it, invite him back over. Anyone else you want to invite?”

“Maybe Mike?” he asked quietly.

“You got enough lube in your room?”


“Want more advice?” He met my eyes and nodded. “It’ll be your first time. You know how to keep yourself prepped and ready. If you are intimate with Mike, don’t have him wear a condom. Have him bareback you. Trust me, Steven, it’ll feel a million times better, particularly when he cums in you that first time.”

“It’s really that good?”

“Can’t think of many things that are better, to be honest.”

Steven made a couple of calls. Scott was the first to arrive, I reckon having raced over. He had a backpack, so was likely assuming he’d be staying the night. As soon as he was inside, he stripped off and joined us on the couch. Mike arrived a little later, the couch large enough to accommodate the four of us. Finding myself sat between my son and Scott was a little weird, with Mike on the other side of Steven.

“Okay, what was I going to share? Ah, that’s right. My first couple of weeks at university. So what I told Scott yesterday was about my first real gay relationship with Peter, our first time together and then our sexual relationship through the end of high school and towards our first semester at university. I also added in other elements, such as coming out of the closet to friends and family. Not everyone could accept it. Except my father, those people are no longer in my life. My father has gotten used to the idea over the years. He still doesn’t know about you, Steven. It’s your decision to share your sexuality with anyone.”

“I told Grandma. She was happy for me.”

“You tell your aunties too?”

“I told them after I told you first.”

“Good lad. What about you, Scott?”

“My parents don’t give a shit. Long as I’m happy, they say.”

“Good. Mike?”

“Well, considering I have little to do with my father anyway, the only people that really matter are my mother and my step-father. Both were a little surprised, as I only realised I was gay during my last year at high school. Took a while for me to come to terms with my own sexuality. I just bit the bullet and told them the truth. They’re fine with it.”

“At least you realised now and not another ten years down the road, when you’re possibly married with kids. Still happens quite a bit nowadays. Or men will have affairs and that’s just unfair on everyone. You okay with the nudity, Mike?”

“Of course. I love looking at men. If you don’t mind me saying, you’re rather fit.”

“I do look after myself, Mike. How much do you lift?”

“Probably not as much as you just yet!”

“I do have a twenty year head start. Anyway, story time, if you’re really interested in hearing about it.”

“I am,” Scott whispered, “Then maybe you can take me into your bedroom afterwards?”

“Please fuck him, Dad. He really wants to.”

“Only if you let Mike fuck you, as it’s obvious you both want to. And before you worry, Mike, I’d prefer you fuck in my house than somewhere else. I know you’re both safe here.”

“I’m Escort Çanakkale keen if you are, Steven,” Mike stated softly.

“Story time first,” my son stated, surprised he wanted to hear more about my life.

Clearing my throat, I found myself smiling at thousands of good memories came flooding back.


Getting into the swing of university life didn’t take too long. The feeling of independence was certainly appreciated. Sure, I missed the fact my mother had looked after me regarding things like laundry and cooking meals, but I’d always helped around the house. When it came to meals, it was just keeping it cheap and simple, considering I was living on a budget. I found my room-mates liked to work as a team, introduced very quickly to a rota so we kept the common areas — the living room and kitchen — clean, while rooms were our own responsibility.

Living in a house of attractive men, the flirting was brazen and I learned very quickly that things like nudity was almost expected at times. On only my second night in the house, I walked into the living room to find one of my roommates receiving a blowjob. He just grinned while I’d been warned about such things. I still came to a stop, simply due to the surprise, before I shook my head, chuckling away.

Two nights later, I walked in on two of my roommates enjoying a threesome, fucking another young man in both ends. “Want a go next?” Paul asked, “I reckon he’d like another cock in him. Would you like that, boy?”

Paul was twenty-one years old and fit as fuck. Daniel was having his cock blown. He was twenty-three and doing his masters then doctorate. No idea who they were fucking but I could only assume he was my age. He certainly looked young.

“Would he mind?” I had to ask.

“He’s here to be fucked. Trust me, if the others were home, they’d be lining up to have a go. I’ll cum in him then you can slide that cock of yours inside him.”

We had discussed my personal life to a point before I’d moved in. They knew about Peter and the fact he’d been the only man I’d been with. My future roommates had a chuckle at that, telling me that, if I played my cards right, by the time I left university, I should be well into double digits. If that interested me, at least. I told them I’d come to this university as I knew about its reputation and I wanted to take advantage of that.

Grabbing a beer, I sat on the couch as Paul fucked the eighteen year old boy hard until he left a load inside him. Daniel was still having his cock sucked, so after Paul pulled out, I lubed up and slid my cock inside him. No idea what his name was, and I guess it didn’t really matter. I knew there was a good chance I’d be having quite a bit of anonymous sex going forward.

“Fuck, he’s tight,” I moaned once my cock was buried, “Love a tight, warm boypussy though.”

“He’s just turned eighteen,” Paul explained, sipping at the bottle of beer I’d brought into the living room, “Picked him up a couple of hours ago. He knew about this household.”

Laughing, I had to admit, “Yeah, I’ve already heard this household has a bit of a reputation. Glad I live here.”

“You like being fucked?” Daniel asked.

“Not experienced it yet, but definitely want to try. I’m aware there are quite a few gay guys playing for the rugby team. I’ve already signed up to play. Hope I might get a little action there.”

Both of them laughed. “A little action? The rugby team is notorious for group sex after games on a Saturday. Trust me, you’ll be fucked and be fucking all the time with that bunch of lads.”

Focusing on fucking the young man, Daniel came in his mouth as I was gently fucking him, hands at his hips, occasionally running my hands up and down the smooth pale skin on his back. The boy turned to smile at me, dazzling me with a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. Pulling him up to rest against my chest, he turned so I could kiss him, tasting Daniel’s cum on his lips and tongue.

“Fuck me,” he moaned softly.

“Kid knows how to fuck, at least,” Paul stated.

“Lot of practice with Peter, to be honest,” I replied, not taking my eyes off the boy’s face, continuing to thrust into him at an even tempo, wanting to last as long as possible. “What’s your name, cutie?”


“You a first year student like me?” He nodded. “Hope to see you around campus again.”

“With a cock like yours, you can fuck me anywhere, anytime.”

Paul and Daniel both chuckled. “Well, our new roommate does have an impressive dick,” Paul stated.

“And seems to know how to use it,” Daniel added.

Simon eventually slumped forward, resting his head on his forearms. I mounted him so I could gently drive my cock into him. I loved the moans he was making the faster I was thrusting, savouring the feeling of how deep I was getting. Grabbing his hands, he begged me to keep going and to last as long as I could. I was still fucking him when two other roommates walked in to find me still fucking our young guest.

“Ah, nice to see Mark is already getting involved,” Tony stated, giving my arse a slap, “Cute butt, by the way.”

“You fucked him already, Paul? Let me guess, you picked him up at the student bar?”

“Guilty as charged.”

“Is he open to being fucked by others?” Chris wondered.

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