Into The Fray

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Anyone can make a movie about living in the past. When they see it, just maybe they could think about how different it was. But it’s an entirely different to have lived it.

I know all this because I was a teenager in 1973. I was 18 and didn’t know much better. Fighting, drinking, and sucking. It was a time you could get away with it and not have your future twisted in a million knots. But having enough money to get out of trouble was a good thing too. My father wasn’t around and roughed me up when he was, Ma was dead a long time ago, and my little sis was all I really went back for.

Dad had come into money around the time I was three or four. Bought a lot of stock and we lived pretty good. After a while though, he got ballsy and bet hands on everything without being too smart on it. Soon, Ma had to work two jobs and I had to hustle by twelve to put food on the table. Dad never liked that and decided to beat on us but stopped a while after Marie was born. But a work accident started him up again, leaving me working, going to school, and taking care of little sis.

Meanwhile, when I did have free time, I was off doing things a 70’s teenager shouldn’t do in view of other people. By that, I meant happily sucking cock and licking ass. Sometimes it was for fun, other times it was for pay. I never went past that but thought about it a lot. I figure I’d get more money but I also knew I wanted to save that for someone I actually liked.

Anyone can be good looking but that doesn’t mean you like them, even if you’re sucking down their balls.

* * * * *

Everything here told you things I get up to. But… I met the guy I liked in some different way than openly wanting to suck him. I happened to run into him while out with Marie. He was the new shop hand at the chocoaltier’s factory. Marie had wanted some chocolates and I didn’t mind buying some since she’d done good at school lately. Instead of seeing Mr. Lion, I saw him. He looked too young to be over 30 but too old to be under 22.

Marie enjoyed watching him make truffles while looked him over from head to waist. Didn’t have to undress him to know he’d be worth biting. Finally noticing we’d walked in, he apologized, cleaned his hands, and asked how he could help. Sure that I was blushing, I nervously asked if there were any smaller pieces for Marie since I didn’t have too much. Thinking a bit, he left us and went to the back. After some bumps, he came out with a wrapped box and told me it’d be five dollars.

Feeling a frog in my throat, I tried to open my mouth before I looked down and saw a five on top of the box. Looking at him a moment, he nodded and I just handed it back to him as if I paid. Taking it, he rung up and said thanks for coming by. Turning to leave, I sighed and gave the box to little sis, telling her to wait just outside. Going back to the counter, I rang the bell and out he came.

“Oh. You’re back. Something wrong?”

“No… just a question.”

“Alright. Spit it out.”

“Why’d you do that?”

He smiled a bit and walked into my view, tall and lean. “Nothing saying I can’t. Kinda know what it’s like to not have much.”

“You don’t know us and you don’t owe us.”

“I got a lot of money to spare and not much to do with it. Buying some candy isn’t a big deal.”

“Well… I’m gonna pay you back. It’s the right thing to do.”

“Honest kid. I like that. What’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you. Name’s Landon.”

“Anything I can do before I go? Probably get off to a good start.”

Landon shook his head. “Nah. Just head home and keep your sister safe.”

Giving a nod, I hurried out to take Marie back in before Dad decided to have a shit fit. Thankfully, he was passed out on the couch and we went upstairs without a problem. Hiding the chocolates in my room, Marie promised not to tell and we’d share them after dinner. Helping with her homework, a hard knock shook our door downstairs. Clenching my jaw, I knew that knock anywhere. Telling Marie to stay put, I ran down to answer the door before Dad woke from his Whiskey Tango nap.

Seeing it was the back door made me clench my jaw a second time, and I opened to stop the noise. Jody Wyatt…

* * * * *

“You can’t be here.”

“I was around and figure I drop by.”

“You still can’t be here. My Dad’s here and little sis is upstairs.”

“I got 20 bucks and just need to use your mouth. It’s my favorite one.”

I sighed, getting more frustrated at him needing that bad to use me. “Fucking fine. Just be quiet about it.”

With his usual cocky grin, he stepped in quietly and off to the side near a bathroom down the tiny hall. Following, he’d unzipped and pulled down enough for his dick to show. There was bahis firmalar─▒ a hard curve upward, meaning he might have tried for a while to get himself off. Jody was my least favorite guy, seeing as he followed me before anyone else for an oral fix. For the moment, I tried to put my dislike aside and dropped to my knees, starting to work him a bit more.

He gave a hard exhale, practically dripping as I touched and licked a small bit. Slipping his cock in my mouth, I started slow and worked deeper as I felt his knot moving closer. After a few minutes, Jody grabbed my head and shoved himself down my throat, cum stinging the back of my throat. Choking a bit, I pulled away to wipe my mouth and looked forward, his dick limp and dripping more. Standing up as he put himself away, he grinned.

“Thanks Velvet.”

“Not like you’d have taken a no from me.”

“I won’t come around after this. Getting hitched and can’t get my kicks after that. Needed a final dose.”

“Best of luck to the lady and yourself.”

“Fuck off. She’s a cow.”

Shoving the money at my chest, Jody made his exit quietly and I locked the door behind him. I walked back to the bathroom and proceeded to try and throw up. I’d be damned if he’s lingering in me even slightly. Coughing up everything, I brushed my teeth to rinse his grossness out for the last time. Taking a look at what he’d given me, it turned out to be 100 bucks and not a 20. At least he wasn’t cheap about his dick getting sucked.

Stowing the money in my waistband, I rushed to help Marie with anything else before starting dinner. Midway through, Dad decided to utter his first words of the day.

“Get your faggot ass down here now.”

Rolling my eyes, I turned and went down to face his drunkness highness. “Something wrong Dad?”

“Whose dick you been sucking?”

“Dad, I came down for something to drink. Now I’m going up to help Marie finish her homework.”

“I know you’re being the town boy slut. Even fucked some of the married men at the mine I hear.”

“You just woke up. Go nurse your hangover.”

Dad grabbed my shirt collar and threw me into the front door. Hearing a pop, I groaned. “I. Don’t. Birth. Faggots.”

“Dad, calm the hell down-“

He grabbed my shoulder, slamming my head while facing him. “You wanna suck cock? Then you’ll be sucking me from now on.”

Without really thinking, I threw a punch and nailed Dad in the nose. He fell back on his chair, holding his face and rearing to scream and fight. Not giving him the chance, I went over to him and started to punch over and over and over. My mind said to stop but my body let out all the bullying, blaming, and pain Dad caused… I only stopped when Marie gave a hard tug on my shirt. Staring at her, a flare of rage, her tiny voice broke through.

“Don’t fight Skeny… The people will take me again…”

Fury wanted so badly to keep going… But Marie’s voice and fear was the better choice than following my fury. With my hands trembling, I picked up little sis and hugged her hard, crying because she was the only thing keeping me here…

* * * * *

Taking the house keys, I walked out the front and didn’t figure where to go. I didn’t really care so long as sis was safe. Passing the Police station, I walked in and to the desk. Before the clerk could ask anything, I asked to speak with Sergeant Plekki. Raising an eyebrow, looking at Marie, then me again, the clerk shrugged and went off to find the Sergeant. Her attempt was in vain when I heard a familiar voice.

“Scott is that you?”

Turning, I saw the Sergeant and walked toward him. Putting his arms around me and Marie, I started to cry.

“Are you two alright?”

“Marie is alright… But I didn’t feel alright at home… Fought with Dad when he tried to say I’d be sucking him.”

He pulled away and shushed me. “Don’t worry buddy. I’ll take care of ’em. Your mom wouldn’t want this and neither do I.”

“Wh… where do we stay?”

“For now, my office. We’ll get some food in you two and maybe some sleep.”


“Where’d you leave him?”

“His chair. Roughed him up a bit.”

Seeing my knuckles, he shook his head. “Got a right hook like your Uncle Plekki.”

Laughing a little, he walked me to his office and I finally felt safe enough to put little sis down. Sitting her on the couch in the office, she started looking around nervously.

“Will we stay with Uncle?”

“I’m not sure Marie. Maybe.”



“Are The People coming?”

“I don’t know. But we’re staying together.”

“What if they take me?”

“I’m going with you no matter what. You’re little sis and I’m going to keep you safe.”

She moved closer, holding ka├žak iddaa her pinkie up. “Promise?”

My smirk showed a bit as I took her pinkie in mine. “Promise.”

The hours rolled by, eating, showering, napping. Uncle Plekki arrested Dad, taking my word and anything valid from Marie. Dad did as always, blamed me for life being hard on him. Yelling how my faggot reputation ruined him at work, ruined mom’s memory, ruined the future for HIS line. It took a lot for me not to slug him again, feeling that rage burn through my belly.

By 11 p.m., Dad was taken somewhere else and Marie had fallen asleep. But I couldn’t settle. I was still angry and unsure of what would happen. Telling Uncle Plekki I was off for a walk, he said be back by 3 a.m. before he headed home. Understanding that free time, I walked around some more. My shirt was still messed and ripped, knuckles black, blue, and bloody. The world was falling fast and I didn’t know when I’d grow wings to stop anything.

* * * * *

Lost in my head, I bumped into some guy in a leather jacket. Seeing a familiar patch, it was a Marine… This day just keeps getting better…

Though when the guy turned around, I was surprised that a scary looking dude was really the chocolate man. Recognizing me, he stared puzzled.

“What’re you doing out so late?”

Shaking my head, I try to play off my starstruck look. “Coming from the station. Was… having issues with my Dad. Uncle took him in.”

I saw a knowing look in his eye as the conversation stopped a moment. “My old man was like that too. No one had my back so much. Glad that your Uncle is a decent guy.”

“Yeah… Reminds me of my mom.”

“How so?”

“My mom was a class act. Nice to everyone and ready to jump in and help.”

“Sounds like you lost her.”

Looking up from the ground, he’d come closer to listen. His eyes… pulled me to a nicer place.

“Some years ago now.”

“Sorry you had to lose her.”

“No one’s ever really ready to go. They just do.”

The pain in those words was crushing, but I somehow never broke eye contact with the chocolate man. My arms found themselves around him and his were around me. We didn’t speak for what seemed too long, hugging and I couldn’t help feeling comfortable. Maybe a bit too comfortable as I felt my dick stretch my boxers. Knowing I had a visible boner, I tried to move away and relax but he didn’t let me go.



“Uh, right. Landon. Can… you let me go?”

“If you’re worried about being awkward, it’s not. Sometimes you get horny.”

“I shouldn’t be… Just getting into a whole heap of bullshit escapades and need to think about that.”

“You need more of a distraction than focus on the real world.”

“Guessing you heard of my reputation… you want your dick sucked too?”

Landon shook his head, tilting my chin up to look at him. If I wasn’t blushing before, I definitely was now. Nervous was written on my forehead and floating in my eyes but he stood calm with me.

“Doesn’t matter what I heard. What does matter is that I want you to feel safe. How can I do that?”

Butterflies were having a party in my stomach as I sifted through my head for an answer. “I-I don’t… I’m not sure.”

“Want a Coke or something? We can go somewhere quiet where no one’ll stare.”

Looking around, I didn’t know anyone was staring or looking. While it wasn’t exactly rare to see a gay guy, it was weird when they’d hug or kiss in public. Managing a yes, we pulled apart and started walking toward a store. During that time I learned more about Landon.

* * * * *

He was second of six kids, first boy.

He’d just gotten out of his first tour as a Marine.

He was 23 and picked up extra work at the chocoaltier’s shop.

He was gay but didn’t really talk about it.

In return, I told him more about myself.

I was eldest of two and only boy.

I was on track to finish school early.

I was turning 19 in a couple weeks.

Currently worked at a waste plant.

Openly gay but flagged for the reputation.

As he listened to me, he didn’t try to interrupt though I knew he wanted to. Buying a couple Cokes, I noticed he also stood back for some cigarettes and painkillers. Figure he just wanted those things for himself and not have the clerk think I wanted them. Being 18 with a kid face sucked… Coming out, we went into a building where he led me up to an apartment. Walking in, it was a small but large kind of loft. Shutting the door, I felt nervous as if something bad was going to happen.

“Get comfortable if you like. My place is yours so long as you don’t break anything.”

Holding out a Coke for me, I threw it on the couch behind me ka├žak bahis and pulled him to me. I really wanted a kiss… Thrown back but not opposed, Landon accepted and even picked me up. And that’s when I felt his cock press against my thigh. And it was definitely a big one. Trying to breathe, I stopped and stared back at him. With how his eyes held the light, I definitely started a fire.

“That was forward.”

“I really shouldn’t be acting like this…”

“Scott, don’t apologize. It’s alright to want things and not be sure of anything else happening. Just… tell me what you need.”

“I want my cherry popped.”

“No one’s taken it yet? I’m surprised.”

“Been waiting for the one I actually wanted.”

“Fair enough. Get comfortable and I’ll be back.”

Putting me down, he took the stuff he’d bought and went to put them away. I wasted no time in stripping and sitting on his couch, nervously and excitedly jerking myself off. When he saw what I was doing, Landon walked over slowly like he was stalking prey. He threw off his jacket, pulled off his shirt, and undid his belt while staring at me. Reaching me, he was doing as I did, jerking his cock slowly in anticipation.

My mental note from earlier wasn’t wrong. His cock was… thick, practically filling his hand. Though the length wasn’t as others I’d seen, the skin of him was flawless… Smooth, dripping, and ready to turn me around. He gave me his free land, helping me stand as I still jerked myself and had me face into the kitchen. Coming from behind, he wrapped his arms around me, trailing kisses along my shoulders and neck.

My hands both found the counter, instinctively having me lean forward, ass toward his cock. Licking his fingers, he rubbed my hole, which was more sensitive now that I wasn’t touching it but Landon was. Teasing his tip there, I moaned through biting my lip. My body was shaking and he hadn’t even fucked me yet… Was it always like this the first time? Teasing more, he spoke softly.

“Do me a favor.”


“Wet these for me.”

His fingers were in my mouth, and I sucked them as if it were his hardness inside me. The more he teased, the more into sucking his fingers I had gotten. When I thought I’d go crazy, his fingers slipped out my mouth and I felt the motions of him stroking his cock with my spit. At the same time, his other hand reached to tug slowly at my own dick. Bending forward again, Landon’s arm wrapped around my chest and shoulder as I felt a sudden, sensual pain. I tensed, hearing him whisper to relax as he sunk deeper.

Once he’d sunken fully, I thought I’d cum from how intense everything felt. But as his hips started moving, it took a lot of me not to really let myself cum. His hand that stroked me found a place on my stomach and his other hand stood around my shoulder, as if he meant to hug me in a deeply intimate manner.

Despite how slow he was, I knew it was to enjoy the moment together… not rush…

Reaching an arm behind me, I let my hand linger on the nape of his neck or his hair, the other on his hip as he thrust. His hands rubbed along the front of me, every so often jerking my sensitive cock ready to just shoot a load. From our small place alone, he whispered.


All I could think to say, “Yes…”

The hold on me tightened, pace of his thrust deepen and quicken, our bodies making sounds as we touched and bumped. Soon, we both started moaning, both of us wanting more but to cum at the same time. Pushing against him, I felt a warmth spread inside me, from my stomach to my feet, and wetness dripped down from my asshole. As I felt Landon deep inside, a similar wetness stream down my leg and burning cock. He’d come but kept fucking, making me want to push back more.

Before long, more warmth spread in me, leaked out of my ass, and more wetness left me and stuck to my legs. Twice and I still wanted more… But I’d gone soft and I felt he had too… Though as he slipped from me, he turned me around to kiss him.

“Feel better?”


“Worth it.”

“Yes chocolate man.”

“Scott, you can just call me Landon. Lan is good too.”

“But chocolate man sounds a lot sweeter.”

Laughing, we made more flushed talk before moving to the bathroom to clean off. Noticing the time, he volunteered to walk me back. Dressing ourselves, we took our Cokes, both warm, and made our way back. We held hands, not thinking much as the streets were quieter at 1 a.m.. A discreet goodbye, seeing as he was older, and he said he’d see me again.

True to that, we met more. Those few months were amazing… Until he was called back to active duty. We kept contact by letter, and it made me miss him… Once I started university, he’d come back and surprised me. He was my first for a lot of things… Marriage, living, pets, dancing, cooking, clubs, surfing.

That’s how I remembered Landon… A string that caught me from the winded fray.

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