Eki 07

Interrail Adventure Ch. 03

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The small voice inside of me that has been trying to convince me was getting louder. Maybe it would be a good experience to take his offer. Maybe it would make me more of a man and nobody was around to see me. No parents, no friends. I could do what I want. Maybe just being more open and confident would also rid me of my horny thoughts about my cousins dick. And after all I already saw Mr. Croftons cock and it wouldn’t hurt if he saw mine. It would just be like in a public sauna. Well not exactly but it was too late to think about details.

I took a deep breath and looked up at Mr. Crofton who still smiled confidently jerking his meat.

I stood up trying to look cold and confident but as I tried to open my pants I noticed that my sweaty hands were trembling. Mr. Crofton didn’t say anything and just watched me as I fumbled with my fly finally dropping down my pants and boxer briefs in one motion. My hard dick just jumped out and stood there pointing right at Mr. Crofton. It was maybe only two thirds the size of Mr. Croftons hard cock and probably only half of its girth but it was as hard as it could get. He let go of his cock and clapped his hands: “Ha! I knew it. Good boy. Now that this is out of the way why don’t we relax together a little?!” He poured himself another whiskey and downed it in one swift motion.

I just stood there feeling ashamed and humiliated but it also kind of made me more horny than ever before so I just let Mr. Crofton stare at my naked crotch unable to move.

“Can I have my money now…” I mumbled in a small voice.

He sighed putting his arms behind his head stretching his hard massive cock in my direction contemplating. “Not so fast buddy, erm…Martin, right?” He fumbled for his moneyclip again and pulled out a single 5 Euro bill. He laid it openly on the armrest next to him. “This is your account for now but I bet you can earn your way up to more!” A broad grin emerged on his face, his white teeth sparkling in the dimly lit compartment. I gulped. I just humiliated myself for lousy 5 Euros. I am such a loser. I am just a mouse in a trap. I couldn’t take the shame of taking the 5er pulling up my pants and sitting down again. I would never recover my self-esteem if I did that so I asked dutifully: “What do you want me to do to get more?”

Mr. Crofton licked his lips, knowing that he had me hooked and that he could play his perverted games with me: “First of all why don’t you undress completely buddy. Show me the goods!”

“B…But what if the conductor comes by again….or…”

“He won’t!” Mr Crofton interrupted bursa escort me. “And even if he does I will take care of any interruptions. You don’t have to worry your pretty head about any of that buddy.”

I sighed in resignation and slipped out of my T-shirt, stepped out of my dropped pants and pulled of my socks. Now I was standing there completely nude letting this old bear of a man gaze at my young slender body while he jerked his fat wet cock. I felt like such a whore and I was one indeed, but it also made me so horny that it was too good a feeling to stop it now. Any pulling back now would seriously damage my psyche I was sure.

He put another 5er to the one on the seat next to him.

“Very good, Martin! Now touch your hard little dick and rub it slowly, try to relax and enjoy the evening!”

Before his deep hypnotic commanding voice even finished the sentence my sweaty hand was already wandering to my shaft, grabbing it in a familiar way like thousands of times before as I pulled back my foreskin and started to jerk off. I watched Mr. Crofton rub his meat and tried to get into the same rhythm standing there letting him watch me.

After some moments with the air filled only by our breathing and the smacking sounds our wet dicks made the pervert in front of me opened his mouth again.

“I double that if you come over and touch my cock Martin!” Mr. Crofton whispered waving another 10 Euros in his free hand.

“I….this was not….I don’t want to do that!”, I protested while part of my mind already wondered what it would be like feeling another man’s hard cock in my hand.

“Sh….sh…shhhhh!” He cut me off trying to sooth me with his rolling bass voice “We already established that you are a whore Martin, so stop the false virtue buddy! This is strictly a negotiation of price. You will touch my cock eventually and you know it. So how about another 10. Which raises your total to 30. Already a good price for a handjob. I could get that for half the price from any crackhead at the next station you know. But the next station is far away and you are here right now, and already hard as well, so I am willing to pay more for the service but don’t stress my patience too much, understood!”

I gulped again, knowing that he was right, that I had no chance against him whatsoever so I walked over and took the seat next to him. His body radiated warmth and his smell made my cock twitch like a little bitch. I didn’t notice how cold I got standing there completely naked until I got next to his heated altıparmak escort body which seemed so inviting and comforting. I carefully with sweaty trembling hands reached over to his crotch and my fingers brushed against his silken warm hard shaft. I grabbed it in my fist, barely able to reach around the girthy hairy base of it and slowly began to move up and down. He drew in his breath and then gave off a deep growling moan as I started to massage his hard shaft.

“Mhhhh good Martin! Very good! Have you ever done this before?”

I shook my head in silence.

He looked me into the eyes while I rubbed his cock. “How old are you Martin?”

“Nineteen!” I whimpered barely audible

He smiled and brushed some of my hair out of my face with his meaty paw. “Very nice, you could be my son being so young. Your hands are still so soft.”

I blushed again whishing that he would just stop talking and humiliating me. His warm cock pulsated in my hand, I felt slimy precum from his mushroom head lubricating my fingers as they were gliding up and down.

“Now how much will it cost me to make you take it in your sweet young mouth boy?” He continued. My heart raced. I already knew that this was going in this direction but still it made me nervous and I was unable to come up with any number in my head so I just said: “What would you give me?”

“I would double it again!” He said pulling out another 30 from his bundle.

Feeling him pulsating in my hand, feeling the power I had over him at least as long as I played along in pleasuring the old man. I got more confident and said: “Make it a 100 total!” Mr. Crofton chuckled and pulled out the remaining 40 and put it on the stack. “Fine! But you better make it worth it.” And with that he spread his legs again and I slid down to my knees between them, my head now very close to his musky smelling hairy cock. God, I never thought I would end up in that position but thankfully nobody knew, neither my parents, nor Maria. I was just a stranger completely free to explore.

I licked my lips rubbing up and down the wet shaft once more and then bent forward putting his wet tip to my lips. I licked over it, tasting the musky salty slimy precum from this old manly businessman. It made my own dick jump with joy as I continued to lubricate his mushroom head and shaft with my slobbering tongue as I licked around and up and down. He caressed my hair which I liked.

Finally after his cock was glistening with my saliva all around I put my mouth over the tip and bobbed görükle escort my head down to suck him in. The thick wet head and part of his veiny shaft filled my little mouth completely and I pulled back before it made me gag. I started to move up and down slowly and he moaned with pleasure, not even caring about any neighboring compartments.

With one hand around the hairy base of his shaft I used my other hand to jerk my hard cock while I sucked. It was so overwhelmingly pleasurable to me that I completely ignored the world around me. Mr. Crofton started to grab my neck and push me down more and more with each bob of my head, his wet swollen mushroom head knocking at the back of my throat. My eyes watered and I tried to suppress gagging, spilling more and more saliva over his crotch as he forced himself into my mouth.

“You like that little bitch?” He growled between clenched teeth. I just moaned as well and mumbled “Uh-huh!” And continued in my rhythm.

“I give you another hundred if you finish me off without spilling anything, ok?” He pulled me off his cock by the hair to look at my saliva smeared face as he asked me. I just looked at him and nodded vigorously. “Yes, Mr. Crofton! I try!” I gasped.

He smiled and patted my head. “Good boy! I knew you are a little faggot bitch. Get ready because I am getting close and it will be a lot! It always is!” And with that he pushed me down into his crotch again fucking my wet mouth with more speed and depth than before. I grabbed onto the base of his shaft with both hands now, briefly feeling up his full swollen balls, letting my mouth tighten around his head to seal off any leakage. His moaning got more shallow, his breathing faster and his cock was swelling and pulsating more as he got close.

Then suddenly thick hot cum erupted from Mr. Croftons cock and shot deep into my throat. His veiny shaft pulsated strong between my lips as my mouth quickly filled with his slimy semen. I was afraid I couldn’t hold it all in as he wouldn’t stop cumming so I gulped hard feeling the warm thick seed running down into my stomach. Finally with my mouth full to the brim the last few drops welled out of his tip and I suckled on it like a baby gulping down his milk while I massaged my own hard shaft to a quick climax squirting my seed into my hands to not make to much of a mess on the floor.

Mr. Crofton sighed satisfied as I licked him clean and he counted out another 100 Euros from his bundle and put it onto the stack. I finally got up on shaky knees, took my money and crawled over to my seat while Mr. Crofton prepared his seat for sleeping, rolled over and quickly began to snore peacefully. It was only 200 Euros I managed to get, but it was a hell of a ride and I didn’t even care about the money any more. I shoved it into my backpack, got my seats ready to sleep as well and pretty soon fell unconscious from exhaustion.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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