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Interlude at Work

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We had a new girl start at work a few weeks back. Anne was, to put it mildly, very attractive. She was twenty with long hair (which is something I’ve always liked) and a very nice figure. Her face was a sight you wouldn’t want to miss as your life would be the poorer for it. Altogether one of nature’s superior creations.

She wasn’t in my section, unfortunately, but I still found occasion to meet her. (Daily if I could see my way clear to doing so.) I decided that this was a case where I’d be incredibly stupid not to chance my arm.

I happened to meet her in one of the back corridors one morning. We stopped by mutual agreement, just chatting in a friendly way. Finally I got to the point that I wanted to make.

“What I’d really like to do right now is to step into a private little room I know of, remove your panties, and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow. Interested?”

She blinked, slowly digesting this statement. Then she blushed.

“Mr Henshaw, how could you say something like that? I’m shocked. Truly shocked.”

“Uh-huh. And?” After all, she hadn’t answered the question.

“Have you any idea what HR would say if I repeated this conversation?”

“Um, yes. It would go something like this. Mr Henshaw, one of the women has complained that you made a sexual suggestion to her. You do know that sexual harassment is against company policy as well as illegal?

Yes, I’d reply, and I quite agree with that policy. I have to say that I’m shocked, no, embarrassed and appalled, that any of our staff would suggest such a thing where I’m concerned. I don’t want to know who complained as I consider that irrelevant. None of the women on our staff deserve to be treated with anything other than the utmost respect. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to have said but I assure you that whoever complained was mistaken. It’s possible that I phrased something in a suggestive manner without realising it and I will take the greatest care in the future to watch how I speak to the women.”

I smiled at Anne and winked. “I could continue that line of protesting my innocence and approving of what they’re doing to ensure that there’s no sexual harassment in the work place for a good fifteen minutes. By the time I finished they’d be congratulating me on doing my part to ensure that there’s peace and harmony in the office.”

“There was no innuendo in what you said. You flat out stated that you wanted to fuck me.”

“Well, yes, because I do. You haven’t given your answer yet.”

“Might I point out that you’re married?”

“You can but that’s irrelevant. You’re not. Ah, not wanting to nag or anything, but you haven’t answered the question.”

“What question?”

“Are you Bayan Eskort interested?”

She gave me an old fashioned look, one that gave me no clue as to what she would say.

“What’s in it for me?” she asked. “Apart from you,” she added quickly, apparently reading my naughty thoughts.

“Not quite sure what you’re getting at,” I admitted. (Yes I was. She wanted a bribe.)

“Let me put it this way. When my boyfriend wants to get into my pants he takes me out to dinner and a show or a few drinks. He won’t have any change from a fifty and even then he’s not on a sure thing. He has to take his chances and the dinner and drinks are his way of trying to load the odds in his favour.”

“Either that or get down on his knees and say please fifty or so times,” I suggested.

“Or that,” she admitted with a giggle.

“As I have no intention of taking you out for dinner and drinks, the wife, you understand, may I make another suggestion. I’ll pay you the fifty for the dinner and drinks and you can buy it yourself when you’re ready.”

“I see. And where would you suggest our little encounter take place?”

“Funny you should mention that?” I told her, reaching behind me to open an inconspicuous door. The door opened into a small room, about four feet per side. The only thing in the room was a solitary chair.

“What’s this room?” Anne asked, surprised.

I indicated she should enter and she did, the silly little lamb.

“This is what they call dead space,” I told her. “Rather careless of the architects to create it. All it can really be used for is storage or as an office for someone you want to encourage to leave the company. Currently it’s unused.”

“This is the private little room you mentioned?”

“It is. Lift up your dress.”

“Ah, why?” she asked, blushing a little.

“You know why. I’m going to remove your panties.”

“You mean here and now?” blushing even harder.

“Why not? Let me assist you.” I bent down and took the hem of her dress and lifted it high enough to expose her panties.

“Now just hold this while I attend to the panties.”

She was still blushing but she held her dress up. I proceeded to take hold of her panties and slowly lower them, taking them right down to her ankle.

“Now step out of them,” I told her. “There’s a good girl.”

She lifted her feet one at a time and I eased her panties past her shoes, dropping them onto the chair. I also very thoughtfully extracted a fifty from my wallet and placed it on the panties.

“Hands on the chair and lean over,” I said, turning her to face the chair. She did as she was told, exposing herself very nicely. I could tell at a glance that she was Anadolu Yakası Escort already slightly aroused by what she was doing. I suspected that the fact that she was doing something that she shouldn’t somewhere she shouldn’t was what was getting her worked up.

I took it slowly to start with. She might be slightly aroused but she was also slightly nervous. Who knew if rushing her would give her second thoughts and make her back off? Not me, so why take chances?

I ran my hands over her bottom, stroking her. Back and forth, nice and easy, at the same time having my hands move closer and closer to the vulva. Then instead of covering her vulva my hands slipped to either side, stroking her inner thighs. As a side note I have to admit that I have quite a bit of hair on my hands. The fact that that hair was tickling her vulva while I stroked her thighs was completely incidental to what I was doing. (Although she did seem to make an odd noise while it happened.)

Down along the inside of her legs I stroked, stopping at her knees and moving back up. Anne had shuffled her feet slightly further apart, giving me room to play. This time when my hands approached her vulva one of them actually closed over it, giving it a slight squeeze.

All the time I was doing this I was also talking softly, little compliments on the texture and softness of her skin, how smooth her curves were, laying it on thickly but with a gentle touch, sensing that she was lapping it up. A girl does like to feel that she’s appreciated.

I continued to gently rub her vulva, feeling her getting hotter, wetter, more tense. My hand caressed her bottom again, and I rubbed the edge of my hand along the cleft in her buttocks. I don’t think she really noticed when I replaced the edge of my hand with my erection. It probably felt the same to her, one hand caressing her while the other pressed against her buttocks. When my free hand started massaging her vulva again she probably got a bit of a shock.

I could practically hear her working it out. A hand is stoking my bottom. Another is pressed between my buttocks. His third hand is holding me down there. Ding, ding, ding. He’s only got two hands. She gave a gasp and jerked a little as it registered, but didn’t say anything.

I switched things around. My erection went between her legs, pressing upwards along her slit. She had to know what it was as both my hands were back to rubbing her bottom. She made a funny little sound, as though she had said something while keeping her mouth closed.

Time for things to progress. I eased her lips apart, moving my erection so that the head was pressing firmly against her. Then I started pushing in.

“Push Pendik Escort to meet me,” I suggested, and was slightly surprised at how fast she went along with that suggestion. She gave another little gasp and flexed her hips, driving herself firmly onto me. Quite happy for things to continue in this vein I pressed even harder, sheathing myself firmly in her tender flesh.

I figured that a gentle movement would be all that was required for the start and Anne seemed quite happy to go along with that. I just slid gently in and out with her moving in time to my gentle thrusts. Even while I was doing this I was pulling her blouse loose, letting my hands slide up inside to unclip her bra. From there it was a small matter to move my hands around to capture her breasts.

I started more compliments flowing about her beautiful breasts, how soft and shapely they were and how wonderful they felt under my touch. I added how sensitive when I saw how she reacted when I tweaked her nipples.

The trouble was that we were at work so I couldn’t take as long as I wanted to truly enjoy this encounter. This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t enjoying it, just that I wouldn’t be able to prolong things for as long as I’d like. I started moving a little faster, treasuring the feel of her heated flesh rasping against me, my cock seeming to swell and thicken the more we moved.

The way Anne was responding and pushing to meet me it was obvious that she was a hundred percent behind what we were doing, giving her all and expecting the same from me. I had no complaints, simply picking up the pace a little more.

When you’re in a state of great excitement it’s hard not to rush towards completion. This applied to Anne as well as me, and we were now putting considerable effort into what we were doing.

“Um, Anne, if you start screaming we’re both going to be toast,” I gently reminded her as she started to become a little vocal.

Her next squeal came through tightly closed lips and subsequent to that she clamped a hand tightly across her mouth. Not wanting her to have to wait too long for a little relief I upped the stakes and drove in as hard and fast as I could.

If left to herself she’d have screamed loud and long as she climaxed, shuddering with the force of it. Thank god for that muffling hand. I have to admit I gave out a bit of a groan as I finally spent myself within her.

“That, you, were quite amazing,” I told her. “I knew you would be but you surpassed expectations.”

“Not bad,” she said with a smile, damning me with faint praise. “You do realise it was a one-off?”

“Unfortunately, yes, I do. I’m married, after all. Too bad, so sad.”

“Uh-huh. Too bad, so sad,” she agreed with a giggle.

With that she slipped away and I followed. It was an interesting interlude but it was fortunate that she worked in a different section. Having that living, breathing, goad to temptation, in the same section would have been beyond frustrating.

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