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Indian Paradise

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Those were the days when I completed my MBA and got a job as a Management trainee in a MNC company in the marketing department. My immediate boss told me that I had to do a do a six months stint directly marketing the soaps and detergent powder.

I was to travel with a distribution van and sell the company’s products to the company’s retailers and also at the same time elicit from them information about the customer’s reaction to our products.

The job was exciting because I used to be treated royally by the company’s retailers and pampered and traveling in the Indian countryside was like being in paradise.

Luckily for me my ancestral village was in the same region in which I was posted. I moved to my village and used to attend my job from there. I lived in my grandma’s house and they used to pamper me a lot being a male child. My grand father died a long time ago and my grandma used to live with one of her unmarried daughter that is my mother’s sister and my aunt. They had vast ancestral properties and lived comfortably.

The village had lot of young girls and most of them were beautiful. In the evenings I used to sit out side and watch the girls pass by and make eyes at me. This used to be very exciting. Being a village and most of the families related to us in some way of the other, the girls used to come to my grandma’s house on some pretext or the other and pick up conversation with me. I was an object of their fascination because I was educated, young, and handsome and used to be of a jovial nature.

Gradually I became close to a girl. Her name was Sangita. Her pet name was Sangi and I too got used to calling her Sangi. Sangi’s house was opposite to my grandma’s house and most of the time she used to be in my grandma’s house chit chatting with my aunt. She was nineteen years old and was in second year of graduation.

Sangi was a pleasant looking and good-natured girl, soft and warm in nature and always joking. She was five feet five inches tall and had a good body structure with smooth glowing skin and long hair and teeth like pearls.

Sundays we used to sit for game of cards, me, my aunt and other girls. Sangi was good card player and used to win more points.

On the particular day she was winning continuously and I was getting irritated because she was taunting me “ you are a educated city guy more intelligent than me yet you lose with me in cards”. I decided that in the next game I should win and after the cards were divided I slyly glanced by bending side ways she noticed this and turned her cards away from my sight upon this I held her wrist and forcibly tried to see the cards in the scuffle though I did not succeed to see the cards my hands escort brushed her body and her breasts. Her face flushed and I was embarrassed. After this we settled down and started playing, I was casting sly sidelong glances unnoticed by others at her, she realized this and her this only made her face flush more.

After some time we broke up. I could not sleep that night I was thinking about Sangi, the touch and feel of her body and her breasts was like heaven and I decided, come what may I shall have her.

Now she started spending more time with me talking all kinds of subjects after I came home in the evenings from my work with me longing to pull her towards me and hug her, all the time. On every little pretext I used to touch her and she would smile and blush like a like a beautiful flower. But I could never take courage to hug her.

Then on one day as providence would have been my grandma went to visit her relatives leaving my aunt alone in the house. My aunt asked Sangi to sleep in our house to give her company, as I would be coming home late in the night after a long sales trip. I was aching to come home soon.

When I reached home it was already past midnight and my aunt asked me to take bath and have supper. I noticed two cots with beds side by side one for my aunt and one for Sangi and one a little far away and a little inside for me, in the verandah. I finished my supper very soon and came to sleep I told my aunt that I was feeling sultry and would like sleep on the cot closer to the one near Sangi because I would get more air there. My aunt reluctantly agreed went to sleep on the cot, which was meant for me.

I lay down watching Sangi, she was looking beautiful in her sari, she rarely wears saris and god knows why she was wearing one today. She was not sleeping and all the while I came and finished supper she feigned sleep lest her sleeping place should be changed by my aunt.

Now I could see a faint smile on her face and her bosom was heaving up and down rhythmically. Slowly I reached out my right had and held the fingers of her right hand. She waited for a moment before closing her fingers on my fingers.

I played with her fingers gently for some time and then started trailing my fingers along the length of the insides of her arm. She convulsed a little. Goose bumps appeared on her hand. I caressed her arm a little more and slowly moved my fingers to her right shoulder and held her smugly. She smiled a little more. I caressed her shoulder a little and moved my hand down on to right breast lightly and let it lay there without any movement. Her breath quickened, then I started caressing her right breast gently. I pushed her sari away, she was bursa eve gelen escort not wearing any undergarment under her blouse and her nipple became erect immediately. I tweaked it between my thumb and fingers and pulled it gently and she gave a gasp.

Slowly I moved my fingers on to her blouse hooks and started unhooking them one by one the last one was tight and it took me a little more time finally I unhooked it and put my palm on her bare breast and started caressing it first the right and then the left. She was now moving restlessly and slight moaning with her eyes closed tight.

In the meanwhile my aunt moved in her sleep and god knows what went in her mind she turned and looked towards us. It was dark and she could not make out anything and went to sleep again.

Now my hand started its down ward journey and I rested on the flat of her smooth stomach and felt the smooth skin. Then I sought her navel and circled my forefinger around it and inserted my finger in it and twirled it a little she smiled and caught my hand with her hand and placed it on flat if her stomach.

After some time she released my hand and I moved my hand down further. Into her sari and on to her crotch. She immediately caught my hand again. But did not try to pull it out. I could feel her panties and slowly inserted my fingers into her panties and felt her pubic hair and her mound.

After some time she relented her grip on my hand and slowly I started rubbing her pussy lip gently. I slowly separated them with my fingers and felt their contours she was very wet and oozing all of a sudden without warning I inserted my middle finger into her hot depth. She yelped a little and caught my hand again and tried feebly to pull it out. I did not relent and let it stay there. Slowly she released her grip on my hand and I started moving my finger in and out of her hot pussy. She was moaning audibly and I put a hand on her mouth and moved on to her cot. She moved and gave me space and I lay down beside her.

She was perspiring on her fore head and I wiped her forehead and held her in my embrace. I kissed her on her lips and parted her lips with my tongue she met my tongue with her and we played for a while both of us drooling saliva. Slowly I moved my lips to her left nipple and sucked gently, and then I gave it a small bite drawing a yelp from her. I did the same with her other breast and nipple.

I slowly pulled her sari to her waist and caressed her long silky legs and kissed them all the way to the crotch. I put my fingers in her panty band and tugged it down she lifted her hips to let me pull it off her body. I bent down and kissed görükle escort her pussy lips all the while caressing her mound with my hand she was now oozing profusely and my nose and lips were cover with her juices. She pulled me up and embraced me tightly.

Then I completely took off her sari and covered us with a blanket. I took out a condom from my pocked and pulled off my shorts and embraced her again tightly with my engorged cock between our stomachs she jerked sharply on the feel of my cock on her stomach. sangi said, “ don’t do that, I am afraid”. I pleaded with her and told her I had a condom with me and there would not be any problem. She refused and I turned the other side and froze in protest she hugged be from the back her breasts pressing into my back and her warm thighs against mine but I did not relent after some time she whispered in my ear ‘ok’.

I opened the condom packet and rolled it over the length of my cock and rolled on to her. Kissing her on the lips passionately. We embraced and kissed in turns and slowly I lifted my self up on my knees and got in between her legs and raised her knees and spread her legs wide.

I rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy lips she held my cock in her hand and guided it to the entrance of her pussy opening, slowly I started pushing it inside. It went in a few inches and refused to go any further. I was afraid to push any further lest I might hurt her but she urged me push harder and I gave a hard push, she winced in pain and I was deeply buried in her to the hilt. It was such a wonderful experience I did not want to pull out again.

I embraced her tightly and the whole world came to a standstill each of us savoring the beautiful pleasurable moments. Slowly I started to move in and out of her gaining momentum with each thrust she was moaning with pleasure and making intelligible sounds. In between I would bend and suck her succulent nipples and kiss her lips. Then she started thrusting her hips towards me and encircled her legs around my waist and started pulling me towards restricting my movement I too was reaching my climax.

I started thrusting more vigorously and she was thrusting her hips her in a matching motion then the whole world come to a standstill for a moment and I shot my juices forward, she convulsed and contracted her muscles, she was coming in ripples I slumped on her with my limp cock still in her and slowly drifted into a deep slumber. I woke up an hour later and woke her up too and kissed her passionately on her lips. We dressed up and I moved on to my cot.

When I got up in the morning she was already gone by that time. We enjoyed whenever we got a chance later we promised each other to marry after my training stint and I steadied in my career later I moved to my city after my training stint. One day I got a letter from her she wrote to me that she was forced to marry some boy selected by her father despite her protests. But she still keeps in touch with me, a friend for life.

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