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“Okay counsel, your witness” The judge said as he motioned to the prosecuting attorney.

The prosecutor stood, straightened his suit jacket and approached me as I continued to sit on the witness stand. “Mrs. DeFrancisco, how long did you know the victim, Miss Simmons?”

“Since we, I mean my husband and I moved to Arlington,” I answered.

“And how long was that?”

“Well we moved here in May of 2001 and I met Debbie about a week after we moved in,” I answered. That was how my cross examination began. It continued like that, without anything earth shattering for the next hour before the Judge took pity on us all and announced that we would break for the weekend and reconvene on Monday morning. That of course meant that I would be locked in an eight by twelve cell for 44 of the next 48 hours.

The cell was a concrete block room with bars on one wall. On the right wall was a small steel bunk bed covered with grey blankets and white sheets. A simple vinyl covered wood chair sat in front of a steel desk on the back wall with a small desk lamp my only decorating touch. The left wall held a stainless steel toilet shielded from prying eyes by a short painted steel partition about 4 feet high. Next to the partition was a stainless steel sink with my toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste. It had all the comforts of home.

At lights out I laid in bed a thought back to happier times.

Jim, my husband, had just been transferred to Chicago. The transfer came with a big promotion and a healthy raise and Matt, our two kids, Chelsea and Matthew, were all excited about the move.

We had been in our new house, a big beautiful brick faced colonial, for a week when I first saw Debbie. The moment I saw her I knew she was gay, not that I had a problem with that but it was very apparent. She was not unattractive; in fact she was just the opposite of unattractive. She was not what I would call pretty, instead she was handsome or stunning, but in a somewhat masculine way. Her platinum blonde hair was cut strikingly short yet stylish. Her features were sharp and crisp with high cheek bones and prominent nose and a strong jaw. Her eyes were a shade of blue green that looked like the Caribbean Sea and were surrounded by the longest thickest eye lashes I have ever seen. She had broad square shoulders, full round breasts, a narrow waist and trim hips that I would have died for. Her legs were strong, tan and muscular and her smile was fantastic. Debbie introduced herself to me and I felt my heart skip a beat. I had never been attracted to a woman before that moment, and the feeling scared me. She had an aura about her, and air of confidence that was supremely attractive and in the few moments I stood there I was spellbound. If she had asked me to drop to my knees and pleasure her I am sure I would have done it, with my husband watching, but she never asked, not then, not ever. In fact Debbie never asked for anything. That wasn’t her way. She told, demanded and commanded but never asked: but I am getting ahead of myself.

I avoided Debbie after that first meeting. Not because I didn’t like her or I was afraid of her, but rather because I was afraid of myself and what I might do or say if I was around her. When I wasn’t working at the library I spent a lot of time inside the house or in the back yard around the pool with the kids for the first few weeks that we lived in Arlington. Eventually I met Sara Young, a woman my age who also had two children, who lived across the street from us. Sara was an attractive woman with a pretty but somewhat plain face, shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and small round glasses. She was about 25 pounds overweight, but carried it pretty well. Overall she looked like a mom, which is exactly what she was. Sara dressed conservatively and attended church regularly and she introduced me to her friends and I began attending her church with the kids most Sundays.

Sara, unlike me, was a stay at home mom and she spend most of her days observing the goings on in the neighborhood. She was the resident nosey neighbor, but she kept her findings to herself, well until we got close and then she shared her gossip with me. She told me about Susan Dresser, the woman on the corner who was having an affair and about the Johnson’s pending divorce. She also told me that Debbie my next door neighbor was a lesbian who had a different woman over nearly ever night. She of course whispered the word lesbian as though it was a dirty word and told me of Debbie’s deeds with the sound of disgust in her voice.

A few months had gone by and I had only run into Debbie a few times in the yard and in the grocery store and I had regained my composure around her. Sara and I had become close friends and every day when I got home from working at the library at 3:00PM I would head over to her house to have a cup of coffee and hear about the gossip of the day. Sara’s stories about Debbie became the focus of most of our afternoon conversations, because she had a different woman over every night. They would arrive home Ataşehir escort bayan late, after I had fallen asleep, but Sara was still up, and they left around ten in the morning.

“Your sure it is a different woman every night,” I asked Sara.

“Absolutely,” she replied with her Chicago accent. “The woman has a voracious appetite,” she laughed uncomfortably.

“What do they look like.”

“Karen, they are every type, age, shape and size, but she uses them up and spits them out. She has no soul.”

“Oh really, and how do you know,” I asked jokingly and Sara turned bright red. “Oh my god, Sara. You slept with her?”

“It was a few years ago,” Sara said meekly. “Todd had been, well like he always is, distant and consumed with work. She stopped over to borrow some milk one night when Todd was away on business and the kids were over their grandmothers. I don’t know how she knew to stop over that night, but she did. At first I though it was just a coincidence, but she planned it, I know she did. Anyway, I invited her in and we started talking. I really don’t know how it evolved into something so wrong, so nasty and degrading. It was really weird because it seemed like one moment we were sitting on the couch talking and the next moment we were in bed.” As she finished I could see a tear form in her eye and she sniffled.

“I’m sorry Sara, I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s alright. I’ve never told anyone about it, not even my shrink, which is kind of funny because I started seeing him right after that happened. I needed to talk about things but I couldn’t bring myself to talk about that. It was so wrong, so dirty, so disgusting and you know what the worst part about it was.”

“What,” I asked cautiously.

“I enjoyed it,” she said as the tears began to flow. “ actually liked being used and being treated like a play thing. That’s all I was to her. That’s all anyone is to her just some damn fuck toy.”

Hearing Sara use the word fuck shocked me nearly as much as her story had. The whole thing was so out of character. I put my arm around her and let her cry. Eventually her tears subsided and we chatted some more about more light hearted topics.

I went home that night and found myself staying up late to see if Debbie brought someone home. At about one in the morning I saw two cars pull into her driveway. I walked slowly to the window of our guest room, that faced Debbie’s house, and looked out from the dark room. I could see Debbie walk to the door ahead of another woman. She looked young and pretty and followed Debbie like a puppy. I walked back to my room and climbed silently into my bed.

A month went by without a mention of Debbie or her antics and I thought Sara’s issue had blown over. I had gone into the spare bedroom several times during the month to watch Debbie bring in her conquests and on a few occasions I even saw them kissing and fooling around before I felt guilty and retired to bed with the visions etched in my memory.

I stopped by Sara’s after work as I always did one August afternoon but this time she was visibly shaken.

“What’s wrong honey,” I asked.

“Look at this,” she replied while thrusting a printed invitation at me. I read the invitation and saw that it was from Debbie and was for only Sara, no guest permitted. “Why did she suddenly contact you,” I asked.

“Well,” Sara sighed, “I feel terrible about keeping this from you Karen, I really do but I am just so ashamed. I’ve been over Debbie’s a few times in the last two weeks. I am sorry for not telling you, I really am. You’re not mad at me are you?”

“Sara, don’t be silly, of course I’m not mad. What happened?”

“Well, about two weeks ago Debbie called me. It was about 9:30 in the morning and I had just gotten home from dropping the kids off at baseball camp. Anyway she told me to come over and…”

“What do you mean she told you to come over?”

“I mean when Debbie tells me something I do it. I can’t explain why, but it is like she holds this power over me. So she called and told me to come over, and I did.”

“But you knew what she wanted right. I mean she told you that right.”

“No, she told me to come over and I went. I knew what would happen if I did, but on some level, oh heck, on a lot of levels I wanted to. I mean when she tells me to do those disgusting things. When she makes me do those terrible, wrong and degrading things, well at the time it just feels so right, like it is what I am meant to do. I am sorry I can’t explain it. I mean I feel awful afterward. I feel dirty and I know it is wrong, but when it’s happening I like it…all of it, and sometimes when I think about it, it makes me feel so, I don’t know, so hot I guess, but right afterward I feel disgusting and dirty. I know what she makes me do is wrong, but it is so…I don’t know. You think I am disgusting don’t you?”

“Oh god, don’t be ridiculous. I don’t think you are disgusting Sara. You are my friend and I love you.”

“Thanks,” Escort Ümraniye she said with a small smile. “Anyway, when I went over the first time she wasn’t alone. There was a pretty young Asian girl there. She couldn’t have been more than 20 and she was so petite and pretty and Debbie told me to please her, like I did her. So I did. It happened three more times, each time with a different woman, all of them different. One was a heavy woman, over 200 pounds, another was a black woman about my age and the last one was a redhead named Patty. That one was tough because she lives around town and is a member of my woman’s club, but I did it anyway. Like I said I can’t resist her Karen, and I don’t think I would even if I had the strength to, but I feel like I am losing control. I am afraid if I go to this party I will make a fool of myself and lose my family, but I have to go.”

“Don’t go if you are that scared Sara,” I pleaded.

“I have to go, but I have a favor to ask.”


“Can you come too?”

“But your invitation says no guest.”

“I know, but Debbie invited you, Jim and the kids. The invitation should be in your mailbox. The party during the day will be just a normal barbeque and there will be lots of other couples with kids. A lot of Debbie’s friends are married with kids, and some of the same sex couples have kids from previous marriages or adoptions. Will you come, please.”

“We will be there.”

“Thank you.”

The barbeque was a lot of fun and the kids had a blast playing with all of the other kids there. Since it was a pool party I wore a bikini, but to make myself feel a little more comfortable I wore a short jean skirt over the bottom. Debbie was very nice and a terrific host and I felt my trepidation melt away. Soon after dinner, most of the families left to put their kids to bed, and Jim and I sent ours home with Rebecca, the nanny around 8:30.

Since the party had started so early, around 1:00, a lot of the people filtered out and by 9:30 there were only 3 men, including Jim, off in the corner of the yard by the fire pit drinking beer and talking about sports. The girls, eight of us, sat around the hot tub with our feet soaking in the tub. Sara and Patty, a striking redhead, were on my right and Debbie and a strong masculine looking woman named Nic, presumably short for Nicole, were on my left. Three other women, whose names I don’t recall, were seated across from me.

I could tell that Jim was very drunk, and I expected he would go home within an hour or so and I was sure he would not remember much that occurred after dinner. Suddenly, Patty announced to all of us that she was taking Sara inside to have some fun. I looked up at Sara to see if she wanted me to intercede, but she just mouthed the words “I’m sorry” and lowered her eyes. I watched in shock as Patty led my friend off toward the French doors, directing Sara with a hand on her ample hips.

Nic then stood up and said that she was getting another beer and asked if anyone wanted another drink. I asked for a refill on my wine and Nic sauntered off toward the outdoor bar. The four of us who remained at the hot tub sat in silence until Nic returned with a beer in one hand and a freshly opened bottle of Cabernet. She sat on my right, much closer than necessary and filled my wine glass to the rim.

“Drink up,” Nic said as she clinked her beer bottle against my glass. I was keenly aware that Nics bare thigh was pressed against mine and I slid a little to my left to separate us. In hind sight I don’t think it would have mattered if I had stayed glued to her thigh, the result would have been the same. I was sitting very close to both Nic and Debbie and I felt Debbie’s fingers lightly tracing circles on my bare thigh. Instinctively I looked over at my husband, Jim, but he was facing away from me, and probably wouldn’t have noticed even if he had been looking since the only light around the hot tub was from beneath the water. My glance at my husband did not go unnoticed by Debbie and she whispered softly to me, “Don’t worry, Sam will keep his busy, she is very good at that.”

“She,” I replied. I was sure Sam had been a man. He was about 5’10” with masculine features and was wearing a man’s pair of swim trunks and a plain blue tee shirt. I couldn’t see any hint of breasts and his legs were thick and muscular, as were his arms. In fact I had thought that he had a nice body when I first saw him.

“Yes, Karen, Sam is a woman. She has all of the equipment you and I have. She is a body builder and a thoroughly sick woman, but she is all woman trust me I have seen her naked.”

As Debbie was telling me about Sam, Nic had taken my right hand and placed it on her leg beneath her own hand and Debbie’s fingers had crept up to the leg of my bathing suit. “You have great tits Karen,” she whispered, her mouth less than an inch from my ear. I could feel her warm sweet breath on my neck as her finger slid inside my bikini bottom. “I wanted to see them the moment I saw you back Bostancı escort in May. You wanted me too. You remember that day don’t you? You know how I knew Karen. You know how I knew that you wanted me. I saw lust in your eyes. You had the same look all sex starved breeders get when they realize that they want pussy…my pussy. Your friend Sara had that look once too.”

Debbie’s fingers had slipped inside my wet pussy. “You’re pussy is soaked baby,” she whispered as two fingers penetrated me and her thumb toyed lightly with my swollen clit. I also realized that my right hand was now sliding along the slick elastic lips of Nic’s pussy while her hand directed me where to go. I let myself go, and enjoyed the combination of Debbie’s warm lips of the nape of my neck, Debbie’s fingers playing my sex like a violin and the deliciously wicked feeling of my own fingers inside another woman. My eyes were closed and my body was fast approaching a climax as Debbie’s thumb increased the pressure on my engorged clit. Her lips toyed with my ear lobe and she whispered into my ear “You love that finger don’t you?” It felt like the world was spinning and I felt the shudders just beginning when suddenly she stopped.

“No,” I panted softly, “please don’t stop.” My eyes opened and I saw Sam standing over me, yup, definitely a woman. A panic shot through me as my head whipped around to look for my husband. “Thank god,” I thought as I saw him standing over at the gate looking away from us.

“I am taking Jimmy home,” Sam said. “Jed left a few minutes ago and I don’t think Jim can make it with out a hand, he is really drunk.”

“Okay, have fun,” Debbie answered and she winked at Sam.

“Oh we will,” the muscular woman replied.

Debbie turned her attention back to me, he hand which had never left my leg slipped back inside my bathing suit and her mouth returned to my neck. “You have dreamed about this haven’t you Karen?” She whispered. “You went back to your bed after watching me from the darkness of your spare bedroom and touched yourself dreaming of the moment that I would fuck you. Didn’t you?”

My body was back on fire and I was so close to cumming.

“You’ve played with yourself imagining this moment, haven’t you? How long have you known you were a pussy slut? Look at your fingers buried inside Nic like that. You didn’t even take them out when you thought your husband might be looking.” Debbie’s thumb was rubbing my clit and my legs began to tremble when she stopped again.

“No,” I yelled out. “Oh god no, don’t stop. Make me cum, please.” I pleaded.

“You want some pussy don’t you? That’s what breeders like you always want. You pretend to be straight, all prim and proper, but what you dream about is having your face buried in some dykes pussy. That’s what you want isn’t it slut? Tell me what you want.”

“I want some pussy,” I said quietly, my face flushed with embarrassment.

“I can’t hear you Karen,” she teased as her fingers slid teasingly across my wanton pussy lips. “Ask nicely.”

“Can I please have some pussy, please I need to taste it.”

“Sure you can have some pussy. Get you ass between Nic’s legs,” she ordered.

Nic stood up and pulled her suit down letting her big breast loose and exposing a thick hairy mound of brown fur. She walked over to me and stood with her legs spread inches from my face. I could smell the pungent aroma of her arousal and my mouth watered in anticipation. My face slowly nestled in her wet pussy and I began to lick her and she tasted wonderful. My tongue began to move as if controlled by instinct, searching desperately for more of her tangy juices. Nic’s hips began to thrust and she grabbed my head fiercely. My mouth shot to her engorged clit and I sucked on it like a small cock. She let out a groan and I felt her legs shake as she climaxed on my mouth. “Fuck, this little bitch is a natural, just like her breeder friend Sara,” Nic exclaimed.

I stayed knelt at Nic’s feet and looked up at her, my eyes pleading for more praise. “I did good Nicky?”

“Yeah, you have a sweet mouth do you want to eat some more pussy bitch? Do you want another fresh cunt on your lips? I bet you do. Maybe Sam is finished fucking your husband and you can suck his cream out of her cunt. Would you like that? I bet you would, we can call you creamy Karen. But first I think Debbie wants a piece of your ass,” she said and pointed behind me.

I turned around to see Debbie, naked except for a big black plastic cock which hung lewdly from her waist. I knew what was expected, so I crawled over to her and began sucking on the big dildo, it was at least ten inches long and so thick I could barely fit the head inside my mouth. I slobbered and licked all over the long plastic phallus like a porn star. Debbie grabbed my head and forced the cock into my mouth rocking her hips and fucking my mouth violently. Slowly my jaw stretched out and the dildo slid past my teeth and back toward my throat. Deeper and deeper it went and I gagged each time it touched the back of my throat. Debbie continued to fuck my mouth and I felt hands and fingers touching my asshole. The fingers slipped inside my ass, not just one but several, stretching me open. I had never had anything up my ass and the sensation was deliciously wicked and surprisingly enjoyable.

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