Eki 05

In The Jeep

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It was a ragged road: our hardtop Jeep crashed and banged and sludged and thumped through the mud, spraying the sides of it with a sheen. The local fauna slapped against the windshield and scraped against the sides as we wobbled at the road’s discretion at a worrying speed: Krank was obviously read to get to our destination. The rain pounded down on the roof, the wipers worked furiously in vain. We were all wet, but relieved, as the rain gave some relief from the jungle’s heat.

“Here,” Callum said from the passenger seat, somehow divining the path from the wall of wet green to our right; Krank yanked on the wheel, and the Jeep huffed to the right while our bodies huffed to the left.

More bouncing, more jolting. The path grew deeper and darker, the rain relenting to the green canopy above us, and then, out of nowhere, a clearing. Callum called for Krank to stop here, and shutting the Jeep off gave us so much more silence than we thought existed before the bouncy trip, the solid wall of rain against jungle now simply a soft background noise against the canopy overhead.

Callum looked at me, seated with Simon, our knuckles still seemingly white from being tossed about the seatless back. “Good enough?”

I nodded.

“How do you want this to work?” Simon asked, eager.

I took off my pants, and my cock bobbed out. “Open the back.” Simon swung the back gate open, and hopped out. I instructed Krank and Callum to take out the front seats, which they obediently did while taking glances at my erection. Without the seats, we had the whole interior of the Jeep like an open space, like a tent.

I spread out in the back, laying across it, leaning my back slightly against one side. I spread my legs, and it felt good to stretch; the cramped Jeep didn’t allow for much comfort.

“Strip,” I said to Simon, who was all too willing to oblige, disrobing to his lean, wet nudity. I maneuvered slightly, offering my ass off the back ledge, so Simon could simply stand at the back of the Jeep and fuck me. His dick was roughly the same size as mine, but curved slightly upwards, and he was already stroking it eagerly. I reached my hands down under my buttocks, and spread them as invitation. He leaned over and licked my asshole, gave a little spit, and worked it in to get it wet. His finger on my asshole sent waves through me.

“Fuck me,” I said. He worked at it a touch, thankfully, slowly allowing me time to adjust to his size, and finally I felt the wet length of him slide into me, and while I listened to the quickening breaths of my three young apprentices, he began to convulse with quick jabs. I told him to slow down. “Easy,” I said, my hand on his chest. “easy.”

I let Krank and Callum sit in their heat for a while, and enjoyed the sound of their desire coming through those quickened Fikirtepe escort breaths, while looking at the fantastic specimen that was Simon. Tall, lean, hairless. He watched his cock work in and out of my asshole, and I swatted his hand away from my dick when he came out of his initial reverie enough to touch me, stiff and already dripping.

“You boys play this game: whoever makes me cum without touching my dick wins.”

I wanted the anal orgasm. And I knew I could get it with enough fucking from these three young men, a circle I had constructed from a whole team of eager new seasonal hires at the station. Were there more that could join our little band? Certainly, but these three were the top specimens, statues cut out of tanned, fine marble.

Simon had slowed his grind: all the way in, a slight pause, as far out as he could take it without pulling out entirely. All the way in, slowly out.

“Strip,” I told the other two boys, and they were out of the Jeep and stripping before I could finish the command. Krank was as tall as Simon, more muscular, more tuned. His cock was tiny, and sprung from his pants like a toy. I looked at Callum: the thinnest and leanest of the three, comprised of paler skin and a cock that was ramrod straight, long and thick.

I instructed them to get back in the Jeep, and maneuvered them so I could suck on Krank in the passenger seat while my hand worked that enormous thickness of Callum, in the driver’s. Their moans made me flex my own cock, and I lapped at Krank slowly (I absolutely love, love small dicks in my mouth) applying pressure with my tongue, tasting the droplets coming from him, commanding the three of them to treat me like a dirty slut. The words added fuel to their young fires and they obliged, responding by maneuvering their hips with more fervor and filling my ears with dirty talk that made me squirm out of delight. I timed my hips to Simon, trying to meet his increasingly frantic strokes. At a moment that felt right, I ordered everyone to stop and while delighting in their pained faces, told them to rotate, to take a different position, as if they were a volleyball team, and I the court.

Krank was now standing at the back, his tiny dick sliding in and out unimpeded, and I worked to squeeze my asshole around him, spreading my hands out all over his gorgeous body. He had shaved himself clear of hair around his dick, and his thighs whapped at my ass, slapping my buttocks. Heaven. I spread my legs out farther.

I then took Simon’s upturned cock in both hands and tugged and played with it before giving it a steady rhythm. I instructed Callum to spit on it. I then worked it, played at spider’s legs on his balls.

Then, Callum’s enormous dick. It hung in front of my face and I teased at it, flicking at it with my tongue, Sancaktepe escort bayan making it bob, and then I tried to manage it into my mouth, and at first it made me forget the other actions I was committed to, it’s enormity, but I wrapped my mouth around the damn thing, and knew Callum was enjoying it.

Krank was slapping at me, Simon’s cock was getting nice and slippery in my right hand, and Callum’s dick was hot inside my mouth, his saltiness mixing with Krank’s. For a moment, we were all synchronous, all a single thing, and my hips were raising and I wanted something to touch my dick, but committed myself to making them work for it.

Another few minutes, humping and stroking and sucking and moaning and the dirtiest of epithets, all mixed with our sweat and droplets of precum, the rain a white noise mixed with birds chattering. Then, at a fever pitch, stop! I ordered them to switch again. I kept Callum at bay, telling him as he moved to the back of the Jeep that he had to be nice to my ass, to ease it in, ease that monster cock or else he’d split me in half. Simon and Krank took their new positions, stroking lazily, watching as Callum spread my buttocks and spit and licked and then spit and licked again at my asshole. He rubbed his fingers around my anus, and then playfully fingered me, hooking his digit up inside of me, and my cock bobbed in need.

His iron slid in without much complication save for a few staccato hwoofs from me, some eager cheering on from our other two cohorts, and I knew Callum would hit the entirety of my g-spot, and make me cum without much more effort. I was so thankful that I didn’t take him first, thankful for Simon and Krank (as delightfully tiny as he was) for preparing me.

I played with Krank’s little hard dick as if it were a Christmas ornament, and immediately, roughly, began jerking at it, and he steadied himself by putting his arms on the roll cage of the Jeep.

The rain came harder against the jungle around us. Callum had his hands at my buttocks, spreading them apart, and was now flinging his huge cock all the way to the hilt, a smooth, methodic fucking. He worked his hips into a delicious dance.

The upward slope of Simon’s cock was now at my mouth, and his play-by-play made me delirious: he had first asked if his daddy would take his cock, and I said yes, under a sudden flush of excitement (Simon was the quiet one, so his flair for dirty talk…some of which I blush at repeating, even within the context of this anecdote) adding a slightly submissive timbre to my responses, and he kept breathlessly calling me downright scandalous names as I slobbered all over his piece, and soon enough he gave a throaty urk and told me he was going to cum. I waited until the last minute, wiping my tongue over as much of it as Escort üsküdar I could, then grabbed at his dick with my free hand and held it at my face, looking him square in the eye and telling him to cum on on my face, which he did, calling me his faggot daddy over and over again as the ropes of his hot semen slapped against my face. I used his spent cock to spread his semen and my spit all over my cheeks and chin, squeezing as more and more evacuated, a huge spread, made as wet and sloppy as I could.

“Who told you to stop?” I then said, looking at Callum, who had stopped, watching slack-jawed. He smirked out of his trance and immediately made me pay with a deep shove into my asshole, which made my dick twitch. I could feel that faraway light, that feeling, he was getting my g-spot to brighten, and I ordered him to keep fucking me just like that.

“Switch,” I ordered Simon, spent, breathing heavy, stroking the remnants of his hard-on. He stood out of the Jeep, leaning in as I tried to focus on Krank’s dick, but the brightness, the feeling from Callum fucking me was coming to be realized, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to cum. I worked on Krank and he silently huffed, and finally, his breathing shallowed and he said he was going to cum; I leaned towards him and then in great lopping spurts he came on my face as well, each contraction a grunt, and there were plenty. I took it all on my face again, my brain half into ecstasy as Callum was getting me closer, like a train full-speed towards a cliff. I took Krank’s little dick and rubbed the cum all over my face, mixing it with Simon’s, and then licked his little thing clean. I then wanted more, somehow, of Simon and Krank, so I maneuvered them so, as stoned from Callum’s fucking as I was, I could move my hands between each of their thighs, fingering their assholes, which immediately sent them into a different sort of ecstasy.

“You want to see your faggot daddy cum?” I said as if hypnotized, fully under Callum’s spell, that giant rod fucking me like a bull.

He hit the spot, just right, just enough times, and after some jerking breaths from me, my dick shot its cum into the air.

Callum then pulled out and jerked his own cock at me, shooting his mix up my body, along my torso and chest, making it with several shots at my chin, and he crawled up on top of me, and wiped his spent dick off on my face. I felt the heat of it, the pulse of it, the throb of his stick as he pressed it along my cheek. I took it into my mouth and licked it clean. Callum spread his semen out all along my chest. I continued to finger the boys as Callum stood down, and seeing the boys well spent, released them.

I lay in the back of the Jeep all the way back through the clamorous jungle, feeling the calm of it, the tiredness and electricity of my body, spread out and defiled on the back seat. I held my arm out the back and collected rain to slowly wipe my body with, as the boys sat in the front (Callum sat on Simon’s lap and they shared small, delightful kisses) and drove us back to camp in the dark green jungle, in the heavy drum of rain.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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