In the Bank

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I work in local banks at night, repairing equipment after the employees leave. I’m used to seeing the cleaners and other vendors come and go at various times. I had seen this one particular cleaner a couple of times in the same branch but had not talked to her. She caught my eye because she was very attractive and kept a dark tan all winter long.

Finally, a couple of nights ago, I had a chance to talk to her for a while and we hit it off pretty well. She was working while we talked and I got a generous view of her breasts every time she bent over thanks to the low-cut sweater she was wearing. Also, her jeans had worked their way down until the top of her ass was showing and she hadn’t bothered to pull them back up. She was actually showing very little but it was one of the sexiest displays I had ever seen. I had a difficult time resisting the urge to walk over where she was and slide my hand down inside her jeans.

So we bullshitted for a little bit and I tried to not be too obvious about staring at her, but, of course she caught me a few times. Running out of things to say, I returned to working on the equipment while she finished cleaning. fake taxi porno I heard her go into the back room and a few minutes later, she called out to me, asking me to help her with something.

Of course, the first thing I thought was that she had decided to fuck my brains out and was in the back (where there were no cameras) waiting for me. I immediately put that idea out of my head since that sort of thing never happens in the real world. Or at least it never happened to me. So I’m pretty positive that my chin hit the floor when I walked into the darkened kitchen area and found her standing there wearing nothing but her tan.

“I saw you looking at me and I decided to take a chance, this is so fucking hot,” she said.

“Shit, you’re the one that’s fucking hot,” I replied as I moved closer and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Someone might drive by and see us,” she said, gesturing behind us at the large window with the half open blinds.

“Hell, that’s half the fun,” I said, stripping off my pants and shoes and dropping them on the floor next to her clothes.

“I knew you were my kind of man.”

“You’re family stroke porno about to find out,” I said, standing in front of her and taking a minute to enjoy the sight of her naked body. She smelled great and looked even better. I moved in closer and kissed her, running my hands all over her body while she did the same to me. I ended up playing with her clit and licking her nipples while she stroked my cock.

“I think you better fuck me,” she said quietly.

I told her that I thought that was an excellent idea. She leaned back onto the table and spread her legs. I slid into her pussy with one smooth stroke and held myself there for a second. She was tight and soaking wet and it was wonderful.

“C’mon,” she gasped.

“Say please.”

“Please, please fuck me.”

By way of reply, I pulled my cock nearly all of the way out of her and then slowly slid it back in. I gradually increased the tempo until I was really slamming it into her. She moaned and the table shook as we fucked, kissed, grabbed, and bit each other. We were totally in heat and completely oblivious to everything else.

Then female agent porno I thought of a way to make it hotter for her since I was facing the window. After a few minutes, I whispered to her, “Someone’s watching us.” There wasn’t anybody there of course, but I thought she would like the idea that someone was.

“Oh God, that’s so hot,” she said after letting out a low, animal moan.

“I can see her in her car, she’s watching us and now she’s got her legs spread.”

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she cried, getting louder with each word.

“I’m coming, baby, come with me,” I nearly yelled, more turned than I could remember being for a long time.

“Oh God, fill me up, Oh God, I’m coming.”

I did indeed fill her up a second later as I climaxed and came inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and came too. I could feel her pussy actually contracting around my cock as I pumped my cum into her. After a few minutes, I pulled out and stepped back. She dropped to her knees and licked me clean, which nearly made me come again. After that, we each grabbed our clothes and scooted into the bathroom to clean up and get dressed.

A little later she left to go to the next branch she had to clean. I walked out with her and we smoked a cigarette while we made plans to meet at that one the next night and have sex again, but this time on the manager’s desk. I watched her leave and then went inside and got back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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