Eki 03

In Hot Water Ch. 02

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I had a funny feeling walking out to the job site from the hotel the next morning. And, it wasn’t just because I was afraid that my formerly tight asshole would leak a bit of cum and hot tub water when I walked so I was walking slowly and deliberately.. That wasn’t the funny feeling, it was more of a feeling that things had changed between myself and the workers. I was wondering if they had changed for better or for worse.

The ass-fucking that I got last night in the hotel hot tub by that guy, Aaron, really left my mind spinning. All I could think about was what it would be like to see him on the job site today. Would he treat me any differently than he had in the past? Would he tell his dirty construction buddies about it and they’d all give me a hard time (I wish) about it? Or, would they try something with me now that they’d know that I liked that sort of thing? Would Aaron try anything out on the job site?

After I went back to my room last night, after he left his load in my ass in the hot tub, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking of what just happened and what could have happened if things didn’t go as smoothly. What if his buddies would have come in there with him, in the dark, with the power out and nobody else around? What would have happened then? I lay in bed last night and thought about that. I kept rubbing my slippery asshole with my fingers in bed, wishing that they would have come in there, wishing there would have been more of them, wishing that I would have been used like their sex toy. What was I thinking?! I couldn’t believe I was having those thoughts.

Now I’m on my way out to the job site and those thoughts are creeping into my head again. Things are starting to be completed here; rooms are being closed in with drywall, floors are being poured, doors are being installed. Half of the building still looks like a skeleton with exposed steel and rebar and no concrete floors, etc, but portions are looking like they’ll actually be done by the proposed completion date. Now that at least Aaron knows (if he hasn’t told everyone about last night yet) that I’m not the strong-willed, task-master that he thought I was, maybe things won’t get done on time. If he knows that he can goof off and make it up to me by ramming his cock in my ass, that wouldn’t be a good scenario for me keeping things on track.

The morning is already hot and the wind is whipping up clouds of dust on the dirt and gravel project site. I didn’t wear a white shirt today because I knew it would be hot and dirty here today, I didn’t want to risk looking like a sweaty bum, that wouldn’t command too much respect from any of the workers. Not that they respect anyone from the designer’s office anyway, we’re the ones that they must take a sworn oath to hate when they sign up to work here. It’s always an “us against them” mentality on construction job sites. They think we’re always trying to catch them messing up, so they’re never friendly towards anyone from the architect’s office.

It’s even hotter inside of the building; it must hold the heat in overnight and radiate it out during the day. Almost the exact opposite of what would be ideal, but it is what it is, as the job superintendant always says when there’s a problem. I can already feel like sweat is building up on me as I walk over to the project site from the hotel. I didn’t wear a t-shirt under my dress shirt and tie today thinking maybe that would help with the heat, but I’m not sure if anything will make it better today. Even before I formally start the day, I’m already thinking of the pool and hot tub at the end of the day.

As I stepped over a 6″ high foundation wall to get started on my jobsite observation for the day and I tripped on the top of it and stumbled. My hard hat went flying; bouncing over the gravel surface of what will be the main gaming floor of this casino. I looked around hoping that nobody saw that, and luckily, I didn’t see anyone else around. Whew; I dodged a bullet there. Nobody put the safety caps on the exposed rebar on top of the foundation wall and that’s what I tripped on. There’s nothing like making yourself look like a total fool to start off the day. It’s a damn good thing I didn’t fall on those protruding steel bars, that’s about as dangerous as it gets.

I know that the owner’s group will be here today for a tour so I wanted to put my best foot forward. I just have to make sure I watch where I put my clumsy foot from now on. I started to walk through the steel framework and I already noticed that things weren’t being done the way they should have been. Exposed rebar was sticking out of concrete, like the ones that I just tripped on. Those should have safety caps on them in case anyone (like me) trips and lands on one of them. Wheelbarrows were half tipped over and a mixture of hardened concrete was on the ground in little hardening piles. I should have figured that nothing would have changed after last night’s “festivities” with Kadıköy travesti Aaron in the hot tub. I guess he’s not in charge of everything there, but he’s the top dog, so to speak, so I was hoping he might at least try to keep a tight grip on his crew.

I saw Aaron in the corner of one of the half-framed-out rooms and he was talking to some of his fellow workers, looking at a set of plans. I hesitated, but start walking over to them to talk to him about cleaning up the concrete and getting those caps on the exposed rebar so nobody gets hurt if they fall. He looked up and watched me walk over, saying something to his worker buddies. I have no doubt that he had told them about our escapade last night and they’ve probably been talking about it all morning so far. Oh boy, what do I have in store for myself now? As I get closer to them, looking down at my clipboard so I don’t have to make uncomfortable eye contact for too long, Aaron says, “What’s up?”

What’s up?! I think to myself, what’s up? Is he talking about me sitting on his cock in the hot tub last night and his cock was buried up my ass? Or, what’s up in general? I say, “Mornin’. Can you have someone put safety caps on the rebar outside on the foundation wall and maybe clean up that spilled concrete? The owner’s group is going to be here today, I’d like to make sure things look good when they’re here.”

He looks at his buddies and doesn’t say anything for an agonizingly long time, which was probably only a few seconds. Then he says, “Yeah, we can do that. Anything else you need or want?” He sort of has a squinting, leering look on his face as do his dirty work buddies.

A million things run through my mind. I was thinking, “Yeah, I’d like you and your nasty, dirty, sweaty, horny buddies to take me into one of the deserted inner rooms here and bend me over a dirty sawhorse and fuck your dirty, fat cocks into my tight asshole and cum in me and spank me. And then maybe piss on and in my ass as I’m bent over that dirty sawhorse and then fuck me again..”..

But, I ended up saying, “That’s about it, for now. Thanks.” And, I gave them a look like I knew what they were thinking, like hell yeah; I’d be up for a gang bang, but not here, not now. Remember, when I’m punched in, I’M the boss! They looked at me like they were thinking they knew something would happen later tonight. I was thinking the same thing.

The owner’s group came and went and things went pretty well the rest of the day. Lunch was about the same, with me sitting by myself at a table at the restaurant and a lot of the workers sitting in the bar area. I know they don’t drink during lunch but they feel more comfortable in there I guess. It’s darker and there aren’t that many people in there that aren’t from the construction site so they can be a little louder than they would be in the restaurant. I can see Aaron and his little group of buddies sitting at the bar. I see Aaron’s ass sitting on the bar stool and think about grabbing it last night in the heat of things in the hot tub. I was picturing him there naked, but with his work vest and muddy boots on, sliding his fat cock in and out of my ass as I was bent over the next bar stool. His dirty, sweaty body pressing against my sweaty back, with my shirt pulled up over my head while he pumped his cum into my ass again. I was hoping we’d somehow meet again, that’s all I’ve been able to think about is the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of my tight asshole over and over again until I feel the jets of hot cum being shot up inside of me. I was picturing a group of them ganging up on me, spanking me over their dirty, sweaty laps, passing me around, grabbing at my sweaty, naked body as they passed me between them, sliding their dirty fingers up my greasy ass and putting me down on their cocks, fucking into me as they all watched, laughing and spanking and putting dirt on me and pissing on and in me and all sorts of dirty things that I imagined construction workers did to people when they fucked.

After lunch, the afternoon seemed to fly by. I went through every room of that soon-to-be-casino with my clipboard, tracking the progress. I know it’s only been one day, but there’s so much progress every day that it’s nice to be able to see how far they can get when there’s a tight schedule and someone to ride their asses, so to speak. Of course, all I could think about was all of those sweaty, dirty construction workers riding my ass and cumming inside of it. Taking turns at me, passing me around like a cheap bottle of beer, something I was sure they knew a lot about. They seemed to drink a lot after work; I wondered what it would be like to be amongst them when they were drunk and horny. Hmm..

The afternoon ended pretty much the same as they always seem to there, with me chasing after someone with my clipboard pointing out some problem or another. Aaron doesn’t like it when I talk to his workers, he’d rather Kurtköy travesti have me talk to him about a problem. But, if I can’t find him, I’ll talk to whoever is around me when I see a problem. Right at the end of the workday I’m pointing out something on the ground, an exposed pipe that’s supposed to be buried by this point. And, someone SLAPS me in the ass as I’m bent over looking at this pipe! It’s Aaron. My face turns red and my ass stings! It was a dead on shot on my left cheek and the sound reverberates through the empty building, bouncing off of the raw construction materials and surfaces. My hardhat bounced off of my head he smacked my ass so hard! I had to scramble to keep my balance and try to get my hardhat before it got too dirty. My hair was all sweaty and messy under it, that was embarrassing, too. These workers all have either shaved heads or buzzcuts with about 1/8″ of hair on their heads. I was wishing I had hair like that now. I was picturing them tying me up and shaving my entire body so it was baby smooth. I was picturing them rubbing their rough, dirty hands all over me, pouring baby oil all over my naked tied-up body, their rough, dirty fingers poking into my asshole to get it ready for their rough, dirty cocks that they were all going to fuck me with and shoot their cum up in me.

My mind was racing.. but all I could say was, “HEY! What the hell!?”

Aaron said, “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, it was too tempting with you bending over right there.” I couldn’t believe he said that in front of his buddy like that! I should have figured that what happened last night in the hot tub might have changed on the jobsite but they really didn’t become apparent until that minute when his hand met my left cheek. They both laughed as I stumbled off to pick up my hardhat. I didn’t even turn around to say anything to them; I just kept walking in the direction of the hotel. I just kept walking in the direction of my room, in the direction out of there away from those two bozos. I knew that I’d have to deal with that at some point, but I wasn’t sure when or how I’d have to do that.

Dinner in the restaurant was the same as it’s always been; like every lunch has been, too. I’m at a table or booth by myself and the workers are all eating and drinking beer at the hotel bar. They seemed louder, and drunker, than usual tonight but it must have been my imagination. I was thinking that something was up but it was probably just my mind playing tricks on me. A lot has happened, to say the least, in the last 24 hours; it was probably just my imagination getting the best of me. I was thinking of them coming over to my table and lifting me up and bending me over the bar and all of them licking my ass and then fucking it right there in public. Spanking my cheeks as I was bent over the bar with my pants pulled down to my ankles.

I looked forward to tonight’s trip to the hot tub and pool even more than normal. After last night’s sound ass-reaming that I got in the hot tub, I can’t lie, I was hoping for similar action tonight. But, I really just needed to soak away the day’s problems and relax for a while. I was really sweaty from the day on the job site so I took a quick shower, being the good hotel guest that I am. I’m a bit “Monk”-like (the tv show) in my neatness and habits. I like things a certain way and expect others to do them a certain way as well. I know that guests are supposed to shower before entering the pool or hot tub so I made sure that I followed the rules, even if I was the only one that knew that I did that. Although the thought of being all sweaty and meeting a bunch of sweaty guys in there really turned me on..

I wrapped the towel around my neck and started down the hall to the pool area hoping it would be empty as usual. But, this time there were two other people in the hot tub. Shoot! They were an older couple and must have been regular hotel guests. This hotel has pretty much been taken over by the workers so I was surprised to see “regular” people here. I asked them if they minded if I joined them and the husband opened his eyes and said, “Heck no, come on in.” So, in I went.

Being a typical horny male, I couldn’t help notice that his wife was pretty good looking for her age. She was probably only in her mid-50’s but she was pretty hot with super white hair, like it was platinum blond or just plain bleached, and a hot little body with nice little tits. Her little nipples were hard and I could hardly make eye contact with her, I kept wanting to look at those perky little, beautiful, suckable, titties. I started to get some nasty thoughts about fucking her in the hot tub like Aaron fucked me last night. Having her ride my cock as I fucked into her asshole on my lap. Turning her around and plowing into her ass as I held onto her arms behind her back, and then shooting my hot cum into her tight, hot hole, pushing water in as I fucked my cock into and out of her tight Pendik travesti asshole. I wasn’t sure if her husband would be up for me thinking those thoughts, he looked like he was from the mafia or something. His hair was slicked back and his body looked like it was stuffed into his tanned skin; a little bit too much body for the skin. His wife was unnaturally tan as well, but she looked much better than he did in her skin. I wanted to fuck her skin. I wanted to fuck her whole body, every hole and even where there wasn’t a hole I wanted to rub my hard cock all over her entire wet, hot body. I was picturing being under the water licking her pussy until her legs were wrapped so hard around my head that I could barely get above water for air every few seconds. I wanted to lick her hot little asshole, I was sure she was tight there, there’s no way her husband could be into fucking her beautiful ass.

We were talking about where we were all from and what we did and small talk like that, and her husband quit talking and put his head back and closed his eyes. He seemed like he was sleeping. I ended up talking to his wife for another ten or fifteen minutes and I heard the door to the pool area open and in walked Aaron and the guy that was with him when he slapped my ass out on the job site! There I was in the hot tub that he had just fucked me in last night, with my shirt off and swim trunks on sitting there with a hot 55-year old woman and her husband. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen so I just sat there and didn’t say anything, I wanted them to say the first words.

Aaron said, “Mind if we join you?”

Right on schedule, the husband opened his red eyes and said, “heck no, come on in?” like he was robot programmed to say that. Then he put his head back on the edge of the hot tub and closed his eyes again.

So, in those two rugged construction workers came, into the hot tub with just swim trunks on and nothing else. Nothing else but big cocks hidden under those now wet swim trunks. Aaron had the same suit on that he had on last night when his cock was pounding between my butt cheeks. I couldn’t help but look at his crotch and wonder why his cock wasn’t sticking straight out so I could sit on it?! He looked at me looking at him and I knew he had something on his mind. He sat next to me, of course. I knew that would be trouble.

I was sitting next to the hot wife and I was hoping to get some underwater action with her, maybe without her husband knowing, sort of “accidentally” cop a feel to see what her reaction would be. When I got into the hot tub with them she was looking at me as if to say, “Save me, fuck me, use me, abuse me..” Or, that’s what my mind thought her mind was thinking. I pictured her almost begging me to fuck the hell out of her unused holes, as if her husband had no interest and she had nothing but interest. Like she was the horniest creature on the planet and I was the one who would give her what she needed. I liked thinking about that, but my cock was getting hard thinking about different scenarios with her. I wanted to bend her over right there and slide between those two beautiful cheeks and glide up her ass while I licked her back and neck. My hands would be squeezing those tan little titties and my fingers would be pinching and rolling her nipples around until she was quaking on the end of my cock in orgasm. I could almost feel myself unloading my hot cum up her asshole, the tight feeling of that, pulling out with all but my cock head between her cheeks and shooting up inside of her ass.

As the two guys walked over to get in the hot tub, I slid over towards her to let Aaron and his buddy in and my left hand touched her leg under the water. I immediately moved it and said, “oops, sorry about that.” She just smiled and put her hand on my left leg under the water! Her husband had his eyes closed like he was sleeping so he didn’t say a thing or even move when the two guys got in the hot tub. As Aaron got in next to me, he put his hand on my right leg under the water and started rubbing it. Now I’ve got a hot 50+ year old horny wife sitting next to me rubbing my left leg under the water and a guy who just fucked me in the ass last night rubbing my right leg at the same time and neither of them knew the other one was doing that! Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Needless to say, my cock had a mind of its own by this time and was bouncing up and down, trying to spring free of these wet swim trunks. She was the first one to reach my cock and she started rubbing it through my swim suit under the water. I was glad that the jets were going so the water was bubbling and you couldn’t see down into it at all, just in case her husband woke up. I started rubbing her leg under the water as well, and then started rubbing Aaron’s left leg under the water! What a different feeling, rubbing one soft, smooth leg and one rugged, hairy leg at the same time. I was looking straight ahead trying not to let on that I knew that either of them were stroking me under the water. I sure wanted to fuck this lady’s ass but at the same time, I sure wanted to feel Aaron’s cock pistoning in and out of my ass again, maybe even his friend’s cock, too.

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