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I’m Straight, I Know I Am Ch. 02

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Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I really appreciate it. This is the next part of the story, and here it starts to get a little more heavy. Also, a typo in the last story is corrected here. Monica is her name, not Monico. Sorry about that. Enjoy!

With same fluidity in which Kate and I were dancing, she glided, almost like she was on ice, over to Linda.

“Ok,” I thought to myself, “relax, it’s just dancing.”

Easy enough for me to say, but the combination of the booze and just the pure energy of the dancing and the bodies all around was defiantly taking an effect.

I continued to groove to the music, forgetting that Linda had suggested that we “switch.”

Believe me, I soon remembered as I felt a pair of hands begin to grip my hips. Startled, I attempted to pull away and turn around to see who the hell it was. I was prohibited from doing so by the firm hold of these hands, and was actually pulled back, tightly against this mystery body. My concern was soon quieted, a little at least, when she spoke.

“Don’t worry,” Sophia said, “I won’t bite until you tell me to.”

“hehe, “ I responded rather weakly, trying again to turn around.

“No,” Sophia whispered, pulling me closer, “Like this,”

So there we were, spoon-dancing. Her with her arms draped around my tummy, head nuzzled in my neck, and breasts smashed into my back. That last Ataşehir escort thing, did not go unnoticed, and I still couldn’t tell you exactly how I felt about it. It was weird, but not bad. Just, new and different.

After a while of this, with her “behaving,” she must have sensed that I had relaxed somewhat, because she started to roam her hands a little. Nothing to big, and nothing that Kate and I hadn’t done before. She would start at my hips, and run down both sides of my body, but not so far as to cause herself to lose contact with the rest of my body. She would then bring them up slowly, gliding along my bare shoulder blades, up the back of my neck, stopping just short of running her fingers through my hair. Back down along my shoulders, to my arms, guiding them to raise in the air as she ever so lightly traced along their length. When she got to my wrists, she lightly took grip, and started to guide my hands down to my own sides to repeat the process. I was in heaven with the sensations.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed in my head, “hello, you’re feeling like this from a woman!”

Trying to snap out of this spell, I again attempted to turn around, and again I was prohibited from doing so. This time, she used her grip on my left arm to wrap both her arm and mine around my waist, as she quickly brought her right hand to my throat. Not in a rough Ümraniye escort bayan way, but enough to hold me there.

It was amazing how soft and gentle Sophia was. She started to gently massage my neck and lightly brushing that little second G-spot just below my ear.

“Shhh,” she said, “just go with it.’

She was right. I knew that nothing would happen, ‘cause I’m straight, and all I had to do was to relax, let the dance finish, and that would be that. But at the same time, I felt as though I was leading her on. I mean, I never said I was lesbian, but then again, Kate’s brilliant response to Linda, made it sound like we were.

I decided to just go with it, tilted my head back to rest on her shoulder, while her fingers worked their magic on my neck. I even felt my butt pressing backwards a little as I arched my back in response. Then I felt her hot breath on my neck, sending goose bumps all over my body, and her nose softly joining the actions of her fingers.

“Oh Monica,” she breathes, “you are such a good dancer.”

“Your…ugh,” trying to speak, “you’re not so bad yourself.”

Then, a light, soft, brush of her lips swept across my skin. I froze, not knowing what to do.

“Oooo, look over there Monica.” Sophia said.

I looked in the direction indicated, and saw Kate and Linda in almost the exact position Escort Bostancı that Sophia and I were in. The only difference…Kate had her head tossed back, her eyes closed, and her hands wrapped around Linda’s body, groping whatever she could. Linda on the other hand, looked like she was a vampire the way she was sucking on Kate’s neck. And where the hell were Linda’s hands?

Judging by the distortion in the size of one of Kate’s breasts, and think I had discovered where one of Linda’s hands was. But the other was nowhere to be seen. Then Kate’s hip movements became more pronounced, and I could now guess where that other hand must be.

I’d seen Kate like this once before at another club, when she was dancing with this one guy. She told me the next day, that she had plucked the guy’s pecker out through is fly, and they were actually fucking right on the dance floor.

“Don’t they just look soooo sexy together?” Sophia whispered in my ear, as she continued to kiss my neck. “Doesn’t Kate look like she’s in heaven?”

I couldn’t speak. The sight of what was happening in front of me, together with the way Sophia was touching and kissing me, it was too much.

That’s when Sophia brought her hand from my waist, and took a healthy group of my hair. She slowly, but firmly tugged my head back, and turned it so I was facing her. I kept my eyes shut, not wanting to look at Sophia, but she told me to open them and look at her. I did.

We stared deeply into each other’s eyes for what seemed like an eternity, until her other hand put a finger on my chin, tilting and guiding my lips to hers.

I closed my eyes.

To Be Continued…

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