I’m A Photographer!

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He pondered the email that he’d just received. She had agreed to open her web cam for him. She’d also confided that her sexual drive was at least as powerful as she’d implied in her postings to the web.

She had a permanent BF that was there every weekend from Friday night through Monday morning, but he was substantially more subdued in sex than she was and more subdued than she actually wanted. She admitted wanting it every morning and night.

He had been carrying an almost continuous hard-on for her since he first saw her photos and read her postings. Now his manhood swelled even more as he contemplated her mail.

She enjoyed posing and posting nude photos of herself and reading how turned on the guys all were. Sadly, she’d also mentioned that there was no one that she knew and would trust to take these pictures and was required to do the job by herself.

He reached down and held himself as he thought about the coming cam session. He wanted to be able to see her close up and active. He wanted to see her smile and see her face as she climaxed. He wanted to hear her voice and be able to actually converse with her. Most of all he wanted her.

It had been late Friday afternoon when he’d read her mail, and he was disappointed when he realized that he’d have to wait until Monday before she would be on the cam. His mind began to busy itself on other things.

She needed a photographer he thought. He needed her. He was good with a camera and had already helped her with suggestions for themes in her photo sessions. Admittedly, she was always enthusiastic about his ideas but seldom actually used one.

Perhaps after a web session or two he might broach the idea of actually traveling to her as a photographer. Would she provide him an address? Would she accept his offer? He’d asked himself similar questions when he’d proposed meeting her on the web cam.

Would she think him a dolt? An idiot for even suggesting such a thing to a lady? A bothersome person? He was relieved when she’d responded that it interested her and she’d be willing to be on cam with him.

She’d confided to him that she had three grown sons and had been married to a military man. He had been in the military years before and wondered about her experiences.

She’d married young and been around all those young men in the military with her husband. She also had three sons and an inordinate sex drive — similar to his own it appeared.

How had she managed total frustration around all of those men? Was she a dutiful military man’s wife, dedicated to him and her family while being kept busy raising her sons and secretly frustrated? She must have had the urge almost continually during those days. How had she managed it? Did she suffer lust?

I’m just me and I know that I’ve never had a daughter and know that I abhor the idea of incest, but with such a strong sex drive could I have resisted? I’m grateful that I was never tested. If I’d been around a lot of sexually active single ladies, as in the military, could I have resisted? Or did she really not recognize her own sexuality until she was divorced, on her own, and perhaps first posted on the Web?

Had she been slow to realize, even after all of those guys on the web had responded to her so rabidly? When she’d posted her first nude pic, was it a yearning to know how the male populace might accept her? If so she must have been overwhelmed.

Guys had been after her ever since her first posting. She’d had a loyal following and new guys posting every day.

Agreed, many were all talk even those with great bodies and cock. Many were too far away. Many were only teasing and otherwise happily married.

But, she had a following and many guys busied themselves, cock in hand waiting for each new posting. She was a desirable lady. Her breasts were magnificent with beautiful areoles and nipples. She had long nipples and firm breasts. Her pussy was exciting xvideos porno and appealing. Her pictures showed an interested pussy, too. Her pictures in and out of dress were always more than merely arousing.

She was a lady to yearn for.

Anyway it was a long weekend until Monday evening. I dreamed of her and yearned. One of my current girlfriends spent the weekend and it was nice, she kept me busy, but it wasn’t the same somehow.

Finally Monday evening arrived and I eagerly waited for her to come up on Messenger. What would she wear? What would I ask for? Would she be willing? Could I turn her on from this long distance?

There she was! I sent off a quick hello and she came right back. She’d just arrived home from work and asked me to wait a few minutes. It was a long wait before she came back and I’d asked her to turn on the voice and web cam.

She was far more beautiful when I could see her move than I’d imagined. She was dressed in a white blouse, black leather skirt and high heels. Her beautiful face was graced with a shy beautiful smile. We talked for a bit before I screwed up the courage to ask her if she was still willing to let me see her nude. She smiled again softly and replied that she was only waiting for me to ask.

I asked, and she slowly removed her blouse. She was wearing a white, lacey, front fastening, low-cut, strapless bra.

I could see her breasts eager to be freed and bulging invitingly above the edge of the bra. As she reached the clasp and opened the bra, she slowly released those twin moons.

I envisioned her lying on the bed nude with me at her feet. Her knees were up and spread as I looked through that awesome valley. I imagined myself hungry and thirsty and just cresting the last ‘dune’ on a desert planet. As I’d finally reached the top of that dune and looked over the horizon I could see the planet’s twin moons rising over a cool oasis. I could see those moons now — rising over that life saving oasis, and the raised knees helped her legs form that sweet valley with the life giving oasis at its center.

Her breasts were as exciting on the cam as they were on the web — more so since they were now exclusive to me.

As the bra dropped and her nipples came into view they appeared hard and erect. She touched them and circled them with a finger from each hand. My heart was in my throat and I was holding ‘himself’ again.

She cupped each breast and presented it to me on the camera. We talked and she fondled. I was busy fondling too, and told her. Her excitement seemed to rise as I explained what I was doing and what she was doing for me.

Her palms caressed her shoulders and then traveled down her tummy slowly until they were at the waist of her low cut skirt. Cautiously she unzipped it and pulled it down to pool at her hips.

Slowly she stood and smiled directly into the camera as she eased the skirt further and then it fell to her feet and she bent to retrieve and fold it. When she bent forward her breasts were suspended below her chest and her nipples were long as they pointed to the floor. My mouth was dry as I stroked.

My hand closed firmly around my head as she straightened and I saw the black thong she wore softly gripping her mound. She was beautiful as she resumed her place on the bed and her tanned body was outlined against the white of the sheet beneath her.

Her computer must be located in her bedroom, but my thoughts were not of that computer as her palm traveled again down that soft, pleasant tummy and entered that thong. Her fingers seemed busy as one caressed her mound and the other took station at one nipple. Her eyes were closed and she was absorbed in activity.

She asked me to talk, and I began a slow explanation again of what I was seeing, and feeling, and doing. Her finger must have found her clit as she took in a sharp breath and smiled. I reached under and held my balls yerli porno because they ached as they were swelling.

She raised herself on one hip and slid one side of the thong down and I could begin to see the shaven softness of her lips. She rocked her body to the opposite side and the thong was cleared. She raised both knees from the floor and used both hands to slide the thong down and off.

As she lowered her knees, her hand was back and her knees spread. The soft smile on her face told me she was happy and her eyes opened and winked at me. I almost climaxed and told her. She was pleased and began working in earnest.

She paused, stood and grabbed two heavy pillows from the bed. She positioned pillow one as a seat cushion and the other a slight bit behind her. As she sat again, she leaned back until she was lying on the bed with one pillow beneath her head and the other raising her hips invitingly toward the camera.

I swallowed with a dry throat as her hands returned to her lips and slowly spread them to display her pussy. Her lips were dark, but her pussy was the softest pink inside and it appeared wet. She used one hand to hold the lips apart and the fingers of the second hand to begin a slow, soft stroke from front to back and return.

Again and again she stroked and I stroked with her. She released her lips and they closed around her hand as she brought the first hand up, raised the hood and began circling her clit. The delicateness in her touch made my cock stiffen even more and I imagined my tongue circling her.

I listened to her breathing and soft moans as she worked. Occasionally I offered a comment or request and I watched. Her body is truly magnificent. Her smile and full lips as her eyes flickered added excitement to our adventure and I stroked. My cock was as hard and yearning as I could remember even as a kid.

She whispered that she had some toys if I’d rather see her use those, but she seemed to be enjoying it so much that I declined and postponed it for another time.

Suddenly I saw her body stiffen and her hips roll as a loud moan escaped her lips. She worked furiously for another moment and then relaxed, sighed and told me that she’d just climaxed. It wasn’t the last time that session.

We had more sessions after and I sat through lonely weekends waiting for her to return. Finally, one Thursday evening I asked if she’d like me to take photos and she’d responded yes. I asked for her address and she asked if I’d rather have a motel room. I wouldn’t and told her so.

She said that she was glad and that she’d love to maintain access to her own place while the photos were taken. She gave me her address and I asked if she’d be free Monday evening. She said yes.

I grabbed my cameras and laptop and loaded my van with a week’s supplies and clothing. The air mattress, sheets and blankets were next. I had no idea what the status of seminars and conferences at motels in her area would be and I wanted to be close. I could sleep in the van if necessary.

I left Sunday afternoon and pulled in late that night to a motel just down the street from her place. I drove by as I went to dinner. There was a light on in a front window and I wanted to knock on the door, but resisted.

Monday morning I’d been parked across the street and watched as her BF left. As she waved goodbye and closed her front door, I started the engine and pulled in. A moment later I was knocking on the door. She answered the door in her robe and I introduced myself.

She smiled and said that I was taller than she’d expected. I hoped that it was a good sign. She invited me in and said that she’d been planning to shower before getting dressed for work. She asked me if I’d like some toast and coffee and I thanked her and followed her into the kitchen.

She looked beautiful and the robe was knee length and almost transparent. I concentrated on her body at every youjizz porno chance, but she was just as beautiful everywhere I looked. As we drank the coffee, I explained a bit more about myself and tried to ease her mind.

I thanked her for the camera sessions and she actually blushed a little. It was very becoming in her. I mentioned the photo session and asked if she had to go to work. She thought for a moment and said that she really should. I felt disheartened but managed a smile.

Slowly, she watched me as she reached for the telephone, dialed and spoke into the phone. She told whoever was on the line that she was feeling a bit ill, but would try to make it tomorrow and hung up.

Now she beamed at me as my face brightened and she asked where we should start. I mentioned that she’d been going to take a shower and that if it was okay, we could start there.

I turned on the shower to warm it and then put a white mat on the floor in front of the shower. I set up two cameras, one of them was remote controlled and tripod mounted. The second was in my hand.

She came into the room in a filmy red gown and I directed her to leave and then return and actually take the shower without paying attention to what I was doing. She did and I filmed the gown coming off. Pictures of her hands rubbing her body and then more as she entered the shower.

I let her soap down and then slowly slid open the door. Her wet body was so arousing that my pants were distended at my crotch. She smiled as I snapped and she posed a bit as I directed. I used a cloth and moved a bit of the soap around, rinsed some and felt her wet smoothness under my hands.

It was all I could do to complete that sequence before returning to the bedroom. I snapped her nude body and moved in for a close-up as she brushed her hair. I asked her to recline on the bed and got some very good photos. I asked her to touch herself and she did.

I moved in closer and was concentrating through the lens when she reached out and held me. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she shivered. I almost climaxed.

I tried to concentrate on the picture taking but she worked on my zipper and then reached inside. She smiled at me and giggled when she found I was wearing nothing beneath my trousers.

She brought me out and examined me before smiling up at me and then lowered her lips to my erection. I had planned on taking the photos and hoped for more — but this exceeded my greatest hopes. My hands reached for her fantastic breasts for the first time and as they closed I almost climaxed. Her lips were around my cock and her breasts were in my hand and it was nearly too much.

I took more photos that day, including some of her at my cock and my cock entering her. I had photos of her breasts wrapped around my cock and tickling my head with her tongue.

I took pictures of her lying on the bed in every conceivable position including raised on all fours. I fondled her body and explored. I used my hands, my fingers, my lips and tongue. I held her breasts, her cheeks as I kissed them, and I buried my face between her thighs. I licked and sucked and stroked.

I found every place I could think of, and she showed me a few that I’d never thought of. She climaxed, I climaxed. I filled her and I tasted her. Her wetness was sweeter than anything I’d ever tasted, and that included every other woman.

I was crazy for her and for her body, and she returned everything I gave, and more. She was truly a sensuous woman. We didn’t sleep that afternoon or night and I fucked like I was on a honeymoon and kept going. I’d never been this excited.

She tasted, swallowed, and took everything I could generate. I fucked her throat, her mouth, her breasts, her anus and her pussy. And, I tasted and enjoyed them all too.

Tuesday morning she called in sick again. She took a nap while I downloaded and made CD’s of the photos I had. I made an extra copy of the CD for her, and then I went in and lay next to her while she slept. She was exceptionally beautiful, and smiling in the calmness of her sleep. It was to be another rewarding afternoon and night, I thought as I drifted off and knew that I too was smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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