Illicit Afternoon Ch. 02

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Stacy looked up as she entered the house. It had only been a few days but the last time she was here Rob had reawaken something deep (pun intended) inside her that she hadn’t felt in years. Alive, not just a wife, or a mom anymore but; the object of someone’s desire, lust and hunted.

Rob held the door open. He had just played the game of his life on the soccer field, pulling off a hat trick, pushing his team into the next round of playoffs and Stacy had been there to watch. It wasn’t strange oddly enough, they had been close, both his wife with her, and he with her husband for years. When he had left his company to pursue other options they had stayed in touch but never been able to get the group together for a while.

She had graduated with a girl on his team and had also just decided after all these years she wanted to watch him play soccer. A sport she knew he loved and was good at. Rob had smiled and waved and came up to hug her and greet her daughter that she had brought with her.

“Well hello little miss Layla,” he greeted her, “it’s nice to finally meet you after all these years. I’ve known your mommy for a long time and your aunty Chris.”

Stacy watched him and immediately knew this was a bad idea as he raced up the field with the ball, her eyes never leaving his movements as he cut towards the goal and shot scoring the first goal of the game. She felt herself get wet with desire, just seeing him glistening with sweat, wearing the captain’s band as he lead his team on the field. At half time they wear down by a goal and she watched as he drew up the line-up on his board and gave instructions for the next half. After he was done he sauntered up to one of the parents there watching and talked for a minute before stepping back over to Stacy and her daughter.

“So beautiful ladies, enjoying the show so far?” he asked.

“Oh, yes, deeply enjoying it you look good out there,” Stacey replied.

“Well just keep watching I promise it’s about to get a lot better.”

That it did indeed, Rob took control virtually by himself for the next 45 minutes. Never leaving the field, making runs and before they knew it he had scored again with a lucky shot from about 20 yards out. With the score tied and time winding down Rob intercepted a lazy pass and raced around the defender drawing the goalie out and as he shot the ball buried itself in the back of the net.

Stacy knew right then that she was going to find a babysitter for Layla as her husband was working that night and wouldn’t be home. She knew Rob’s family was out of town to visiting some friends leaving him home alone. She was giddy with excitement and thought about just attacking him the moment he stepped off the field but she contained herself as the final whistle blew.

Finally all the excitement died down and the team came over to change and relax as they celebrated their win. Rob looked at her and gave her a sexy wink as she sat down next to him, watching Layla play with the other children down on the now vacant field. She leaned in close and told him to check his phone in a few minutes and to keep an eye on Layla while she ran to the restroom.

A few minutes later as she was heading back grinning his phone went off and he glanced around to make sure no one could see his screen before opening his message. There was a picture message and as it opened he knew his face was bright red. Two more pictures quickly loaded as well while he looked at the first. A little message was at the bottom of the final picture.

“These are all yours tonight, my mom is watching Layla.”

As he reviewed the pictures his cock started to harden. The first picture was of Stacy’s mouth wrapped around her fingers. The second was her fingers buried inside that tight little pussy and the last one was of her bent over one hand spreading her cute little ass wide open and that little hole beckoning attention.

He quickly tapped a reply before Stacy could close the distance between them. “I hope you are ready to not walk for a week because I’m going to cum in all three holes tonight. My second hat trick of the day ?!”

Stacy sat down next to him as he blushed and finished removing his cleats and shin guards. She watched as Rob stood up and pulled off his shirt. He wasn’t ripped with six pack abs, or anything like that, he was just well toned as he neared 40 and damn if she didn’t want to lick the sweat off of him and just devour and fuck him right then and there.

Rob turned to face her and then mouthed, “I love you,” before stepping away and joining his team briefly. He barked out the team chant and reminded everyone of the time for their next game the following weekend and then headed back to find a shirt to put on that was dry.

“How soon can you make czech amateurs porno it to my house?” he asked.

“Well it’s five now, so I’d say by 7:30.”

He was fresh out of the shower when she arrived, throwing on a pair of shorts to answer the door and then he led her upstairs. He walked her into the living room and sat down, never touching her naughtily or even kissing her yet. Stacy couldn’t stand the anticipation. She leaned in and kissed him as her hand dropped to his cock and stroked it a few times. Looking up at Rob she knelt down and grabbed the waistband of his shorts and tugged them down. His cock springing to life in front of her, wrapping her hand around the base she looked into his eyes, “Time for round one,” she whispered before dropping her lips over his cock and licking up the pre-cum with her tongue.

Stacy normally didn’t like giving blowjobs anymore; her husband had made it feel like a duty. Rob on the other hand loved it and never hesitated to go down on her anytime they had been together. She loved the way his cock filled her mouth and how he tasted. She sucked, and bobbed, stroked and even began stripping and fingering herself while she worked on his magnificent cock. He quickly warned her that the feeling was too good and he was about to cum if she wanted to pull back. Instead she dropped her lips to the base of his shaft and began swallowing as he spurted into her mouth. She kept her suction up until he amazingly stayed rigid and she was sure that round two was well under way.

Rob lifted Stacy up and led her to the bedroom throwing her back against the bed and as she lay back he began to lap away at her juices and slipped a finger inside her. After he was satisfied it was nice and wet he slipped it beneath her and slowly rubbed her tiny anal ring. Loosening it and preparing for the fucking it would receive tonight. Stacy softly whimpered and sighed and as he glanced up saw her biting her lip as she arched her back. She obviously was very into the pleasure she was receiving as he teased her clit and ass at the same.

As Stacy lay there feeling the orgasm begin to rush forward she wondered to herself how she could have stayed away from Rob for this long. She knew the reason, because eventually no matter what else happened things always led them back to this place. Whether it only be a kiss, a touch, a tease, or like now flat out lying in bed and enjoying each other on a deeper level there was this attraction. It wasn’t the cheating factor for either of them, it was the raw, and nothing is going to get in the way of the two of them getting together somehow. It was more than lust, because that alone wouldn’t have lasted for the 6 years on and off that they had snuck off together. No this was deeper.

Rob had thought the same thing after she had left his house the day before, knowing that he yearned for Stacy. Her touch, her scent, the twinkle in her eye when she felt mischievous, or the sexy little grin when she was plotting on pouncing on him, the way she tastes when he kissed or licked her. Finally just the elation he felt when he had her sitting with him, or pinned beneath him and moaning out in her orgasms. She was his kryptonite and his treasure, both at the same time.

Rob slipped up her body kissing each inch as he moved. Her belly kissed and his tongue dipped into the little belly button. She whimpered again as he slipped his fingers between her legs and slid in and out of the dripping wet center and his mouth moved north to her large breasts. Each nipple already erect and begging for his attention, his mouth slipping over the hard nub and his tongue swirling over the tip as he softly bit down on the sensitive flesh. Stacy’s hands came down and ran down his back as she came yet again, in only this short time she had already exploded 3 times and knew that she was going to have many more before the night was over.

Finally reaching her mouth Rob kissed her deeply and then as she felt his fingers leaving her kitty he slid deep inside with his hard shaft. She felt each throb and pulse of his cock and smiling up at him she clenched those tight inner walls squeezing him is erotic bliss. Stacy knew that she wouldn’t be able to stay away again for any length of time. She was hooked and at this point they just couldn’t get caught, but she was going to take every opportunity and experience this as many times with him as she could. She felt so full of his cock and stretched around him as her hips rocked up and down and she pulled him in deeper and deeper. She loved the way that his tongue danced across her neck and his mouth felt when his kissed her. Stacy surrendered to her desires and reached down between them, something she knew excited him also and stroked her throbbing clit, czech bitch porno bring another strong orgasm and shaking her to her core.

They didn’t need to talk much; their bodies provided the language and communication in the room for the moment. Gliding against each other, in perfect harmony as they or at least Stacy pushed into another orgasm. Rob was in no hurry, he knew even if he came now he’d have no trouble gaining another erection while Stacy was around. Plus there really was no rush tonight he wanted to complete the three hole challenge she had offered him and he also wanted to make sure she was fully satisfied and exhausted when they were done.

As Stacy felt Rob thrusting inside her she smiled up at him, panting and whimpering at the same time, “It may be wrong Rob but I love you and this so much!”

Thrusting as deeply as he could go and slowly rotating his hips Rob kissed her and responded in kind, “My little beauty, you’ve always been my weakness, my desire, all the years without you I often wondered if you’d one day be here with me again. Yes, I love you too!”

They both knew it wasn’t going to be a leave your spouse relationship but it was also one of those, I can’t be completely without you ones either. In truth, it may have been partly the danger of their relationship that kept them coming back for more. Or it may have been the amazing sex and deep connection. Either way all that was important right now was that connection of him deep inside Stacy that was providing pleasure.

Stacy nudged Rob over onto his back and staying astride him managed to lean down and push a big breast toward his mouth, reaching down she teased both nipples hard and then offered them to his mouth. As Rob sucked and flicked his tongue against each nipple and bit softly she reached down to strum her clit. Pulling away she bounced her hips up and down over his throbbing erection and moaned as she came yet again.

Slowly after this last orgasm Stacy realized she needed to give her pussy a little break if it was going to be getting filled all evening and she slipped back kissing her way down Rob’s body to each of his nipples. Kissing and running her hands over his body, she moved down his stomach and as she gripped and stroked his cock, slick with her wetness she ran her tongue over the tip. Slowly swirling her tongue tasting both of them, his leaked essence and her own coating mixed she worked her way up and down each inch of his shaft.

“God, your mouth feels amazing Stacy!” Rob cried out, barely able to contain thrusting his hips or grabbing her head. He wanted to let her do this at her own pace but the urge to fuck her mouth was getting stronger with each bob of her head.

“Don’t hold back baby,” Stacy stated between bobs, pulling up for just a moment to speak before going back down, “go ahead and fuck my mouth and fill it with your cum, hold my head, do it, fuck my mouth and make me drain you.”

If her words hadn’t been enough as she dropped her mouth down again she grabbed his hands and put them in her hair and then nudged him to push, at the same time she reached beneath him and grabbed his muscular ass and began pulling herself down faster and deeper on his cock. Rob laced his fingers in her hair and still somewhat gently pushed and held her down as he thrust his hips in time with her lips descending. It took almost no time for him to feel that urge to cum start up his shaft and he quickly cried out.

“I’m going to cum Stacy!”

Prepared she began to swallow immediately and that just massaged the tip of his cock and brought his climax on quicker. In an instant he was swelling and pulsing and shooting deep into her mouth and she greedily swallowed, normally she’d abhor doing this but for some reason with Rob it turned her on to swallow his cum and be an eager little plaything.

Stacy kept sucking on Rob’s cock until he had to pull her away, out of breath, “Baby it’s too sensitive give me just a minute. That was fucking amazing by the way.”

She looked up at him coyly smiling and leaned in again quickly darting her tongue out to lick up the length of his shaft to the crown. She wanted more and she was determined to savor this moment. Rarely did she get to enjoy his hard cock and this was twice within just a few days and with summer coming soon she wasn’t sure how often she’d get to have him alone. Slowly slurping and loudly sucking on his cock she had him rock hard in no time again.

“So now I’m thinking you still have two of my tight little holes to fill Rob, which one do you want first?” she teased.

“Well my little succubus if you’ll flip over on your hands and knees I can slide back into that wet little kitty while I work on getting your cute ass ready for czech casting porno me.”

To show him she was just as eager as he was she pulled away from him and dropped her head down to the bed resting her arms flat and making sure her ass and kitty were raised and ready and then she wiggled back and forth. Seeing he was grinning and slowly getting up behind her she urged him on, “Come on Robbie they aren’t going to fuck themselves.”

Rob grabbed Stacy’s hips and thrust his cock all the way inside her in one thrust. Knowing that she loved when he was a little rough and when he took her this way would only excite her more. As he quickly slowed the pace he pulled all the way out and leaned down over her upturned ass. Spreading the cheeks wider than her stance had already opened her up he kissed each cheek before extending his tongue and running it down the crack to her tight little hole.


Rob didn’t pause to respond he continued his oral assault on her ass and began to squeeze and open her cheeks with his hands. Slipping one hand down to slide a finger into her pussy and then up to tease her clit more. Feeling the swollen nub he knew she was enjoying this lewd act as his tongue pushed into her ass and he felt her opening up to him. He back off a little and grabbed a bottle of lube from his night stand next to the bed and as he pushed his cock back into her moist center he popped the cap and poured a liberal amount of lube into the crack of her ass. Then as he slowly fucked her again he slipped hi index finger to the little hole and began to circle it softly pushing in as he got to the hole. Working it in with patience and anticipation, he soon got it in to the first knuckle.

After a few minutes he added a second finger, listening to Stacy’s moans and then he grabbed her hips and began fucking her fast and hard. Wanting her to be cresting as he took her ass, he kept up this pace until she was shaking and moaning. As soon as Stacy started to cum he pulled out and nudged the ring of her ass with the head of his cock. Once she felt it Stacy took a deep breath and pushed out and back trying to pull him into her ass. Quickly the head of his shaft was inside her ass and as Stacy felt the intrusion she whimpered, knowing this made her feel dirty and excited all at once. This was the only hole Rob had never fucked. She guessed when today was over that wouldn’t be a statement that could be said again.

Rob paused letting Stacy control the action, she slowly sank back taking him deeper and deeper ignoring the burn it was leaving in her ass knowing that once they started it would be less of a burn and more of a awesomely strange sensation. She continued pushing back taking him to the hilt and then held still. Looking over her shoulder Stacy could see that her tight little asshole was stretched around Rob’s cock.

“MMM you are finally all the way in my ass Rob.” She giggled.

“Tell me when you are ready for me to fuck it baby.”

Stacy slid forward and then slammed her hips back. No words were needed as Rob began to fuck her ass hard now. Stacy reached underneath her body and began to finger herself again and play with her clit and feeling the sensation building she knew neither of them would last long this time. Rob grabbed her hips, reaffirming his grip and began to piston in and out of her ass.

“Cum in my ass Rob, do it soon I want it so bad,” she teased, “Make this your ass.”

“This won’t take long babygirl,” he told her as he slammed in and out, sweat dripping off of him.

Within a minute he was filling her tight ass with his seed. Yelling out as he did, knowing that he still had one more hole to cum in he fucked her ass as hard as he could before stopped shooting.

“Only one hole left to claim tonight Rob,” Stacy sweetly whispered as she curled up into his side.

“Let’s go shower and see about round 3 cutie,” he replied.

Rob led Stacy to his shower and after turning on the water he let her get in first and followed quickly behind her. As they washed and played with each other and cleaned one another off Stacy sunk to her knees again and began to lavish kisses and sucks to his cock. As soon as he was hard she put her hands against the wall and thrust her ass back towards him. Reaching between her legs she tugged his cock pulling him back to her aching little kitty which desperately wanted his cock’s attention again.

A short time later they were both moaning and panting as Rob fired off another load this time deep inside her tight center. He drug her out of the shower and dried her off. “I know you’ll have to go home sometime tonight but how about a quick nap for us before you have to go?” he asked.

Stacy took his hand in hers and pushed him onto the bed laying down beside him and softly kissing him and then setting her alarm on her phone she closed her eyes and caught a quick nap knowing just how she was going to wake him up if he wasn’t awoken by her alarm going off. Her mouth watered at the idea.

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