If You Have To… Ch. 05

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Eve awoke peacefully in her bed, feeling well rested after last night. She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so nice or slept that soundly as she lay there and slowly looked around her room.

The events of last night replayed in her mind, what her son had done to her, and what she had let him do. Slowly she put her hand down to touch her pussy, feeling it still soaked. Eve could feel that his cum had definitely leaked out of her and into the bed as she wondered how much was still inside of there, after she had left it there all night.

Mustering the motivation to get herself out of bed, she made her shameful waddle to the bathroom with a hand cupped to her vagina, feeling as the seed her son had planted started to spill into it.

As she made it to the shower and turned it on, Eve gave up trying to hold her son’s cum inside and let it flow as it wanted now. As she waited for the water to heat up she slowly felt it pooling in her hand. Curiously bringing it up to look at it “Again… so thick and so much.. I can’t believe I left this inside me all night…” She whispered to herself.

Eve hopped in and placed her head under the shower water, holding it there as she escaped into her thoughts, surrounded by the water and drowning everything out. She admitted to herself that she didn’t feel any regret at all, instead almosy excitement as she teased the idea of new pleasures. Her body was reacting while standing under the water, her pussy throbbed in response to her train of thought.

Eve stood there for what felt like 10 minutes, until she was interrupted by her son.

“Mom, can I join you?” James asked.

She didn’t even bother to open her eyes, as her mind thought about her son looking at her naked body, “I guess…” she replied.

Eve didn’t have to wait too long as she felt a hand reaching out onto her hip, followed by the unmistakable body of her son closed in behind her, embracing her from behind as she stood there.

She didn’t fight, she didn’t even try to stop or discourage him at this point. Eve almost found it sweet and tender, he was coming to check up on his woman. Her son held her closely, holding one hand distinctly on her stomach and the other on her breast.

Eve was unable to control her, as if her pussy screamed at her for more of her son. She could feel her sons cock between her butt cheeks, she knew he was feeling the moment too, as it slowly grew against her. Unable to stop herself as she fantasized about letting her son claim her again.

Without speaking a word she moved against the wall of the shower out of the water, and gently stuck her butt out as she spread her cheeks gently to her son to reveal her pussy, silently granting him permission.

It took a moment before James realized what his mother was doing, and lined himself up behind his mother as he pressed his tip against her hole and stopped, “Mom… Are you sure?” James whispered

Eve could feel her son’s tip patiently waiting at her entrance, her pussy quivered and stirred knowing it was so close to entering. She could feel a big wad of his cum dribbling out of her. James watched from behind, as a large blob of cum leaked onto the head of his cock.

“Yes… just hurry up” she whispered eagerly.

James pushed slowly into his mother, watching as he drove his cum back inside.

Eve could only gasp as she felt her son enter into her again, there was so much fluid left over that it glided in without any resistance, immediately feeling complete again. James thrust into his mother gently, making small and intimate strokes inside his mother.

Eve immediately felt herself leaking as her son’s cock thrust in and out of her pussy. She was curious, but dared not to look down between her legs, feeling as the cum from last night spilled out.

For a moment Eve found herself surprised at how quickly she had just offered herself up to her son. But that didn’t last long, as her son continued she allowed herself to be caught up in the raw and primal nature of what she was doing, she just had to let herself enjoy it. Her mind was occupied as she focussed on her son thrusting inside of her, she fantasized about her son trying to plant his seed as deeply inside her as possible again each time he pushed in.

James moved his hand around and held onto his mothers stomach, catching Eve off guard and sending waves of pleasure through her body and unexpectedly sending her into an orgasm. Eve braced herself against the wall of the shower and pushed backwards in her son slightly. In perfect response, she could feel her son slow down making deeper thrusts, giving her ample time experience her orgasm while letting her son feel her cumming on his cock.

As James started to make deeper more deliberate thrusts, Eve knew he was getting close. She was ready to take his load again, she wanted it, as if her pussy was telling her it needed it. She fantasized, wishing she was on top of him, or he was on top of her so she could drive it deeper when he started to squirt his load. Eve noticed her son’s yalova escort breathing and pace, she knew he was about to cum as she prepared herself to receive it.

To her surprise James quickly pulled out, causing Eve to almost scream out in protest. She felt her son pulling at her arm to turn her around, “Mom.. I want to do it on your face…” He said.

Eve quickly got on her knees as she looked at her son’s cock, her son took her head in his hand and jerked himself onto her face. Eve knelt there in silence as her son started shooting his semen all over her face, all she could do was close her eyes and allow it to wash over her as it dripped down onto her body. It was a whole new experience for her, she felt slutty and sexy as he marked her with his cum.

James had finished and looked at his mother now well covered, the image burned into his brain. Eve couldn’t say that she hated being covered in cum, but she definitely could not shake that craving of missing having it inside of her, like she was somehow wasting it.

After her son had finished looking at his work, he helped her stand up and guided her into the water so she could rinse off. She stood there and let the water wash over her as she started to regain her senses, and as she moved out of the water and opened her eyes, she felt her son lips press into hers.

Eve had no idea what was happening, she was completely swept up in the passion as she now made out with her son in the shower. Her body was burning from everything, feeling pleasure all throughout it as she stood there as she felt her son slip his fingers inside her. She could not help loving this sexual energy, the passionate experience she felt from her son was completely corrupting her.

James pleasured his mother without breaking his kiss, as Eve felt like he was fingering her for hours. It wasn’t long before she had another orgasm at her sons hand, moaning into his mouth as he continued kissing her.

She managed to break away to catch her breath, as James held his mother closely and let her recover, before giving her a quick final kiss on the lips and stepping out the shower.

Eve had just experienced a whirlwind of emotion and lust, she watched her son leave the bathroom. She found herself having to sit down on the floor of the shower, completely drained and satisfied from what had just happened with her son, she could barely even think.

The day went past quickly, she tried to exchange a few words with her son after, but neither of them had brought it up or discussed the events that had occurred. They both smiled at each other as they had got what they wanted and Eve admitted to herself that she was OK with that.

Eve ran some errands around town, including grabbing a morning after pill from the pharmacy. She spent the whole drive home replaying the discussion with Son when he came inside her the second time. She could not avoid how it felt to tease him, how her own words affected him inside her, spurring him on for a second round as she talked about getting him getting her pregnant.

Eve realized that perhaps she should have not done this, but it was not like Eve was not fantasizing about it either, her mind could all but think of it. Surely it was natural she thought to think about procreation she told herself. Definitely not between mother and son.

She stared at the pill in the packet, knowing it would give her a bad reaction as it had always done in the past when, she did not want to take it. Thinking about the alternative, getting impregnated was not even disgusting her as she sat there, knowing her son’s sperm was swimming inside of her was actually turning her on again.

Eve pulled out her phone to check her period tracking app, she was definitely in the ‘danger’ window, as she was approaching her fertile period in the next 7 days. If her egg was released to her son’s waiting sperm, she might actually get pregnant. She reminded herself her age would also be a huge factor in her own fertility, but she quickly drifted to her keeping her son’s cum inside of her all night, how much must have flowed into her deepest parts. Her pussy was now responding and was dripping significantly into her panties, she had never experienced this before.

She decided not to take the pill just yet, she had 72 hours if she changed her mind, and she would keep it as backup either way. She felt comfortable, but was now extremely horny.

Eve got home around 5pm, her son was gaming away. She cooked dinner, they ate together and he went back to his computer, Eve watched a movie alone on the couch. Once again neither of them brought up anything, no major events occurred. It was almost normal.

Around 8:30, Eve had decided to head to bed, she found herself walking to her sons room, wanting to tell him. She popped her head in, “Honey, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” she said.

“Oh good night Mom, love you.” James replied as he watched his mother walk off.

As she entered her room, quickly took off her panties and hopped yalova escort bayan into bed. As she lay there wondering if her son was going to take the hint visit her again to make her his again tonight, she was getting wet thinking about it.

She lay there tantalizing herself in the dark, working herself up as she teased around her pussy with her finger. As she heard footsteps approaching, her heart was racing, knowing she had already decided she was going to let her son do whatever he wanted.

She teased herself as her mind fantasized about the possibilities, Eve wondered if she would stop him from cumming in her at this point, she was going to leave the decision in the hands of her 18 year old son.

Eve heard the door slowly open, she lifted her own legs up to assume her ideal breeding position. She wanted to be bred, and she knew she was going to be.

She felt her son hop into the bed, her mind was racing, she found herself wanting to see his reaction when he realized his mother was already waiting for it, waiting for his cock.

Eve felt her son’s hand touch the inside of her raised leg, as he moved down he made contact with her wet pussy, as Eve flinched a little in excitement.

James broke his silence… “Mom…?” He whispered.

Eve did not want to say or admit anything, she wiggled her hips playfully as her son rested his hand on her pussy. Her son got the message, ripping off the blanket and climbing around line his cock up at the entrance of her pussy.

She could feel the head on her pussy lips, as she moved her body to help line her son up as he drove forward, pushing into her pussy. Both of them let out a groan, as James pushed deeper until he was fully inside his mother. Eve’s pussy tingled like electricity, she was fully connected to her son, she worked her pussy on him as he stayed fully pushed inside as she listened to his soft groans, driving herself harder as she worked his work.

James slowly started thrusting into his mother steadily, he kept it slow, keeping Eve was on pins and needles. Her body was screaming wanting it all faster and harder, but the slow and sensual rhythm was denying this request, making her feel even more amazing. It wasn’t long before she was cumming on her sons cock as it plowed into her.

Eve knew her son could feel it, as he slowed down even more to allow her to enjoy it. It wasn’t long before she started to notice James approaching his own climax, his breathing was getting deeper, his thrusts were getting longer and slower.

She prepared herself to take her son’s load, widening her hips, pushing her butt up allowing her son in deeper, “Are you going to cum…?” She whispered playfully.

She listened to the satisfied groan from her son, as he instinctively thrust deep into his mother. A wicked smile grew on Eve’s face as she lost herself in her own fantasy, she tensed her pussy on her son as she braced in anticipation him to unload inside of her.

“Yes Mom… I’m gonna…. UH…” James groaned loudly.

But to Eve’s dismay she felt as he quickly pulled out of her pussy, causing her body screamed out in disappointment. She felt him hurriedly exit her pussy as she stifled her cries. James held his cock and started to squirt his cum onto his mother’s stomach, she lay there as she felt the warm liquid spray onto her bare skin.

She could feel the power in his orgasm as it splashed over her, it was shooting as far as her chest and neck, coating her nightie. All Eve could do was wait for him to finish, as she felt the cum dripping down her belly and off her body, as she tried to catch what she could but ultimately unable to stop it all from spilling in the bed.

James had finished cumming, the room was filled with sounds of his breathing, “Holy shit Mom… that was amazing… Sorry I nearly came inside again..” he said

Eve started to come to her senses, “Yes… that would have been bad..” She admitted, unable to shake her feeling of loss from that not happening. “Are you finished..?” She asked.

“I think so…” He whispered, still trying to catch his breath. “Could you turn on the light?” James asked

“Why..?” Eve responded.

“I just want to see you” He replied

Eve sighed quietly but admitted she was almost curious to see herself. She reached over to her bedside lamp, being careful not to spill any more cum on the bed. She managed to turn on the light revealing everything in the room.

She looked down her body at the mess her son had made on her, there was a decent amount as far as her chest, her nightie was covered while her stomach glistened from in the light.

“Wow Mom… I really came a lot on you. Sorry about your nightie though…” James said as he lay down next to his mother.

Eve felt as her son embraced her from the side, moving his face towards hers their lips met as he started to kiss her. She found herself feeling playful as she kissed him back. James started to trace his finger around his mother’s belly, Eve could feel him swirl escort yalova around his semen as he did, remarking how it felt on her skin.

“I really wanted to cum inside you Mom…” he whispered, as he traced his hand down to her pussy, Eve’s body tingled as she felt his finger slide down, she started to moisten in anticipation. “Would have have let me?” He asked playfully.

Eve knew she would have, but didn’t want to admit it. “It would be bad James…” she replied, as she felt her son’s finger at her entrance.

“I know… but still” He replied, as he slowly moved his finger around in circles, teasing the entrance to her vagina.

Eve’s could feel her body was reacting as she let him play with her, she shuddered as he slowly circled around her opening, “Wait… ” she said, having no idea what he was planning, she waited in suspense from the threat of him slipping his finger inside.

Eve relaxed slightly as he stopped above her vagina, “Mom, do you… like me cumming inside you?” James whispered, as he started to tease her gently over her opening.

Eve’s body flinched as he started to move his finger around, she closed her eyes as she listened to the words and slowly let herself drift into the moment, reacting to his touch on her body, “James… please don’t… ask me that..” she replied in between breathes.

“Aren’t we a little beyond that Mom…?” James said as he laughed, “I don’t think it’s a hard question… do you like me cumming inside you, yes or no?”

Eve’s body was reacting to the words, feelings of pleasure flowed from her pussy as he son teased her lightly, “James.. I don’t want to answer that..”

“Oh come on Mom! You know I can feel you twitching…” James continued, laughing slightly still.

“It’s.. It’s just really sensitive” She replied, not wanting to admit anything.

“Oh is that right?” He said smugly.

Eve felt her son’s hand lift off her pussy and return to her stomach, she felt him swirling his fingers around and smearing cum around, “Open your eyes Mom… Look” He whispered.

Eve opened her eyes and looked down to see her son holding up his index and middle finger, with a big white blob of his cum stuck to them. She watched as he moved his hand down again, heading towards her pussy.

“What are you…?” Eve said, as she turned to look at her son. She could feel his hand getting closer to her pussy, “Wait…” she managed to say.

James look up at his mother, pausing as their eyes met. She stared at her son intently, as he stopped just above her opening.

She couldn’t help but feeling aroused by how slutty this was making her feel, she wanted to let him do what he wanted. As Eve watched her son press his face forward as they locked lips and started to kiss, she could feel the warmth from his hand hovering above her pussy.

James broke away from the kiss, “Mom.. can I…?” He whispered, she could feel his whisper.

“I don’t know…” was all she could say as she slowly shook her head. All she could feel was her body was burning, she wanted him to do it. She couldn’t help but give in, as her body was betraying her, and slowly she widened her legs,.

“Kiss me Mom..” James whispered, as Eve complied readily and without hesitation, pushing her lips into her son’s.

She felt him slowly move his fingers into position, as she tensed with anticipation, feeling his fingers gently push into her. Eve’s body responded with pure pleasure, causing almost instant orgasm. She grabbed her sons head with both hands, pulling him into her more as she kissed him passionately, she couldn’t stop herself moaning into his mouth.

James was initially surprised at the reaction and the intensity of the kiss, spurred on as he felt his mother tensing on his fingers and causing him to drive them deeper, slowly massaging her inside. He continued to toy with his mother as he felt her movements becoming more erratic, their mouths locked he could feel his mother losing control.

Eve gave up holding her composure as she put her head back onto the bed, “Oh… my god!” she moaned out, trying to control herself while her legs twitched.

James could feel his mother’s orgasm on his fingers, as he held her like a lover, he felt happy he had brought his mother to such a strong orgasm, continuing to gently toy her until it had ceased.

The room was filled with Eve’s breathing, as she slowly came back to reality. “You OK there, Mom?” James asked, almost laughing.

“Yes… sorry that caught me a bit off guard..” Eve replied, still elated from her experience.

“That was really hot Mom… Looks like you really enjoyed that..” He said smiling, “I’ll let you get some rest now OK?”

Eve nodded in agreement, her eyes barely open

James kissed his mother on the lips again, as he got up off the bed and took one last look at his mother’s body. He walked to the door, and called back “Good night Mom, love you”, as he shut the door behind him.

“Mmm Good night” She mumbled back.

Eve lay there for a moment to collect herself, she thought about the feeling when he son put his cum covered fingers back inside her, she had no idea the reaction would be so strong. Looking down at her body, she could see his cum mostly dried up on her stomach, her nightie had taken it’s fair share aswell, as she hoped it would come out.

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