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I Love Women in Panties Ch. 01

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This is a story of sexual awakening and the cementing of a lifelong love of panties, proper panties that is, not that great pretender the thong! A thong is just that, a thong! And in my eyes can never be called panties! Panties must have a full back to be termed as such and that’s an end to it! Lecture over!


An obsession? A Fetish? Who knows, all I know is that my love of a woman hiding her treasures in panties started a long time ago and I have my sister and her friends to thank for it. I am 55 now and still find an up skirt flash of panties, the sight and feel of a woman’s arse in cotton or silky panties the most erotic experience there is. The sight of a pair of panties glimpsed through the thin material of a light summer dress, or the feel of the material of a dress or silky slip sliding over panties, and of course last but not least the VPL! That wonderful outline of an undergarment that allows your mind to imagine what is under the outer garment of a complete stranger, oh how I despise the advent of the thong, that hateful piece of string that has no shape and no mystery!

So where and how did it all begin? I am sure there would have been some influences around my love of panties that could be attributed to my formative teenage years, I had a sister two years older than me and we were always very close, sharing secrets with each other and pretty much always got on well, I also generally got on really well with her friends who never seemed to mind me hanging around. It was not unusual for us all to go out together, either, in to town, swimming or just hanging out, obviously as the girls got older and started going to the pub or hanging with boys I kept my distance, but in truth we had a great relationship and never felt I was the irritating younger brother, although I could have my moments!!

Sally & I were never self-conscious about nakedness around each other she would often chat with me while I was in the bath or vice versa, we would kill time and just hang in each other’s bedrooms, even as we got older neither of us gave any real thought about changing clothes, stripping off ready for a bath or getting ready for bed if front of each other. There was never any sexual tension we were simply a brother and sister completely comfortable and relaxed around each other. So I had seen Sally naked and in her underwear for years, I had seen her bush grow, her tits develop without taking any real notice in a sexual way. The most common panty she wore were cotton bikini briefs mostly white sometimes coloured or with a light pattern, she also had nylon/silky bikini briefs in various colours as well.

That’s a lot of detail for someone that wasn’t taking any notice? Well seeing and taking sexual notice are two completely different things, however I do wonder if anything was happening in my subconscious, who knows? What I do know is the style of my sister’s underwear which also included silky half and mini slips remains to this day, my favourite, was that due to Sally or was it simply that most girls in the 70s wore bikini briefs and slips?

Of all the friends Sally had, three had remained constant and her best, she had known Diane, Julie & Jenny since she was 10 from the private girls’ school and Sixth Form College they had all attended together. I would often be invited to join them when they were in the house and also on many occasions when they went out. We were now all at the same college of further education (not everyone went to university in those days!!) The girls had been there for a couple of years whilst I had just started my first year. I had had a few adolescent forays into the world of women, the odd spirited grope and even a hand job but in truth was probably a little too interested in my sporting career playing both football and Rugby to quite a good level and was still I am ashamed to admit an 18yr old virgin!!

I had had a horrible week having been ill with tonsillitis and had been laid up in bed feeling pretty sorry for myself, however I was definitely on the mend now and starting to go a little stir crazy. It was about 4pm when I heard the front door open and the house filled with girly chatter and laughter.

“Hey keep it down girls” said my mother “We still have an invalid upstairs”

The girls had been in the house for about 20 minutes when Sally popped her head round the door.

“How’s the invalid today then” she asked

“Much better thanks Sis” I replied

“So Mike are you up for a bit of company then?” She asked

“Well yeah, that’d be great but I’m not sure I’m in any fit state to entertain” I said, actually hoping that they would come in as I was getting pretty bored

“Surely İstanbul Escort you’d rather be in your room listening to music and slagging off the other girls at college or debating who your conquest will be like you usually do?”

“Oh I think we can spare my poorly brother some of our precious time, what do you think girls?” She said turning to the rest of the girls outside my room.

At that they all poured into my room, they were all in dressed in impossibly short skirts and blouses which was par for the course! Some of girls skirts were so short on occasion that I am sure they simply kept the belt to wear and discarded the skirt! Certainly up to this point I neither knew or had given any thought to what was being worn under those skirts other than what Sally always seemed to be wearing which were her cotton or silky/nylon bikini briefs.

Once in the room, Sally sat next to me at the top of the bed, Julie flopped in my chair in the corner, and Diane grabbed a bean bag and placed herself next to the chair, this left Jen with nowhere to go, so she climbed up onto the end of my bed and sat cross legged.

I started to realise that this was slightly strange for me as I had never had all the girls in my bedroom before, normally I would always go and join them in Sally’s room and I must confess it introduced a slight Frisian to the atmosphere that I couldn’t really understand

We all talked for a while or rather they all gossiped about their day at college, the boys they fancied, other girls at college whom they bitched about, I had very little actual input to the conversation, but I was not really worried, I was simply enjoying the company, having been cooped up in my room for so long. And so to the moment of my transformation, the time when I first saw or took any notice of panties on anyone other than my sister.

So it was that after a few minutes of Jen sitting crossed legged in front to of me that I noticed she was flashing her panties at me. I was looking up her skirt at a triangle of white cotton. I had seen Sally many times wearing that same style of panty and it meant nothing, but this was different, these were Jenny’s panties I was seeing, underneath Jenny’s skirt at the top of Jenny’s thighs and for some reason on that day it made a difference difference!

I found myself completely transfixed by Jen’s panties while at the same trying not to make it obvious that I was looking up her skirt. In order to drag my eyes away from that glorious view, I looked over at Diane and Julie to see if they had anything on show. Julie had a fair amount of thigh to see but nothing else, Diane however did have a little white triangle in view, but nowhere near as much as Jen, which is where my eyes returned as if they had a mind of their own.

At this point Sally jumped off the bed and went into her room across the landing to fetch her portable radio; she came back with it on and was listening to one of the latest chart hits. While Sally was out of the room, Jen shifted her position on the bed and turned over so that she could reach her bag which was on the floor at the end of the bed, she made no attempt to control her skirt which now afforded me a wonderful view of her panty covered backside, two lovely round globes stretching the white cotton that covered them and down to the area between her legs where her pussy created a little bump. Having finished rooting through her bag she re-positioned herself as before and whilst my was now back to a triangle of cotton between her legs I had just been given the “full tour” of her panties back and front and I liked what I saw!

Now it seemed I had had the equivalent of a conversion on the road to Damascus, I was hooked! My heart was pounding, butterflies were doing a jig in my stomach, and the one eyed snake was doing a good impression of rigor mortis! So there I was in a panty world of my own, grabbing as many looks up Jen’s skirt to her panties as I could, without her noticing, Diane suddenly started laughing loudly and pointing at me said “Jen, you do realise that our patient over there is looking up your skirt”

Jen, who at this point had been turned round slightly, talking to Julie and Diane behind her, giving me the perfect opportunity to just stare straight up her skirt, turned and looked at me.

“Is that so young man?” she said with a slightly odd grin on her face.

I was mortified and did not know where to look or what to say, Sally wasn’t going to help me as she just laughed saying, “We’re going to have to be more careful around my little brother from now on if that’s what he’s up to!”

The odd thing is Jen did nothing to Anadolu Yakası Escort cover herself and continued to sit there as before; of course she was looking right at me now so I couldn’t look up her skirt, and in fact I had no idea where to look.

“So, do you like what you see, fella? She asked.

While I was dying of embarrassment! My face burning with my ears lit up like red beacons that could have guided an aircraft on to the runway; the other three had gone quiet and were waiting for me to reply.

“Well, I guess?” I mumbled.

“So how long have been looking up girls skirts then, do you like seeing a girls panties” asked Jen.

“I don’t know, yours are the first I’ve really taken any notice of, and I couldn’t really miss them could I? What with you sitting there crossed legged and your skirt riding up your legs!” I said with a little more conviction.

“Ooh I’m your first” giggled Jen “that’s so cute”

“Well that’s not true, is it?” said Sally

“What do you mean?” I asked

“You’ve seen my panties loads of times, in fact just this morning, when I came into your room wearing just my panties and my bra!”

“Oh, come on Sis, that hardly counts, we’ve grown up together”

I really didn’t know where this was going, however, I did know that despite the embarrassment I was feeling, I had a proper boner growing under my bed covers which fortunately only I was aware of.

“Hmm, well ladies, I guess it’s time to leave our little Peeping Tom to himself” said Sally, who, looking at me with a wicked grin on her face turned and left.

Jen got up from the bed giving me one final flash of white cotton, she then walked up to the top of the bed ruffled my hair, smiled at me and left. Diane and Julie who had been whispering and giggling in the corner got up and came over to the bed pecked me on the forehead and turned to walk away, then, they both stopped, started to laugh and promptly lifted the back of their skirts giving me a view of two panty covered bums, both white cotton fairly skimpy bikini briefs, a couple of seconds and a quick wiggle later and they were both laughing and skipping out of the room.

So was I in trouble with any of them? I didn’t think so, all seemed fairly amicable when the girls left the room, particularly given the bum flash I’d just had, and no doubt I would be finding out later from Sally! All of a sudden in that moment I decided I needed to be paying more attention to the female of the species and I had a lot of catching up to do!

I came down for supper that evening for the first time in a few days; however all seemed normal with Sally doing nothing out of the ordinary other than maybe the hint of a mischievous smile and a wink at me, but mainly just chatting away as usual. I watched TV for about an hour then went up to bed. I lay there thinking about the events of earlier in the day and instinctively started playing with my cock which was stiffening rapidly as I thought of the triangle of white cotton I had viewed up Jen’s skirt and I knew then, that I wanted more of the same.

I drifted off to sleep with my cock limp in my hand having had a very pleasurable orgasm thinking about the girls and their panties. I only woke when I heard Sally’s door closing across the landing and about 20 minutes later she knocked on my door and came in, nothing unusual there, we would often have a five or ten minute chat before she went to bed. Nothing unusual in what she was wearing either; it was a thin, white cotton nightdress, very short as was the fashion then and did little to hide her panties. What was unusual was that I had even noticed what Sally was wearing; I also noticed that I could quite clearly see her pink panties through the thin material of her nightdress and from the back the bottom was clearly visible below the hem. This was weird and I was struggling to understand what was going on with me.

“Hey! I asked you a question little brother” Sally said with a bit of a laugh

“Uh-huh, and what was that big sis?”

“I asked, whether you enjoyed the view up my friends skirt today?”

“Oh Come on Sally, what sort of a question’s that? What do you expect me to say, huh?”

“I want to know if my little brother’s finally taking some notice of girls?” she said.

“Look, I didn’t ask Jen to flash her panties at me, and as I said earlier, I could hardly miss them the way she was sitting on the bed! However if you must know, yes, I did like what I saw and I wouldn’t mind seeing some more!” I said a little touchily.

“Oh and Diane and Julie’s arses looked great I their panties as well, is that want you wanted to Kartal Escort hear Sis? I said verging on the edge of emotion.

I really don’t know why I was feeling so emotional, but this was obviously a turning point in my sexual development.

“Hey hey little brother, I’m not here to upset you, there’s nothing wrong or unnatural about what happened today and anyway Jen’s cool about it” she said putting her arm round me as we sat on the bed.

I groaned “Oh gods please don’t tell me you all talked about me looking up Jen’s skirt? I’ll never be able to look any of them in the eye again!”

“Oh come on cheer up, you know we all love you, it’s not your fault you’re starting to notice girls.” she said “But tell me what did you mean about Diane and Julie’s arses and their panties? You were only caught with looking up Jen’s skirt?”

“Yeah, well, they both flashed their panties at me as they left the room” I replied.

“They did!?” said Sally sounding surprised

“Yep, turned, lifted their skirts and wiggled their bums at me!”

“Well well, well! They did, did they? The little minxes, I’ll have to have a word with them” said Sally.

“Oh please don’t Sal, I’m embarrassed enough as it is without you lot laughing behind my back” I pleaded.

“Don’t worry Bro I’m just curious as to why they would do that, Jen was flashing without giving it any thought, but those two that was deliberate!”

“Anyway, I’ll see you in the morning, sweet dreams little bother!” Sally got up and walked towards the door and for the first time in my life I took notice of how a girl walked, but in particular how great a pair of panties looked on a swaying butt.

The following morning, I was just about to get out of bed when Sally came bounding in to my room wrapped in a towel obviously fresh from her shower but with something in her hand.

“Morning little brother, how is the invalid today?” she asked

“Much better thanks, Mum says seeing as its Friday she doesn’t see the point in going back to college till next week!” I replied.

“Lucky you! So anyway, I thought given your new interest in girl’s panties you could help me choose which ones I should wear today” she said this while holding out her hand which held three pairs of panties, white cotton, light blue nylon and pink cotton.

“Bloody hell Sis! Stop teasing me, how the hell should I know what panties you should wear?” I said, However even as I said this I was making my choice, but would rather have been choosing Jen’s or Diane’s or Julies panties. Somehow it didn’t feel quite right with Sally.

“Oh go on! Just choose a pair, what harm can it do?” At this, she threw all three pairs at me, the white ones hitting me in the face.

Wanting this to be over quickly, I picked up the white ones and said “If it’ll make you go away the put these on” I held them out to her, she walked over, took the panties from me and proceeded to pull them on giving me a quick flash of pussy as the towel lifted a fraction. She then dropped her towel and made a performance of adjusting them and smoothing her hands over what I was now noticing was a delightful arse.

Sally had been wearing a bra under the towel so was now standing in front of me in her bra and white cotton panties which in fact was not unusual, I had seen her like this many times before but somehow things had changed I was aware of my sister in a completely different way and it was really messing with my head. Instead I tried to imagine that it was Jen standing there in her white cotton panties smoothing her hands over her bum, and that was giving me a real hard on which then did me the honour of popping out of the fly hole in my pyjama bottoms to say hello! Of course with my luck Sally just had to notice before I could put it away again.

“Whoa little bro is that for me?” she said staring at my cock.

“No Sis, it came up when I imagined Jen standing there dressed like you are now, you’re my sister for god’s sake!” I said

“Hey sorry little fella, I didn’t mean to upset you it was only supposed to be a bit of fun, no harm done eh?” she said

“Other than my dying of embarrassment because my sister saw my boner and thinks it was for her! Nooo! No harm done! Now get dressed and go to college!” I said and slapped her cotton covered bum, something I had never done before!

“Ouch! Watch it young fella or I’ll set my friends on to you!”

“Now that might be fun” I thought to myself, but said nothing.

So there it was, I had been properly awoken to the delights of the female form and in particular a panty covered arse and pussy, there had been a slight shift in my relationship with my sister which worried me but I would find a way of handling. The main point was that I would have to be careful as I knew that would never be able to look at Sally’s friends in quite the same way again, so this was just the beginning of my journey.

To be continued…

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