Eki 03

I Hate My Master Ch. 07

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My dick was hard. My back was hurting. My tongue was tired, but still rimming. Chris was enjoying my labors while I ached. I had the smell of his ass in my nose and what little I could see was just his cheeks. Fuck my life.

I had lost all track of time when Chris finally got up, announcing he was going to take a shower. Having no other orders, I was stuck in display where I had been rimming for so long. Chris returned to dress to go out, holding a dildo. “Things are going to be different when I’m out tonight fucker. You get to watch streaming gay porn. All new, all different. Tell me you’re excited to watch it.”

“I’m excited to watch it Master.”

“Hee hee. Plus, I’m going to give you a choice of what you’ll be doing while you get off. You can either jack your cock or use the dildo on your ass. And you can switch back and forth all you want. But you must do one or the other until I get back to stop you. Don’t forget you can’t cum.”

“Master, please, that will be torment.”

“I know you stupid piece of shit. Torment for you, amusement for me. Now tell me you love me doing this to you.”

“I love you doing this to me, Master.”

Chris laughed in my face and left. I was torn, I didn’t want to play with my dick or my ass. Not having much time, I greased up the dildo and put it up my ass. My eyes were glued to the stream of gay porn on the screen, moving the dildo in and out of my ass. When I had enough of that, I pulled it out and started stroking my cock. This was worse. I was so horny to fuck an actual woman – at this point I’d even take an ugly bitch to just get off. Having to pound my pud so slowly but not cum was driving me up the wall. I was stuck either shoving something up my ass or stroking my cock. All I could do was pick my own torture. Chris had screwed me over in more ways than one. And he was going to keep doing it. All the time I was forced to watch even more gay porn. Shit, I had seen so much gay porn I was actually recognizing some of the dudes. I figured this out when I noticed a mole on a ballsack and could recall the face before it came on the screen.

When Chris came home, I was shaking. “Stop now bitch.” I slid the dildo out of my ass. “Now give it a little kiss.” Chris smiled a wicked grin.

“Yes, Master.” I could barely talk above a whisper, and I puckered up and gave a quick kiss to the greasy dildo, and smelling my own ass.

“Now to bed fucktoy.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled after Chris to his bedroom. He just threw his clothes on the floor and snapped at me to get on the bed. I groaned. Up and in doggie-style, Chris fucked me with brutal efficiency. When he was done, I cleaned him off, feeling totally worked out. I had to put his clothes in the hamper before I could lay down to sleep. Using my mouth, I took them to the hamper. By the time I was done, Chris was asleep. I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.

In the morning, Chris had me worship his cock. After a long session of that, I had to fuck myself on his pole again. My only thanks was being sent to make breakfast. While Chris enjoyed the breakfast I had made for him, after I had had a bit of cereal in my bowl on the floor, I was sucking his toes.

It always took too long. I hated every second of it. Finally, I heard his tablet hit the table. “Get out here, time for a new game.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled out with trepidation. The last game had hurt bad and was emotionally crushing. What was this one going to do to me?

“I’m going to introduce you to a new mode. You already have the collar on, so go into Dog Mode.”

I could feel my mind backing off of what little control I had as I got onto all fours. My tongue lolled out as I looked up at Chris.

“Who’s İzmir Travesti my boy? My new dog?” I whined as he rubbed my head. “Doggie needs a name. What should we name the doggie? Spot? Butch? Rover? No, none of those seem quite right.” Chris had that wicked grin of his. My backed-off mind could only wonder what he was going to come up with.

“It needs to be a special name, one that is just for you. What should it be? Rex? Thunder? Hmmmm. I know! Tinkerbell!” Chris broke out in laughter. I whined again. ‘Tinkerbell’, shit that was demeaning. Everything he did was demeaning, but this, this was bad, so bad.

“Wag your tail little Tinkerbell, show Master how much you like your new name.”

My butt went back and forth, like I was wagging a tail. Chris laughed hard. He bounced a ball in his hand “Want to play fetch, Tinkerbell? Go fetch!” He tossed the ball, and it bounced over the kitchen floor. I scrambled after it like a dog. I was a prisoner in my own head watching my body respond to a stupid ball like a dog. I got it in my mouth and crawled back to Chris, holding the ball in my mouth.

Chris put his hand under my mouth, “Drop it Tinkerbell.” I opened my mouth and dropped the ball.

“Go fetch!” Chris tossed the ball in a different direction. Again, I went after it in dog mode. Back and forth. The dog in me didn’t tire of the game, but I was over it at once. Chris kept it up for a while, going through a few rooms so I would have to scramble after it the ball and return it to wherever he was.

Returning the ball after who knows how many trips, Chris said “Roll over Tinkerbell.” My doggie self lay down and rolled onto my back. Chris bent down and rubbed my belly. “Who’s a good boy? Tinkerbell’s a good boy.” Pleasure shot through me at the trigger words. It seems all these commands kept up and layered over each other. I saw Chris smirk, he knew exactly what he was doing to me. “Heel, bitch.” Chris walked to the living room, me following along still in dog mode. He lay on the sofa and pointed to a spot on the floor near his feet. “Now lay down and be quiet Tinkerbell.” I did, curling up like a mutt. Chris flipped on the TV and watched for a bit.

I just lay there, lost in my own thoughts. I was still horny, but Chris hadn’t asked me since before he left me yesterday. He’d either forgotten (which I doubted) or was just leaving it to me. I really wanted to cum, but begging of my own ‘free will’? Not yet. Maybe I should? My balls ached for release. I’m sure I wouldn’t be cumming until Chris said I could, but he just wanted to make me humiliate myself.

I wasn’t paying attention to anything but my desire to cum and wondering if I could actually beg to do it when I heard Chris say “I need to let you out. Let’s go, Tinkerbell.” Shit, he was going to put me outside like a dog? I was following him to the back door. When we arrived, I found myself jumping up, just what a dog would do. However he had programmed me, it was intense. Chris opened the door and I headed out. “Do your business Tinkerbell.” Chris said.

The house was pretty isolated, so there wasn’t much of a chance anyone would see me. Chris grinned as I crawled through the yard to find a bush to lift my leg on. I heard Chris laugh as a stream of piss came out, but since I was physically a human, I felt lucky I didn’t actually piss on myself. Then I felt my body move to smell what I had just done. Crap, I hated being so controlled.

“Come on back now.” Chris said after a whistle. I headed back. Chris returned to watching TV while I lay at his feet again. New shame filled me as I contemplated begging to cum.

I didn’t notice anything but my blue balls and what I would have to do to drain them when Konya Travesti I noticed Chris removing his shorts and pulling on his dick. The TV was off. I had missed that entirely.

“Doggie want a bone? Tinkerbell, come here and get your bone!” Shit, I scrambled up and went for his dick. He had only needed a few pulls to get it hard, and I was sucking it. It looks like my dog mode didn’t let me chew on it like a real dog with a real bone. Chris laughed at me again, “You’re still shit at this.” But he lay back and let my mouth work on it. I may not have been able to chew, but dog mode seemed to mean enthusiasm. I was working it hard and fast. Lots more long tongue work, licking it up the shaft. I was growling a little too. Had Chris been able to do all this programming in the couple of weeks I was a ‘regular roommate’? Or was I still being programmed? He had said something about still being able to program me, but I don’t know when he was doing it. Or was he blanking my mind? I had no control over any of this. I was helpless for anything he wanted to do to me.

My speed seemed to make up for my apparent lack of skill, and Chris shot his cum in my mouth. I wanted to cum, but I licked him clean instead. “Good boy.” I got the pleasure sensation again. It was sexual, and added to my desire to cum. “Now go lay down.” I obeyed. Still silent. Chris dozed after using me again, and I’m pretty sure I dropped off as well.

Chris’s phone went off, waking us both up. He answered it and had a conversation, making lunch plans with buddies. He got a shower and dressed while I had to stay where I was since I was under my last order to just lay down.

“Dog mode off.” Chris said entering the living room again. “You have two hours to do your chores. Then you will be doing just like last night, your cock or ass. Slow and steady.” He left. I grumbled as I went for the vacuum cleaner. In some ways this was more horrible than him being here. I was just obeying commands without an audience. After vacuuming, I cleaned the bathroom and a number of other chores. Under Chris’s orders, I had been keeping the house in good order, but there was always something that could be dusted, or mopped, or polished, or something. After two hours I was compelled to the TV to hit that accursed gay porn streaming site again. I greased up the dildo and shoved it up my ass. The only good part about having a fake cock up my ass was that I wasn’t edging myself. It was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t making my blue balls worse. But I couldn’t do it all night, and had to pull it out to start feeling my cock up. Maybe I should just beg him to cum and get it over with. It’s not like I had much dignity left. But facing the idea that I would let him win this was daunting. I had never been able to come up with any way of getting out of this mess. Nothing ever came to mind. He had suggested something once though, but I couldn’t remember what. I was trapped. Totally trapped.

Chris came home earlier than I expected him to. “You can take your hands off your dick. Get into position, I want a rimming.”

“Yes, Master. But I’m so tired. Please don’t make me do this.” No begging, but that was all I could do. I was twisting around to shove my head between the cushions. Asking was futile, I knew, but I had to try.

“Don’t care. Your owner wants a rimming, you owner gets one.” He had his pants off by now and was moving over my face. I didn’t get to say anything as he sat on my face and kept the porn going. I was afraid this was going to be a regular thing now. He seemed to be adding more and more stuff for me to do for him as time went on. I never got used to something before he had decided on something new.

I could tell a couple Antalya Travesti of scenes had played while I worked. “All right, get up here and ride me fucktoy.”

“Yes, Master. But I’m still tired, can’t you fuck me instead?” Where did that come from? Shit. Well, I was tired, and I knew I was going to get fucked.

“Oh, I’ll be fucking you. You will just be doing all the work. Looks like I’ll be fucking you in more than one way. In fact, tell me how much you love wearing yourself out for me and my pleasure.”

As I got up to line my asshole with his dick I said “I love wearing myself out for you and your pleasure Master.”

“Get on that pole slow, boy. And keep up telling me how you love me fucking your mind and body.”

I lowered myself, using my hand to get his prick in me. “I love getting fucked by you Master. You are taking my mind and my body, playing with them like you wish. I’m just a toy for you. You have total control, Master.” Slowly I lowered myself on his cock. I could feel the pressure of his hardness moving my guts around, I felt full and stuffed. Chris had length and a good amount of girth. My hole wrapped around his prick and squeezed. Chris moaned, throwing his head back. I had a boner too. Stupid orders. Anyone watching would think I was enjoying myself. And I’d be hard for Mike when I sucked him off tomorrow as well.

After getting all the way down I started to bounce up and down on his steel-like dick. “Oh, god Master, you are so powerful, I’m just a plaything for you. You control everything Master, I’m just a fucktoy. I get fucked whenever you say. You have control of everything.” Up and down, my thighs were already aching from the effort, I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. I rode from the back with my ass on his pubes to the top of his cock, the flaring head almost coming out before I plunged back down. Long, long strokes taking time as well as effort. I felt his manhood all the way in me, and I couldn’t help but wonder how much less of a man it made me. “I’m your slave Master, use me to get pleasure. Twist my mind to your designs. Fuck my mind like you fuck my body.” My dick was bouncing around as I moved, just as my mouth was forced to say, I was just a fucktoy.

“Enough of this shit.” Chris said. “Go into Slut Mode and keep up the dirty talk.” Damn, my mind slid back and the programming took over “Oh Master, I love it when you fill me up with your big dick. I love getting pounded by the most wonderful cock in the world. Deep it goes in my pussy. I love fucking on your big pole. Master I never want your dick out of my pussy. Stick it deep in my cunt. Impregnate me, breed me. Cum deep in my guts and keep going, shove your Master dick in me and make me feel every inch!” I was moving faster and really going on. I felt like a cheap slut. My head was flinging around like my dick, and twisting my body. I’d had women ride my dick like this, so I knew how great it felt. But I hated being the girl in this scene. Chris put his hands on my hips and guided me.

“Oh, yes Master, guide me, fuck me like you want. I want to make you feel so good. I want your big, hard, manly cock deep in my pussy fucking me all night. Keep it up, I’ll bounce and make you feel real good. I want to make you happy Master.”

It kept on. I had no control over my body, or the words coming out of my mouth. I looked like I was enjoying myself, but I was cringing inside. I felt every inch of his long cock as I slid up and down in seeming desperation to make him cum. I just wanted it to end. It finally did. Chris came with an animalistic grunt. I kept bouncing on his dick.

“More, more, I want more dick. Keep fucking me Master. I need more dick, I want more dick. Give me more dick Master.”

“Stop Slut Mode.” Chris said. I got my mind back, and pulled my body off his cock. I was going back to default position, but he interrupted me saying “Time for bed slut. You have a big day tomorrow.” He ignored me as he walked and I crawled to bed.

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