I Didn’t See That Coming

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My lover, Melanie, had checked into her room at the motel. I joined her shortly after. My wife Fee was coming to the motel later in the day, as she and I passed through on our way to our vacation spot. It seemed an ideal time for Melanie and me to enjoy one of our all-too-infrequent times of lovemaking.

We thoroughly enjoyed our romp between the sheets (and on top of them, and on the floor, and…) We particularly enjoyed the large mirror on the wall, which enabled us to see ourselves in various positions and activities. We had from time to time taken videos of our lovemaking, and that was great, but this was seeing ourselves live, which was great. That said, we found ourselves at times wanting to make sure we weren’t simply staging our sexual activity for good viewing, thereby removing the spontaneity that our love-making normally involved. In that, I think we were successful, leading to a joyous time of kissing, licking, sucking and fucking, all within the context of a real love for each other.

I lived with the fact I loved Melanie, yet wanted so much to be deeply loyal to Fee, who had loved me for 30 years, whose family I got on well with, and who fit into my family so very well too. It was a difficult balancing act, one which at times caused me a great deal of struggle as I balanced the two relationships with my sense of needing to live with a level of integrity that I seemed unable to meet.

Melanie and I finished our love-making. After resting, we showered together, and both of us went on our way, Melanie heading back home, and I going to the reception desk to check in and get my key to the room Fee and I would share.

I was surprised to learn that Fee had arrived early, and had already checked in. I also learned that the room we had been given was right next to the room Melanie and I had just been in together. I hoped Fee hadn’t seen anything, heard anything.

I went to the room, and let myself in. Fee was lying back on the bed, completely nude. That was a surprise to me. Usually, if Fee was going to bed, she would be IN bed, not lying on top of it. What was more surprising was that, as I came in, she got up and walked over to me, instead of simply calling out a friendly hello from the bed.

There was a look on her face that I couldn’t make out. It was a look of love, lust even, that I hadn’t seen in a long, long time. She got up and walked to me, wrapped her arms around me, pressed herself against me, gave me a huge hug and a deep kiss. It was so different, but I wasn’t about to complain.

Then, she began to undress me, almost feverishly. This was a totally different Fee now, fully taking the initiative, something she hadn’t done in ages. Usually she was far more reticent, holding me back. Now, she almost tore my clothes off. The undressing done, she turned me and pushed me down on the bed, on my back, my feet hanging over the end.

Then she knelt at the foot of the bed, facing me. Taking my cock in her hand, she lifted it, and sucked it into her mouth, began sucking me, her head bobbing up and down, at the same time playing with my balls. My God, what was going on? This wasn’t the Fee I knew, but I wasn’t about to complain either.

Her full tits hung down. I wanted to reach out and play with them, fondle them, but they were too far away from me for that. I could only wait, and enjoy.

Fee looked at me, a sultry look on her face, as she continued to suck my cock. She was revelling bahis firmaları in this, and I have to say I wasn’t complaining. The fact this was so unlike Fee heightened the experience.

My cock now at full length, she stopped, lifted hers mouth from my cock, and moved up a little up my body. Placing her hands under her tits, she wrapped them around my cock, and begun to tit-fuck me. She looked at me, smiled, and blew me a kiss, as she slid her tits up and down my cock, bringing me to an even stronger erection.

Then she let go, and moved up my body, her tits grazing my stomach and chest as she moved. Her face was now above mine. She looked down, then continued her journey until her left tit hung over my mouth. Stopping, she dropped down, just enough for me to capture it in my now open mouth. Of course I did, and began to suck in earnest. I’ve always loved her big tits, loved their texture and taste, the heft of them in my hand, the way I could mould them, squeeze them, play with them. She loved it when I did that.

For now, I simply sucked, strongly, feeling its full softness in my mouth. She let me do that for a bit, then lifted herself, breaking her tit free of my mouth, and moving over so I could give a repeat performance with her right tit. Dutifully (and with great pleasure), I did.

Together we played back and forth between them, until I reached up, grasped both in my hands, and squeezed them together, burying my face between them. My God, I felt like I could have died right there, and happily.

But Fee wasn’t finished yet. She raised herself up, supported herself on one hand, the other reaching down to grasp my cock. She aimed it at her cunt, and slid down on it, her sheath enveloping me fully. She was as hot and wet as I had ever known her, so unusual, especially given our respective ages. After all, after 30 years of marriage, neither of us was particularly a spring chicken anymore.

Her cunt grasped my cock, and I could feel her internal muscles begin to work, begin to milk me. She rose up, until my cock was just about to slip out of her cunt, then dropped, crashing down, grinding her clit between our pubic bones.

She repeated the motions, up all the way, crash down hard, grind. As she did, her tits took on a life of their own. On the upstroke, they would swing together. Then, as she reversed direction, they would for a moment be suspended in space, then swing wide as she crashed down. As she bottomed out, they swung back together with a slap, bounced. Then their movements would repeat, again and again as she raised and lowered herself. Swing, slap, bounce; swing, slap, bounce.

Hearing the slapping sound, she looked down, to see her tits doing their dance before her eyes. She looked at me, laughed a happy laugh, the sight and sound seeming to give her a new energy, drive her on.

This was so very unlike Fee, and yet something more akin to what we had enjoyed when we first married. I didn’t know what to make of it, but I wasn’t about to voice any complaints. After all, who knew how long this wonderful, sexy Fee would be around?

She continued to ride me, harder and faster. Having just cum with Melanie, I knew I wasn’t ready for a second explosion myself. But maybe I could help Fee reach hers.

I knew from previous engagements with Melanie that she would almost invariably cum if I reached up and tugged on her tits as she rode me. I decided to try the same with kaçak iddaa Fee. She almost never came from my being inside her, but maybe this time?

Having been helping her in her ride, my hands encouraging her through raising and lowering her hips, I now brought them up under her tits, grasped one in each hand and, on her next downward thrust, tugged, fairly hard.

The result was more than I could have hoped for. She went off like a firecracker, crying out in ecstasy, her whole body going into a rocking, rolling orgasm. My God, she was amazing! I released slightly, tugged again, this time pitching my hips up, meeting her cunt with my cock. Again she exploded, her body shaking, her voice crying out.

She collapsed on top of me, then, exhausted. I knew that, had it been me, I would immediately have fallen asleep. I didn’t expect that of Fee.

She snuggled up to me, let me slide out of her, stretched one leg across me as she stroked my chest with her hand, her head nestled in my shoulder.

We rested quietly, as I wondered what in the world had just happened. Or, rather, what had caused it to happen, since I knew well enough what had happened.

I was on the verge of falling asleep myself, when I heard Fee say “Omigawd, Melanie is so hot!”

I was suddenly wide awake! What had she just said? I knew well enough, and was terrified. What did she suspect? Or worse, what did she know? What had she seen? I didn’t dare ask, could only wait. But everything inside me was on extreme high alert. No good could come of this, I was certain.

Fee continued “I was here in the room, when suddenly the light came on in the next room, pouring in through the window.”

“Window?” I thought. “What window?” I was soon to find out, as she pointed to it.

It was the other side of the ‘mirror’ Melanie and I had used, without knowing it was a one-way mirror. Everything that we had done in that room could clearly be seen from this room! Damn it, damn it, damn it!

I didn’t dare say anything, didn’t know what to say. I remained silent.

The Fee said “I watched as you and Melanie came into the room. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I had often wondered if you and she would be attracted to each other, but you had never given me reason to believe anything like that, much less that anything was happening between you. As I watched you, it became clear that not only were you attracted to each other, but that something very intimate was not only going on, but had been going on for, from what I could see, quite a while. The way you were with each other made that clear.”

She paused, then continued. “I knew I should be hurt, should be extremely angry with you for your duplicity. But for some reason, I was more curious than anything, now that I could see the truth in front of me. So, I waited, and watched.”

“I watched as you held each other, kissed, chatted comfortably, then began to undress each other. I found myself mesmerized, as it was clear there was something very tender, beautiful even, between the two of you.”

Fee paused again, remembering, then “I watched you together, you lying on your back, Melanie going down on you from the side, sucking your cock, playing with your balls, and you reaching out to play with her tits. I watched her red head bob up and down on you. There was a look on both your faces which spoke of real love between you. As I say, I should have been hurt and angry, kaçak bahis but I was actually touched by your love for each other.”

“Then Melanie got up, and rolled over on her back. You were now erect, and ready. You got up, and straddled her chest, facing away from me. You clearly began to fuck her tits, and I suspect her mouth as well, given the way her hands pulled on your arse and the distance your hips moved. I have no doubt you enjoyed that, and I suspect she did as well.”

She chuckled at the memory, then continued. “I saw all that, but what I really saw was something quite new and different for me. I saw that Melanie had a bare pussy. I know some women shave their pussies, but I’ve never seen one like that — and it was beautiful!”

She shook her head, as though to clear cobwebs in her mind. “I knew I should be angry with you, but the crazy thing is, at that moment, I was anything but. What I wanted then and there — and I’ve never before felt anything like this = was to dive between her legs, bury my face in her cunt, and eat her.”

Her voice changed slightly, then “I’ve never had the slightest sense of wanting a lesbian relationship, but right then I wanted nothing more than to lick her cunt, suck her clit, make her scream and cum like mad.”

Again she paused, as through trying to make sense of it all. “Am I awful, or depraved?”

I didn’t know what to say, didn’t want to say anything that would tip the scales against me, so I said “No, I don’t think so. You’re just saying what you honestly felt at that moment.” And then I shut up, and waited.

Fee began again. “That wasn’t the end of it. I saw you get off Melanie, move to the foot of the bed, pull her over there. You threw her legs over your shoulders, and began to fuck her pussy. I was mesmerized, watching you slide in and out, begin to pound her.”

She stopped as another memory came to mind. “As you did, I saw her boobs begin to bounce like mad. I thought ‘Poor thing! Be careful, or you’ll make them fly off!'”

“At that moment, I wanted to be there with you, holding her boobs so they wouldn’t bounce so much. It must be strange, but I actually wanted her to be able to focus on being fucked, instead of having to hang on to her tits.”

“And, to be honest, I wanted not only to hold them (they are lovely!), but to lean over her, take them in my mouth, suck them, and have mine hanging down over her, for her to kiss and suck if she wanted. And I really wanted her to want to do that.”

Again a brief pause. “I wanted to hold her, suck her, watch your cock slide in and out of her cunt as you fucked her. Of course, I wasn’t there, could only watch from here. But that’s what I wanted. I saw that telltale expression on your face that told me you were about to cum. And I saw that same look on Melanie’s face that I feel when you do, that look of utter joy as you cum, your body moving from pounding her pussy to catatonic shock to full collapse.”

I was stunned. There was nothing I could say, and definitely nothing I dared say. Fee now knew everything. I wondered where our relationship would go from here.

She snuggled up to me. “If you want to go visit Melanie from time to time, spend a weekend or a week with her, that’s okay with me. I know you’ll come back.”

I was beyond understanding. Fee was effectively giving Melanie and me the okay to have a relationship of sexual love.

Then she murmured sleepily “And if Melanie wants to come visit us, that’s okay too. She’s welcome in both our beds.”

And with that, she drifted off to sleep.

Where does this all lead? I have no idea. It’s totally beyond me. I can only wait and see.

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