I Decide To Lose A Sexfight

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I started to chat with a guy I met online. He loved erotic wrestling and we had a common opponent. This guy said good things about both of us and we wanted to meet and have a match. The problem was he was 5’8″ 195 pounds. I was 6’1″ 240 pounds. I had never jobbed in a first to cum loses match before. I kept thinking I wanted to lose to this handsome wrestler and service him as the winner.

John and I agreed on my favorite type of match. Loser cums first. Holds used to immobilize, not to hurt. The winner would own the loser for three hours after the match. Winner got whatever they wanted. We arranged to meet at a hotel that Friday.

Just to remind you, I am 6’1″ 240 with a short neat beard and a 6 inch cut cock. John had a seven inch cut and thick cock. He was balding and blonde.

All day Friday I could not concentrate at work. I was semi hard all day thinking about how I was going to lose the match. I was so excited I had no chance of getting anything done. Finally it was time to head home and get ready for the match. I got home and took a long shower and had to resist getting myself off. We had agreed to no orgasms for 24 hours before our match. I put on a pair of light running shorts and a shirt and took off for the hotel.

John had sent me the room number and he met me with a big grin and a huge boner at the door. No sooner had I gotten in then he pushed me up against the door and grabbed my hair and pulled me down into a deep kiss while his had found my bulging cock and started to rub it. I groaned at the sneak attack and thought I might not need to job. I was close to orgasm already and tried to pull away put John had me pinned against the door and was really working my cock and switched from kissing me to working my neck with his mouth and tongue. I groaned and shivered. He backed away and laughed. “Steve, you are going to lose and be my Bitch boy”. I could not answer as I was trying to get control back.

John had moved the furniture manisa escort around and had brought some mats he put down. We both started to strip. I saw his cock was bobbing up and down and leaking pre cum. I was already soaked in pre cum and peeled off my shorts. We were naked and ready to start. I told myself to give it a good effort but that it would be a pleasure to lose to John.

We charged and struggled chest to chest, Our cocks met below and I felt an electric rush go through me. I let him push me onto my back and did not try too hard to keep him from trapping my arm with his leg and my other arm he had by my head and I let him lock me in. I was helpless and could not wait to see how he attacked me. John took his time. He started to lightly run his free hand over my tits. I was jumping around and he knew I was sensitive to this style attack. He started to scratch and massage my tits and I could not stop the groans and moans from escaping my mouth. It seemed like he worked my tits for an hour but I am sure it was just a couple of minutes. I was shaking and my cock was jumping and leaking. John then went for the win.

He surprised me with how quick he was. Of course I was somewhat distracted, LOL. He spun on me and covered me with his body. His legs over my head and his head in my crotch. He grabbed my hair and pulled me into a reverse head scissors. He held me securely without really hurting me. Then I felt it. He had sucked my cock into his mouth and it felt amazing. I was fighting off an orgasm almost immediately. All I could do was play with his ass and back as his cock was protected and out of my reach. John was as good at sucking a cock as any women or man I have been with. I was screaming in pleasure. I started to panic. I did not want to lose this quickly. John was destroying me. I was almost done when I decided I wanted to show John something. I heaved with all my strength and John flew off me and escort manisa I rolled away.

John got to his knees and laughed. “I almost had you”. “You won’t get that lucky again” He charged me. I was ready for him and this time I forced him onto his back. We fought for control and I finally got my legs around his waist with one arm trapped as well. I pulled John towards me so his cock came into range. “My turn asshole” I said to John.

I did not waste any time. I took his already slick cock in my hand and stated to jack him off. I used slow long strokes and started to beg him to cum for me. I needed to see his great cock cum. I was rewarded with a groan and picked up the speed of my hand work. In my sexual frenzy I had almost forgotten I wanted to lose to John. So I decided to switch holds so John could finish me.

I dived down to his groin and sucked his balls in my mouth. I started to work them with my tongue and mouth while slowly jacking John off. It was his turn to scream in pleasure. However I had positioned my cock in front of his face. John did not disappoint me. He started to frantically blow me. I groaned with John’s balls in my mouth. It felt so good I knew I would cum in a short time.

John felt that I was not working his cock anymore and spun so his body was away from me and he was still sucking my cock. Now I was finished. He was the best cock sucker ever. I was soon really close. To put on a good show I started to beg him not to make me cum. “Please I do not want to lose. Please stop. I can’t take much more.” That just put him into overdrive and I was going to lose. John decided to finish me in style.

John was going to make me cum. I was close. Then he rammed his middle finger deep into my ass. I screamed and before he could stoke his finger more than a couple of times I came. I screamed and fired my load down his throat. I came so hard I was dizzy. John sucked me until I had nothing manisa escort bayan left and my cock almost instantly started to deflate. I had lost. Now it was time to service John.

He screamed in victory and posed with his foot on my defeated cock. He made me pose for a picture like this. Then he grabbed my hair and brought me to me knees in front of him. His cock was bobbing and leaking. I went to suck his great looking cock and started working his shaft on every stroke. John tasted salty and he was quickly getting to the point of no return. I played with his ass and he groaned and came in my mouth. He had a massive load and some dripped down my chin. I kept sucking until I had gotten every drop out of him. John collapsed on the bed and told me to get my ass over to him.

We kissed for a minute and then John got up and got a condom. He got some lube and started to finger my ass and lube me up. It felt amazing. He got two fingers in me and I thought I would cum again. After he got me nice and lubed up he got behind me and rammed his cock deep into me. I screamed in pain and he started to fuck me hard. I was hurting but knew I had to take it. John was calling me a wimp and he smacked my ass while he fucked me. Slowly the pain subsided and it started to feel amazing. John could fuck. He knew he had me turned on and started to tell me that I was a good little Bitch. I started to hump his cock and John was close. I was banging John hard when he came inside me. It felt glorious. I wished he did not have a condom on so I could feel his cum in me, but safety first. John collapsed back on the bed and I was so horny I cannot describe it properly. I had to cum again.

I started to lick John’s cock again and he slowly got hard. I wanted him to suck me again so I got in the same position as in our match and we started to 69. God, he could suck cock. I was a shivering mess in seconds. I could not concentrate on sucking his cock. He deep throated me and I came. I have never felt a BJ like that one. Incredible.

John ended up unloading all over my face one more time before he had had enough. I never enjoyed losing a match more. We had a few other matches. I beat John in our next match. I may write about that one. Great guy and wonderful sexfighter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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