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I Became My Little Sister’s Bitch Ch. 02

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I Became My Little Sister’s Bitch part 2


It has been brought to my attention readers are having a hard time with the pronunciation of two names so here they are phonetically:

Alathia: Al-La-thia Al-lay-thee-ah

Pubert: Pu-Bert, like Hubert with a P.


Tuesday May 24th 2022

Bex is rudely awakened at 5 am by her tormentor, also known as her little sister, who has become her Mistress, Alathia. Groaning, Bex looks at her alarm clock, then rolls back over, “It’s 5 am go away Alathia!”

Alathia anticipated Bex putting up some resistance. She quickly jerks Bex out of bed and then slaps cuffs on Bexs wrists, pinning her hands behind her back. Alathia spins Bex to face the bed and firmly shoves Bex’s upper body onto the bed. Her panty clad ass is sticking out. The mental fog of waking up is still clutching Bex’s brain, but when she realizes she’s cuffed and bent over her bed it causes her crotch to flow like a faucet.

‘Fuck why am I so turned on by this!’ she thinks.

Bex feels Alathia pulling down her panties, slowly, teasingly, revealing Bex’s wet spot. Bex has lost the only thing covering her cute little ass.

Growling, Alathia speaks to her pet, “That was a completely unacceptable greeting to your Mistress pet. Have you forgotten your place so quickly? Maybe I spoiled you too much last night by taking care of you. You should be spanked for this little outburst, but judging by your growing wetness, any normal punishment is hardly a punishment at all to a slut like you!”

Cringing at her little sister’s statement, Bex can’t help but think maybe Alathia’s right. ‘Why am I so turned on by this treatment? Am I slut, is this what I was born to be?’

Alathia says in her dominant and commanding voice, “Your outburst has earned you five strikes … after each strike you will sincerely thank me by saying: ‘Thank you Mistress, for correcting this stupid slut’s behavior.’ Failure to thank me will result in starting over … moving away from me will result in starting over … do you understand my pet?”

Bex inwardly cringes at the prospect of being spanked by her little sister, but whimpers, “Yes Mistress, I understand.”

Bex feels an unfamiliar sensation on her ass, it’s cold and hard. She dares to glance back. Alathia’s holding a wooden paddle with the word “Slut” carved out so it leaves the word behind. Poor Bex’s eyes go huge seeing the intimidating tool. Alathia is handling it like she’s an expert with such devices. Alathia gently rubs the paddle on Bex’s ass, the anticipation is causing Bex to bite her lip. She fights to hold back the indecent sounds she longs to make.

‘What the actual fuck is wrong with me, I’m so turned on by my little sister preparing to spank me, my legs are trembling with anticipation, if my fucking hands were free I’d be …!”

The paddle whistles through the air making a crack pop sound when it connects with her big sister’s defenseless ass. Bex has never experienced such a feeling before. She grunts, holding back her tears. She completely forgets to thank her mistress for the first strike.

“You’ve not thanked me … that one doesn’t count … we start over!” Alathia snickers.

The realization she took a hit that doesn’t count causes Bex to curse herself. Bex bites the sheet preparing for the next hit. The same whistling sound breaks the silence. The paddle makes contact with the big sister’s luscious ass with a crack.

Bex gasps out, “Thank you Mistress, for correcting this slut’s behavior.”

The jolt of the 2nd strike sends pleasure to her pussy, the confusion of being disciplined by her little sister and the pleasure she is feeling is overwhelming poor Bex.

Bex moves from the strike, subconsciously flinching from the strike. “You’ve moved … we start again with one slut.”

Bex is horrified, she’s taken two and has to start over again, she sobs.

“Yes Mistress,” she whimpers and sniffles snot, but with her growing hot and pinking ass, her pussy betrays her, she has never been so wet and ready to be thoroughly fucked.

Alathia begins the process again with a swat.

Bex yelps, “Thank you Mistress, for correcting this slut’s behavior.”

Gasping between sobs, Bex manages to make it through all five swats. Her ass is a bright shade of red. She trembles as Alathia pulls a bottle of lotion from Bex’s drawer.

“I know you’re mad at me (Bex isn’t mad, her horniness overwhelms everything), but these are the bumps in our new relationship, my pet.”

Alathia begins slowly and sensually spreading the cooling lotion over her pet’s cute ass making sure every inch of her big sister’s butt is covered.

She gives her butt cheek a kiss, saying, “Okay pet … it’s time to start our day,” and releases the cuffs but leaves her panties down.

Bex sniffles, “Sorry Mistress, please forgive me.”

Alathia takes her sister’s chin in her fingers, planting a loving kiss on her sister’s lips. “I have … but let’s not make a habit of this … ok pet.”

“Yes, Çeşme Escort Mistress!”

With a wicked smile, Alathia explains to Bex her morning exercise routine. “You’ll do squats … five sets of twenty … each time saying, ‘This is for my cute little butt.’ Next … you’ll do floor crunches … five sets of twenty saying the number and ‘creamy pussy’ after each to keep count. Then you go on a half mile run with me … till we get you in better shape.

“So … before the run my dear sister … you’re going to show me what you can do with that pretty little mouth of yours.”

Still getting used to her new position in life, Bex drops to her knees and slowly pulls down Alathia’s panties. Bex coyly sniffs the panties and sees her sister is also wet from their little episode. Alathia hops up on Bex’s bed, spreading her legs for her hungry older sister to lick her glistening hungry pussy.

Bex can’t help cringing at the sight of Alathia’s well manicured pubic hair. It’s cut in a cute triangle, showing she’s a woman not a child. Unlike the freshly shaved Bex, who feels smaller from seeing her little sister is more a woman then she is. Bex can smell her sister’s excitement. Her growing desire to plunge her tongue deep into her little sister’s snatch has never been so strong as right this moment.

Alathia gasps at the sight of her big sister. “Bex naked on her knees between her legs” has been Alathia’s go to masturbation fantasy for a long time. Seeing it happen is better than she imagined. Alathia is so turned on, she feels like she may burst.

When she feels Bex’s hot breath on her wet snatch and feels her big sister’s tongue on her pussy for the first time it sends an instant orgasm through Alathia’s body causing her to tremble in excitement.

Bex sees her little sister tremble at the slightest touch and a wicked thought passes through Bex’s mind. ‘Wonder what would happen to my little tormentor if I dove right in?’

Bex attacks Alathia’s pussy like a woman possessed. She laps and teases the outer walls of her labia. Her big sister’s unrelenting assault is too much for Alathia to take. She is on the verge of screaming and that would be bad. She catches herself and shoves Bex’s head away from her crotch.

After catching her breath she says, “Tsk tsk tsk … you naughty little slut Bex … trying to make me scream out like that … naughty naughty.” She strokes Bex’s hair, “I want you to take your time … to worship my pussy … you’re going to become familiar … intimate with it … my slutty pet.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

‘Why does Alathia’s praise at me being a great pussy licker make me very happy and very horny.’

“Ohhh … you naughty girl… you will finish that task … when mom and dad leave for work.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

‘Why does the chance to bury my head in my sister’s pussy make me so wild and wet.’

Alathia picks up a bag of workout clothes by the door handing it to Bex. She reaches in and pulls out a pink shirt that belonged to Alathia when she was twelve and a matching set of shorts that will barely cover her ass.

Bex looks at the clothes and timidly says, “Um … these clothes are incredibly too small for me Mistress.”

“Nonsense my slut pet.”

Alathia takes the shirt and helps Bex into it like a parent would a child, causing Bex to cast her eyes down in shame. The shirt fits, although it ends a few inches below her chest. Alathia sees Bex is feeling embarrassed from her new workout gear, so she seizes the opportunity to drive the screws home on Bex.

“Wow that shirt was tight on me at twelve … but it fits you perfectly … not tight at all … it’s ridiculous … see Bex … you’re not a woman … you’re a child … this proves it … don’t you think?”

Looking down, Bex squeaks out, “Yes, Mistress.”

She motions Bex forward saying, “Time for the shorts, take your panties off first.”

Her big sister steps into the shorts and pulls them up. Her ass hangs out obscenely. The crotch barely covers her clit while her lips hang out of the sides. Bex is shocked at how uncomfortable these shorts are. And these are her work out clothes! She looks like a common street walker in this outfit.

Alathia motions for Bex to do a spin. Bex completes the turn for her Mistress, turning a shade of red.

Alathia claps softly, “Oh my Bex … you look better than I hoped you would.”

“Thank you, Mistress, for the generous compliment.” Bex’s eyes are cast down. She barely has anything resembling clothes on.

The two sisters go on the half mile run. Poor Bex is struggling. She’s so out of shape she is struggling to finish the run. Alathia’s running behind Bex motivating her with hard slaps to her still tender bottom, saying, “Let’s go pet!” She slaps her older sisters ass progressively harder to motivate her sloth of a sister. Bex yelps at the constant assault on her delicate rear. An unforeseen side effect of the shorts is the constant stimulation to poor Bex’s clit. The entirety of her crotch is one Çeşme Escort Bayan big wet spot, soaked through with pussy juice.

When the sisters make it home, Bex is in rough shape, huffing and spitting, trying to catch her breath. Alathia begins gently stroking her big sisters back in a caressing manner.

“It’s ok Bex … breath babe … breath …. I’m going to get your shower ready for you … you take your time … you did amazing … you make sure to shave everywhere … I’ll leave your uniform and accessories for you to change into.”

Bex is still catching her breath, but manages to gasp out, “Yes, Mistress.”

Alathia helps her big sister into the shower, saying, “Oh and Bex … please resist the urge to play with yourself … you must learn some self control … I know for a slut like you that’s difficult … you crave orgasms … but let’s try some self control … okay slut.”

Whimpering inwardly at her sudden loss of bodily autonomy, Bex whispers. “Yes, Mistress.”

If Bex thought she’d hit rock bottom she was sadly mistaken. Alathia forbidding her to masterbate is a new blow to her psyche. She’s always run more on the horny side. Her body is betraying her every chance it gets.

Not wanting to displease her Mistress, Bex does as instructed. She pulls her shirt off and throws it on the floor. She slides her shorts off and can’t help noticing the wet spot in the crotch. Alathia snatches the shorts away from Bex examining the crotch.

“My oh my … look at this … someone is enjoying her new role in life … aren’t you my little slut … huh?”

Bex is blushing, her eyes are cast down, her embarrassment washes over her, and the twinge of pleasure and wetness from her pussy is growing again.

“Yes, Mistress, I live to serve.”

‘Where the fuck did that come from … I live to serve!’ Bex’s mind screams at her while she desperately tries to clear the sexual haze clouding her mind.

Alathia motions for her big sister to get in the shower and remains in the bathroom monitoring her sister’s shower routine. Feeling the water wash away the thin layer of sweat from her aching body gives her a moment to try and regain her sense of self. The water helps make the sexual fog clear.

‘This is it, after this shower, I’m putting an end to Alathia’s fucking games.”

However, this is not Alathia’s first time breaking someone to her will. She has been watching Bex’s body language waiting … and is ready ….

Turning off the shower Bex exits the shower drying off, “Sis ….”

Alathia cuts Bex off by grabbing her throat and giving her a deadly stare. The little sister slowly caresses her big sister’s cheek with the back of her hand running her thumb over her sister’s pouty little lips.

“Shhh … I’m going to overlook what you were thinking … because I know that the transition period is bumpy … full of ups and downs … but you’ve been so good this morning … let’s not ruin your Mistress’ mood.”

She gives her big sister a deep sensual kiss and Bex’s sexual haze comes back tenfold and with a vengeance. Her resistance crumbles, her next coherent thought is: ‘Why is Alathia helping me dress ….’

Alathia proceeds to help her sister into her maid outfit. She does her makeup in a modern look, one that a young girl learning makeup would have. Bex catches sight of herself in the mirror and can’t believe she looks so young, no one would confuse her for being an adult.

Taking in her exquisite work, Alathia claps in excitement, “You’re coming along so well my pet … you look amazing.”

Bex blushes because her Mistress has given her a compliment. Alaitha continues to dress Bex, further driving home that she’s a child and Alaitha is the parental figure. Next, Alathia presents the pink pumps. Bex cringes at the inhumane torture devices, which are locked on her feet with a golden heart lock.

“Although you are all done getting dressed … we still have another step before we’re finished.”

Reaching in the cabinet, Alathia pulls out two objects. One is a small silver egg, the other is a collar of some sort. Alathia sets her phone up to begin recording.

“This is your recorded confession … you want me to be your owner … and you’re submitting to me completely.”

Casting her eyes down Bex whimpers a pathetic, “Yes, Mistress.”

Alathia groans, “No no no … that won’t do … hold your head up … be proud of being my pet and personal fuck toy … AGAIN!”

Bex raises her head, looks straight into the camera and says, “Hello everyone. I’m Bex Reid and I’m a total slut. I’ve asked my little sister, Alaitha, to be my Mistress so she can keep me from becoming a pregnant unemployed slut.”

‘What the fuck I made my situation 10 times worse … fuck Bex … what were you thinking … but pleasing Mistress feels right.’

“Bravo bravada … that was excellent, my little slut … I almost believed you for a second … I have a gift for you… this slave collar is from the Imperium Collection … Escort Çeşme its state of the art … like a fit bit on steroids … I’ll know your excitement levels … where you are … it has a camera to show me what you’re doing … aren’t you a lucky girl.”

Bex says, through clenched teeth, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Kneel slut.” Alathia secures the collar around her neck, it locks in place, “You belong to me, slut … hahaha.” She recovers her phone and stops the recording, “We need to get this toy in your sloppy, soaked pussy pet.”

Alathia shows Bex the egg smiling, giggling, and laughing. “You’re gonna love this …it’s a remote control egg … it’s set to my phone.”

Bex says, “Yes, Mistress,” with a subtle groan.

Alathia turns Bex around saying, “Place your hands on the counter … bend over.”

The maid clad Bex leans over and feels her little sister lift the back of her skirt revealing her panties. ‘Brat’ is written across her ass, which draws a giggle from Alathia and a flash of embarrassment from Bex. Alathia plays with the elastic band teasing her sister, then she quickly pulls her panties down in one swift motion, unveiling Bex’s greatest asset.

With the egg securely in her fingers, Alathia begins rubbing it along Bex’s wet slit, drawing some illicit sounds from the older sister. The toy slides home deep into Bex’s dripping snatch with no resistance, if anything, her body welcomes the toy gratefully.

Leaning close, Alathia whispers, “You’re such a slut.”

Alathia slips her fingers into Bex’s mouth and the older sister takes her little sister’s fingers hungrily, licking her own juices from the fingers.

She moans around the fingers like a bitch in heat, “Yess … Mistressss.”

“Are you coming to accept your new position … my little slut?”

Biting her lower lip in a bit of a pout, Bex says, “Yes, Mistress.”

‘Wait why am I going along with this … wake up Bex … you’re the big sister here!’

By pulling her phone out and touching a few quick buttons, the toy, buried in Bex’s wet pussy, comes to life, drawing obscene sounds from the currently pink tinted lips of Alathia’s big sister.

“Oh … you like that pet … huh … go down to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for the family.”

Suddenly, the toy kicks into high gear, creating the most intense feelings within Bex. She smashes her thighs together. It is all she can do to ride the intense experience that’s bringing on the oh-so- needed release.

She whimpers, “Oh … yes …fuck so good … so good … so close … so close.” As the edge of her climax approaches, the toy shuts off leaving a dejected Bex pleading with Alathia, “Please, Mistress, please, may I touch myself?”

Alathia grins as she begins recording this new unscheduled performance, the more the better after all.

“I didn’t quite hear what you said. Do you want to repeat it?”

Bex drops to her knees pleading, “Please Mistress, please, let me touch my slutty pussy for you, let me be a slut for you, please Mistress!”

With the biggest of grins, Alathia grabs her sister by the back of her hair, yanking her head back and kissing her deeply, she quietly says, “No.

“You’re my slave … your purpose is to give pleasure not get it … it’s time you started learning that.”

Alathia’s absolute cold demeanor renders another body shot to her big sister’s poor mental health.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Alathia grins, “The best part is … that new toy currently wedged snugly in your pussy … you’ll never climax … it’s linked to your collar and when you get too close … it shuts off … isn’t that quite sadistic?”

All the color drains from poor Bex’s face with the realization her day is going to be a long one. She’s going to be kept in a constant state of arousal. This feeling of needing release is going to be a problem for her all morning. Her only hope is maybe Alathia will show her mercy.

“Pet … go start breakfast for the family … after my shower … I’ll be relaxing in the living room … do make sure you check on me from time to time, my pet.”

Bex says, between clenched teeth, “Yes, Mistress,” drops a curtsey and leaves the bathroom.

Bex looks up how to cook bacon and eggs on YouTube. She begins with some of the easier tasks, like setting the table and putting on the coffee pot. Bex is lost in her work and trying to move as efficiently as possible in her ridiculously tall high heels, her calves and feet are killing her.

Then the egg activates again. Bex’s body trembles. The pleasure she’s being given makes her gasp, hard. Bex tries to steady herself, but to no avail. The young lady falls to her knees. Her body quivers. She involuntarily starts humping the air trying to get some relief. She’s acting like a bitch in heat. None the wiser, Alathia is recording her sister’s little whimpering session.

The egg shuts off, leaving Bex in an extremely flustered and frazzled state. Bex is immensely frustrated, ‘No no no why I was so close.’ She is on the edge of breaking down in tears. Her frustration is cut short by a laughing Alathia.

“Oh you silly slut … I told you … you’re going to be on edge all day … I do hope you can keep it together through breakfast with Mom and Dad … cause that could be embarrassing.”

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