I am most definitely Not a Witch

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of rough, reluctant, dubiously consensual, or non-consensual sex.


Please note that all sexual situations involve adults 18 or older, and of course it is pure fantasy. This is my first effort in this category and it is my longest story without chapters. If you are looking for a quick spank story, you may want to drop it now. Check out Clair Conner or Shylo Morra if you want that! Now… off to the 13th century!

I am most definitely not a Witch.

A Goat Herder has no business with the devil. The closest we come to the shadowy side of science is with our herbs and poultices, but those are just for cuts and burns.

Mother is the County Birthing Maid though, and I will be one after I turn into a full woman. She pulls the calves and billys and lambs from their mother’s womb. Slender hands are a family trait and a vital one for the community. The Blacksmith will pass on his broad shoulders and thick back to his sons, so they can continue in their father’s stead. With the birth of animals, if you don’t have strong but slender hands, you will lose a lot of livestock in the birthing, and often the mother will die if we can’t get her offspring through the channel.

My sisters and I were anxiously waiting for the first of May, when we would have the Ceremony of Womanhood, and I would advance into the title of Birthing Submaid. My sister Sarah was two years behind me, and she would move into my spot as the senior Town Herder. She would get my bed to sleep in on her own! Even my other two sisters would be pleased to have the extra room in their small cot.

I would be moving into the pens, to work with the small animals that need extra care. It would be tough work, with long hours, but I was filled with pride, to follow my mum into this proud profession.

It was always sad to give up a goat, but knowing that it will be shared with joy is what makes shepherding so fulfilling. Some of us called this one Curly. We were not to name them, but this one caught our attention, as he loved to jump on everything, even doing flips through the air! It was sad to have his number come up, but the day of Womanhood was very special for any community, so his sacrifice would be especially honorable.

But still… he brought us so many smiles that it was sad to see him go.

All of the girls that had seen 18 seasons of snow, where gathered around the Witches Wall, waiting for the Priest. There were no accused Witches again this fall, so the sacrifice of the goat could be performed here. There were no stalls open on this day, so we stood there with Curly, shivering. Sarah was attending the goat, as the new Senior Town Herder, and she would get a front row seat for the ceremony,…as it was.

She hugged Curly, with more than the cold on her mind. I had a tear in the corner of my eye too. Five of the other girls were shepherds, but they lived in other areas of the County so we did not know them well.

“Come on girls, let’s get on with it,” the fat old Priest called out as he finally arrived. “I have other duties to attend to!” He was never a pleasant fellow.

He approached Curly, withdrawing a slender blade from his sleeve, but then he stopped and turned to his small audience.

“Last Spring you were all girls, and today you are all women!” he shouted and bowed his head, putting his hands together in prayer. The rest was in Latin I suppose but the final word we all knew.

“Mortem,” the Priest declared as he pushed the blade into Curly’s throat.

I only had a moment to mourn for my hooved friend before the man of God stood before me.

“You are now a Woman of North Cumberland. God make you bountiful!” He sang and drizzled a little blood on my white skirt, then he moved to anoint his next subject and so on, repeating the mantra for all 12 of us.

Sarah looked at me with awe, as I had stared just the year before when I held the sacrificial goat. That one had no name, and I couldn’t even remember what he looked like.

“I shall never name another,” Sarah whispered, with tears flowing down her cheeks.

The butcher hurried over and the Priest gave him the goat with a few more sacred words, then the butcher loaded the blessed carcass onto a trolley and the duo teetered toward the cooking tents.

I was sure that Sarah and I would never forget Curly.

All of the New Women of the town were considered guests for tonight’s celebration, which meant that I only had the task of making myself look beautiful, and mum was there to help. My sisters were all off helping with the preparations for the festival.

We washed and braided my hair, then I squeezed into my clean underdress and new white flannels and corset. It pushed my breasts so high, and when laced, made it hard to breath, but I knew that the looks on the faces of the men of my village would be very different now that I was a woman.

“There are four Squires and one Knight in town, and they will serve as the King’s Emissary,” she explained as she fussed with the dried flowers that were stitched into my gown.

“As such,” bahçelievler escort she continued, “they have the right to bed any woman in this town, but they will certainly choose only New Women on this special day.” She was smiling as she instructed me, which told me that she was forcing herself to smile. The wrinkles in her forehead told me that she was worried.

“Of course it would be a privilege to be picked, even an honor to the family… but it would be better if you didn’t look too desirable tonight,” she finished, with her eyes cast down.

“If you are worried about my inner flower mother, I swear to you that it is still intact,” I hurried to assure my troubled mum.

I saw a different look in her eyes. One of bad memories.

“They will not care about your flower, Jenny. You will be fortunate if they care enough to stop pleasuring themselves when you start to bleed,” she murmured with tears brimming her eyes.

I had heard that the first time could be painful, but I felt certain that I could handle it.

“I will be fine, mother and if it’s God’s will that these Guardians of our Land plant their seeds in me, then I will gladly accept their advances with an open heart,” I assured her, with reference to our sacred lessons.

The white dress that I wore this morning was re-cut as a sash, with the blood stain prominent on the front. It draped from my left shoulder to my right hip. All of the New Women could be recognized this way.

The remainder of the new white fabric would be saved for me to make underclothes for my children, when the Lord so blessed me. Mother would clean it and fold it and place it in my Chest of Hope with all things that would help me start my own family someday soon. Only rich folk actually had chests though. Mine was a sack in Mother’s quarters.

Music spilled into the streets from the public drinking rooms and dance halls. I walked hand in hand with my mum as we skipped to the Great Tent for the party. Sarah had four seats at a long table that she managed to save, with our little brother Carlson.

My father died well over a decade ago when a bridge that he was working on collapsed and he was pinned underwater. Carlson’s father was also a stone mason, but he was off to war in the far South, and there was seldom good news from there.

Our sisters, Shannon and Heather would be delivering plates and tankards in the clergy tent, which included the elderly and the beggars. They were too young to be anywhere near the townsmen when there was drinking and other debauchery afoot. They would be safe among the Church men.

Here in the Great Tent there would be singing and dancing, after the feast, and the New Women were all expected to stay until midnight, or until a Nobleman took her to his bed. Sarah took Carlson home after the first few songs, which were classic family songs about love and loyalty. Mother stayed with me, though other mothers left their daughters to fend for themselves.

We danced together, happy to be free women, with full bellies and a warm fire in our hearth and our hearts.

Eventually, the songs turned from ones of fealty and bountiful harvests, to the lusty kind that rhymes about a woman’s charms, so we headed to our table.

“Are you two sisters?” a drunken voice caught up with us, just as we sat.

We turned to find a regally dressed Horseman with a beautifully feathered hat, smiling at us. His silk vest was more than enough finery to label him as a Nobleman’s servant, but his hat was quite distinct, with the feather of some exotic bird in it’s rim.

We tried to ignore the intrusion. Mother tried to position me beyond the man’s sight.

“You, woman!” he loudly called.

Mother turned to give him a stern eye.

“I am Seine, the Chief County Healer and Birthing Maid. A married woman my good Sir, and this is my daughter Jenny,” she introduced us.

“Well, perhaps you two would be so kind as to follow me to another party? It’s in the Mayors Lodge, so you will be perfectly safe,” he offered – even before we had the chance to consider our safety an issue.

“We are quite fine here sir, and it has been a long day, so I hope that you will accept my kiss, and my appreciative declination of your fine offer,” Mother carefully chose her words to suggest that she had more education, which would imply that she has powerful friends.

Mother rose up and came to the aisle to give the minor servant a peck on the cheek. I took the opportunity to look over at the man, noting that his silk vest was stained and his trousers were weeks late for a trip to the laundry.

As mother brushed his grimy cheek with her lips, he turned and pushed his stubbled face onto hers with his tongue leading the way. His one hand went to mum’s breast while the other encircled her waist.

Mother spun out of his grasp like a spirited girl and returned to her seat.

“I suppose you think that I was just offering you a chance to drink some of the best wine in the County and rub shoulders with the finest of the King’s Gentlemen, bahçelievler escort bayan but you are a New Woman, so I must insist that you follow me,” he commanded and he turned to walk away.

A good citizen knows when to obey and when to question. We both jumped to our feet and hastened to follow.

There was a fist fight going on in front of the Mayor’s home, but it was totally one-sided. A bare chested man with broad muscular shoulders was pummeling two Horsemen from the Mayor’s stable. They quickly ran, when the brute was distracted by our arrival.

“What have you brought me, Gimpy?” He slurred a bit as he teetered there. “These townsmen can’t fight worth a damn!” he cussed.

He was taller than a horse and certainly looked more powerful than a bull.

“These are two vixens from the Public Tent Lord. They heard about how gorgeous and powerful you are, and they had to see for themselves,” he lied.

“Thank you my man, but I couldn’t possibly fuck two more of their New Women…” he started, while I jumped in shock at the proposal.

His eyes followed me. They didn’t miss things, even when the Master was drunk.

“On second thought, you take the older sister Gimpy, and get her warmed up for me. I’ll start with the New girl, er, sorry, I mean Woman,” and he bowed to me, taking my hand and bringing it to his lips. I could not help but admire his mane of blond hair, with a hint of red.

“We really must get home,” Mother started, while reaching for my hand. “My husband would not be happy with this conduct Gentlemen, especially while he is at war for our King!” she energetically insisted.

Before she could pull me away, the Knight twirled me out of her reach.

“Off to war, is he?” the Knight repeated mother’s feign.

“That means that you have Liberty, doesn’t it, Woman?” His eyes were not so drunk anymore.

“Well, technically that is true Sir, but I am too old, and Jenny is too young and frail for a mighty man of war such as yourself!” She could feel herself losing the argument as the half naked man looked up and down her daughter’s nubile young body.

“Oh please my Liege,” she begged. “Please let me take my daughter’s place, she will not please you the way that I have learned, please take me,” mother begged to my wide mouthed horror.

“You are a spirited woman,” he said with amusement in his voice. “Take her and share her, but don’t hurt her, I may want a turn later,” he instructed his Page, then he turned to me.

Mother was half dragged to a back room by two senior Pages, while she called out for the Mayor or his wife, but no one answered her pleas.

The Gentleman took my hand gently, then he turned toward the guest quarters and I did not resist. He was a Nobleman, so it was not my place to question his actions.

I could hear laughing from the back of the house, but mother did not come back to me.

The Knight opened the door to his temporary dwelling and hustled me through the vestibule, spinning me around as he followed after me.

“I’m too tired to fight you girl, so I’ll need you to undress both of us,” he told me, standing there with his feet, shoulder width apart.

Stripping in front of a strange man is not something I have experience with, so I hesitated only a second, then realized that I could delay any carnal action by undressing the handsome Knight first.

His heavy leather belt held up pants made from bear hide. The quality of his boots was only highlighted by the studs and gems that adorned the cuffs.

When he was down to his riding shorts, he pulled them off himself.

Of course I had seen a penis before, even a stiff one. Nothing prepared me for the masterpiece in front of me.

“Yes, you may put your mouth upon it,” the Knight offered as he lay back on his bed.

I could have been impressed by the size of the bed, but it was his pickle that I couldn’t take my eyes off of.

Before I could even start to disrobe, a small side door opened and the Knight’s Horseman came into the room, without so much as a knock or even the clearing of his throat! He scurried in without any hesitancy regarding the naked cock. He whispered for a moment in his lord’s ear, then stood to one side.

“It seems that your mother is especially skilled with her mouth, and she wants me to save some time for her to pleasure me,” he spoke without sitting up, his feet still on the floor with his boots on. “Your Mother is better than most, girl. I hope you appreciate that.” He paused to let his wisdom sink in.

“Okay let’s get on with it,” he sang out as he sat up. “Can you strip a little faster?”

I pulled the sash off and the grimy Horseman stepped forward to take it.

“Are you not going to leave us?” I hissed at the nosy man.

“Ignore him! He has no eyes nor ears in this room. Now get on with this, your mother awaits!” The Knight was getting angry.

I hastened to please him. The dress fell to the floor quickly but the unseeing, unhearing Horseman had to help me with the corset ties. I doubted that escort bahçelievler this was his first time.

When the corset hit the floor he came up with the skirts of my underclothes, pulling them completely over my head, such that I stood there with my body exposed. When I brought my hands back down I did not cover myself, though I badly wanted to do just such.

“Very nice, my Liege,” the Horseman whispered, while drinking in my nakedness.

“More!, and a tongue will be lost tonight,” the Knight cursed and his servant bowed low and whimpered as he backed away to the wall. His eyes stayed downcast.

The King’s Emissary sat up again and extended his hands to me.

“Please see if you can bring some life to this miserable traitor,” the Gentlemen implored me.

Just for a second, I thought he referred to his Horseman, but I quickly recovered my wits and approached the poor pickle.

The light of the lanterns made my flesh glisten. The sweat beading on my brow didn’t help either. I thought that I should keep eye contact with a man like this, but his eyes were feeding on my form, so I concentrated on his manly equipment.

The cock itself was not really flaccid. It had it’s head bowed, almost to his hairy sack, but it was not soft, like I had mostly seen. As I approached it started to perk up a bit. I did not touch anything as I knelt before my Knight. Perhaps he felt my breath as I neared, or the little head took notice of my nakedness. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the Horseman, sneaking a few steps closer to see better.

I put the distraction out of my head, and proceeded with my duty.

Having only heard the banter of the scrub maids, I knew not what to do, but the Knight had enough experience for both of us. His hands went to the top of my head, as if to anoint me. He gently pushed my head down onto his manhood.

There was nothing to do but open wide, and I did just that.

Then I saw that the attendant was very close and he was wiggling his tongue at me. I realised that he was showing me what I needed to do.

With a little revulsion, but no modesty, I started to lick the sides of his cock as it finished expanding to full size. It still looked like a pickle, but now it was curved up, instead of down, and perhaps a bit plumper.

Soon I had the cock clean, but I saw my instructor pointing lower, so I pressed the cock higher to clean the ball sack.

Finding the tool difficult to handle, I wrapped my hand around it. I could feel thick veins on the sides, and then it pulsed!

I jumped up and away with a gasp.

“Don’t worry girl, it does not have a mind of its own, though I sometimes blame my transgressions on him,” he laughed, making light of the situation.

“Let’s finish your passage to Womanhood,” he insisted.

His hands found my hips as I stepped closer and he lifted me off of the floor with no effort at all. The ruggedly handsome Knight pulled me onto his lap with my knees on either side of him, while his servant reached between us with his hand.

“Oh my!” I shouted without meaning to, when I felt the moisture of whatever cream the Horseman had applied to my puffy lower lips.

The tip of his cock pushed against my mound, but it did not find the slit right away.

The attendant’s hand went into action again as he reached in and used his thumb and index finger to spread me wide for his Liege.

“Hmmm,” the knight murmured. “I guess I still have it, Gimpy,” he called to his man. I had no idea what he had, but his shaft filled me, and it felt very new and exciting to me.

I felt a trickle on my thighs, and thought that my Master had finished already, as mother had explained what to expect, but we were not finished by a long way.

His hands went to my breasts, again taking my breath away, with a tingly feeling coming from all over my body.

I wanted to kiss his face and his thick corded neck! Perhaps I could touch his chest?

“Proceed,” he commanded.

Not knowing what he wanted, I again turned my eyes to the ever present Horseman.

He started lifting himself onto his tip toes, then down with a squat.

Of course! I should have known that he expected me to make love to him!

I lifted myself up, but going too far, the pickle pulled out. Gimpy rushed in to reposition the cock, and he lingered a bit on my private parts, perhaps he even rubbed a bit.

Down and back up I went, and this time I didn’t go overly high on the backstroke. It felt like nothing I had ever felt in my short life. I struggled to breath. The beads of sweat turned into rivulets, trickling down my neck and causing my titties to glisten with moisture.

Now the giant Knight was looking right into my eyes. I guess I had truly revived him. I quickened my pace, coming down hard on every descent. All I could hear was heavy breathing and the slap of our bodies coming together on the down-stroke.

The good Knight took my small titties in his hands and used them to shift me faster and harder. He came in close and pressed his tongue deeply into my mouth, dancing with my tongue in a way that I did not know could be done. My mind was lost! I began to shutter and quake. Though my eyes were wide like a frightened fawn, my vision was reduced to a much smaller size, with only my Master at the center. All strength left me as I spasmed on his cock! I was filled with energy. I had no control over it, yet it was the most wonderful thing I had ever felt.

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