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Husband Becomes Gay Slave

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I am a married male who was seeking a little bi fun. I responded to an ad I found on the internet. There were 2 bi guys looking for a third. They were dominant and it worked out that I was submissive. We chatted on the phone a few times and I felt good about meeting them in a bar near there place. We met and decided to head back to their place for some fun.

They agreed to take it easy on me since I was new to this. We got undressed and they took my clothes away. I was very nervous but they got right to it. I was told to suck one of them and I felt the other probing my ass with a lubed up finger. He was very gentle fucking my virgin ass while I sucked his buddy. Joe who was in my ass was about 7.5″ and Sam was about 8″ and thick.

Sam started face fucking me and I gagged but kept going until he flooded my mouth with cum. Joe pulled out and came on my face. They told me to lay there and lick all the cum off my face. I did as I was told and then they gave me back my clothes. I was told to be back there Friday afternoon at 1pm. I told them that was perfect since my wife would be out of town for the weekend.

I showed up at their place on Friday and was told to take off my clothes and go shower. I did as I was told and then I stepped out of the shower and there was a woman to guide me out to the living room. I was shocked and embarrassed but was in şişli escort for even more of a shock when we walked into the living room and there were 10 guys in there. Shirley who is Joe’s girlfriend informed me that I was to be the fuck and suck slave for this gay/bi group and I was to do whatever they said while she took pictures.

I was groped and grabbed by each of the guys as the orgy started. Immediately I was surrounded by guys. I felt a guy probing my ass with his fingers and 2 cocks in front of me. I sucked off the first 2 guys while I was fucked in the ass by a huge cock. He pulled out and came on my stomach and I was told to scoop it up and eat the cum.

I took on all 10 guys several times each over the next 12 hours. I came twice without even having my cock touched and both times was forced to lick it all up. I ate all of their cum even out of condoms when they came in my ass.

I left there at 1 in morning with both my jaw and my ass sore. I was told to go home and they would be calling me soon to meet again.

It was later the next week when they called and told me they had another gang bang planned with some new guys they met and wanted me there that evening. I said no way my wife is home. Joe told me I’d better or Shirley would deliver the pics to my wife.

I lied to my wife and was on my way out. I got beşiktaş escort there and showered. I came out and there were 3 guys for me to take care of. I sucked one, had one in my hand and another in my ass. They had all been tested at the local health clinic so Joe said they would not use condoms. The first guy came in my ass as the other came down my throat. The third guy went for my ass and fucked me hard until he came. I was given my clothes and told to go down to the corner gas station to clean up.

I drove down there with cum leaking out of my ass and went into the stall. The stall door was kicked in and there was another guy and he told me to suck him. I did as I was told and Shirley was there taking pics of me in the bathroom sucking cock. He came on my face and they left. I slowly cleaned up and drove home.

I didn’t hear from them for about a week and then they wanted me to come over on our anniversary. I told them no way and went out with my wife. I was wondering what the punishment would be and was worried when I didn’t hear from them for a week. I came home from work one Friday and there was Shirley sitting on our couch showing my wife pics of my fun.

I turned beet red and my wife calmly told me that she was leaving me. I begged her not to and she said she might agree but only if I would never expect sex again from her. fındıkzade escort I was told that I would belong to her, Shirley, Joe and Sam as there slave and if I didn’t agree the pictures would go to my boss and coworkers. I agreed and became their slave.

I watched my wife have sex with many of the men from the 20 person group Joe and Sam formed of bi guys who were willing to be tested and only have sex in the group. I was the cum slut and the ass they fucked. I became the center of many parties where my wife invited her friends over to watch me get fucked and take loads and loads of cum on me and in me.

One night all 20 guys fucked me before the each came in my mouth and on my face.

This all ended for me after about a year when I was tired of watching my wife have sex and was not even allowed to fuck her or any of the men with my cock and I went out one night with a girl that came onto me at a mini mart. I should’ve been suspicious but I wasn’t. We went back to her place and started to fuck and just at that minute Joe and my wife burst in and pulled me off of her. Then Joe pulled out his cock and began to fuck her while I watched.

As were leaving my wife told me that there would be harsh punishment for me for stepping out on her. I was to go home and she was going back to Joe and Sam’s place for the night. I went to work the next day and there was my boss and secretary looking at my pictures posted out on a gay website. I didn’t lose my job but wished I did and when I got home my wife filed for divorce. I packed my stuff and moved out to a 1 room apartment wishing I had never answered that ad.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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