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Hurts So Good

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Authors note: This is something I wrote a few years ago, and although I don’t like it nearly as much as my recent material I thought maybe others, “YOU” would. Enjoy.



I watched as you sat on your couch, blissfully unaware of anyone else’s of anyone else near you. The T.V was tuned to the Law and Order S.V.U, which seems kind of ironic. You are not even paying attention you are too focused on attending to the needs of your body. I don’t blame you your body is highly enticing and would make anyone do something stupid for it.

Your shirt is lifted up to your neck exposing your perfectly pert breasts, both nipples are erect from you playing with them. Grabbing and tugging on your nipples I hear you groan in pleasure, making my mouth water. You are using your left hand only now, kneading them harder, almost abusing them. Your right hand is slowly making its way down to your waistband.

I involuntarily lick my lips as I find myself wishing your hand to move faster. Your hand disappears under the cloth and I find myself willing you with my mind to just pull them down. Your hand moves a few times underneath but you grow frustrated and I get my wish. Your sweatpants are now down to your knees. I feel my own crotch twitch with need as I stare at you. Your pussy is freshly waxed and gleaming with your play already.

Fingers quickly go back to work to what they were doing before. Teasing your clit you gasp as you enter a finger deep inside yourself. You abandon your breasts altogether and use one hand to penetrate as hard and deep as you physically can. While the other is rubbing generously around your clit.

Taking a few steps forward from my hiding place, I groan softly when I hear your moans. You are very close to achieving your goal. You still don’t notice me as your eyes are closed I’m sure imagining your sweetheart. Your face becomes contorted and I can’t help but reach out to touch your newly shaven legs. It’s smooth and invigorating to my senses.

A sharp terrified gasp is emanated from you. I look at your face and see you are shocked to see me. Why wouldn’t you be? You were home alone as far as you knew.

“What the fuck?” You yell at me. I only grin as I watch you struggle to grab composure. Your hands are attempting to cover your nakedness and you are desperately looking around for something. You see it and reach for it forgetting how exposed you are.

“Don’t unless you want a bullet to the head.” The words make you halt just centimeters from touching your phone. You look at my face to see if I am bluffing. A click that sounds like gears locking into place, comes from inside my hoodie pocket. It is enough to convince you that I just pulled the hammer back on a gun.

“Please,” your hands are now covering your body from my view again. “I have money, if you promise to go now I will give it to you, I won’t even call the police.” Your voice is cracked and you look like you could cry at any moment. The fear only excites me more.

“It’s not your money I want beautiful,” I say with ragged breath. Your face looks a few shades whiter than it was only seconds before. I force myself to take a deep breath. My body is shaking with anticipation with what I am about to do. I can’t afford to make any mistakes from this point on. “Stand up.” I calmly tell you. I motion from inside my hoodie jacket to remind you what I have.

Obeying you stand up slowly, your knees are shaking violently from fear. Your shirt falls covering your front again, and I allow you to bend down to pull up your sweatpants. “Now walk to the bedroom.” You give in and slowly start your way to your assumed room. When you notice me bend down to pick something up you take your chance and run up the stairs. I am faster though and I run after you, catching up as you try and slam the door in my face. I push past easily.

Panic is in your eyes when I grab you and toss you face first onto the bed. I climb on top pinning you roughly as you struggle to get me off of you. You are making it difficult for me to control you, so I grab you by the neck and pinch hard. “Stay still,” I demand. You freeze like a cat. Taking both your hands I bring them behind you Ataşehir Escort and use the duct tape I had. I wrap the tape around your wrists to bind them together with your fingers locked together.

Pulling you to the end of the bed I loop my fingers under your waistband and drag my nails down your legs as I take off the hindering things. When your ass is bared to me I enjoy running my hands across it, groping and pinching it.

“Please, you don’t have to do this.” You beg me. I press my hips hard into your ass, making sure you feel the hardness in my pants.

“Oh, but I do. I need you.” I am making my way back up your legs when I notice how wet your pussy is from your own antics earlier. My face is so close it is inevitable, your aroma is intoxicating. I run my tongue along your slit caressing it. You taste even better, I keep tasting you licking your clit lightly. I hear you say something, but I ignore you. I am heavily invested in what I am doing. My tongue probes deep inside you. I am practically drowned from the wetness that follows.

I remove myself gleeful and watch you panting, I am suddenly feeling too hot. I take off the hoodie I am wearing. The heat from all the adrenaline is killing me. Wearing only a bra now makes it easier to move around.

I drag you off the bed so that you are on your knees. When I walk in front of you the first thing you notice is the knife that I have in my right hand. You look terrified and it pleases me when you try to cower away from my touch.

The back of the knife is at your throat, you don’t move fearing I will nick you. I slowly trace the carotid artery down your neck and just below your shirt. You flinch when you hear fabric tare. I saw through half of the shirt before giving up and just rip the rest of it off of you. When my eyes connect with yours again all fear has left them and pure anger and hatred is looking back at me.

“That was my favorite shirt, you bitch.” You snap at me. I flinch, knowing that I made a mistake.

“Not my problem.” I shrug drop it from my mind and focus at my task again. I look at your now fully exposed body admiring it. Your tits are hard and perky and your pussy is smooth still wet from my tongue bath. I violate you by running my hands and fingers all over you.

One last thing will complete this. I reach in my bag for the last item I brought with me. Two small clamps one in each hand, opening them I put one on each of your nipples. When you cry out in pain I feel the wetness between my own legs grow. I pinch a clamped nipple hoping to hear it again. I get my wish when you give a little scream.

I can no longer keep myself from touching you, and I plunge my right hand deep inside you with no warning. You are wetter than I had anticipated and I slip in easily. Using three fingers I roughly enter you again and again. My free hand pinching one of your nipples while my mouth takes over the other.

It feels like forever, I know you are holding yourself back, refusing me satisfaction. So I focus on finding the one spot I know will make you come, and come hard. Finding it easily enough it only takes a couple of strokes.

“No, wait, please I don’t want to come.” Hearing you beg only makes me more eager so I rub you harder. It doesn’t take much longer, you are coming hard and your legs fold tight around me. Your sweet liquid is squirting out of you. When I pull my hand away from you give a small sigh of relief. I wait for you to finally open your eyes and when you do I stick my fingers in my mouth. I love the reaction you give me, you blush a deep red and turn away refusing to look at me.

I grab your chin forcing you to look back at me. The fingers I had just sucked on your lips. “Open,” I command. You start to shake your head no. My other hand wraps around your neck tight enough so you know I could hurt you if I wanted to but not so hard that you couldn’t breathe. “Open,” I demanded once again. You open your mouth tentatively and I assault it making sure you taste both of us, rubbing my fingers all over your tongue and checks. When I am satisfied you got your fill I removed my hand.

I stand up and circle around you admiring how perfect Kadıköy Escort you are. The trepidation in your eyes has me on edge I could have come right there just from that look alone. I let my sense take you in. My hands roam the softness of your skin, feeling all the little goose bumps that my touch leaves behind. My eyes taking your fearful body stance as you cringe under my hands. My tongue runs the length of your neck tasting the sweat caused by your fear. My ears are ringing from your moans of discomfort. I inhale deeply, your sweat smells like arousal to me.

“Would you like a lollipop?” I ask dead serious forcing you to look me in the eyes. When you say nothing I stand so that my waist is level with your mouth. Shrugging I unzip my pants “I’ll take that as a yes, you do need one.” I pull out my seven-inch purple cock. “Be a good little slut and suck it.”

The look you give me is quizzical, what could I get from you sucking a fake cock. “Go fuck yourself with it.” You say as you spit at me. I laugh wiping the saliva off. Grabbing you by the hair I pull back hard enough to make your body bend back uncomfortably. When I raise my hand as if to back-hand you, you flinch, this tells me you will cooperate. I release my tight grip on your hair but keep my hand tangled in it, to use force if need be.

You open your mouth and I help guide it in. I only let you take as much as you can handle not forcing it in, that would do no good, I only want you to make it wet. After you spend a good amount of time doing that I pull back on your hair removing myself. I stand you up and throw you back to the bed, on your back this time. I top you, but when I try to gain access between your legs, you only hold them tighter together.

“Spread them, or I will flip you over and fuck your ass instead, and I promise that will hurt a lot more than this will.” Your face falls and you give in. Forcing your own body to go against every self-defense it knows. Your eyes close tight and turn away from me.

I take my time, entering you slowly at first. Loving the feeling of the resistance beneath me. I hold tight onto your hips pulling you hard onto me. It only takes a couple of thrusts before I lose myself in you. I am moaning with the effort. Or is that you? I feel your legs wrap tight around my own forcing me even closer to you. We both come spontaneously, and I collapse heaving hard on top of you. I feel the rising of your chest and I savor the feeling for a moment.

I pry myself off of you and slip out. I examined your face I am trying to determine if you have one more round in you. The defiance is still in your eyes as you look at me. Probably wondering if I am finished with you. You have one more lesson to learn I decide. Grabbing your legs I drag you to the edge of the bed and turn you on your stomach so that your feet are touching the ground. This gives me better leverage for what I need.

A slip three fingers deep inside your soaked pussy, you moan and writhe under me, too weak to try and get away anymore. When my hand is sufficiently wet I use my index finger and slowly probe the sensitive skin around your asshole.

“Wait,” You start to protest. But I don’t care. My finger slips easily enough halfway, I keep pushing pas the resistance until it disappears. When I pull it out I twist it and push it back in. I do this a few more times, adding another finger ever third or fourth stroke. Using your natural lubricant to ease the forced friction.

“Please not there, it’s too much.” you try again. You are trying to wiggle out of my grasp again. I firmly hold you down with my left pressing my palm hard on your lower back. Preventing you from moving any further away from me, not that you even made it that far.

“Trust me my beautiful little slut, I have only just gotten started on your ass.” I pull out and before you have time to react I bring my hand back down hard onto your ass. It leaves a nice red welt. You gasp, but other than that you don’t make a sound to my disappointment. Frowning I smack you again even harder in the same spot hoping the tenderness would at least make you whimper. But this time you don’t even grunt.

It’s another Bostancı Escort five or so smacks that are just as hard if not harder before you make another sound. Giving up for the moment I rest my hand on your ass feeling the heat emanating from it. “If I come back and you have moved I promise you will be sorry.”

I walk out of the room praying that you listen, I am bluffing there is nothing else I can think of that I could do to you, that I haven’t already done. I fumble around in the kitchen and find what I am looking for. When I walk back to the bedroom I am pleased to see you have heeded my warning. It doesn’t look like you have moved an inch.

Hiding the object from view as I move back behind you, your body contorts trying to see what I have retrieved. “Turn back around.” I raised my right eyebrow daring you’re to challenge my authority. You cast your eyes and do as you are told. I swing at your as, but not with nearly as much force as I had with just my hand. The wooden spoon connects with a solid smack, and I get what I am waiting for.

A sharp scream is music to my ears. I am greedy and want more. I smack your already tender ass again, eliciting another beautiful scream. I can’t help myself, I hit you again and again until you start crying and begging me to stop. I am breathing heavy from the effort as well as from excitement, I feel you are ready again.

Shoving the cock hard into your pussy I feel no resistance, you are so wet it slips right in. I ram my hips hard into you a few times and pull all the way out. I move the cock a little higher and penetrate your tight hole. Only putting the head in I leave it there, while my fingers find your clit, rubbing hard in little circles, it isn’t long before you are moaning like the slut I know you are.

When I hear the first moan I push in a little further, slowly at first. Halfway in I hear you moan something like you are begging me to do something. I wasn’t sure I heard you correctly, surely I heard wrong. I listen harder.

“Fuck me harder.” Euphoria takes a hold and I can no longer allow myself to be gentle. I slam the cock the rest of the way into you, forcing you to take every inch the hard way. I feel you shake under me, feeling like you are close, I use my free hand and roughly take a hold of whatever amount of hair I can grab and jerk it back forcing you to arc your body almost to the point of standing. You give a final groan and let yourself go limp, I am close behind you and shove my hips into you, once, twice more, before my body shakes hard and I am cursing everything word that comes to mind, which is mostly just ‘Fuck’.

I feel weak but I don’t allow myself to collapse. I need to finish the job. I take off my pants to remove the strap-on from my waist. Grabbing my knife from inside the pocket I advance back at you.

Gingerly I cut away the tape and help you move your arms back to your sides. They must have gotten soar because you are groaning at the effort it takes just to do that. I massage your arms from the shoulders down helping the feeling come back to your limbs and fingers.

When you can wiggle your digits on your own I help you turn over and sit up. As gently as I can I remove the clamps fastened to your nipples, you suck in a deep breath from the pain and slap me. I flinch but laugh all the same. They always hurts worse coming off than they do when I put them on you.

I hand you a small glass of ice water which you take gratefully. As you down the glass I examine the rest of your body making sure no permanent damage is done. When you are done I take the glass back and put it back on the nightstand.

You kiss me on the check and sigh deeply. “That was fantastic.” You groan as I help you crawl up further in the bed. I get us both comfortable and pull you close to me. “I hurt all over though.” You say moaning partly from the pain and partly from the memory of how good it felt.

“Hurts so good?” I say laughing as I kiss your neck softly.

“Yes.” You smile gleefully. “Hurts oh, so, good.”

“By the way, you really did ruin one of my favorite shirts, I am going to get you back for that.” You say as you inch your butt closer to me. I could feel the blood drain from my face. Knowing you I would be suffering one way or another very shortly for what I had done. I look forward to it.


Authors note: I hope you have enjoyed this short, please let me know what you think. Criticism is an author’s fuel!

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