Eki 05

Howard Pt. 04

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“Someone is all happy this morning. What did I miss?” Howard commented as soon as he saw me at work the next morning.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I teased.

“Oh, don’t give me that. Look at you all perky and smiling for no good reason.” Howard continued.

“Can’t a guy just be happy?”

“Nope. Not buying it. The only other times I’ve seen you like that were after we, you know…” Howard glanced around to see who else was within earshot, then whispered “… did it”.

“Did what?” I asked, feigning a confused look.

“You know good and well what I mean. Now you’re just trying to be a pain in the ass.” Howard complained. “On second thought, I’m not interested. Don’t care, don’t want to know.” He turned around and sat down at his desk, giving me my first opportunity of the day to check out his beefy ass and look for the usual underwear lines that always framed it so nicely. He never disappointed.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. “Okay, okay, sorry for not mentioning it yesterday. I didn’t have a lot of details beforehand, so kept it to myself.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere. What was it? Five construction workers all shooting their loads on you at the same time? Or was it a couple of police officers working you over with their night sticks?” Howard lewdly suggested.

“Honestly, where do you come up with this stuff?” I asked.

“Hey, these things happen. I may or may not have taken part in scenes like that with women, doesn’t really matter, but I figured when guys get together they do the same sort of thing.”

“No, it was all perfectly normal, well mostly normal. His name was Mike, the weatherman at channel 9, a nice tipper too.”

“Becky Mickelson at channel 9? I thought she was a woman. I didn’t know she was a man.”

“No not her, you asshole.” Now it was Howard’s turn to annoy me. “The weather guy, Mike Becker, not Becky Mickelson.”

“Hmm, not sure I know him.”

“Bald guy with a beard, works evenings and nights. Anyway, It was great. He even gave me his number, invited me to take a private tour of his dressing room at the station. I might just…”

Howard jumped in. “Man, you’ve got to take me with you. I’ve always wanted to meet Becky. She’s got great tits. They won’t let her stand in profile in front of the camera because her tits are so big. I wouldn’t mind spending a little time with her in her undressing room.” Howard said with characteristic swagger.

“Well, that’s not going to happen.” I shot back. “Have you ever even met her?”

“No, but I did have a date with a girl that worked at the station, must have had an off camera job though, because she had a face for radio. Pity, because her ass was pure dynamite. It would give you a hard on from across the street.”

It was too easy. I could have said the very same thing about Howard and his amazing ass. Instead I changed the topic.

“Say, do you know Pete’s uncle?” I asked.

“The old man, Raj? Sure, he’s a great guy, with a good sense for business. Came to this country, built the motel, and made a bunch of money. What’s not to like about that?” Howard replied. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, Pete happened to mention him the other day. I just wondered if you knew him, that’s all.”

“A friend of a friend introduced us way back when. That’s how I got my start, helping him out as needed, then just kept helping out more and more over the years. I suppose at some point he had enough money and got tired of all the work. Turned the operation over to Pete. As far as I know Raj never participated in any of the action. It was a personal rule of his not to get involved. Despite that, he had this knack for putting the right people together. Somehow he always knew just what they wanted. Amazing really.”

“Don’t look now, but the boss is headed this way. Do me a favor and make it look like you’re actually working.” I interjected with a wry smile.

“You may have lost your virginity last night, but I see you’ve kept your sense of humor.” Howard shot back, before settling down to his desk, checking his email.

Over the next several days, I religiously watched the 6 PM and 11 PM weather forecast, obsessing over Mike’s necktie and imaging what his underwear might look like on that fit body. One day it was green stripes, another it was red paisleys, then a yellow and black plaid. I really needed to follow up with him for that private tour, the curiosity was killing me.

Days later, I was back in Room 101. This time with Pete’s uncle, Raj.

“I’m really looking forward to this” Raj said, “Ever since I saw your video I’ve been asking Pete to set this up.”

“Well,…” I blushed, embarrassed, looking down at the floor.

“Here, I thought this might fit you nicely. It seemed the right size.” Raj said, handing me a brown paper bag.

Raj was a handsome man, and he had a certain confidence about him, which I suppose you would expect for someone that started this type of enterprise. I guessed he was in his early 60s. He was in great Erenköy escort shape, so he could be older, it was hard to tell. He was thin and had beautiful smooth brown skin, just like Pete. Clean shaven, what hair he had was around the sides of his head and completely silver. He was wearing a short sleeve white Oxford shirt, and brown pants. I could see silver tufts of hair on his chest and all over his arms, where his shirt didn’t reach.

I was curious where this was headed, given that Howard said he didn’t participate in any of the sexual adventures. Were we going to have sex? I wasn’t even sure he was interested in men. Pete said he was into straight sex, but here we were in Room 101 and there wasn’t anyone else around.

In the bag was a pair of Jockey Life briefs, royal blue with white trim and a y-front also trimmed in white. Looking at the faded tag it seemed they must be vintage, I had never seen anything like them in the stores.

“Why don’t you undress and change into those.” Raj directed.

“Sure.” I replied, pausing. “Do you want to film this? I don’t know. Some people do, some don’t, just wanted to check before starting.”

“No, Andy, no cameras, I’d rather rely on my memory.” He replied.

“OK. No problem.” I said, a little confused, as I started to disrobe. Underneath my pullover and jeans, I was wearing black boxer briefs. I wasn’t sure where this whole adventure was headed and they seemed a safe option. While undressing and putting the Jockey briefs on, Raj watched intently, but didn’t say a word or take any of his clothes off.

“There we go, is that good?” I asked. The briefs fit perfectly, the contrasting fabric drawing attention to my bulge.

“Very nice, just a couple more things” he replied. “Lay on the bed, on your back, with your head and hands up near the headboard.”

I positioned myself as Raj rummaged through a duffel bag on the dresser and came around the side of the bed. “Put your hand up here, near the railing. I’m going to restrain you.”

“You’re going to what?” I asked, unable to hide my surprise.

“Don’t worry, just your hands. Your feet will be free.” He explained. ” Please, you’ll have to trust me on this. It has to be this way.” He said with a sincerity that surprised me.

I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but it was Raj, the guy who started all this. I thought I should defer to his wishes. Plus, Howard’s words about giving people what they want echoed through my mind again. Why not? I’d come this far.

I cautiously held my left hand up. Raj put a wide leather strap around my wrist, cinched it firmly, and attached it to the headboard. Next he went around the bed and we repeated the procedure on the right wrist. I tugged against the restraints to test them. I was secured. This obviously wasn’t just for looks, there would be no easy escape.

I lay there helpless and naked, except for the blue Jockey briefs, bound to the headboard. I was totally at Raj’s mercy and had no idea what to expect next.

“Thank you” said Raj, softly. He paused, contemplating, possibly determining his next steps or perhaps thinking about the past, I couldn’t tell.

He leaned toward me, lightly brushing a fingertip across my right nipple. I responded immediately to the sensation. He circled around the nipple, crossing over, repeatedly rubbing the tip. Watching it stiffen as he teased. He pinched the tip between his fingers, pulling it away from my body, sending pleasure everywhere. Not ignoring the left side, he reached over, and started playing with them both in unison.

He glanced down at my briefs with a satisfied look. My cock had grown in size, laying to the left. The more he worked my nipples, the larger my cock grew. He slowly lowered a finger from my nipple down to the waistband of my briefs, leaving a tingling trail against my skin. His finger lingered over my cock, lightly running along the length, down and around the balls and then back again, focusing on the shaft and the sensitive edge of the head. He knew exactly what he was doing, and didn’t seem to be in any hurry.

“These briefs belonged to a friend of mine, from many years ago.” He said as he continued tracing a line along my bulge. “When I saw your video, you reminded me of him. Your smooth muscular body, your hair, your face, your height, everything really.”

After a moment Raj said, “Now for one final adjustment.” Using both his hands he adjusted my semi-hard cock inside the royal blue briefs. Pulling the head, shaft, and balls through the y-front, exposing them, while the white fabric trim wrapped around the base like a cock ring. He gave a few gentle pulls on my cock. My heavy balls bounced gently against the bright blue fabric.

“I suppose it’s only fair I take off some of my own clothes” he said with a hint of a smile.

He unbuttoned his shirt, slowly revealing more thick silver hair. My eyes drinking in the view. He carefully set the shirt aside, taking his time. Sitting down on the side of the bed, he ran içerenköy escort bayan his free hand across his chest, getting lost in the fur. Pausing on his own dark round nipples, playing with them until they were stiff and pointy like mine, then returned his hand to his silver forest of hair. “You want to feel it, don’t you” he said while looking down at his chest. “Run your fingers through it. Kiss it. Touch it with your cheek.”

I nodded in agreement. I wanted so badly to lean forward and find those sweet nipples with my tongue and lips as I buried my head in his furry masculine chest. My cock grew harder and my balls fuller just at the thought. The y-front opening seemed to constrict even more around the base, tightening its grip.

Raj took my cock in his hand, methodically stroking it. Long slow satisfying strokes, followed by a gentle caress of the head, then quick short strokes that made my balls jiggle against the briefs. I looked closely at his face, looking for similarities with Pete, imaging him in his younger years, and how handsome he must have been. Wondering if his cock was long and thin like Pete’s. My cock responded to his touch, as he kept stroking me, varying the technique, keeping me guessing, while I lay there, restrained.

Suddenly he let go of my cock, resting it against my stomach.

“Please, don’t stop.” I pleaded.

He smiled. “Sometimes I think not getting what you want can heighten the pleasure. It makes you want it even more. Don’t you think?” My cock agreed, lying there, undeniably wanting further attention.

My mind thought of Howard, of watching him, his ass and the sexy outline of his underwear. How I desperately wanted him, but couldn’t have him. How he continuously teased me with his stories of sexual adventure and skimpy bikinis under those tight pants. Then how exquisitely satisfying it was when it finally did happen.

“Here, I have only been thinking of myself.” Raj said. “Let me fix that.” He stood up, unbuckling his belt. I was eager to see what he had hidden underneath. He turned away from me and I got my first glimpse of his hairy back, not as dense as his chest but nicely covered. As his pants descended, a thin white cotton bikini came into view, sexy and nicely proportioned across his handsome brown ass. Trails of silver fur running up the inside of his legs and disappearing under his bikini. His crack, a long dark shadow under the thin fabric. I imagined his hole to be dark as well and surrounded by swirling fur. I desperately wanted to explore it. Running my tongue over his hole, probing it, caressing the lips, gently slipping inside, pulling out and pushing back in again. My cock tightening and rising up off my stomach at the thought.

Once Raj had taken his pants off, folded them, and set them aside, he turned facing me. The thin white cotton of the bikini held his package nicely, with just the tiniest strip of fabric connecting the front and back. Tufts of silver and dark pubic hair spilled out the sides near his low hanging balls. The nicely shaped shaft tilted up and to the left, firm and perfectly proportioned, with no visible outline of a head. I imagined it must be covered by a generous amount of soft foreskin. Oh how I wanted to work that beautiful bulge with my lips and mouth until it was hard and wet from spit and precum. If it weren’t for the restraints, my mouth would be down there right now nibbling on that cock through the transparent fabric, tasting him.

“See anything you like?” He asked, as he moved closer to the bed, his sensuous package just inches from my face. The thin fabric clinging against the curves of his cock and balls, and the escaping tufts of hair peeking out the top and sides. I couldn’t look away.

“Oh yes, fuck yes.”

“I thought you might” Raj replied, staying just out of reach, denying me, while taking my painfully stiff cock in his hand once again, stroking gently.

“His name was Adam. He happened to stay at the motel one night while traveling for his job, and returned on a regular basis. We got to know each other, became friends, and eventually I told him about Room 101. He was intrigued. I matched him up with a young woman for sex, traditional, nothing out of the ordinary. It was maybe the second or third time after that that he came to me with a specific request. He wanted me to be in the room while he had sex, to watch him perform. He said it would excite him, to have me there, watching him.”

“I had a personal rule, not to participate in anything that happened in this room. Keep my distance and not get involved. For years, I had lived by that rule. For Adam, I broke that rule. The thought of watching him excited me tremendously. I wanted to be there, to see it, especially to see him. I knew while watching him, my own cock would grow hard and strain against my clothes, obvious to everyone. I was sure he knew it would happen, wanted it to happen, and that would be part of the excitement for him, knowing how much he turned me on.”

As Escort Tuzla Raj told his story, I squirmed on the bed, moving my hips in rhythm to the stroking of my cock, increasing the sensation. My mind was racing, recalling the thrill of performing with Howard in front of Pete, and Pete’s swollen cock. And I imagined Raj and Adam in this very room, years ago, the sexual tension building, and what must have finally happened. It was all becoming too much.

“I knew the girl. She was very nice, and very good looking. She had performed in front of others before. I watched while they kissed. Wanting to feel his lips against mine. They slowly removed clothes, a blouse, a shirt, a bra. His chest was smooth and muscular, like yours. He worked on her breasts, bent over, his ass in the air, tempting me. My cock had grown hard. Then her pants and underwear. He went down on her. I stayed focused on his handsome, upturned ass. Finally, he removed his pants, exposing his blue Jockey briefs. She moved to lower his briefs so she could free his cock and suck it. Instead he pulled his cock and balls through the opening, leaving the briefs on. He looked me in the eye, smiling with a knowing look. She worked on his exposed cock. Not with the passion I would have used, but it was exciting nonetheless. His cock was beautiful, like the rest of him.” He said as he continued to stroke my raging cock. “Like you.”

“I was envious, my eyes large and my cock painfully hard. I watched intently but I also imagined myself in her place caressing his chest, cock, and balls with my hands and lips, making Adam moan in delight.” His grip tightening on my cock as he spoke. “As she continued to work, instead of focusing on her, his gaze focused on my bulge, measuring it with his eyes. The tension was building, I could tell he was growing eager to enter her. He wasted no time. She was ready as well. He quickly mounted her wearing the blue briefs, his cock and balls sticking out the opening just like yours, while he fucked. His ass, the stretched brief, the pounding rhythm, the swaying balls. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.”

At this point, I was moments away from blowing my load. All of the talk swirling in my head. Erotic visions of cocks and briefs and fucking men combined with the steady stroking of my cock was too much. Raj let go again, my cock settling back down against my stomach. If only I could will it to explode on its own I would. I needed immediate release, desperate to blast my churning load all over me.

“Please!” I managed to blurt out.

“Patience, you must be patient” Raj replied calmly. I glanced down at his crotch, a large wet spot had appeared on his bikini at the tip of his cock. How I wanted to taste the precum. Feel the slickness against my lips and give him the pleasure he deserved.

He gripped my balls, pulling them away from me. Pulling so firmly that my cock raised up off of my stomach. It was painful, but an exquisite pain. Shivers ran through me.

After releasing my balls, Raj turned his attention to the scrap of blue fabric covering the space between my asshole and my balls. Caressing that tender area, as his fingers found their way closer to my twitching hole. I raised my knees, providing better access. He applied increasing pressure. Soon, the thin layer of royal blue fabric was all that was keeping his finger from entering my hungry hole. My cock laying against my stomach, freely drooling precum.

Raj spit onto his fingers. I knew what was coming next and I wanted it. I wanted his fingers inside me, stretching me, opening me, and finding my sweet spot. Pulling aside the fabric, his cool wet fingers found my hole. I twitched from the excitement of initial contact. My hands still restrained, I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to, and I didn’t want to.

Two fingers shot inside, deep, jabbing my prostate. I let out an involuntary yelp. Raj certainly wasn’t shy about entering me, he knew I could take it and how bad I wanted it. Slowly he withdrew his fingers, then quickly thrust them back in. I moaned louder with each inward thrust. As he fingered my hole, his hand pulled against my briefs, causing the y-front to constrict around the base of my cock, jerking me in time to the fingering. The wet head flopping around on my stomach, depositing shiny smudges of precum across my belly.

“When he left town after that night, I found the blue briefs, left behind in his room. I’m not sure whether he just forgot them or whether they were a present.” Raj said as he continued to finger my hole. “I like to think they were a present. I’ve kept them all this time.”

After a pause, he went on “Each time he came back, I set up another encounter, and I watched again and again. There was always a woman involved, and he made sure she was satisfied, but it seemed like he was performing just for me. He wore Jockey briefs every time, different colors and patterns, they fit his muscular body so nicely. My own cock would be raging hard in my pants while I watched, threatening to explode on its own. He took great pleasure in performing in front of me, exciting me. I believe it excited him even more. After each episode was over I would quickly return to my apartment, masturbating into his blue briefs. The ones you are wearing.”

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