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How Life Changes Ch. 03

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I called Jason a couple of times while I was home in Montana. We made a date for the first Friday night I was in town. Jason said he had a surprise for me when we got together. I said I was looking forward to it.

I picked him up at his apartment. Jason had a small overnight case with him and he placed it in the back seat. I did not ask what was in it or what he had in it. We kissed in the car and headed for dinner at the Snow Goose overlooking the inlet. It was a lovely evening so we sat on the porch outside the restaurant. We both talked about work and Jason asked about Montana.

We had a nice dinner and Jason had one of the Snow Goose micro brews. We talked about the weekend and making a drive down to Seward for the day. We got back to my hotel and Jason and I started kissing and undressing each other. When I got his slacks down he was wearing a new pair of silk hip hugger panties. I started playing with his ass and cock through his undies. I got the tip of his cock in my mouth while still in his underwear. I had my hand up the inside of the leg playing with his ass.

I had a raging hard on and was ready to fuck Jason. We headed to the bedroom and Jason took his overnight bag into the bathroom and said wait a minute. I stripped down and got the condoms, lube, and cock ring out of the nightstand. Jason asked me to turn out the lights and wait for him to come out of the bathroom. Jason handed me a couple candles and told me to light them. I did as I was told as I slowly stroked my cock in anticipation of the events to come.

I was lying on my back when Jason came out of the bathroom in a blue lace thong. I sucked breath in and said he looked gorgeous. He came over to the bed and bent down to kiss me. I reached up to get to his nipples. He took over stroking my cock and then went down to give me head. His cock sucking was great and I did not last long. I came in his mouth and Jason came back up to swap spit and come.

I started stroking his cock through the thong and playing with his bare ass. I was in lust. I put my finger against his ass and began to play with it. I rolled him over and dove onto his cock and ass. I pulled the thong down to get to his cock and spent time on it and his asshole. He had trimmed his pubic hair and shaved his balls and ass. He tasted like cherry and I asked what he had done. Crazy Girl cherry flavored anal desensitizing gel. I was really in lust now. I sucked his cock and put a couple of fingers up his ass. He came in my mouth.

I got up and asked Jason about the new lingeriee. He said as taken was I was the last time he thought it might be a turn on for me and it was also a turn on for him. I got the condom on and the lube and asked about the cock ring. Jason said as turned on as I was, I would need it or I would cum before I even got my cock in his ass. I put the cock Bakırköy Escort ring on and turned it on to a new setting and re-greased my cock.

Jason’s ass was already open and he held his legs back as I moved into position. I stroked straight into his snug ass. I started to play with his nipples. I sucked on them and he was right, I was really turned on and I did not last long. I came buckets and eventually pulled a full condom out of his ass. We kissed and cuddled and went to sleep.

Jason woke me up in the morning to one of his marvelous blowjobs and after I came we headed to the shower. We scrubbed each other and I again was into ass and nipple play. I had my tongue up his ass and a hand on his cock. I had a little trouble reaching his nipples and then saw he was playing with them. Jason came in the shower and we dried off and got dressed. What happened next was for me a revelation.

Jason shooed me out of the bathroom and told me to get dressed. Jason still has his overnight bag in the bathroom. I put on jeans and a polo shirt. I decided to go commando so went without underwear. Jason came out of the bathroom in a shear white shirt, white linen slacks, and had on a pair of silk black panties leaving very little to the imagination. I told him I might have a hard time driving to Seward thinking about what he had on and what I was going to do to him when we got back to Anchorage. It was a wonderful summer day and the drive was great.

Jason rested his head on my shoulder and stroked my cock through my jeans. We stopped for coffee and talked about what was going on in Jason’s head. He said he was only trying to turn me on and to please me. I told him he was doing both. We got to Seward and stopped for lunch. We ate a nice meal and we drove and walked around the bay. Jason got a few looks and some stares. We held hands and walked back to the car to head back to Anchorage.

We headed back to Anchorage and I pulled Jason to me and started to play with his nipples and stroke his cock through his pants. He leaned his head on my shoulder and started to stroke my cock. He pulled my polo shirt out of jeans and put his hand up under my shirt and started toying with my nipples. I asked him to stop so I could concentrate on driving as we were coming into some traffic.

Jason opened his shirt to his navel and began playing with his own nipples. I hurried us towards Anchorage and hot sex. We got to the hotel parked the car and headed for the room. I was playing with Jason ass as we walked to the room. We started French kissing as soon as the door was closed. We tongue fucked for about ten minutes and I played with nipples, ass, and cock.

Jason and I got undressed and he asked me to again wait for him in the bedroom. I lit the candles and turned out all the lights. I got the condoms, Bakırköy Escort Bayan lube and cock ring out of the nightstand drawer and put them out. I laid on the bed and waited with anticipation. Jason came out of the bathroom in a new panties and had the Crazy Girl Anal Desensitizer along with a pencil vibrator. The panties were black satin with ruffles.. I asked Jason about the vibe and he said it was for my pleasure. He started kissing me and stroking my cock and playing with my asshole. He got the Crazy Girl and put some on my ass. He rubbed my ass hole and put his mouth on my cock and started deep throating me. He took some of the lube on his finger and started to open up my asshole.

He got the pencil vibe and lubed it up, turned it on, and placed it on my asshole. He put the tip in my ass and continued to suck my cock. He got the pencil vibe in an inch or so and then turned the speed up. He pushed it in until he hit my prostate and I went a little wild. I started thrusting into his mouth and told him I was about to come. He continued to push the vibrator into my ass and suck my cock. I came buckets and he had a hard time swallowing it all.

Jason pulled the vibe from my ass and took it to the bathroom to clean it up. He came back into the bedroom and swirled around to show me his ass and I pulled him to me. We kissed and I played with his ass through the silk ruffles of his panties. He was as hard as a rock and I felt his hard on against my stomach. I played with his ass and rolled him on his back and started to work on his nipples and cock. I kissed his nipples and stroked his cock through the panties. The feel was electric. I was turned on and wanted to suck and fuck Jason so bad.

I moved down the bed and sucked the head of his cock through his panties. His ass smelled of Crazy Girl Cherry Anal Desensitizer, so I knew I was in for a treat later. I pulled the panties down and got them off as Jason lifted his ass and legs. I sucked his cock like never before, he turned me on and I loved it. I did get down and tongue fuck his ass. He had cleaned it prior to putting the Crazy Girl on before coming to bed. I tongued his ass and pulled on his cock. I finally stopped the ass loving and moved my head over his prick and took it all the way into my throat. I put my middle finger up his ass and stroked his prostate. He came in my mouth.

I sat up and we kissed I was now sporting another boner and was ready to fuck him. I stood up and got a condom on my dick and lubed it up. I did not put on the cock ring. I just wanted release. I turned him over and pulled off the panites. I had him lie flat on the bed and drove my prick into his wonderful ass. I was not gentle or easy on him. I nibble on his earlobe and started sucking on his neck and biting it. I was pulling all the way out and deep dicking Escort Bakırköy him. He was moaning and thrashing around on the bed. I kept this up for no more than five minutes until I hit the peak and came in his ass. I pulled out immediately and flipped Jason over so I could kiss him and get at his nipples again.

He was sporting another woodie so I set about making him feel good. I pulled on his cock and sucked his nipples. We kissed and I toyed with his nipples he was thrusting into my hand so I knew he was close so I put his cock in my mouth to finish what I had started. I also located the pencil vibe and since his ass was already lubed I turned it on and placed it in his ass.

I had a hand free and started really twisting on his nipple. I had his cock down my throat and the vibe in his ass was driving him over the edge. I started to taste his pre-cum and he started bucking into my mouth. All I heard was “CUMMING OH GOD”. I got every drop of his cum in my mouth and throat. I slowly extracted the vibe and turned it off and set in on the nightstand. I moved up his body and started sucking on the nipple I had not twisted.

Jason was so turned on he asked me to stop as his nipples were now super sensitive like his cock which I was still stroking. We kissed and I again managed to get a hard on. Jason rolled me on my back got a condom and put it on along with some lube and for the first time mounted me. He was facing me and lowering himself onto my dick. My hands were free to play with his ass and tits. I played with his ass as he rocked up and down on my dick. He bent down and we started kissing. I played lightly with his nipples and areolas. They were rock hard. He was moaning into my mouth. I was now thrusting up to meet his down strokes. Jason sat straight up and worked his ass up and down trying to cum with me. I stroked his cock as he rode me. He grunted and I felt his orgasm and it felt great on my cock and I came into the condom.

Jason laid on me and we kissed. My cock withered and it slowly came out of his ass. I rolled him over and he got up and picked his panties up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Jason came out and curled up to go to sleep. As a 60-year-old man I was exhausted and happy. I placed my hands on his stomach and my dick close to his panty covered ass.

Jason then asked me a question I was not expecting. He asked if I would get a blood test with him. He wanted to be sure we were both clean and AIDS free. He wanted me to bareback him. He wanted to feel me cum in his ass and to feel my cock on his anal passage. I was scared about AIDS and knew safe sex was the only way. I agreed to the test and promised him I would be monogamous. I asked him at this point about past and any present lovers. He said I was it and he had a couple of lovers in the past. All were blood tested and clean.

It sure got me to thinking. We went to the LGBT center in Anchorage to arrange the blood tests. It would take a week or two. I knew I was clean I just had to be sure about Jason. We waited for the results and still had safe sex. More?

Chapter 4 to come? Depending on feedback.

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