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How I Had My Secretary…Ch. 3

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Sharon told me that they had a great time, and then she asked, “Bob, since it’s Saturday, is it O.K. if Linda stays for the week-end?” I looked at Linda , she had a grin on her face that reminded of the cat that ate the canary. I then looked at Linda and said, “Linda, if you have nothing better to do, and since you and Sharon have so much in common, you’re more than welcome to spend the week-end with us.” She thought it would be nice and said if it was O.K. with us, she would like very much to stay and to get better acquainted with Sharon, (yea, I bet she would,) and knew that they would end up having a great friendship.

Am I insane? What am I doing? I’m handing my wife to my secretary on a silver platter, and with all my blessings. One thing I know for sure, I’ll be damned if I ever let Linda’s boyfriend with his ‘super cock’ ever get into the scene, with my wife’s appetite for sex, she could easily be tempted to have him fuck her while she is on her hands and knees eating out Linda’s hot pussy. However, on the positive side, I could always stick my cock into Linda’s mouth and get a good blow-job.

As you can tell, I’m now starting to lose it, I’m know starting to think with my sex organ. But being the type of person that I am, I believe that sex, and the gratification of sex, is in my opinion, one of the most wonderful pleasures that we have been given in life and that so many people either repress it or just think that making money by working around the clock. Life is too short, all I want is for my beautiful wife to enjoy her sexuality to the fullest, I can’t think of anything that gives me more pleasure than to watch my wife, or any woman, have a mind blowing orgasm. As a voyeur, I have been in a position and watched enough women cum, and it always excites me. With that said, I promise not to digress any further..

I told Sharon that I was going to take a nap for a while and that I would join them after a couple of hours. Sharon quickly said, “Well, why don’t you let me quickly change the bed because it’s a little messed up.” I could tell that she was aware that if I jumped into the unmade bed that I certainly would feel the wetness on the sheets from their love making. “Don’t be silly sweetheart, I’ll be asleep before my head even hits the pillow.” With that said, I quickly went into the bedroom and closed the door. I noticed the look on Sharon’s face.

I took off all my clothes and quickly got my bare butt into the bed, WOW!! They had the bed wetter than I thought. I loved just rubbing my body with their sweet nectar. I loved the scent, damn it, I was getting all aroused again.

I hit my remote that turned on all the cameras so that I would be recording everything that they did and said , and then put my wireless miniature speaker next to my head.

They were talking and giggling like a couple of school girls, especially my wife. Then I heard Linda say to my wife, “Sharon, take off your panties so I can play with that bald cunny of yours.” Sharon had thrown on a light summer dress that buttoned down the front, it was quite loose, and then she added, “take off your bra as well.” Sharon must have looked at our bedroom door and said, “what if Bob wakes up and pops into the room?”

“Did you see how sleepy and tired Bob looked, he’ll be out for a good two or three hours, ” Linda said to Sharon, “and if it makes you feel any better, I’ll do the same.” Then again I heard Sharon giggle like a school girl that knew she was doing something naughty, but threw caution to the wind as she watched Linda take off her panties, Linda didn’t have a bra on.

There was some small talk and then Linda was asking Sharon if she enjoyed their love making as much as she did. “Oh God yes Linda, I love the feel of your tongue all over my pussy and even, I mean especially when you rolled up your tongue, just like a little cock, and pushed it into my butt-hole, that was something else, I don’t know if you were aware of it, but I had a cum from that.” Then Linda said, “Come here, my little slut friend, let me put a couple of fingers into that sweet love hole of yours and find out how hot you are.” I could tell that Sharon didn’t hesitate for a second because no sooner had Linda asked her, I heard a low moan coming from Sharon and then she said, after a couple of seconds of Sharon’s moaning, I heard Linda say, “damn Sharon, I thought Bob was exaggerating about how hot you were.” As Linda was saying this I heard Sharon still moaning and realized that Linda must still be finger fucking my wife.

Then, just when Sharon’s moans were getting louder, Linda said, “Sharon, could you please get us some coffee, I think I need something to keep me going. Fill our cups only half full because I know that Bob likes brandy, so I want us to fill our cups with brandy so we can keep going.” Poor Sharon thought that Linda was going to bring her to another climax and I could tell by the tone of Sharon’s voice that she was disappointed, and quite frustrated.

Some Küçükyalı escort bayan of what happened I got from the video tape because I had fallen asleep, and I might say, with my cock at full mast. They had their coffee and in a short time, I could see that the brandy was taking its toll on Sharon. As I mentioned, Sharon is not a drinker and it takes very little to get her feeling a little giddy, but I realized that Linda was trying to loosen her up a little. Linda was know toying with Sharon.

Sharon was sitting on a counter stool while Linda was sitting on a chair by the table. They were facing one another and Linda told Sharon to lift her dress up so she could look at her pretty, now bald, pussy. “Geez Sharon, your all wet and your lips are pouty, are you still horny?” Sharon put her legs together and I knew that she was a little embarrassed the fact that Linda could, and was, looking straight at her swollen cunt.

“Spread your legs, Sharon, don’t try to hide your pussy from me.” Linda was saying this in a manner that was firm, like I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. Sharon was not the type to be pushed around, but she immediately complied with Linda’s order.

They had finished their coffee and brandy and Sharon made a motion as if she was getting ready to get up. Before she could move, Linda said, “Sharon, you look like you could use a good cum, what do you think?” Sharon’s eyes lit up and she said, “oh god yes,” as she started getting off her stool. “Sharon, stay on the stool just as you are.” Sharon looked at her with a look of uncertainty and then Linda said, “Sharon, I want you to look straight at me and I want you to start masturbating. I want you do it for me, but I want you to do it as if you were all alone and thinking of me, do you understand?”

Sharon kind of shuffled her butt on the stool nervously and then said, “Linda, I’ve never done that in front of anyone other than Bob, and even then, I don’t do it in front of him very often.” There was some hesitation and then Linda said, “well Sharon, I thought that after all we did together last night that we were close enough that you would this for me. Also it would really be a turn on for me.. Just pretend that I’m not even in your home, you’re horny and you’re thinking of me. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?”

Again, the coffee and brandy combo had Sharon loose enough to say to Linda, “I am very fond of you and if it is going to excite you, I’ll do it.” Sharon is basically quite modest. She slowly dropped her hand down to her crotch and gently started to rub all around her outer lips. Her eyes were slightly closed to begin with. Not to break Sharon’s mood, Linda said very softly, “Sharon, I want you to open your eyes and look at me as if I was what you are seeing in your fantasy.” Sharon opened her eyes and started to rub all around her opening more vigorously. She was looking straight at Linda, but as if Linda was not there, she was really getting into it and at this point it was if she was totally oblivious of Linda’s presence. I have watched Sharon masturbate when she was all alone and she was behaving as if she was.

I could see that this was really getting Linda aroused and her hands were eager to touch her own cunt, however, she just kept her hands away from her crotch as not to break the ‘trance’ that Sharon was in. Sharon excitedly kept increasing the speed of her fingers that were fast becoming a blur as her moans were becoming increasingly louder. She was pinching and pulling her nipple hard with her free hand and with her other hand she had two fingers in her burning love hole and her thumb rubbing her little hard nub of a clit. I have never seen her get so wild and for a while I thought the she was going to fall off the stool. Linda now had her hand on her own breasts, rubbing and squeezing them as she was pressing her thighs together.

Sharon let out a moan and a scream as she had the most explosive and intense orgasm that I have ever known her to have. Her eyes were wide open but she seemed to be in a daze. Linda quickly jumped up and grabbed her before Sharon could fall off the stool. When I viewed the video later on, it blew my mind and had me sweating.

They then went into the den, Linda leading the way, and sat next to one another on the couch. Sharon, still trembling from her orgasm, looked at Linda and said, “I don’t know what came over me, I’ve never had an orgasm as powerful as that. I saw you, I saw fireworks and a feeling that was so overwhelming, god, I thought I was in heaven, it was such a wonderful feeling and I would have trouble describing what it was like. Linda, it was the most wonderful feeling that I have ever had.. But I’m a little embarrassed.”

Linda took Sharon’s face and gently turned it towards her and gave her a long and loving kiss, it was like from the depths of their souls.

When they both regained their composure, Linda looked at Sharon and asked her, “I’m a little curious, when Escort Kartal did you start masturbating and how did you discover the pleasure that you got from it? I hope that I’m not getting too personal but I’m starting to get such a good feeling about our relationship that I want to know everything about you. Again, I’m not sure that Sharon would talk so frankly if it wasn’t for the potent drink that she had a short time ago, plus it was on an empty stomach.

Sharon slowly started talking, “Linda I know that we have bonded and what I tell you is just for you to hear, I’ve never told another person, including Bob, but I just like you so much that I feel I want to open up to you and I sense that you feel the same way towards me.”

“Sharon, the feeling is mutual. I can’t deny that I’ve had many other affairs, but you have been the first person that I have ever had any kind of a relationship and have been so excited to be with. It’s your beauty, your warmth, your sexuality and you’re sensuality. To tell you the truth, I don’t know how Bob can concentrate on his business knowing that your home alone.”

Sharon tells her story. “When I was in my early teens, I was quite shy. I didn’t have any boy friends and just a few girl friends. Most of the girls I knew ,went out with boys from time to time and they would tell me how the boys would fondle their breasts and sometimes would get a hand under their dress or skirts and start rubbing their hands against their cunny. They told me that they had to stop the boy even though that they would get excited when the boy did it for a short time and felt like they had to pee. Linda, are you sure you want to hear all of this?”

“Sharon, just the way you’re saying it gets me all excited, so please don’t stop, I want to hear it all.”

On the video I noticed that very casually, Linda had one leg folded under her and the heel of her foot was under her crotch and she was slightly rocking her cunt against it. I’m sure she would cum during the time Sharon was telling her story.

“I found out later that the guys were either afraid to ask me out because I guess I was too pretty and they thought that I would turn them down, and others thought that I was stuck up because I wouldn’t talk to any of them because of my being shy.”

“After the girls told me about the good feelings they got from either their boy friends or from them touching themselves. One evening, I guess I was around fifteen, after I had taken a bath, I was in bed and it was a warm summer night. We didn’t have air conditioning so I didn’t bother to put anything on. suddenly I got this strong urge to touch myself down between my legs. At first I didn’t get much of a sensation but after a few minutes it really started feeling wonderful. Then, no sooner than I started to get these great sensations, my Mother was in the door and yelling at me. telling me that what I was doing was a sin that all these bad things would happen to me. I started to cry and she left the room.”

“So what happened, Sharon. Please go on.” Sharon could see that Linda was getting excited by her telling these intimate things that took place in her younger years and this in turn was arousing her. “My mother was very strict and I was their only child. My Dad traveled a lot so most of the time my Mom and I were home alone. My Dad was quite a bit older than my Mother and she had me when she was only eighteen. But after Mom caught me, even though I would get strong urges, I didn’t touch myself down there again, until.”

Sharon stopped and asked Linda if she would like another cup of coffee. “That would be fine, but please make it the same way we had the last cup.” While Sharon went to the kitchen to pour them each another cup of coffee with the brandy, Linda was really grinding her cunt into the heel of her foot, apparently trying to have an orgasm before Sharon got back. But to no avail, Sharon was back in the room in no time and I could see the frustration on Linda’s face. Maybe Sharon knew exactly what she was doing to Linda, as they say, “TIT FOR TAT.” I think my sweet wife was going to make Linda sweat a little before she could have an orgasm.

“Until when,” Linda asked in a state of frustration. “It was a year or so and I did everything I could to control and suppress my desire to touch myself. Then one day they let us out of school at noon because there was a special meeting being held for all the teachers. My Dad had been away for about three weeks and I knew my Mother was sad and missed him because I often heard her moaning at night after we were in bed. My room was right next to theirs so I could hear her quite clearly and often I would hear her cry out my Dad’s name.”

It was getting to be close to lunch time and Sharon asked Linda if she wanted anything to eat. “Sharon honey, please go on with your story and when you’re finished there is only one thing that I want to eat….YOU.” Sharon continued “So I came home early that day because I wanted to Suadiye escort spend some time with Mom and to see if I could do something to cheer her up. I knew that she would always take a short nap around noon so I just left myself in quietly so that if she was sleeping I wouldn’t disturb her. I didn’t see her so I went upstairs and headed for my room that was just past hers. As I got close to her room, again I heard her softly moan out and cry out my Dad’s name.

I felt so badly for her as she was crying out, ‘OOOH JOHN’, over and over again. her door was open and I was about to enter. The room was such that her head-board was beyond and opposite the little hall that you went into to enter her room. What I saw before me put me in a state of shock. I could see all of her beautiful body, (at the time she was only 34), up as far as her breasts. She was in bed, or I should say, on top of the covers and completely naked. One of her hands was rubbing her breasts, one then the other, and the other hand was pushing in and out of her cunny, a long, fat sausage. Then she took her hand that was playing with her breast and started frantically rubbing her clit as she was pushing the sausage into her faster and faster. Then she erupted, yelling out my Dad’s name. I almost fainted but I knew that I had to leave as quickly and as quietly as I could.”

Just about then I came out of the bedroom and headed straight for the kitchen. They evidently heard me coming and quickly covered their exposed cunts and when I entered the room, they were both casually sipping their ‘spiked’ coffee. I’ve known Linda for a while and I could tell by the way she looked that she was aroused. When she would tell me about a sexual escapade, I could always tell when the story was getting her all excited and she would quickly head to the rest room to get herself off.

“Well ladies, have you had breakfast yet?” Sharon said softly that they hadn’t. I could tell that Sharon was as aroused as Linda. “Well hon, I would love a couple of eggs over easy and a few slices that delicious sausage that you always get.” I could see the blush on Sharon’s face. You have heard the saying, ” the pear doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Sharon cleared her throat and asked, “Linda, would you like the same?”

” I am kind of hungry, sure, I’d love some. Bye the way, is this the same kind that your Mom would have?” Sharon didn’t answer and I could see that her face had turned red from embarrassment.

During breakfast we made some small talk and then I told them that since they seemed to have so much to say to one another, that if they didn’t mind, I was going to run a few errands as well as meet a buddy of mine and maybe go to the driving range, but I should be home in time for dinner. Then I said to Sharon, “It’s a perfect day to go into the Jacuzzi and since I’m not going to be around, you can go in the buff and then jump into the pool.” I had designed the Jacuzzi so that is was an extension of the pool. I had it designed so there were six bucket seats, it was a large circle.

The reason I shaped the seats, (they weren’t deep like car seats,) however, when you sat down, the jets were perfectly positioned so that one would stimulate your butt-hole and there was one that went right to a girls clit and it would pulsate. Sharon didn’t know how to turn it off and on so I pre-set the timer so that the pulsating jets to the butt and clit wouldn’t come on until about ten minutes after they were in, and then they would stop after about ten minutes . I sure didn’t want it to go on when our parents came over. Well, maybe her Mom.:-)

I no sooner left when Linda said, “Sharon, what happened after you caught your Mother masturbating?”

“O.K. but I see that Bob has turned on the Jacuzzi pumps so let’s get naked and sit in it, and I’ll tell you as we relax.” In a matter of minutes they were both into the Jacuzzi. They were sitting next to each other and Linda said, “So what did you do when you found your Mother masturbating, tell me quick before I go crazy.” Then Sharon reached over and held Linda’s hand and continued, “as I said, I quickly, but quietly, ran out of the house and not knowing what to do, I ran to the park that was about a block away from our house. I could feel that my panties were wet and I knew I hadn’t peed so I thought that I was having my period, but I knew that it wasn’t due for another couple of weeks.

Another feeling I had was that my cunny was aching and I just had this strong urge to rub it. The park was empty so I went to the poles that supported the swings and I just started to hug it and instinctively, I rubbed my cunny against it. I did it for a minute or so, suddenly my entire body went stiff, I got light headed and fell to the ground. As I was lying like that for a couple of minutes, I heard a woman’s voice ask me if I was hurt. She had been taking her baby for a stroll and from a distance saw me fall to the ground. I told her I was O.K. as I slowly got up. The funny thing was that as she continued on with her stroll , she had a big smile on her face. I knew that I had my first cum and after that, whenever I heard my Mother moan, I would reach down and start masturbating, that was almost every night.”

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