How I Became My Daddy’s Wife Ch. 03

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***Author’s note: this chapter is based on Thomas’ (daddy) POV. Enjoy it. ***


I haven’t really taken the time to look for anyone new since my divorce, and truth be told I haven’t had much interest. I go on dates from time to time, just to take the edge off, but I haven’t met anyone I could see myself falling in love with. Even if I did, I’m still not sure Eva would be ready for me to bring someone new into our lives. She doesn’t say much about it, but I think she still harbors some resentment against her mother for leaving us. When my wife, Larissa, told me she wanted to pursue her career and experience more of the world and that she couldn’t do that while she was tied down to me, I didn’t try to argue.

Those were heavy words to say to a man that had loved her with all his might and to a daughter that was just out of her teens, but she didn’t exactly shock me. We had married and had a child at such a young age, and as time passed we grew apart. I had to agree that the divorce was for the best. There was never any discussion of who Eva would stay with.

Which brings me to the real reason I haven’t been out there looking. If I’m being totally honest, it’s because of the strange feelings that I’ve started to have around my daughter. It’s hard to put the feeling into words, not because I don’t know which ones, but because I can’t bring myself to name them. Suffice to say, when I see her I feel like the world turns faster. I don’t know how else to put it. Before I noticed it happening, she’d become a beautiful woman, and she is always so thoughtful toward me. I couldn’t be more proud to be her father. But…

Recently I’ve found myself wondering what kind of panties she’s wearing. What color are they? Are they lacey or plain cotton? A thong? A g-string? I’ve even considered stealing a pair from her drawer, or perhaps the laundry hamper. The thought of touching the fabric, of smelling her on them gets me painfully hard, but so far I’ve been too ashamed of such perverted thoughts to do anything.

I swear these thoughts aren’t just coming from nowhere though. She’s gotten into the habit of going around the house wearing next to nothing, and when she walks the sway of those hips drives all rational thought out of my head. My body reacts on is own and I find myself getting hard every time she kisses me on the jaw or hugs me so that her hard little nipples rub against my stomach. The worst is when she sits on my lap. Needless to say, my daughter is very affectionate. I try to angle my hips away from her, but I’m sure she’s noticed the tent in my pants a few times.

Take yesterday for example. I’d just finished showering (Where I’d needed an orgasm to take the edge off. Yes, I was thinking of her.), so I threw a towel around my waist and went down to breakfast. And there it was. My daughter’s round sexy eryaman escort ass, peeking out at me from under her tiny shorts as she bent over the coffee table setting out dishes for us. I stopped in my tracks, forgetting where I was for a few seconds. And despite having JUST taken care of him in the shower, I felt my dick starting to rise under my towel.

I tried to pull myself together as she noticed me and bounced over to give me a smile and a hug, but I felt her flat belly brush the tip of my erection. She didn’t react though so we sat down to eat. I soon noticed that she was squirming in her seat, and even pressing her thighs together. When I looked up at her face, I could tell she was flushed, and I realized that my little girl was getting turned on. I couldn’t exactly judge her since my dick was still at half mast. Instead, before I gave myself the chance to think about what I was doing, I hoisted her right onto my lap. Obviously this was a huge mistake because my cock was just getting bigger and there’s no way she could have missed it poking against her soft ass. My brain started working again and I realized I needed to get the hell out of there before I did anything worse. I practically sprinted up the steps to get dressed, mumbling something about work as I did.

Obviously I was late. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was in a fog the entire day, dreaming about Eva. To be precise, about her ass and what I wanted to do to it. How I longed to lay claim to those round cheeks, to touch them and bite them and lick them. It was a neverending struggle to hide my boner from coworkers, and I still got a couple of odd looks. It was one of the longest days of my life, time seemed to pass way too slowly, but I was finally able to escape and head home for a cold shower.

Instead when I opened the door my plans went right out the window. There was my little girl laying across the couch fast asleep. Half naked. Her top had ridden up (she was always tossing and turning), and her breasts were almost exposed. I could even see the light brown of her areolas, and if her nipples hadn’t been so hard I think that flimsy scrap of fabric would have rolled all the way up to her neck! Of course I stood there staring at her, any man would have. My cock, which had been angry with me all day, started straining against my boxers and demanding to be let out. I couldn’t tell you how long I watched her breasts rising and falling. Finally I made my way upstairs to get that shower I needed.

What the hell was I thinking? She’s my daughter, my little girl, the same girl that still loves me to call her ‘Dolly’. And now I’m lusting after her? I must be losing my mind!

As I was getting undressed, she walked right into the room to welcome me home. I don’t know if she noticed my pants situation eryaman escort bayan or not, but I shooed her out so I could finally pour some cold water on the impatient bastard between my legs. Once I had him under control I went downstairs to have dinner with Eva and chat a bit. I would have gladly talked longer, but I didn’t trust my dick not to embarrass me any further, so I made an excuse and turned in early.

And then I laid there. Staring at the wall in the dark. For an hour. I could have hammered nails with my dick. I simply refused to get off twice in the same day while thinking about my daughter, as if somehow that would make me even more of a pervert than I already was. Another mistake as it turned out.

I don’t know what time it was when Eva’s voice woke me, begging to share my bed because a nightmare had frightened her. Seriously? A nightmare? Now? I knew I shouldn’t let her get in bed with me, but I just couldn’t tell her no when she looked so scared like that. I swear that’s why I agreed, and not how fucking hot she looked in that nightdress. So I made room for her to lay beside me, and that’s when I made my final mistake. I should have turned away from her, no matter how cold it might have seemed. Instead I draped my hand over her shoulder to comfort her and tried to go back to sleep, keeping a few inches of space between me and her backside.

But she was restless like she always is. As soon as she fell asleep she started shifting around and soon her butt was rubbing against my crotch. I scooted away from her, but it wasn’t long before she was pressing up against me again. So I backed off again, but then I heard her voice.

“Daddy” she moaned. And there was no mistaking her tone, such a moan can mean only one thing. I froze for a moment, but my poor reason was helpless against my growing need for her. While I thought I was fighting myself, my hand had already started moving over her stomach. My self-control gave way to the beast inside me. I had to have her. Now.

My hand moved slowly up her flank at first, only stopping at the bottom of her breast. Then I stroked down to the bare flesh of her thigh. Each circuit up and down I went faster, until I couldn’t take it any longer and slid my fingers under the hem of her nightdress. I pulled the silky fabric up to her waist… And at that exact moment she rolled in her sleep, onto her back, letting me drag her nightdress up to her shoulders. That was the end of my patience. I wedged myself between her legs and kissed her all over. Her neck, her collar bones, her breasts and her nipples. I kissed my way down her belly to the waistband of her little white thong…

And went no further. Some scrap of restraint remained to me, shouting in my mind to cease my wonderful but perverse actions. Humbled escort eryaman and shamed, I crawled back to my side of the bed to lay staring at the wall, facing safely away from my daughter. I was as hard as iron. It was a long time before I fell asleep.


I came downstairs this morning to see Eva preparing breakfast for us, and I had to stop again and admire her. Those long black curls laying over her shoulders, that too short nightdress showing off her tan skin… What can I say, she really is beautiful.

“Good morning Dolly,” I said to her as I came up behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist. I gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, daddy.” She replied cheerfully and gave me that same damn ambiguous kiss on the jaw that always drives me crazy. My cock growled, clearly it hadn’t forgiven me for denying it yesterday. I could feel Eva’s pert little ass, so surely she felt me pressed against her. Maybe I should have moved away from her, but I was getting tired of pretending. I just held her and savored the smell of her hair for a moment. Releasing her reluctantly, I went to get a bottle of milk from the fridge, and when I closed the door Eva was up on her toes reaching for a box of cereal on a high shelf. It hadn’t been there yesterday, but I was too occupied by the sight of her tight ass peeking at me from under that nightdress to notice.

“Daddy, can you help me please?”

Same nightdress. And the same white lacey thong barely showing. I flashed back to last night, seeing the gusset of that very same thong gleaming slickly in the moonlight from the window. I could hear my pulse beating in my head like a distant drum and gave up the last of my resistance. Of course I could help her.

I walked right up behind her and reached over her head for the cereal box, deliberately pressing my aching cock into the small of her back as I did so. I felt her whole body shiver, so I knew she felt me too. I set the cereal box down on the table but I didn’t back off this time. I put my hands back around her waist, pulling her against me tighter. My head dipped down and I breathed against her neck, making her shiver even more.

“That tickles daddy, what are you doing?” she asked me playfully.

“I’m smelling my beautiful daughter. You have the scent of the sun on you, Dolly” and I gently kissed her neck and just behind her ear.

“Oh daddy, I don’t understand,” She said, pushing backward and grinding gently on my crotch. Just like last night.

“You don’t understand, sweetie? Are you really sure?” I whispered in her ear, running my hands up her sides and down, exactly like I had before. My darling daughter is very clever, but she still sometimes underestimates people. I could tell she thought she had won the game before we’d even started playing. It’s adorable, but I couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when I pulled the rug out from under her. “I know you were awake the whole time. When you rolled over to show off your body,” she caught her breath sharply as I continued, “and my touch made you so wet you soaked your panties” softly touching her thong as I said it.

She stood still as a statue.

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