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House Arrest

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The man snapped the device shut and activated it. “Alright. You know the drill. If you go beyond the ankle monitor markers that were placed outside, you can expect those red and blue lights outside your door,” said the man.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” said the girl with a huff.

Her fate was sealed. Her freedom, very limited. She’d been too much of a burden to the surrounding community, which came with a price that would drive her stir crazy. House arrest. It was almost an insult to her. Caddy might as well had been in jail, instead of having potentially limitless freedom dangled right in front of her, but crippled by an active ankle bracelet. She was 20 years old, and at 15, started a rap sheet that’s now about as long as the radius of her ankle monitor: sell of illegal substance, use of illegal substance, vandalism, gang related activity, petty theft, and a failed attempt at prostitution, in addition to other offenses. Her latest effort was assault, for which she was supposed to have gotten a minimum sentence of a year. At the hearing, the judge decided otherwise, since the nearby detention facilities were crowded with criminals with more serious offenses. It also helped that her uncle was a district attorney, hence the lesser punishment.

Caddy was very much a tomboy. She stood at 5 foot 8. She had light brown skin and hazel eyes. She had shoulder-length black hair, which was now in a ponytail and wrapped in a grey bandanna. She had a “battle scar” on her left cheek, from one of her many street brawls. Her attire left something to be desired also: baggy jeans and an oversized white Sean John shirt, hiding the curves that not many men ever knew she had. With a little makeup and more feminine threads, she might have the men flocking.

The officer left after explaining some guidelines to Caddy’s mother. She’d occasionally give Caddy the look of disappointment as the man talked to her. He found his way out of the home shortly thereafter.

“I can’t believe the aggravation you’ve put me through,” her mother said coldly. “My only child, a damn near menace to society!”

“Mom, I’m sorry, I…..”

“I don’t want to hear shit from you right now! I’ve got to get to work. I’ll deal with you when I get home.” She stormed out the door. Caddy stood there, nearly tearing up. Her mother wanted so much for Caddy. She knew she’d hurt her mother, and she was just as angry at herself for not trying to break her vicious cycle. But it was all she knew.

In the meantime, she was bored. She needed something to occupy her time. She spent some time talking with friends on the phone, trying to stay abreast of the current goings on while on lockdown. That didn’t last too long, since her friends had other things to do, an advantage that came along with having freedom. She watched some TV, flipping to the Maury show, which had its usual “Who’s the Father?” episode. That gave her some laughs for 60 minutes. It was all too familiar to her, since some of her friends could also be shoo-ins for potential guests. But once again, she was bored out of her mind. To calm her boredom, she decided to do something she hadn’t done since she was 17…..get dolled up.

She went into the bathroom and ran some bath water, pouring some of her mother’s bubble bath into the tub. As the tub filled, Caddy unbuttoned and pushed down her oversized pants, which covered white boxers with green dollar signs all over them. She then peeled off the boxers, revealing a rounded ass with subtle stretch marks. Her legs were smooth and toned — all that running from the cops paid off in that regard. The huge white shirt came off without a problem, then she went for the white sports bra she was wearing. It was tight, pressing against her breasts as she pulled at it. After a brief tug, off it came, going over her head as her nice, round “C” cups plopped to her chest. The bandanna stayed on. She extended her long leg into the hot bath water, sending a slight zing through her body as she adjusted to the temperature.

She breathed a sigh as she settled into the suds. She laid back and let her mind wander. Then, the thought of her mother’s disappointment resurfaced. She thought about how sorry she was and how she’d make it up to her. She made a vow in her mind to try and do better with her life. Then, she felt a sensation. Some suds were popping around her nipple. It wasn’t long at all before it became stiff, protruding at least a half inch from her areola. The feeling sent pleasurable little chills throughout Caddy’s chest as each small bubble popped, creating goose bumps, and making her other nipple become erect as well. It had been about a month since Caddy had some cock, way too long for her. She last got her last taste of good sex at a gang-affiliated party. They were both drunk, but at least she still savored the memory of how he gave it to her while hidden in a backyard tool shed, with other drunken partiers wandering about the lawn outside. Not the most romantic encounter, but it felt incredible.

She could feel herself getting wet, although Maraş Escort submerged in the water. She sat in the water, suffering. She fought so hard not to touch her nipples, doing so would set her off. She wouldn’t be able to control her sexual urges. After a few minutes, the feeling slowly began to leave her. She scrubbed herself clean, going easy on her hot spots, careful not to provoke herself, then flipped the drain release toggle. She wrapped herself in a towel upon stepping out of the tub. She walked to her bedroom, the towel snug against her, the crease between her ass and thighs visible just below the towel as she walked. She untied her bandanna, letting her hair down. When reaching for her lotion, her towel fell off, tauntingly grazing her nipples on its way down. It sent a warm tingle throughout her body. She tried to ignore it, moving along as if it didn’t happen.

She began slowly rubbing lotion on her arm, then the other. Once her arms soaked up the scented moisture, she rubbed some across her collar bone, then under her breast. Careful not to graze her nipples again, she rubbed lotion on the top of her breasts, then in between. She rubbed a little on her stomach, then on her toned ass and thighs. She then sat down on her bed to do the front side of her legs and around the ankle monitor, oblivious to the position she would put herself in within the next few moments. As she reached down to massage lotion into her shins, her nipples rubbed heavily against her legs. She immediately stopped and repositioned herself, leaning more forward, placing her tits beyond her knees. She began rubbing again, each rub causing her cute tits to swing back and forth, her nipples smacking against her knees.

“Fuck,” she mumbled to herself. Her nipples were already swollen by the time she looked at them. She was feeling tingly again, and before she knew it, her hand was reaching for it. In her mind, she forbade herself against touching them, but her hand wouldn’t stop. A gentle squeeze was all it took, and it was over. She instantly laid back on her bed, still gripping the nipple. It felt great, creating euphoria. She agonized herself with her self inflicted stimulation. She got hot and lightheaded, sensations stirring throughout her body.

“Feels so fucking good,” she said aloud to herself, as she reached down to fondle her clit. Being able to vent her sexual frustration in an empty house excited her. “Shit! Fuck! Damn!” She let it all hang out. It wasn’t even 15 seconds into lightly squeezing her clit, and her orgasm began quaking inside of her. Her legs clenched together and she rolled over into the fetal position, squeezing her hand into her crotch as she screamed out into her pillow. The orgasm wasn’t long past, and although her legs were noodles, she was up out of her bed, ransacking her drawers for her toys. She pulled out a dildo with a smaller dick affixed above it for clit stimulation while penetrating.

She immediately pushed it into herself, and collapsed back onto the bed, squirming while she pleasured herself. She moaned aloud while she squeezed her supersensitive nipples. Had she never touched them, she wouldn’t be in this predicament. She could feel another collection of spasms coming on, then there was a problem.

“Aw shit!” she said in frustration. Apparently, while she was away being pushed through the court system, the power in the batteries of the dildo had gotten weak, and the vibrations from the toy were becoming faint. “Dammit!” she sighed. Desperately, she began to pump the toy in and out of her furiously, determined to milk another orgasm out of it. With enough grinding and pumping, she worked herself back to her previous state, at the brink of climax. She shivered as the contractions began, yelling out for anyone outside to hear. Soon after, she lied there panting, her nipples standing up on her chest. ‘It’s not over,’ she said in her mind. She was horny, and needed to find satisfaction somehow, even if it meant masturbating herself into a coma.

Caddy heard some noise approaching. That of a grossly amplified stereo system, booming and vibrating the place as it got closer. She looked out the window to see the car of a rival gang coming near, and instantly, her street personality kicked in. She had to confront them and represent her set. She scrambled to find something, anything to wear. She managed to slip on a white tank top and purple boy shorts. It made no sense to go out looking like this, but she didn’t care, time was of the essence. The car had almost passed her house. She grabbed a pistol out of her mother’s drawer and darted out of the door, yelling obscenities at the car.

“Raise up, motherfuckas!” she yelled, wielding the handpiece. “What’s up? What’s up? You got some beef motherfuckas!” Yelling could be heard from the car.

“Man, step on that shit yo! She’s strapped!” one of the guys yelled to the driver. While they also had weapons in the car, they’d have to be loaded; they wouldn’t be ready to fire back at anyone. Nonetheless, they taunted her as they sped away, taking Maraş Escort Bayan for granted that she was female, and probably didn’t have good shooting range. “That trampy bitch can’t shoot!” someone yelled as they all laughed. Caddy began running after the car, totally disregarding the distance she was permitted with the ankle bracelet. It began to beep, which forced her to stop running. She immediately turned around and ran back to the house, put away the gun and dove into the couch, shivering, wondering what would happen when the police arrive. Thoughts rushed her brain about the consequences of her actions, and her mother’s disappointment in her earlier. ‘Shit! What I just did was so stupid,’ she thought in her head.

Within minutes, the police were there. They kicked in the door, causing Caddy to jump out of her skin. They scattered and searched the place for any other occupants, while two of the cops began to arrest Caddy.

“No, let her be. I want to ask her some questions first,” said the senior officer. Another officer came over and confirmed that the rest of the house was clear, then they all went to their cars. The senior officer, a Corporal, stared at Caddy, in disbelief. “Caddy? Cadalanna Imez? Tell me my eyes are fooling me.” Caddy stood there, confused. The Corporal still stood there stunned at the sight of her. Blood began to rush to his cock as he fought the impending erection. He couldn’t believe the sexy being that stood before him. Her chest and stomach, shiny with sweat from her previous exertion. Her nipples, hardened from her fight-or-flight-induced adrenaline rush. The way that tank top pressed down on her chest and concaved her waist, while her boy shorts defined the top of her thighs and had ridden up her ass from running.

He radioed his backup outside, “Guys, everything in here is 10-4, you can resume normal patrols.” He turned his eyes back onto Caddy. “I swear, I just left here this morning, warning you about what would happen if you violated the ground rules of house arrest.” She stood there, feeling scared.

“Corporal Braxton, I’m so sorry, what I did was so stupid. My mother is going to be so pissed at me. I made a promise to myself that I’d change,” she sobbed.

“It’s okay,” the Corporal said gently, wiping her tears. The silence that followed brought on an awkward feeling. Then Caddy did what seemed natural, she moved closer to Braxton to embrace him for comfort. As she did so, she purposely pulled his arm down from her face, acting as if it were in the way, pulling it across her chest, then to the side so he could wrap it around her. The Corporal felt the hard nipple graze his arm through her tank top as she moved it, her exact intention. His cock shifted, struggling for freedom from his pants. Now she was wrapped in his arms, seeking any reassurance she could get. She felt his bulge against her lower abdomen. She extended her hand down there and rubbed the throbbing mass that was beneath his pants. Pretending that Caddy hadn’t actually done that, the Corporal held back his reaction, keeping a straight face.

She felt safe in the arms of the officer assigned to monitor her, yet still hot and bothered. She hadn’t forgotten what she’d done to herself earlier, and despite all that had happened up to this point, she was still yearning for gratification. The Corporal was just above average looking, but her horniness made him appear more attractive. She didn’t care for uniforms, but couldn’t help but think about what could happen between them, while still fearing the end result. She looked up at him, her hazel eyes looking into his.

“It’s not right for me to be dressed like this in front of you, maybe I should go put something on,” she said softly. She let go of him, and awkwardly began to walk away towards her bedroom, the wedgy in her boy shorts still displaying the perfect profile of her behind. The sight of her from the rear was too good, and he immediately walked up and bear hugged her from behind, his cock grinding into her toned ass cheeks while his hand moved up her stomach towards her breasts. This is exactly what she was hoping for, but was afraid to ask for. Her nipples were in dire need of stimulation, and the anticipation of the moment where any part of him would touch them was killing her. He scooped her up with ease, and placed her on the couch. Off came his shoes, gun belt and pants, while she laid on the couch with one leg propped over the back of it. He couldn’t get over her nipples, and stared intently at them as he undressed, while she looked on, already panting.

He knelt over her, pulling her tank top over her breasts. Caddy’s boy shorts were soiled, from the anticipation of his breast play. He took his finger and began rubbing the areola of her left breast, tracing circles around the nipple. She shivered, and desperately wanted her sensitive nipple to be touched. He continued working on the areola. He then licked his finger, and began rubbing again. She gave a frustrated moan, as if begging for her nipple to be squeezed. He continued rubbing the Escort Maraş areola.

“Please,” she whispered, with her eyes closed tight, and a frown upon her face, deep in concentration. He didn’t respond, and continued teasing the areola, now rippled with bumps. She moved her chest so the nipple could get a taste of the wet finger, but to no avail. He stopped, then resumed when she was lying still again. He kept on with the areola. He purposely grazed the nipple, just to fish for a reaction.

“Ah,” she exhaled, as her body involuntarily jerked. Her nipple was harder than ever. No man has ever taken his time to get her worked up like this before. She actually thought her nipple would explode. The Corporal began massaging the swollen mound through her boy shorts, her moisture getting all over his palm. She began gyrating her waist in rhythm with his rubs, her areola still under stress from his teasing stimulation. She was breathing deeply now, pulling his head, trying to get his mouth near her nipple. He fought against her pulling, and instead, kissed the inside of her legs, sending little shivers throughout her body.

Again she begged softly, “please, I can’t take it.” While still rubbing between her legs, he moved up to her lips and kissed them softly. She impatiently kissed him back, trying to hurry him southward to her chest. He ignored the gesture, and kissed her neck, then her shoulders. She was becoming irritated, and her whimpers were becoming grunts. The Corporal finally decided he had his fun, and went to the nipple. It was still bumpy around the areola and the nipple was now extremely puffy and rounded, unlike the normal squared shape it becomes when erect. He grazed the nipple once more, causing her body to tense up. Then he licked it. Caddy moaned in great relief.

The Corporal clamped down on the nipple with his teeth, giving intermittent nibbles as Caddy squirmed furiously. Then he bit down harder, sucking and licking at the nipple between his teeth. Caddy struggled to hold on to her composure, but the ambiance created from his actions was too great. She began to feel something that never before accompanied nipple play. She squealed as a surprising climax began to take place. She clawed the pillows of the couch and wrapped her legs around him, trying to squeeze out every last contraction while he continued to nibble. She settled down back into the couch, now sweating from the buildup. Her tank top was damp, and her panties had wet patches of sweat all around.

The Corporal was rigid from toying with her. He ripped off her bottoms and parted her legs. To his surprise, he saw a tattoo, etched above a cleanly shaved pussy, saying “Caddy’s Zone.” Heated at this discovery, his cock pulsated all the more. He spanked her clit a couple of times while she looked on, bracing herself for penetration. He began pushing his way in. She frowned at the brief pain of her vaginal walls adjusting to his girth, releasing a long grunt. She liked a little pain with her pleasure, and became more aroused upon his entry. Instantly, she was spreading her legs wider, inviting the Corporal to go deeper already. Caddy brought her hips up to meet his strokes, as he fed himself into her. Each stroke ended with a slight pain, which drove Caddy crazy.

“Aye papi, it’s so good,” she moaned. “Your dick is so right for my pussy.” Her face contorted as the direct, slightly shocking pains accompanying each stroke vibrated throughout her body, her nicely rounded breasts jiggling back and forth with each stroke. The Corporal took out his cock and teased her clit with it. He then licked upon the sensitive nub, then moved upward towards Caddy’s mouth so she could taste it. She loved how she tasted on his tongue. While kissing her, he slammed himself back into her, and began pounding, breaking the kiss.

He grabbed the inside of her thighs and began pulling her into his rod. Her mouth was wide open with broken moans exiting her throat. Focused on her tits again, he leaned over, still pounding, and sucked the nipple, which was now sore from earlier. He then squeezed firmly on the other, rolling it between his thumb and finger. Within seconds, Caddy was thrashing about, seemingly trying to escape the almost immediate climax that caught her off guard.

“FUCK!” was all she could yell out before the remainder of her breath was forced out of her, due to contending with the powerful contractions that were temporarily seizing her midsection. As she came down from the orgasm, her face took on a glazed look. Her mind, to a degree, became foggy. She tried to stay with it, but was barely holding on. The Corporal was getting close. Caddy could feel him expanding inside her.

“On my tits baby, on my tits!” suggested Caddy. This was right up the Corporal’s alley, and with one final, pounding thrust to remind her who temporarily commanded her pussy, he pulled out. Immediately standing to his feet, he squirted several strongly flowing streams of semen all over her chest. Caddy smeared the hot, gooey fluid all over her, then stuck her cum-laden fingers into her mouth. She remained on the couch with her legs spread open, looking up at him and licking her lips. The Corporal was taken. He never thought he’d end up having a piece of ass from a female gang member, the precise type of person he’d been protecting the community from for years.

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