Hotel Room Fun

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We’re at a hotel room, a suite more like it, kissing on the bed like we’ve only just met. The sheets are a tangled mess, remnants of the night before; we are both still naked, skin on warm skin as the light of the sun peeks through the blinds.

You are on top of me, my slender fingers moving through your soft hair like the waves outside. The only sound the locking of our lips, of my tongue pushing gently in your mouth, yours not so gently pushing back into mine. I moan your name as you kiss me, as your hands roam the softness of my curves, the tenderness of my thighs, the wetness between them. You smile as I inhale, the fingers you used to lightly trace me now entering your mouth. You suck on them, not breaking eye contact, even as my legs wrap around your waist and pull you into me. Instead, you moan for me. God, I love that sound. I love that you’re mine.

“So what should we do today?” I ask, one hand leaving your hair and running down your chest, another wrapping around your shoulder to pull you in for another kiss.

Your teeth tug on my bottom lip before saying, “I have a few ideas.”

I giggle as your tongue licks down my jawline, kisses deepening beneath my ear, causing me to tilt my chin. “I want this room cleaned, though.” Another kiss causes me to catch my breath. “It smells.”

As if to taunt me, you roll your hips forward, and my nails instinctively dig into your back, which causes you to push against me again. “You mean it smells good.”

“Baby.” I take your face between my hands and pull you up to me so I can kiss your lips. “You know what I mean.”

You groan and collapse on top of me, making me erupt in a fit of giggles as you plant rapid fire kisses on my neck. Then you stop and gasp, looking at me. “I have an idea.”

My eyebrows raise. “An idea?”

You nod and give those same rapid fire kisses on my lips now. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, baby.”

After a few more breathless kisses, you stand and I watch you grab your phone to look at the time. Then you look back at me, at how I’m laying in bed, exposed, hair a mess, every inch of me already ravished over and over this weekend. “God, you’re beautiful.”

I can say the same thing about you, I think, but your tongue is inside my mouth before I get the chance. “Baby,” I manage to say in between more kisses. “What’s your idea?”

“Right.” Another kiss. “I’ve never taken a bath before.” Kiss. “Well I might have when I was young.” Kiss with tongue. “But we have a huge bath here, so. Let’s use it.”

“You want to sit in our own sweat?”

You chuckle. “If it’s yours, then always.” Then you stand up, hand outstretched to lift me from the bed. “Come on.” I groan, but allow myself to be pulled up, crashing into you and kissing you once more as your hands rest on my back. “Get it ready and I’ll be there in a second.”

I’m not sure what you’re doing, but I know that you have a plan, so I get the bathtub ready. It’s huge, overlooking the ocean on one side, tiled wall of crystal blue on the other. I fill it with warm water and bubbles, then get in and savor the moment before you walk in as well.

I watch you lock the eryaman escort bayan door, even though our hotel room is locked anyway, and walk over to me. You watch me bite my lip, lost in a trance as I look over you, as I look over what’s mine. You smile and my heart feels like it’s going to explode. “Hi, baby.”

“Hi baby,” I say like I always do. You step one foot into the water, then the other, but before you can sit I tug you forward by the back of your knee.

“What are you-“

A hand I had in the warm water a second before wraps around your nice cock, slender fingers moving up and down softly. You inhale a sharp breath as I look up at you. “May I, baby?”

I don’t give you much time to respond, not that you need it anyway. One hand finds its way into my hair, pulling me close. The other rests on the wall so that you don’t fall forward. And you look down as I slowly open my mouth and run my tongue from the base of your hardening cock to your tip like an ice cream cone I can’t get enough of. And when my soft lips wrap around you and I take you into my mouth, it seems like you can’t get enough of me, either.

My hands grip your ass and pull you closer; you move my head as well, so that I can suck you better. Deeper. Wetter. My tongue licks around you as I move, lips always teasing around your tip but never leaving you. Because I really, really cant get enough. And I can tell you’re enjoying it, from the way you mutter “fuck” beneath your breath. From how you start to lose focus, your head knocking back, mouth open as you moan.

“Just like-that, baby” you manage to say, your hands gripping tighter, your breathing now faster. “I’m – fuck – please.”

You’re close. I know you are. I’ve been getting better over the weekend at taking your cum, trying new things, but I still haven’t been able to take it in my mouth. So my lips and tongue let go of you, but only for a second.

You move back so that I can stand, and I make you face the other way, towards the wall. You feel my wet skin behind you, my breasts pushing against your back, as I spit on my hand and reach around you to stroke you. “Fuck, baby,” you say over and over as I get you closer and closer, my hands moving faster and faster. I kiss your shoulder and neck, whatever I can, and whisper, “Louder, baby. Be my good fucking boy.”

Your moans get louder, your head knocks back as I lick your skin, as my other hand comes to join. And before I can whisper to tell you to cum for me, you do, stream after stream hitting the wall, my hand slick with you. I know your heart must be pounding. I can see your face is flushed, red. I reach my hand up and make you taste yourself for me, then I turn you around and kiss your lips, licking what is left, letting you know you’re mine. And I’m yours.

“My turn, baby,” you say and gently push me against the wall, your hands pinning me wrists above my head as you ravish me with kisses. I love when you’re hungry for me. My head tilts back when you leave wet and sloppy kisses all over my neck.

I can feel your cock against my stomach and I arch my back so I’m closer to you, but you laugh and drag your tongue up to my neck ankara escort to whisper, “Not yet, princess. I want to lick your delicious pussy first.”

I whimper, feeling your hands move down my curves and back up to grab my breasts. You moan into me as you roll my nipple, then move your mouth down to the other one. Nothing drives me crazier than when you suck on my nipples, and here you are, pushing me against the shower wall, sucking me into your mouth like there’s no tomorrow. You flick your tongue around my nipple and I grab onto your hair. “Fuck, baby. Fuck I need you.”

You drop your tongue out of your mouth and look up at me as you drag your tongue across my chest to seek out the other nipple. Your fingers go back to pinching and rolling the other one. “You want me to-” You suck me in and I lose my breath. “Fuck your tight, wet pussy?”

“Fuck!” I yell out, my hand pulling your hair. “Please baby.” I know you like it when I beg. “Please fuck me.”

“Such a good girl, knowing to beg.” You start to drop to your knees and I whimper. “But I told you.” Your start to kiss down my torso to my hips. One of your hand drops in the bathwater then traces me from my calf all the way to my inner thigh. I shudder when you spread my legs. “I want to eat you first. To devour you.”

You wait for me to look at you then slowly stick out your tongue and run it up my wet slit. “Fuck,” I moan, grabbing your hair and moving you closer against me. “Fuck, baby. Eat me. Please.”

The begging again makes you horny. I can inagine how hard you are under the water and it makes me grab my own breast with my other hand. You lift one of my thighs and put it on my shoulder as you keep licking me, your mouth moving against me with such good skill that I start to lose my balance.

I hear and feel you moan against my pussy, your tongue moving inside me and making me scream. “Fuck fuck fuck, baby!” I can hardly breathe as I feel your wet thumb reach out to rub my clit as you tongue fuck me. “Fuck, I’m going to – cum.”

“Cum in my mouth,” you say, not stopping, not changing pace. Your moans are nearly as loud as my own and I lock my leg around your shoulder. “Fuck, cum for me, princess.”

I let out a high pitched moan and feel my cum explode in your mouth. You don’t stop, licking every last drop as I struggle to regain my breath, my body going limp against you.

“I’m not done with you yet,” you say, then stand to kiss me, the taste of my cum still on your tongue. “Do you still want me to fuck you, gorgeous?”

I smile and play with your tongue as I feel you grip my ass. “Always, baby.”

“Perfect.” Another kiss and a moan. Your hands grip my waist and turn me around. “Bend over, baby.”

“Fuck.” I love when you command me like that, when your hand pushes down on my lower back. I grip the sides of the tub as you lean over as if to get something. “Please, no condoms. I want to feel you inside me.”

You chuckle. “You will feel me inside you.”

“Your cum. I need your cum inside me.”

You lean over my shoulder to whisper something in my ear, and as you do, I feel something hard and wet teasing my pussy. sincan escort bayan You grind your cock against me and I close my eyes to moan. Then you whisper, “You’ll take my cum like a fucking good girl?”

“FUCK,” I moan loudly, but then you pull my hair and kiss me so I’m quiet.

“We have to be quiet, baby.” As if on cue, I hear the vaccuum turn on outside our room. “You wanted the room cleaned.”

“Baby,” I whimper as you push against me. “I can’t be quiet.”

“I know that, baby. That’s why I brought this.” You place a dildo on the shower wall, right in front of my waiting mouth. I can feel myself getting wetter just thinking about you fucking me as I suck the dildo. “Are you going to be a good girl for me, baby?” You tease your tip inside of my waiting pussy and I groan. Then you guide me by my hair so that my mouth is wrapped around the dildo. “Remember, you have to be quiet.”

The vacuum continues outside, this time moving closer to the door. For a moment, the maid turns off the vacuum and that’s when you decide to thrust your hard cock deep inside of me. My scream is muffled by the plastic cock inside my mouth. You start fucking me in the silence, thrusting in and out of me as we wait for her to turn on the vacuum again.

As you keep fucking me with a nice and even pace, my mouth moves against the dildo, my tongue swirling around it and imagining it’s you. You lean over me and grab my breasts, which makes me moan again. When the vacuum picks up, you lick my ear and say, “Such a good fucking girl, princess.” You start to move a little faster, pounding into my tight pussy as your roll my nipples between your hands. “Fuck, you look so good sucking while I-” You thrust deep and I grip the tub as tight as I can. “While I fuck your tight, wet, aching pussy.”

I moan and can no longer focus on sucking as you pump in and out of me. I clench onto you to tease and you only fuck me harder. I can feel yoy getting close, but I know you won’t cum before I do. It’s a rule, and even though you’re using me like a whore, you want me to finish first.

The hand that’s on my breast moves to my clit again and starts rubbing as you fuck me faster. I forget that the maid is outside and start moaning loudly, the dildo no longer in your mouth. You don’t care either as you moan, too, wanting me to finish. “Cum for me, baby. Cum on my cock.”

You know that triggers me and I clench on you, my cum drenching your cock as I scream out. In seconds, you cum as well, filling me up like I had asked. We hear a door close and figued the maid had enough and left, and we both dissolve in a fit of laughs as we lean against the wall for support.

You lean over and kiss me while your cock is still inside me. I can hardly kiss you back from how exhausted I am and you smile. “The room’s clean. How about we clean up, too?”

You pull out and our cum leaks out of me, so I close my eyes and nod. “Turn the shower on.”

I hear you laugh but the shower doesn’t turn on. Instead, I open my eyes to see you on your knees again. “I have my own ways of keeping you clean, baby.”

You take your time, slow and adoring as you lick up what we had left inside me. Then, when you’re done, you help me sit with my back against your chest as we fill the tub with warm water again and admire the view.

“I love you, baby,” you say, then kiss my neck tenderly as I lean back against you.

“I love you, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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