Hotel Guest Locked Out

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I was working as a 2nd shift maintenance man in a local downtown hotel. It was famous for its smaller conventions, convenient to the local nightlife, clubs and such. After a couple of years, there wasn’t much I hadn’t seen or heard about. Until that one night.

I got a call from dispatch that a guest was locked out of his room. It was a room that used to be a conference room but had been converted into a guest room. What didn’t get changed was the small, doorless foyer in front of the guest room door. There was also a house phone on the wall inside the foyer, which I assumed the guest had called from to report his circumstance.

I rode the elevator up to the proper floor and went down the hallway towards the assigned room. It was around 10pm or so, so a lot of guests were either still out for entertainment or had already tucked in for the night. In short, there was no foot traffic on this floor.

I turned the corner of the foyer and could simply not believe my eyes!

There stood a small statured gentleman, completely nude with both his hands covering his genitals!

He appeared to be barely five feet tall, with a slender build, something around 140 pounds, I’d say. Probably in his mid-forties for age. Buck naked. In the hall. With me.

I noticed a used room service tray on the floor next to him, about three feet from the guest door. While logic could perhaps dictate the door had closed behind him, I also wondered who in the world would go three feet from their room door stark naked? Not to mention someone whom didn’t flip the night latch over in order to prevent the door from closing?

I quickly arrived at my answer: someone who WANTED to be seen stark naked in public. Not that this bothered me in any way. In fact, I admired his ingenuity in devising a situation that had plausible deniability that it was done on purpose. It wasn’t like he was strolling around the hallway stark naked or running through the bar or pool area. He had, I thought, arrived at a most perfect solution.

I wondered how I could play this to MY satisfaction as well as keeping his fantasy/fetish going. I knew I had to walk a tight line as I didn’t want him complaining to the front desk or night manager about something I had said or done. But I also knew this was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to had a little (or a LOT) of fun as well.

He and I stood there looking at each other for several seconds. I really hadn’t said anything yet and he was attempting to explain how he had attempted to put the room service tray outside when the door had shut behind him, locking him out.

The entire time was rambling, I was slowly looking him up and down, evaluating what he might be game for and what I wanted to do. All this was moving through my mind at warp speed as I knew we didn’t have much time to be out in the hallway like we were. I also thought I’d need to get him moving towards a receptive position of whatever I could manage to try to do with him.

Well, I thought. Here goes nothing!

“Sir, would you be kind enough to move in front of the door? That way I can block you with my body in case another guest walks by. Then I can get the door open for us.”

I deliberately used the word “us” to see if it had any effect on his expression. Much to my surprise and delight, it did not!

“Just turn and face the door, get as close to it as you can”, I said.

He nonchalantly eased over in front of the door and positioned himself over to door handle side, sort of covering the door handle. His hands remained covering his genitals but now I had an unobstructed view of his ass.

“Not bad”, I thought. He had the shape and texture of the ass of a twenty something year old guy, I thought. “Well, let’s see how my interest can be introduced without him freaking out if he’s not looking for fun?”

I stepped up directly behind kıbrıs escort him, shielding his body easily since I was twice his size. I didn’t nestle my dick in the crack of his ass, but I certainly had my crotch touching his naked ass. I was quickly growing a boner with the excitement. I’ve got to get him inside his room so I can escalate this adventure!

I pulled my master door key card off my belt along with the card retractor. I didn’t want the cord interfering in any way with how I might be able to get him as excited as I was now.

With my crotch pressing gently against his ass, I reached around with my right arm in a half-hearted attempt to reach the door lock with the key card. He was still looking at the door rather than down, so he seemingly didn’t realize that his hip was blocking access to the card slot.

“Excuse me, sir. I need to adjust you so that I may be able to insert my key card”, I told him.

I placed my right hand on his right hip bone very lightly and gently but at the same time I moved my left hand down and put my entire palm on his left ass cheek. I didn’t grip his ass cheek or anything, I just left it solidly touching his cheek.

He didn’t jump, move or (most importantly!) complain about me touching him! “Cool!”, I thought. “Maybe this can turn into some fun after all?”

Keeping his body covered from view with mine, I gently nudged his hip towards the left. As his body leaned over that way, I allowed my left hand to gently glide over his ass cheek to rest right in the crack of his ass. I casually slid my middle finger down the crack of his ass, burrowing it as it travelled. He still showed no change of expression nor made a comment.

I reached for the door lock again with my key card, keeping my right arm pressed up against his side. I slid the key card in, popped the lock and changed the light from red to green.

“You may open the door now”, I whispered into his ear. I still kept my left hand on his ass crack, my finger still deep into the crack.

He opened the door and walked in. As he travelled forward, my left hand left his ass. I noticed he also removed his hands from his genitals, moving them to their natural position at his sides.

I followed him into the room, allowing the door to close. This was against hotel policy but I figured I could get away with it by claiming he was buck assed naked (which in fact he was).

We both continued into the room, he in front of me by several feet. He stopped in front of the room desk and turned to face me. I noticed his hands were still at his sides, nor had he made a single movement to acquire any clothing nor a covering. He stood there casually, almost daringly I thought.

“Sir, I need to check your ID in order to ensure this is in fact your room assigned to you, please. I apologize for this but it’s hotel policy and therefore required”, I told him.

He told me, “Sure, that’s no problem, I understand. My wallet is in my pants, over here by the bed. Let me dig it out for you.”

He walked over to the bed, where I could not see any pants, nor clothing of any sort. Nor did he attempt to cover his genitals in any way.

“Ah, my pants have slid off the bed or maybe I just accidently knocked them off earlier?”, he noted. He bent over to pick up his pants and I again noticed interesting behavior on his part. When he bent, he didn’t squat. He kept his legs mostly straight, which exposed his asshole quite clearly. Nor did he just pick the pants up. He dug through them while they were still on the floor, wiggling around what I thought of by now was a nice, cute tight ass. I didn’t mind at all what I was seeing, quite frankly.

Finally, he retrieved his drivers license and handed it to me. “Here ya go”, he said. I took it from him while looking down at his hand but I also kept looking at his dick. kıbrıs escort bayan It seemed to have grown a bit thicker, just as mine had. I kept looking at his dick, not even looking at his license yet. Seconds went by, nothing was said by either of us.

“Do you mind if I sit down? I seem to be a tiny bit light headed”, I asked him.

“No, please, make yourself comfortable”, he replied. “Would you like some water?”

“I said, “No, I’ll be ok. I just need a quick rest.”

We were both standing at the foot of his bed. I thought it would seem natural to just spin and sit on the bed, so that’s exactly what I did. I also made it a point to slide a bit closer to him as I moved to sit, lightly touching our legs together. He didn’t move away the tiniest bit, which I found greatly encouraging.

I thought, “Well shit. Time to go for the gusto, see what he’s up for?”

He was facing me with only about a forty-five deg angle, not straight on. I held the license in my left hand and brought it up close enough to read. I also raised my right hand and placed it flat against his left ass cheek, much as I did out in the hallway. Again, he didn’t flinch nor move away.

“I need you to recite your name and address, please”, I said. I lowered my hand holding his license and simply stared hard at his dick. He could’ve recited Richard Nixon, address White House for all I cared. All I cared about at that moment was my hand on his ass and my face mere inches from his dick.

Apparently, he didn’t mind either, as I saw for certain enlarging of his dick. It was well beyond being a “chubby” now and was now approaching full engorgement. It was proportionate to his body size, only about 3-4″ fully hard. That was perfect for me as I had only recently had begun my bi experiences and couldn’t deep throat anything larger than that (still can’t).

I tightened my grip on his ass check as he recited whatever he said. I wasn’t even listening, all I know was I needed to get a hold of his dick and I wanted it badly!

I flipped his license over to the other side of the bed, leaving both hands free. I put both hands on his hips, turning his back fully to the bed as I stood back up. I pushed backwards on his hips, forcing his body to sit on the bed. I then raised my hands to his shoulders, pushing them back on the bed as well.

I stood up and removed my glasses and dropped to my knees. His legs were hanging off the bed but they were too short to allow his feet to touch the floor. My eyes roamed up from his dick to his face, where he had a smile on.

I grabbed under each of his knees with my hands, raising and spreading his legs. I pushed his knees back until they were almost touching his body. The angle gave me a perfect view of his crotch, including his asshole. I had never rimmed a guy before but I deep down know this was going to happen tonight.

I nibbled on the inside of his thighs, moving down to his crotch and them moving to the other thigh. He began moaning as I did this. I pushed back his knees as far as they would go, further presenting his asshole to me. I knew there was no way I wasn’t going to eat this tiny little asshole!

I dipped my face down and began tonguing that beautiful thing! O licked all around it, slathering my tongue up and down his crack. I put mouth on his asshole and sucked it while I ran my tongue past his sphincter. He began moaning louder and bouncing his ass off the bed.

I licked his taint and moved up to fully put his balls in my mouth. I was running my tongue all over his ball sack while he moaned and began pulling my hair some.

After a minute he began begging me, “Please suck me! I have to have your mouth on my dick NOW!”

Well, I certainly had no reason not to do so! I licked his shaft from his ball sack to his dick head. Once I reached his dick head escort kıbrıs I just opened up and swallowed his dick. I ran my lips all the way down to his pubic bone, swallowing the entire thing.

“Aaaggghhh! Oh, my god! I can’t believe how good that feels!”, he said.

I slathered my tongue all over his glans, licking it as hard as I could with my tongue. I showed neither mercy nor gentleness, I showed nothing but brute lust in sucking that thing!

I knew I wouldn’t have long in his room as I was still supposed to be available for other calls. I wanted to make him cum as quickly and as hard as possible. I let go of his knee with one hand slid it under his ass. I took my little finger (I have large hands) and placed it on his sphincter. It was soaking from my earlier licking, so no lube was needed.

I slid my little finger all the way in with one smooth motion, continuing my attention to his dick with my mouth and tongue. I didn’t have the depth to really massage his prostate like I wanted, so I just began to finger fuck his tight little ass.

“Oh, fuck me jesus!” he shouted. He began to bound his ass even more, timing it to the thrusts of my finger in his ass. I decided to gamble a bit and on a back thrust, I removed my little finger and replaced it with my index finger.

I again slid it into the furthest depth it would reach, although not violently. But I was able to curve my finger upwards and feel his prostate.

“Yes!” I thought. “Paydirt!”

I began a gentle but insistent rubbing on his prostate but no longer sawing my finger in and out. I increased my suction on his dick as well as tonguing his glans about as hard and fast as I could.

“You’re making me cum!” he shouted. “Uggggghhhh!!!!!!”

He began shooting streams of cum as I continued sucking. I kept up both the glans rubbing as well as his prostate. He kept bucking like he was riding a world class rodeo bull. His thighs were locked around my head like a vice as he orgasmed.

His spurts became shorter and with less volume. But I never slacked my efforts as he slowed his. I swallowed everything he had and kept right on sucking, knowing it drive him insane.

Sure enough, he began to plead to let him loose. “Please stop! I can’t take anymore! PLEASE!”

He tried to push my head away but I was simply too big and too strong for him to do anything. All I knew was *I* was going to have *my* fun as long as I wanted to.

But after a few moments, I slowly slid my lips from the base of his dick to his head, keeping them tight all the way up. I kissed the head of his dick after it plopped out of my mouth. I eased my index finger out from his, giving his sphincter a good rubbing before I removed my hand.

He lay there panting as I stood, wiping my mouth on a towel he had nearby. My heart rate was also slowly coming back to normal as well.

My little dicked guest just laid on the bed, quietly murmuring things I couldn’t hear. His legs were still splayed open, showing his dick and balls. They both glistened with my saliva, making me think of starting all over again.

But, duty calls and all that. I had to get back to work and knew I was off the grid long enough without someone looking for me.

My little dicked friend finally had calmed enough to converse it seemed. “Wow! I can’t believe I came that hard! That was possibly the strongest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life?” he said.

“Yeah, you came pretty good, I’d say. I really enjoyed the whole seduction thing. That was the first time I’ve actually come on to another guy. I wasn’t sure if you were going to be cool with it or not. I finally picked up on what I thought were clues in your demeanor.”

He just smiled and said, “Well, I am certainly glad you did. I’m also certainly glad I was able t olive my fantasy of being nude in public without being arrested!”

I put my glasses back on, turned my radio back on and eased out the door. I never saw him again, which is ok because there was no way that experience was ever going to be topped with the two of us.

I also notched my first rim job of a guy, as well as my first deep throat. All in all, a very enjoyable experience!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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