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Hotel Bar

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We met at the hotel bar. This incredibly striking woman walked over to me, smiling at me as if she knew me.

“Don’t sit alone,” she invited, ” Come and sit with us.”

She took my arm as if we were old friend, and seeing her contagious smile, I decided to go along with it. She led me to a table in a corner of that room. Upon looking around, I felt almost like I had fallen down the rabbit hole, and arrived in a parallel world, where everyone was beautiful. The two men sitting at the table talking were undeniably gorgeous. One had an almost vampiric air to him, with his defined cheekbones, striking eyes, and pale blond hair that was long enough to be tied back at the nape of his neck. Unexpectedly, he looked intently at me and smiled in a manner reminiscent of a wolf regarding a rabbit. I felt my stomach do a slow somersault. Those blue eyes unnerved me, and made me want to forget myself. That wouldn’t do at all. Given his effect on me, it wasn’t altogether surprising that he had golden hair. Another blond. I smiled wryly. I’d often thought that blondes would be the death of me, but with this one, I could tell that it would be a fantastic way to go. Attempting to break the awkwardness, I looked at the man next to him, but he wasn’t nearly as interesting, although still remarkably attractive, with his dark, finger tousled hair and clean cut features.

They looked at the woman holding my arm and smiled widely in welcome.

“Very pretty.”

The feral one slid easily from the booth in one liquid movement, and took my hand.

“Come sit, you’ll be very comfortable between us.”

I eased myself into the booth, conscious of the hem of my dress rising on my thighs. I discreetly smoothed it with my hand to cover my garters, but felt eyes watching the movement. The booth was small, and I was very aware of the proximity of the other bodies around me. The bar had an intimate air to it, with it’s dim, cleverly placed lighting, discreetly elegant decor and the surprisingly large number of patrons filling the other booths and sofas. But for all the room was full of other people, each one of them seemed to be absorbed in their own conversations and flirtations, giving our booth the illusion of privacy. I shivered faintly despite the warm air. I was nervous, and my mysterious lady friend sensed it. She reached for my hand, holding it lightly between both of hers. She smiled at me, and searched my bewildered gaze for a long moment, before licking her lips, like the cat that got cream.

“Don’t worry,” she reassured me, grinning wickedly now, “I’ll share”.

I forced a laugh, and it sounded thin and nervous even to my own ears. I glanced around at the three of them, wondering what I’d gotten myself into. Wearing this dress that barely covers my garters when I’m standing and yet hugs my curves like a lover. Admittedly, I’d gone out hoping to meet someone, but I wasn’t sure I was ready for what seemed to be on offer. I briefly thought about bolting, making up some excuse that I needed to go, that I was meeting a friend for dinner…and just as I was about to open my mouth, the man with the intriguing eyes leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I know we can please you.” I looked into those eyes once again, and knew that he was speaking the truth. A waitress came and we ordered drinks. I gradually relaxed and became more comfortable, as if we were all long lost friends. So the next time that I felt that intent gaze upon me, I turned and met his eyes directly, and boldly asked what he was thinking. A predatory look slid across his features and he leaned close to me, whispering, his lips so close that I felt his moist, warm breath as he caressed my thigh, fingers leaving phantom circles where they had touched.

“I want to watch her undress you so I can take pleasure in your skin, but it’s entirely your choice who has you first.”

I was shocked, but more stunned by the sudden dampness in my thong than his words. If his fingers had merely whispered a caress over my clit I would have come there and then. I mutely shook my head and tore my gaze from his, feeling as though my desires had left me naked and acutely vulnerable. My mouth ached to be kissed while my mind awhirl with flickering images of naked skin. I felt hungry for things that I had never known. As if I had spoken my wants aloud, my face was turned and I was kissed, not by the one who fascinated me, but by his blue eyed companion. Gentle and sweet rapidly transformed into something far more…hungrier. Confident fingers traced the seams of my dress, dancing up past my garters. My thighs parted of their own volition, surrendering to roving hands. I heard a moan and a whisper as his clever fingertips traced the crotch of my soaking thong.

“You just have to say please..” The digits rubbed insistently over my swollen clit. I only broke the kiss long enough to cry “Yes…please.”

Familiar scents mingled in my nose – peppermint, sweet and spicy. The undertones of musk arose as the air in booth became heavy with desire. I could hear the smirk in his throaty voice as he purred, “Let’s go find somewhere more private.” While I pretended to think it over, his fingers continued their assault on the vulnerable flesh shielded by the drenched scrap of silk. I bit the lip of the angel before me, groaning as I arched my hips into his touch, wanting more. He laughed and offered his moist fingertips to the smiling goddess, who held my gaze as she bursa escort savored my taste on his skin like fine cognac. I felt decidedly dazed and suddenly, there didn’t seem to be enough air.

“How big is the bed in your room?” The angel enquired.

“A queen” I stuttered in reply, and with that, we were leaving, money being tossed carelessly on the table. We walked together to the bank of elevators. I hit the ‘up’ button and realized with a jolt that I was waiting for that silver missile to deliver me on weak knees to unknown pleasure. I noticed at the edge of my vision, that the feral one had loosened the silken strands of his hair to lay on his shoulders. The golden shimmer contrasted richly with the soft matte leather of his black coat. The elevator doors slid open with a quiet swish and the four of us stepped into it’s mirrored interior in unison. He smiled at me, a predatory baring of white teeth, and leaned close to my ear.

“I can smell your need.”

Abruptly, he pushed me up against the mirrored wall and stared deeply into my eyes, as the doors slid closed. The others watched his actions with lazy curiosity.

“Let me do something for you.” He must have known that I would sat yes to anything at that moment but instead I settled for a shy ‘please.’

That wolfish look returned as he knelt before me, his movements slow and deliberate, giving me plenty of time to protest. His hands snaked up my thighs, under my skirt, pushing it up and out of the way for a better view. My eyes never left him as he moved closer, rubbing his cheek along my thigh. That one catlike movement put his face tantalizingly close to my swollen lips. I heard him make a sound, deep in his throat.. a purr or perhaps it was a low growl, as his deft fingers pulled the sheer fabric aside. Electric pulses skittered along my nerves, leaving me shivering in their wake as he slowly licked the dew from my delicate folds. I felt the demanding strength of his hands as they gripped my ass cheeks, spreading me wider for his delectation. My hips lifted into his hungry mouth and my fingers twisted tightly in his soft hair.

As I moaned out loud, I heard a snicker that abruptly jolted me back to reality. As soon as I opened my glazed eyes, I was greeted by the sight of the goddess, kneeling before the angel. His thick, upswung shaft was encircled by her slim fingers, while her red mouth played over the gorgeous head. My gaze flicked back up to his.

“What floor?” He asked, smiling broadly.

I blinked in surprise. How long had we been riding up and down without destination? I could feel my orgasm boiling up within me, washing over me in huge, warm waves, even as I tried to form my reply.

“Nine!” I cried. The dark angel bit his lip, holding back another snicker. His eyes dropped to rest upon the sight of his friend’s golden head moving between my thighs, before he turned away to the panel of buttons.

He pressed the button for the ninth floor, and I watched as it glowed golden. We were on the 17th and had to ride back down. I stared, almost spellbound as he started to moan loudly. I imagined her mouth doing something particularly delicious to his straining stalk. His eyes slid shut as he gave in to the pleasure, hips thrusting him deeper as he fucked her cherry stained pout. I noticed that her free hand had slid beneath her skirt. My golden haired lover adjusted my clothes with care before finally straightening. He caresses my cheek with one wide palm, then bent forward slightly to steal a kiss. The taste of myself on his mouth made my sex quiver anew. There was something so primitive and primal about that first kiss. Tender, yet probing, joined again by our flesh. Our bodies were molded together, so close that I could feel every pulse of his desire lying between us, as hard as alabaster. I ran my fingers over its swollen length through the straining fabric. He pressed harder against me and suckled hard on my bottom lip.

The elevator came to a sudden halt, a bell chiming softly as the doors opened. We pulled away from each other long enough for us to find my room and use the keycard to open the door. I opened the window and the drapes wide, so that everything in the dark room became silvered by moonlight. Besides, I thought wryly, it was a bit late to pretend that I cared who saw me or my companions. I felt someone press against my spine, cupping my full breasts though the fabric. I hissed as my sensitive nipples were abraded against the black lace bustier. I looked down, expecting to see large male hands. Instead I was surprised to see long, slender fingers, with crimson tipped nails. An errant lock of her near black hair fell over my shoulder as she playfully bit my neck. I reached up and tangled my fingers in the long, luxurious strands, rubbing my body back against hers. Her hands abandoned my breasts and pulled me hard against her, then caressing and teasing, as she searched for the hem of my dress. It never entered my head to resist as I felt the garment being drawn up and away slowly. She paused to nibble on my earlobe, before finally pulling it over my head. I looked down at myself, veiled in nothing but black lace, my nylons, and the shimmering silver light.

The two men were sat on the bed, looking at us with enigmatic eyes, seemingly shining with an inner light. The angel languidly beckoned me closer, and I crossed the room on unsteady legs, powerless to resist. Once I was bursa escort bayan close enough, he reached around me, unfastening and discarding the bustier, exposing my tight nipples with their gleaming silver rings. I observed his expression, enjoying the pleasant surprise I saw in it. I bent down and kissed him hard, daringly probing his mouth with my agile tongue. While my mouth was busy, I felt fingers snag my thong and snake it down my legs. Stepping out of it, I reached for the zipper of his pants. I shuddered in anticipation of feeling his meaty length driven deeply into me, like a greedy spike. I pulled back from the kiss and caught sight of the wild one’s mouth busy teasing the nipples of the dark haired goddess; her naked length crushed against his. Simultaneously, my partner’s fingers discovered the treasure between my legs, sliding in and out of me, delving deeply.

“You’re so wet already.” He murmured. Needing more, I crawled forward, straddling his lap. I pumped my fist along his length, once, savoring his warmth and size.

“It must be the company I’m keeping.” I teased, before lowering my hips, descending his shaft ever so slowly. His hands gripped my hips, controlling the speed and angle of my movements. My sex clenched with delight as he filled me, the pronounced ridge of his head rubbing my sweet spot with each thrust. I attacked his hungry mouth, our tongues dancing. Our bodies found their rhythm. He tugged lightly on my right nipple ring, and heard myself add my moans to the sighs and groans filling the room. He leaned forward, capturing my hard nipple in his warm mouth…In response, I leaned back, grinding my sensitive clit against him and reveling in the friction. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on sliding up and down his rock hard cock. I could feel my orgasm coming upon me, so close that I could feel the tiniest shivers of sensation beginning inside me. The feeling slowly began to unfurl itself like a satiny, ribbon streamer, reaching out to touch anything in its path with the overpowering beauty of the experience. I felt a sharp nip on my shoulder.

Turning my head, almost as if in slow motion, I found myself looking into the eyes of the goddess, as she knelt beside me on the bed. She smiled and kissed me lazily. I feel the eyes of the wild one upon me, and as if bidden by some silent command, she moved behind him to remove his clothes. The angel laid back upon the bed, watching me ride him, and after a moment, the brunette bent her mouth to his. Admiring her toned body, I let my fingers caress the graceful slope of her back, her firm, tight ass, and finally seeking the well of her sex. finger. As I ran one fingernail lightly over her clit, I was rewarded with the echo of her moan, stolen by the voracious mouth of my partner. I almost lost myself in the rhythms of my own body, and the slick feel of unfamiliar feminine flesh until I felt teeth gently grazing my neck. I glanced back into those strange eyes, with their almost feline striations of color, and felt myself caught, like a rabbit in the headlamps of an oncoming car – but without the fear. Wordlessly, I offered him my moist fingertips, evidence of my explorations.

“Tease.” He smiled and sucked the exotic nectar from them. With no further effort, I found myself sliding into orgasm, moaning loudly. As he watched me writhe, a wicked grin slashed his mouth.

“Glad to see that you’re enjoying us so much.” He remarked. I would have thought up a sassy rejoinder, but the thick shaft spearing me changed speed abruptly, and my breath caught in my throat. I heard unintelligible noises closer to the sound of a dove, and was amazed that they were emerging from my throat. I locked eyes with the golden haired, demonic one, allowing him to see my own unmasked hunger shining within them. I slid my hand down his chest, his lower stomach, savoring the very male texture of his hair roughened skin. I wrapped my fingers around his member, tightening my grasp, and teasing the large, plum-like head. His long fingers pistoned in and out of the wet pink pussy so close to me. As he withdrew them, I could see his fingers are gleaming with her juices.

I released him, and he guided my fingers back to her inviting opening. I rubbed tight circles on her swollen nub, and slid two curved fingers into her. I watched, amazed as she rocked back against them, her hips swaying. Soon, her kisses with my angelic lover were periodically broken with gasps. I pulled my fingers free of her and sucked on them inquisitively, tasting her for the first time. The distinctive tang of arousal filled my mouth. Suddenly, I felt big hands tip my head back and steal her flavor from my tongue. I reached out to grip his cock once again,and felt it pulse heavily under my touch. As I stroked him, he found her depths with those talented fingers and took up where I left off. I stared into his eyes for a long moment, and knew that the night was far from over; that he would spread me wide and fill me as deeply as his friend had, and still was. Perhaps even more so.

My mouth practically watered at the prospect. I felt like a fountain about to gush, so wet and so unbelievably turned on by the evening’s events. I dragged my nails across his skin and watched him shudder before I returned my attention to the lover beneath me. I ground my pelvis down hard, loving the feel of him so hard inside me. I leaned down to bite at the tender skin görükle escort bayan of his throat. I felt the sharp pull of his fingers in my hair and sensed how close he was to his crisis.

“Come for me.” I invited, my voice rough and almost intelligible with passion.

“I’ll come for you more than once tonight.” He laughed, even though his face was tight with tension. “Have patience darling.”

He wrapped his big arms around me, trapping me against him and drove his cock into me with a rapidly increasing force. The air was filled with low moans and the sound of flesh hammering against flesh. Dimly, in some still rational part of my brain, I realized that I had somehow been unequivocally transformed by this encounter, and welcomed it with open arms.

My thighs shuddered with tension as he pounded mercilessly into my wet cleft. I was so high on sensation that it felt as if I coasted from one spine-tingling, melting climax to the next. Looking at the woman, I watched transfixed as her face convulsed with pleasure. Her beautiful face was flushed, and her large breasts swayed with every drive of her partner’s thickness into her sex. She looked like an erotic goddess of old, in all of her naked glory. I pressed my lips to her cheek, inexplicably moved. She caught my mouth with hers and kissed me deeply, moaning into my open mouth.

“Would you like to feel him?” The angel’s voice purred into my ear as his teeth teased my earlobe.

“I could stay inside you all night but I’m sure someone else wants to enjoy you too.”

Our hips bumped together in sweet rhythm.

“You wouldn’t mind?” I questioned. He grinned broadly.

“I’d mind more if he didn’t get to have you.” His cerulean blue eyes seemed to bore their way into my very soul.

“He’s wanted you all night, and you want him just as much.” I kissed him deeply, smiling my thanks. Sitting up, I ran my hand down the wild one’s smooth chest, watching as my nails leave light pink trails. He pushed his hair back from his forehead and his startlingly green eyes sparkled, like those of a giant cat stalking it’s prey.

“Yes, darling?” He asked questioningly. I looked deeply into his eyes and blurted out my invitation before I lost my nerve.

“Are you ready for me?” The sight of his stiff member sliding easily in and out of her was driving me wild. He moaned low in his throat, and I saw his expression soften.

“I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.” He answered. I immediately disengaged myself from my angel’s lovely tool, and my pussy was so sensitized that this movement alone caused little shudders of delight to rock through me. I moved off the bed on shaky legs and made my way over to the window. I felt as if I’d followed the white rabbit into another dimension. Things like this never happened to me. I heard a loud feminine cry split the air, and then it was silent. On the periphery of my vision I saw the tall, black haired one helping her to the bathroom and then heard the quiet hiss of the shower. The one that I had waited for drew level with me, and took my hand, his expression uncharacteristically solemn. My heart began racing and I felt like a virgin on her wedding night. At his urging, I lay down on the wide bed, with my arms raised above my head.

“Don’t move.” He ordered in a silky voice, and I nodded once.

My eyes ran over his face, half illuminated by the think sliver of light coming from the bathroom. My gaze dropped to the impressive jut of his cock and I saw it stirring at the sight of me lying before him like a maiden sacrifice. I closed my eyes. His fingers caressed my feet and my calves. He pressed gentle kisses to my knees. He straddled my legs, trapping them. His hands stroked lightly over my thighs and up over my rounded hip. His hair shimmered in the soft light as he bent to kiss the swollen pout of my labia, his agile tongue darting between my lips to flicker over my clit. My breath caught audibly and I fought to keep my eyes closed. Noticing my reaction, he laughed briefly and ran his fingernails down the front of my thighs. His tongue trailed wetly up my stomach to my chest. He used his teeth and tongue to tease and torment my stiff nipples, pulling on the shining rings and tugging on them with each slow tug of his mouth. The scent of his musk and the weight of his body above me were overwhelming and I bit at my lip, using the small pain to center myself…I wanted to impale myself upon him so badly that it was a metallic taste on my tongue. “Do you want me?” He whispered into the shell of my ear. “Yes – I want you now!” I pleaded hoarsely. He plundered my mouth in reply. I felt him slide a knee between my legs, parting them, and the tip of his big cock butted against my slickened lips. “Then open your eyes, darling.” He demanded, as he aligned himself with my hungry opening. He slid home like a well oiled bolt, and I wrapped my legs around his hips, arching against his weight. He stroked his palms up my arms and finally entwined his fingers with mine on the pillow above my head. As we moved together as one being, we watched each others eyes, only breaking that stare to blink. I felt his grip on my fingers tighten like a vice as he lost his battle against orgasm. My own body was raked by deep shudders of ecstasy already, and deep inside, I could feel my walls caressing him, milking him. is shaking already lost in my own. I felt wet trails on my face, and whether they were sweat of tears, I cannot say. When I cried out joyously, I saw his eyes glitter with some unnamed emotion and I felt the burning heat of his release flood me. Releasing my hands, he wrapped his arms tightly around me, holding me close. He kissed away my tears, which ran unchecked into my tousled hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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