Eyl 02

Hot and Sweet Ch. 06

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I decided to stop off at the café for a cup of coffee before heading into work. Kriszta and Jana were both working. I exchanged smiling greetings with each of them and did my best to not let their coworkers know I’d fucked them both within the last ten hours. I was impressed with how much Kriszta managed to flaunt her proud breasts and round ass at me despite the relative modesty of her uniform. Jana was clearly watching and imitated a few of Kriszta’s more subtle moves. I enjoyed the views while finishing up my coffee, then waved goodbye to the women and headed into work.

It being Friday, the dress code was even more relaxed than usual in Hungary. The guys were all in shorts and t-shirts. Mia was wearing shorts and a t-shirt too, although she filled her clothes in a much more interesting way than the guys did. A few times during the day I noticed her large nipples pressing against the thin fabric of the t-shirt. I never saw a panty-line through the tight shorts. Natasha wore a short denim skirt and tight, white shirt.

During the morning coffee break I asked my colleagues where a guy should take a girl to dinner in order to impress her. This resulted in a bit of teasing about how “quick” Americans are, how they hoped that I would be able to stay in the race since I was so quick out of the gate, and so on. When asked, I just said that I’d been quite taken with one of the girls who worked in the café across the street from the apartment. Natasha seemed a bit surprised that I’d gotten a date so quickly. Eventually, the conversation turned to my question and the consensus seemed to be the best place for a romantic dinner was Kacsa Vendéglo.

I called the restaurant and managed to get a reservation for that night at 6 PM (earlier than most Hungarians eat). I spent the day switching between working and remembering the feel of Jana’s lips around my cock, the taste of her sweet pussy juice, the way her hard little body pressed against me during her orgasm, and the smell of her hair as we rested afterwards. Needless to say, there were a fair number of times over the course of the day that I had a raging erection. Inevitably, it was during one of these times that Natasha asked me to help her replace the bottle on the water cooler. I pretended not to notice her noticing the bulge in my jeans.

She pulled off the empty bottle and put it on the ground next to the full ones. I slid a full bottle out from the pile and as I crouched down to lift it, I noticed that Natasha’s skirt had ridden up and I could see almost all the way up it. She squatted down to push the empty bottle into the place vacated by the full one. Normally, this position prevents us Peeping Toms from seeing much of anything. In this case, because I was already pretty low I got a good view of her lacy white panties as she squatted down. Needless to say, this did nothing to reduce the severity of my erection.

I lifted the full bottle and put it on to the cooler, managing to avoid spilling any water in the process. As I turned away from the cooler I realized that Natasha was still squatting, which brought her eyes directly in line with my raging erection. She looked at my crotch then she looked up at me and smiled as she stood up. Even though she was only in that position for a few moments, my mind was filled with the image of her smiling lips wrapped around my cock until I came all over her face. “Koszonom,” she said.

“Szivesen,” I replied (thank you/you’re welcome) and walked back to my desk. I managed to get a little more work done before it was time to leave, but not much.

I rode the subway in such a haze that I hardly noticed all of the cleavage on display. I got to my apartment and partook of the Three S’s of Manhood – shit, shower, and shave. That order is pretty important for reasons obvious when you think about them. I dressed and was ready when Jana knocked on my door.

I opened the door for her and ushered her into the apartment. She wore the light cotton dress that was the fashion at the time. I closed the door and leaned down to kiss her (there was almost a foot difference in our heights). She put her arms around my neck and I lifted her off of her feet as our tongues slid back and forth across each other. I cupped her ass through the thin fabric of her skirt. Her legs wrapped around my waist.

I pressed her against the hallway wall, continuing to thrust my tongue into her mouth. She passionately Mardin Escort returned my kiss and ran her hands through my hair. I unwrapped her legs from my waist and slid her down the wall until she was standing up again. I broke our kiss and dropped to my knees. Lifting her skirt, I slid my tongue along the inside of her thigh. I lifted one of her legs over my shoulder and pulled her thong out of my way so that I could begin eating her out.

My tongue slid over and around the lips of her pussy, drawing a moan from her. After a few more passes across her entire cunt, I began to focus my tongue on her clit, working steadily back and forth across it. In almost no time at all, Jana was bucking against me. Her legs trembled as she began to cum. I slid an arm under the leg she was standing on so that she was riding on my shoulders and pressed my mouth more tightly against her cunt, alternately working her clit and slurping the juices from between her pussy lips. Her head hit the wall repeatedly and she let out a series of cries as she thrashed in orgasm, but she never stopped pressing herself against my face. I held her up as her orgasm subsided, continuing to gently lap the juices from her dripping pussy. She slid her legs off of my shoulders and pulled me up to kiss me deeply.

“Wow,” she said. “Now it’s your turn.” She reached for my throbbing erection and gave it a rub through the fabric of my pants. I glanced at the clock.

“I think I’m going to have to wait a bit,” I said. “You can owe me one. Otherwise, we’ll miss our dinner reservation.”

“Oh? Where are we going?” she asked.

“Kacsa Vendéglo,” I said.

“I’m impressed. How did you know to go to this restaurant?”

“I work with good people.” I told her. We cleaned up, left the apartment, and caught a taxi to the restaurant.

We made it in time for our reservation and had a great meal. We talked about our families (she had a younger sister, her father had died when they were both young), our educations (she was part way through a degree in accounting but was having trouble coming up with tuition), and our lives. She laughed at my jokes and I enjoyed hers. I even managed to not stare too overtly at our waitress’ copious charms which were well-displayed by her tight fitting pants and low-cut blouse.

As we were finishing our dessert, Jana asked “So, did you have plans for what we do next?”

“Nothing in particular,” I replied. “I figured maybe you’d have a favorite romantic walk we could take through Budapest, a good bar we could go to, or that you’d be overwhelmed with my charm and just take me back to my apartment and have your way with me.”

“I think I like that last option the best,” she said while sliding a bare foot up my leg and into my crotch. “After all, I still owe you one from earlier…” We laughed. I paid the bill and we caught a taxi back to the apartment. We stopped at her car (parked behind the café) to pick up her overnight bag and then went up to my rooms.

As we walked past our voyeur’s dark apartment Jana said, “Kriszta told me that she saw the two girls having sex when she left. Would you like to watch that?”

“Of course, I would,” I said. “I am a guy after all!”

“What do you mean?” she said as we continued down the balcony.

“Well, since they are both attractive I, as a straight guy, can understand why each of them would want to have sex with the other because I’d want to too. Plus, by watching them I can imagine in detail doing each of those things to them and knowing what their reaction will be.”

“But if they’re lesbians, they won’t be interested in having sex with you,” she countered.

“But if they’re bisexual, they might be!” I returned as I started to unlock the door. “Besides, even if they are lesbians and wouldn’t be interested in me, that won’t stop me from imagining that it’s me having sex with them. Besides, I’m just happy that somebody’s doing them. I think the world would be a better place if people could admit what they like, find it, and be happy about it.” I went into the apartment and turned off the alarm. Jana followed and closed and locked the door behind her.

“So can you admit what you want?” she said as she turned to me.

“You,” I said, moving closer to her. “I want you to strip for me and then fuck me.” I put my hand behind her head and pulled her in for a kiss. I began whispering in her ear, “I want you Mardin Escort Bayan to sate yourself on me. I want you to tell me exactly what you want done and have me do it to you.” I licked down her neck and back up. “I want to fuck you every way we can think of. I want to cum all over your tits and on your face and in your mouth.” I lifted her up in my arms, pressing her against the wall in the hallway again. We kissed savagely and ground our bodies against each other.

As I began licking down her neck again, she said “What else do you want?”

“I want to be in the room as the two girls who watched us the other night fuck each other. I want to watch while they both fuck you. I want all three of you on top of me and cumming.” She moaned. I worked my hand under her skirt and began rubbing her pussy through the thin fabric of her white thong.

“I want to fuck all three of you individually,” I continued. I traced my tongue up her neck and whispered in her ear, “I want to fuck you all at the same time, going from one pussy to another and then the third. I want you three to suck me off and let me cum all over you. Then I want to watch while you lick each other clean and swap my cum between you.” She let out another moan. I could feel her wetness through her thong.

We kissed deeply and I said, “But for right now, I want you. I want to satisfy you and be satisfied by you.”

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” she said. I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Lying between her thighs, I kissed her deeply.

“Draw the shades, I want this to be just between us,” she said. I got up and pulled the shades down. She turned on the radio (it was on the station that Kriszta had tuned it to), listened for a moment and said, “This will do. Sit on the end of the bed.”

I kicked off my shoes and sat down on the end of the bed as she got up. She began dancing to the music, spinning around and lifting her skirt to show me her thong covered ass, bending forward and squeezing her tits together. After a few more bumps and grinds, she turned her back to me and slowly unzipped the back of the dress. She took an agonizingly long time to slide each spaghetti strap off of her shoulders, swaying her hips from side to side in time with the music. As the dress fell to her waist, she cupped her breasts with her hands and began turning in place, swishing her hips in time to the music so that I could see her from every angle as the dress fell to the floor.

She walked over to me, breasts still concealed by her hands, and leaned down to kiss me. As our tongues moved past each other, she slid her hands to the back of my head and stood up, pressing my face into her perky tits. I licked each nipple as it came within range and began squeezing her delectable ass, pulling her body against mine. She slid down me and knelt between my legs. She unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants.

“Stand up,” she said. “I want to give you what I owe you.” I rose to my feet. She unzipped my pants and pulled both pants and boxers down to my ankles. My cock sprang forward almost hitting her in the face.

She smiled, took my cock in her hand and began licking along its length. After a few licks, she began sucking on the head. Taking it deeper into her mouth, she began bobbing up and down, her hand moving in time with her lips to give me a delightful sensation along the entire length of my cock. I let out a moan. She smiled around my cock and looked up at me. Taking her mouth from me but continuing to stroke in the same rhythm she asked, “Do you like that?”

“Oh, yeah,” I said. “That’s fantastic!” She continued to look up at me with her big brown eyes as she began sucking on me again. In almost no time at all it was too much for me. “I’m going to cum!” I warned. She didn’t change her rhythm until the first spurts began to fire into her mouth.

Jana stopped sucking and pulled her mouth back from my cock, but continued to stroke me as I fired a spurt of cum into her mouth and another across her cheeks. The sight of my cum on this sweet girl’s face drove my orgasm to greater heights, leading to additional shots onto her face and then onto her breasts. I had to hold onto the bedpost to keep from falling over. Jana let some of the cum dribble down her chin from the corner of her mouth and then swallowed what she’d been holding on her tongue. She leaned forward and took me Escort Mardin back in her mouth, still stroking my cock to get the last dribs and drabs.

Once she’d milked me dry, she stood up and, looking into the mirror on the wardrobe, began gathering my cum from her body with a finger and then licking and sucking her finger clean. I sat on the bed and watched, feeling a twitch from my spent cock every time her round tongue flicked along her finger or her full lips closed over it. In this way, she cleaned all of my cum from her face and most of it from her breasts, looking right into my eyes the whole time. She massaged the rest into her flesh, pulling at her nipples. By the time she was done, I was semi-erect again.

She strutted over to me and bent over slightly to kiss me. Our tongues pressed against each other. She straightened up and pressed her breasts into my face. I licked them both for a little. She pushed me back onto the bed and said, “I want you to lick my pussy until I tell you to stop.” She quickly pulled off her thong, then crawled up the length of my body and straddled my head, her pussy just above my face. I ran my tongue up on thigh, across her pussy, and down the other thigh. Then I began to teasingly eat her out, randomly delivering gentle strokes of my tongue across her pussy lips, clit, and thighs while squeezing her ass with both hands. She moaned and then pressed herself closer to my tongue.

“Lick my clit!” she commanded. I did, flicking my tongue back and forth across her large nub. She rocked back and forth on my face and began to moan almost continuously. I could see across the expanse of her flat belly that she was pinching both of her nipples viciously as she took her pleasure from my tongue. Her gyrations came quicker and became wilder as she neared the peak, I just tried to keep my tongue in range of her cunt, much less her clit. She began grinding against my face and let out a series of short sharp cries as she came. I slurped at the sweet juices that flowed from her pussy, swallowing them and running my tongue around and around the edges of her pussy lips to be sure that I didn’t miss any. She fell forward, but managed to catch herself on her arms before her face hit the bed. She lifted her hips up slightly and said something that sounded like, “Szeretlek.”

“What’s that mean?” I asked, leaning my head back and trying to see her face along the length of her body.

She laughed and rolled off of me. “I’ll tell you some other time,” she said, looking a little embarrassed. “Well, I’m satisfied,” she said with the air of someone trying to change the subject, “but you clearly have some more life,” gesturing towards my now rampant cock. “Let’s do something about it.” She leaned over and kissed me, then unbuttoned my shirt, kissing each section of newly exposed flesh as she went. She briefly took the head of my cock back in her mouth, then stood up and said, “Slide up, I want to ride you.”

I shrugged out of my shirt, adjusted the pillows so that I could recline on them, and lay back. She climbed up my body, brushing her breasts along my legs, around my cock, along my belly. We kissed as she took my cock in hand and guided it into her tight, wet cunt. She slowly began moving up and down my length as our tongues and lips continued to slide across each others in a passionate kiss. I began squeezing the firm globes of her ass, she pressed her breasts against my chest.

We fucked slowly for a time, enjoying the sensation of our bodies moving against each other. I caressed every available inch of her firm flesh, from toes to head, cupping, squeezing, tickling, scratching, whatever seemed appropriate. I licked and sucked on as much of her as I could reach. She returned the favor, sucking on my neck, ears, and nipples. Her movement on my cock began to speed up; eventually, we were both ready to cum again.

She said, “I want you to be on top.” I held her close to me and managed to roll us over without removing my cock from her cunt. Her legs wrapped around me as I continued to squeeze her body against mine and began pounding my hips against hers, driving my cock as deeply into her as I could. Her fingernails were once again digging into my back and she began screaming.

“I’m going to cum inside of you,” I shouted over her yells. She sank her teeth into my shoulder as her orgasm convulsed her. I let out a yell and fired what remained of my seed into her hot, wet cunt as we came together in a kaleidoscopic maelstrom of lust. Our bodies trembled with the intensity of our orgasm. When it was done, I collapsed on top of her and we lay there, panting, eyes closed, our bodies still connected at the vital center of our sexual desires.

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