Horseplay – Lessons in Lust

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Author’s Notes: This story is based on episode from an old late night “After Hours” cable program that aired during the early to mid-1980’s and therefore is set during that time period. It was one of my first attempts to write an erotic story while still in college, but was never shared. It was written by hand and shoved in a drawer and forgotten, until it was recently found.

There will be some modern revisions, made to the original story, mainly story line, character and location descriptions, along with dialogues between characters some in English and others in Spanish with the English translations.

These translations were not a part of the original story since I was not fluent in Spanish and Google Translate hadn’t been invented yet to make the translations, but I thought they would add a depth to the story and characters and make them more life like. Other than that, it should stay true to the story as first written. I hope you enjoy it.

All sexual situations depicted in this story occur between two or more legally consenting adults 18 years of age or older.


It was first light, the time just before sunrise when darkness is no more but the sun hadn’t quite awoken to greet the new day. The morning dew kissed the ground as a new day was beginning, a day which would be a turning point in one young man’s life, lifting him out of mediocrity and transforming him into a man in more ways than one.

On this day, Carlos, a 25 year old young man of Central American descent, El-Salvador to be exact, was doing what he had been doing for the last 9 years ever since being trusted by his father Pedro with such an important task to accomplish on his own.

Carlos was in one of the many hay barns on the palatial estate of the winery and produce/livestock farm, located in California wine country, and one of the oldest wineries in the region, where he and has family had worked for many generations ever since coming to this country in the 1940’s.

He was distributing feed to the horses and other livestock, mucking out the stalls, replacing the dirty hay with fresh hay and sorting and stacking the remainder of the hay for that day’s need.

Carlos had been at this since an hour before first light even appeared and as the light from the predawn hours began to filter into the barn, he extinguished the lanterns he had been using.

The mid-summer Wednesday morning was warm and humid, the temperature in the upper 70’s and Carlos had already worked up quite a sweat and was drenched. He paused for a few minutes and sat on a hay bale he hadn’t loaded and unbuttoned his shirt and removed it as well as his t-shirt, leaving his upper body exposed.

He then took a ladle from the bucket he watered the animals with and poured the contents over his head and repeated the process until he was completely wet. This helped cool him off, and when he was done, he took a towel from his bag and wiped off his face torso and hair.

Carlos then opened his water container to take a drink and walked from the interior of the barn to where the door was to watch the sun greet the new day.

Taking a cigarette from his bag, he lit it, and drew in a puff making sure to flick the ashes in the ash tray he carried with him. It was at this time when he once again saw the sight that started his blood boiling and his heart racing.

Stella, the new owner of the estate was out for her morning ride. She was dressed in her usual riding outfit, a black riding jacket which she left unbuttoned, a white button down blouse, and tan riding pants with the legs tucked into a pair of black riding boots.

To say Carlos was enamored with Stella, was the understatement of the century. The truth be told, Carlos was smitten by her and acted like a lovesick puppy when he saw her.

Who could blame him. At 36 years old, Stella was a knockout, with the body and face of a goddess the looks and body of a woman in her 20’s and the energy that would put the most rambunchous two-year-old to shame.

Stella stood around 5’11” tall, weighed around 140 pounds measuring 38D-26-36, with long naturally curly honey golden blonde hair that came down to just below her shoulders, crystal ice blue eyes that could gaze into a man’s soul and take it hostage, full ruby red lips that beckoned to be kissed, and long well-toned slender dancer’s legs.

Carlos knew this was Stella’s normal daily routine and made sure that he was finished so he could glimpse her as she rode past as she began her morning ride.

Stella would ride around the 200 acre estate, past the vineyards, the manor house, through the wooded areas and, along the riverbed at the edge of the property, then back to the barn, a normal ride that took nearly an hour.

Carlos longed to be near her, to talk to her, to just be in her presence, and longed even more to be the object of her affection, because word around the estate, was that Stella was not married or even dating anyone, mecidiyeköy escort but yet it was rumored that she had plenty of male and even female companions with which she was very intimate with, including some of the hired hands.

Carlos knew his dreams were just that, dreams. Who was he, but a lowly farm hand. Even though he was the son of a foremen, what chance did he have with the lady of the house. The men she was with were probably richer, more handsome, and well established men of the world, yet he could always dream and fantasize that one day he might just get lucky.

He sighed as he watched her ride by, and longingly looked in her direction and to his surprise, he saw her look at him and stop. She pulled down her sunglasses and gave him an appraising look as to be checking him out, then she smiled approvingly and proceeded, as she rode on.

Alas, Carlos’s heart quickened, and he wondered if was their hope, even if it was just a slight chance that the lady of the manor saw something she liked or was she just being polite. Either way, he had caught her eye, something he had never been able to do before.

Carlos resumed his chores, and not soon enough because as he was in the middle of pouring seed into the bin, his father walked in. Carlos deeply respected his father, almost to the point of fear. Carlos’s father was stern yet loving, and even though Pedro was somewhat of a taskmaster, it was for his son’s own good. He wanted Carlos to do well and hopefully make a name for himself. Pedro was also grooming Carlos so one day he could become a foreman and do well enough to one day be Head foreman.

Pedro inspected what Carlos had been doing and approved, then went on into town with some of the other foremen to buy seed and sell some of the produce and livestock at the weekly auction.

Carlos sighed and removed his shirt again as it was getting hotter and poured water over him to cool himself off again. It was here where his thoughts turned back to Stella. Did he really have a chance with her, or was it just wishful thinking.

He looked at himself. He was fairly handsome for a young man of his age. He obviously wasn’t a male model or even movie star caliber, but her wasn’t butt-ugly either.

He had a little better than average looks, stood 5’9″ tall, slender build, weighed around 170 pounds, but his muscles(arms, chest and abs) were well-toned, almost chiseled from farm work, and he thought he had the qualities a woman looked for in a man, respectful faithful, kind and loving, but even so, he figured it to be just a dream or flight of fancy.

Carlos resumed his work, but could not focus and he felt the familiar burning in his loins as he did before when he dwelled on Stella or any other girl, and knew it wouldn’t be quenched, unless he sought relief.

He knew it was risky, but he had to chance it. He went over behind where he had stacked the hay, took out his tool and sought relief as he focused on a mental picture of Stella.

What Carlos didn’t know was that Stella had finished the ride and returned to the barn with the intention of introducing herself to him, but instead, she spied him in the middle of his “seeking relief.”

Stella had walked into the barn to water Isis, her prized mare she had risen since it was a colt and at first didn’t see Carlos. As she had finished letting Isis drink her fill and was about to turn and leave, she heard a faint moan from behind the stack of hay bales and went to investigate.

Stella followed the sound and that is when she witnessed Carlos masturbating. She was initially shocked, but then when she saw his “package” and how thick long and rigid it was, she couldn’t help but watch as she got more and more turned on fantasizing herself being taken by Carlos and being made hot passionate love to by him.

Stella stood transfixed watching as Carlos’s stroked his long, hard, thick massive 9-inch tool and she imagined it was her doing it for him and how good it would feel to have it in her hands.

The more Stella watched Carlos, the hotter and more turned on she became and felt her own pussy begin to tingle and her own juices trickle down her thighs. She made up her mind then she had to have some of that, and it was only proper that she help by offering the young man her assistance.

Carlos was so caught up in what he was doing, he was unaware that Stella had come to where he was and was now knelt down completely naked in front of him.

Stella put her hand on Carlos’s and removed it, then began stroking his cock and she then placed her lips around it and lowered her whole mouth on to it and began sucking it.

At first, Carlos didn’t completely register what was going on in his mind he just knew the pleasure was intense and didn’t want it to stop. Instinctively his hand went to where Stella’s head would be, and as his hand felt her hair, that is when it clicked.

Carlos’s eyes shot open and he is first mecidiyeköy escort bayan instinct was to pull back and Stella just smiled and in perfect Spanish told Carlos it was alright and to relax. Stella then continued to suck on Carlos, running her tongue along the head of his cock until she heard the tale-tell moan that meant Carlos was cumming, along with him saying so in his native tongue.

Stella tasted the pre-cum as it oozed out of Carlos’s pulsating tool and then lowered her mouth all the way down on his tool continued sucking as she rapidly bobbed her head up and down Carlos’s tool, until his jizz erupted forth like a massive volcano spewing forth its contents.

Carlos’s cum spewed into Stella’s mouth as she drank down every bit, not missing a single drop and she continued drinking until everything was spent, savoring the flavor of his hot cum.

Stella smiled wickedly and without saying a word, continued to suck on Carlos until he was hard again, which surprisingly didn’t take long at all. Smiling at him, Stella sat on Carlos’s lap, straddled his cock and let it sink into her warm wet pussy.

“Soy tu puta traviesa,” Stella said with a breathy lustful purr, which translates into “I am you naughty little whore,” as she began to ride Carlos’s long and slow.

“Follame bebe, Quiero sentir tu ardiente virilidad dentro de mí,” Stella crooned as she continued to ride Carlos which translates to “Fuck me baby! I want to feel you shoot your hot cum inside of me.”

Stella was throwing caution to the wind fucking Carlos like this in the open barn. She knew that anytime, someone could walk in and catch them in the act, but she didn’t care. Besides, she was the owner of the estate, the Lady of the Manor, and she could do whatever she damned well pleased, and if her employees valued their job, they would do well to remain silent.

It didn’t take long for either Stella or Carlos to cum. Stella felt her pussy quivering and her juices trickle and Carlos’s was moaning and she knew he was on the verge of cumming.

“Oh God,” Carlos moaned, and as he tried to pull out, but Stella prevented him, and so he had no choice but to spew his massive load deep inside of Stella’s eagerly waiting carnivorous pussy.

“Oh yes baby,” Stella purred as she pulled Carlos in a tight embrace pressing his naked body next to hers as Carlos spent his load inside her.

Stella continued to slowly pump Carlos even after his load was spent and held him tight against her body as she planted a long wet deep tongue probing kiss on his lips.

They held each other for another minute or so and then Stella loosened the embrace and smiled. She then laid Carlos back on the bale of hay and laid beside him as she propped her elbow up and rested her head against the palm of her hand.

“Now, tell me Carlos, wasn’t this better than jerking off? After all, what good is just spewing forth your load unless it is into a woman’s mouth or hot wet pussy?”

Carlos blushed and stammered and was speechless and muttered to himself in Spanish asking praying to the Virgin Mary to forgive him for fornicating with a woman and for a host of other sins.

Stella spoke to Carlos in Spanish in a loving, soothing voice, reassuring him everything was okay but even as she tried, it was clear Carlos was distressed. Stella then heard Carlos’s biggest fear which was that the foreman would fire him for dishonoring the lady of the manor like he did by having sex with her.

“You know who I am,” Stella asked with a soothing tone.

“Yes, ma’am,” Carlos replied in an almost fearful reverent tone. “You are Mistress Stella, the Lady of the Manor, and I have dishonored you with my lascivious actions. I beg your forgiveness.”

“There is nothing to forgive,” Stella replied lovingly and reassuringly. “If anyone should seek forgiveness, it is me. I saw what you were doing and instead of walking away, I took advantage of the situation for my own personal benefit. I was turned on sexually and used the chance to satisfy my own lustful desires.”

“I must confess I enjoyed it as well ma’am,” Carlos replied.

“I am glad,” Stella replied then added, “and please don’t ‘ma’am’ me, it makes me feel old. Just call me Stella.”

“I can’t Carlos,” replied emphatically. “It isn’t proper to address the Lady of the House in familiar terms.”

“Even if I insist,” Stella asked smiling.

“Yes Ma’am,” Carlos replied earnestly.

Stella thought for a moment then something hit her. “Would it be proper for you to address me as Miss Stella?”

Carlos thought for a moment then replied, “Yes I could do that.”

“Good, because I personally hate being called ma’am, outside of running the business of course. It makes me feel old and I am definitely not old!”

“So Carlos, may I ask you something personal?”

“Yes, Miss Stella you may,” Carlos replied.

“I take it this was your first time being with a woman escort mecidiyeköy in this fashion.” It was part question and part statement.

Carlos once again blushed and sheepishly nodded his head. “It was much better than I imagined” Carlos said and then added, “I must confess when you caught me pleasing myself, I was fantasizing about you.”

“I figured as much,” Stella replied smiling. “I must confess before I decided to join you, I was imagining being with you as well and I must say I was not disappointed.”

Stella then looked Carlos in the eye and laid on top of him. “There is so much more I could show you if you are ready,” Stella said with a lustful purr. “There are carnal pleasures beyond your wildest dreams that await you, if you are ready.”

“Oh my lady I would love to, but I have my duties. If the Foreman comes back and finds the work undone, then I will be fired, and my family disgraced.”

“You let me worry about that, Stella said reassuringly. “Now come, let us surrender to our sinful desires.”

Stella embraced Carlos and kissed him on the lips as she pulled him into her. The kiss was soft and gentle but gradually became deeper. The kiss lasted a good minute and Stella took Carlos by the hand and after gathering their clothes, led him across to another part of the barn in the back to a secret panel.

She took the key that was on a chain around her neck and placed it in the lock of the door she stood before and opened it. The door swung open, revealing a dark space before them.

Stella reached her hand in and felt along a wall for a switch and light appeared. In front of them was a set of stairs leading to an attic that looked like it had been long abandoned and forgotten, but judging by the condition it was in, it was still in use by her.

“Only I know about this place,” Stella said as locked the door behind them using the inside latch then began leading Carlos up the steps. “My cousins and I used to play here when we were kids, and this is where I lost my virginity to my cousin Brad on my 18th birthday, so seeing my cousins don’t live here anymore, it is safe to say nobody else knows about this little hideout.

There was straw on the floor and a queen-sized bed frame in the corner with a mattress and blanket on it. Stella sat Carlos on the bed and stood in front of him and Carlos was once again transfixed by Stella’s sweet tanned naked form which in the light that that streamed in from the air vents above, glistened.

Stella faced Carlos and sat on his lap as she embraced him and planted a long wet kiss on his lips, this time deepening it to make it a tongue probing tonsil swabbing French kiss. Carlos placed his hands on Stella’s side and then up and down her naked torso as he returned the kiss.

The kiss was then broken by Stella as she placed one of her luscious 38D tits up to Carlo’s lips and breathlessly panted “Suck me baby. I want momma’s little boy to suck her dry.”

Carlos wasted no time and even though he had never been with a woman, it was evident that he had a baser instinct that knew what to do. Carlos sucked Stella like a pro and Stella moaned as she held Carlos’s head to her breasts.

Stella laid Carlos down so that he was once again on his back and laid on top of him. She found Carlos’s cock and with her hand, guided it into her pussy. Stella moaned with ecstasy as Carlos’s rock hard dick once again slid inside her and Carlos moaned with pleasure.

Stella rose her body up and began riding Carlos long and slow as she once again savored the feeling of his massive man meat inside her. She made long drawn out fucking motions as Carlos moaned with pleasure. Stella smiled down at Carlos and the smile was that of a huge cat in triumph when it is set to devour its prey and she had a look of utter bliss mixed with extreme sexual gratification in her eyes.

Deep inside Stella’s body, her orgasm was slowly building gently, but steadily rising to a crescendo as her pussy juices were beginning to slowly percolate, then slowly trickle like a tiny stream.

The stream soon became a river that began to gush like water over Niagara falls as Stella’s orgasms reached their zenith, and her cum juice gushed forth streaming out. She could no longer control the carnal delights inside her and she came flooding Carlos’s tool with her sweet creamy honey dew nectar.

Stella cried out in Spanish “Oh bebe haz tu puta sucia cum” which translates to “Oh baby make your filthy whore cum.”

Stella collapsed on top of Carlos as they embraced and kissed as Stella continued to pump Carlos. Their bodies embraced as they continued to move together in unison.

Carlos could feel his cock swell with cum and he knew it want going to long until he came. He moaned “Oh Jesús, voy a correrme” which means “Oh Jesus I am gonna cum.”

Carlos spewed his manhood deep inside of Stella once again to which Stella lustfully purred saying “Oh Dios sí dame todo tu semen,” which loosely translates to “Oh God yes gimme all your cum.”

Stella then rolled over on her back so that Carlos was on top of her. She looked Carlos in the eyes and with a lustful purr moaned “Oh bebé, haz lo que quieras conmigo. Soy tu putita traviesa para hacer lo que quieras!,” which loosely translates to “Oh baby have your way with me. I am your naughty little whore to do with as you please!”

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