Hopelessly Damned

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Warning: This story contains extreme humiliation and dehumanization of a male subject, capable of offending your mind. Check the tags before you proceed.

Read, only if you are comfortable with this theme. Thanks.


The bike went past a hawker selling bread and stopped in front of a row of shops. It’s another Monday morning in Ghana and the city has fast come alive. Ajoba got off the bike and paid her fare. The shop owners on her left and right greeted her and she greeted back as she opened the door of her shop. While engaged in light conversations with them on random market women talks, one after the other, she brought her wares out of the store and displayed them on the racks and tables right in front of her store. Silverwares, kitchen utensils, household items, from cheap to expensive items, an array of things you’ll find most Ghanian women shopping for.

Before the hour ran out, she got done with displaying her wares, from the cheapest, around $5 worth of goods, to the expensive ones, as high as $250 worth.

But all of these worths as much as one cherished possession of Ajoba, one that is also housed in that shop, but never gets displayed for anyone to see or purchase.

Before she left home, very early in the morning, she had cooked her breakfast and dished it in a portable cooler. Now it’s time to eat, but she wants to pee first, and for that, she uses her most priced possession, not the public toilet kastamonu escort that serves the row of shops.

Behind the wooden partition at the back of her shop, is a box built into the ground, housing her most cherished possessionÔÇöa white slave whose name she does not even care to remember. The only thing she knows about him is that he’s her human toilet.

She met him eight months ago, and within an hour, he went from being a tourist to a captive, and while the event seems appalling, deep within him, he is happy with the captivity.

Only his head and shoulders were above the ground level, the rest were beneath, in the box. She pulled off her skirt and walked to him. His face met hers with a smile, but he didn’t say anything because except in emergencies and rare circumstances, he is not to speak when not required of him, except when it’s absolutely necessary. “Slave, I want to pee.”

He was hungry for her shit this morning and hoped she’d later have to take a dump before the end of the day. She feeds him with proper African food but makes him eat her shit as a compulsory, special delicacy, which he is now used to.

She sat on the toilet chair above him and had her pussy right over his upturned face, and in readiness to drink her golden nectar, he opened his mouth.

Ajoba’s piss hit the back of his mouth and drained away through his throat. He could tell this is not her first piss of the day, as that is usually more escort kastamonu concentrated in taste and smell.

As the flow of her piss tapered off, he stretched upward and closed the short distance between his mouth and her pussy. The last drops of her piss dissolved into his tongue and he swiped his tongue on her pussy slit.

Just as he was beginning to immerse himself into that, She got off the chair and returned to her food, leaving him alone, bored, thirty, hungry for more of her.

Since his captivity, she’d been his only form of company, and though that relationship is between his face and her ass, it’s been increasingly fulfilling for him, day after day. Having once had it as a fantasy, to be objectified as a slave to a black goddess, it seemed to be that the universe saw the desire in his heart and granted that wish, though adjusting to the reality has been demanding.

She finished with her meal and started attending to customers. It would be a good day if buyers keep coming like this till her closing hour. While attending to a middle-aged woman who came to buy a set of three pots, she felt pressed. Her lower abdomen contracted while making some low but audible growl. It’s poop knocking at the door.

As soon as the sale was completed with payment and the customer left, she hurried to her human pit toilet.

Seeing her return, he instinctively knew she wanted to take a dump and in anticipation, he tilted his kastamonu escort bayan head backwards and opened his mouth wide, eagerly expecting his favourite meal.

Without saying a word to him, she turned around and sat. After having used him several times, they had both perfected the sitting ritual. Her bumhole sat right in his mouth and right below that hole was his throat, ready to so easily slide her waste down into his stomach.

Holding her head into her palms, she yawned and stretched her body. He indicated his hunger for her digestive waste by sucking her anus enthusiastically. He sucked vigorously with the intention of sucking her shit out. Ajoba always enjoys this and she responded with a soft moan.

She lazily rolled her waist without breaking the contact between her bum and his mouth, flexing her bumhole on his tongue and moaning deeper. When she started using him as her toilet, it was just to dehumanize him, but soon afterwards, it transformed into an erotic activity for her, and now, she rarely takes a dump in his mouth without cumming before she gets off his face.

Her bumhole slightly puckered, and soft, light-brown shit pushed out into his mouth. The thread of shit coiled in his mouth. Quickly his mouth got filled and he began to swallow.

While swallowing the mass of shit in his mouth, Ajoba’s bumhole didn’t stop filling it with more. As he swallowed, she replaced immediately until she completely emptied her bowel.

His stomach felt the weight of her shit and he was thankful for eating her shit as breakfast.

While he licked her bumhole after she was done defecating, she rubbed her clit until she cummed, and with a fulfilling orgasm, that concluded another satisfying use of her permanent toilet slave.

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