Ağu 31

Hong Kong Story Convergence

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Dec 31, New Year’s Eve, Hong Kong

4 pm

Dwight put the phone down on the dining table and gave his full attention back to the gorgeous Vietnamese girl he was fucking. Dep was face-down on the table, her arms out in front of her. Dwight had hold of her hips, slamming Dep’s pussy from behind. Having already cum in the morning, he was feeling strong, enjoying the young woman’s body.

“You are so good to fuck,” he grunted. “Unbelievable a girl as pretty as you…has such a stretched cunt.”

Dep lifted up to her elbows, looking back at the white boy nailing her. “I’m sorry, it’s become big.”

“Dep, I love it, I seriously love it. Such tiny hips, it’s amazing. I can fuck you sideways,” he said, demonstrating by shifting left and right inside her. “So warm, so wet.”

“I worry you made me pregnant,” Dep said, but not despondently. The chance of having his baby made their sex special.

“Probably,” Dwight grinned. He had been dropping his load inside her for days. “You’ve such a gorgeous body. It would be a privilege to fuck you your first pregnancy.”

“I’m too young,” Dep grunted as Dwight pumped her harder. “Don’t you prefer to keep using me for sex?”

“I would,” Dwight laughed. “I would. Let’s see if you are pregnant first, before we worry about that.”

Dwight pulled her to standing, gripping her tight breasts.

“Who was on the phone?” Dep asked as Dwight kissed the back of her neck.

“My family. From my American side. My cousin Buck is in town, staying with some buddy who lives here. I don’t know the guy.”

“Your family is here?”

“Just my cousin. Buck.”

“He doesn’t stay with you, why?”

“Back when he booked I had a wife and no spare bed. And he’s only a second cousin, anyway.”


“My mum’s cousin’s kid.”

“But you will meet him today?”

“Yes. He’s with some people, they’re going to Lan Kwai Fong for midnight, so they want to hang out here before they go in.”

“Shall I go away?” Dep asked politely.

Dwight laughed. “Dep, when are you going to stop asking that? You’re not a whore anymore, you’re my girlfriend. You’re not going anywhere.”

“I feel sorry for you, you should not have a prostitute girlfriend.”

“Ex-prostitute,” Dwight clarified.

“But I’ve been so dirty. With so many men. I don’t know why you’d want me.”

“You can say what you want,” Dwight said calmly. “I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t want you.”

Dep crossed her fingers that Dwight wouldn’t change his mind. She leaned down onto the table and stuck her ass back hard at the cock in her. She would do anything to make him happy, like he had done her. “Fuck me any way you want.”

“Thanks baby.”

5 pm

“Mum, this is Jill. From the office. She’s going to get ready here for the company dinner, yeah?” Bobby said in Cantonese.

“Welcome dear,” his mother said politely, putting on her shoes. “Be careful this evening. Don’t get in any trouble.”

“Mum has mahjong,” Bobby sighed, then admonished her. “And she never wins.”

“It’s the only thing that gets me out of the flat,” the old lady smiled, unadmonished.

“I hope you have a lovely time!” Jill smiled.

“You too, dear. Bobby, don’t be home late.”

He laughed. “Mum, it’s New Year’s, I’ll be late.”

“Your father would never have approved. He was an early riser. Every day of the year.”

“Okay mum. Go. Enjoy your game,” Bobby said, shaking his head. He wished he lived alone, goodness knew he could afford it, but he couldn’t bear his mother being lonely.

“Sorry about her,” he said after she left.

“She’s adorable,” Jill smiled.

“Yes, well… I’ll give you a tour.”

The ‘tour’ took thirty seconds. Happy Valley apartments are small.

“Bathroom here,” he opened a door. “It’s clean, I promise. And my room here. The dress is hanging behind the door.”

“Did you buy me condoms?” Jill asked.

“Yes.” Bobby went to his draw and took out a small box. Jill took them. For a time there was an awkward silence.

“Tea?” Bobby asked.

“Yes, please.”

They walked back to the living room. Jill sat at the kitchen counter looking at the box of three condoms. An involuntary shudder tremored through her body, and her vagina tingled.

“I haven’t put one of these on a guy for a long time,” she said wistfully.

“You nervous?”

“I can’t believe I’m going to roll one of these onto some guy’s erection, and I don’t even know who he is yet.”

“You don’t think it might be fun?” Bobby hoped.

“One of these condoms inside this box right here is going to be inside me. I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Maybe more than one of them…”

“Oh, you really think some guy would fuck me twice?” Jill moaned.

“At least that. You said your husband was staying overnight somewhere for his party, right?”


“Right, so if you fall asleep, you’ll probably get it again when you wake up.”

Jill put the condoms on the counter and put her head into her hands, letting out a squeal of frustration at having lost the Bodrum Escort bet.

“Jill. Look,” Bobby sighed. “You don’t have to go through with it. Not all the way. Wear the dress but don’t have sex with anyone. It’s enough you’re letting them look.”

Jill took a deep breath.

“I would have taken your car,” she admitted. “It’s okay. I made the bet. I’ll do it. I’ll use the condoms, all three if he wants. It’s my own fault.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” Jill paused, then explained. “I talked with my sister about it. Megan. She’s younger but older if you know what I mean? She has sex with all sorts of guys all the time. Said I should take my last chance to have a one night stand. My body won’t always look like this. Said I should let guys use it while it’s still in good condition for being used.”

“Sounds like… good advice.”

“Why you want me to fuck some guy anyway? What made you give me this penalty? It doesn’t help you.”

“I don’t know. I was trying to think of something that would be too difficult, something you wouldn’t accept. I didn’t think you would actually go to bed with some guy.”

“I wouldn’t! I was certain to win.”

“Goes to show there’s no sure thing,” Bobby smiled.

“Except me tonight,” Jill corrected him.

“Yes,” Bobby agreed, sliding a cup of tea across the counter. “Except you tonight,”

“Can I use your shower? I couldn’t do it at home, Stephen was still there and I feel like I need to wash between my legs if some guy is going to go down there.”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Your mum won’t be back?”

“No,” Bobby laughed. “No, not ’til after dinner.”

Bobby went to get a fresh towel and lay it on his bed in the bedroom. Jill sipped at her tea, still seething at the thought of that stupid Chloe girl fucking up the date on the deal. If she hadn’t written December 31 then everyone would have probably assumed it was actually Chinese New Year. Jill had to keep reminding herself that the deal was still on and it was still big and the only pain it gave her was the punishment of losing the bet.

“Cup half full…,” she told herself quietly.

Bobby came back. “You can change in my room, the towel’s in there on the bed. The bathroom is just across the hall, yeah? It’s a normal shower, you can find it easy to use.”

Jill finished her tea then went into the bathroom and closed the door. She undressed and looked at herself naked in the full size mirror.

“Not bad still,” she quietly told herself, spinning around. Her breasts stood defiantly against gravity. She had trimmed her tiny tuft of hair to a crew-cut, and her vaginal lips were bare and smooth. She hoped the guy that she went with had a clean-shaved beard, too. Smooth lips on smooth lips was nice.

“Tonight…you are not married,” Jill told herself, taking off her ring and putting it on the bathroom shelf. “As Megan said, it’s your night off.”

Jill showered holding the shower head in her hand, keeping the water away from her face and hair. She soaped well in the places she expected to be kissed.

“Bobby! Are you there!?” she yelled out, turning off the water.

Bobby opened the door a crack and stood behind.

“What’s up?”

“I’m sorry, I forgot the towel. Can you get it?”

Bobby went to his room, grabbed it and came back to the door.

“Can I come in?”

“You’ve seen it already,” Jill laughed. “Come in, come in, I’m freezing.”

Bobby let out a deep breath at the sight of Jill full-frontal naked.

“Not all of it. Not like that,” he said holding the towel out for her to take. “Fuck, Jill, your tits are… wow.”

Jill smiled at the attention, not covering up to wipe her legs. She stepped out of the shower and dried her feet on the mat, then went past Bobby to the warmth of the rug in the living room to dry the rest of her body. Bobby followed, cock tenting his pants.

“Someone is going to enjoy themselves tonight,” he sighed.

“And it will be all your fault. I’ll be bouncing up and down on some guy’s cock, getting him off, all because of your silly bet.”

Bobby walked around the room watching from all angles as Jill finished drying off.

“Who do you think it will be? Who will fuck you?” he asked.

“Probably one of the sales guys. Or those IT geeks. Or the CFO, he’s always flirting.”

“Eww. You seriously think some guy that age will hit on you? He’s over sixty.”

“He thinks he’s a player still.”

“You’d seriously fuck him if he asks?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“No,” Bobby laughed.

“Let me put on the dress?” she asked. “We need to be there by 6:30.”

“Okay,” Bobby said, going to get it for her, wishing so much that Jill was his wife, whether she was cheating or not.

6 pm

Dwight opened the door and he and Buck hugged.

“You guys are early,” he said. Dep had quickly scrambled on Dwight’s sweater when the downstairs buzzer called unexpectedly.

“They want to eat. Everyone’s hungry, thought we’d come into the city. This is my buddy Wayne,” Buck introduced first. Bodrum Escort Bayan “And this is his girlfriend Megan and her cousin visiting from Singapore.”

“Nice to meet you all. That over there’s my girlfriend Dep, she’s from Vietnam.”

“Hi,” Dep waved nervously, hoping no one could hear the air leaking from between her legs.

Buck looked at Dwight quizzically. “I thought… where’s…?”

“Gone. Back to her ex-boyfriend.”

“Oh,” Buck said, leaving it there. “We bought some drinks at the 7-Eleven. And Pringles.”

“Come in, come in. Sit down, I’ll take your coats. You planning to go out to eat, or order Uber Eats here?”

The group sat and stood around the dining table, opening drinks and snacks, pouring into the glasses Dep gave them. Dwight took Megan’s coat, but her cousin wouldn’t let go of her long thick wool-lined jacket.

“She’s not wearing anything under that,” Buck explained casually.

“Oh,” Dwight said with a surprise. “But you’ll roast. It’s hot in here.”

“Go on baby, give it to him. What’s it matter if one more guy sees your little tits and ass?”

Dep stepped in and saved the girl. “Come with me. I’ll lend you something.”

“Hey,” Buck protested. “She promised to go out naked under the coat tonight.”

“She can give the clothes back before you leave,” Dep suggested in compromise. Buck nodded and the two girls went into the only bedroom the small apartment had.

“The living room is big,” Buck nodded. “I like the open kitchen on the end.”

“Yeah, it’s more social that way. All those balcony windows push back, makes the living area even bigger.”

“Where’s the bathroom, tough?” Megan asked.

“En-suite in the bedroom. That’s it. There was a second toilet and laundry room over there but we took it all out to push the kitchen back to make all this space.”

“That’s your washing machine, in the kitchen?” Buck laughed.

“Yep, it’s normal in Hong Kong.”

Dep walked out with the Singaporean cousin wearing one of Dwight’s big flannel shirts.

“She’s cold,” Dep explained. “It’s soft and warm.”

“Fair enough,” Dwight shrugged. “That’s all she has on? She’s naked under there?”

It was Dep’s turn to shrug. “I only have your sweater on. I’m naked under here, too!”

“Wow,” Buck smiled. “I seriously need to come visit here more often. Girls here are fucking minxes. Hey, Wayne, get your girlfriend to complete the set!”

“What set?”

Megan answered for him, pulling up her skirt to briefly flash her shaved pussy. “Already,” she said.

“Wayne, please, you gotta let me have a turn on your girlfriend.”

9:45 pm

“Dwight, come on, help me out,” Bobby pleaded. “It’s my one chance.”

“Take her to the Victoria Hotel, down at Wan Chai,” he countered.

“I did. We were about to go in and she saw someone she knew in the lobby, some guy from high school. Now she won’t go to any hotel. I can’t go to my place. Just let me use your bedroom.”

“She knows me, too! That will freak her out.”

“Once we’re there, it will be too late to back out.”

“I’ve got people over.”

“We’ll just go through to the bedroom. We won’t disturb you. Please! You’re my last hope. I wanna nail her, man. Please.”

Bobby hadn’t planned to bed Jill. Even as he watched her walk around his flat nude, he had no thoughts of claiming her. They were buddies, they had been ever since she started as a grad. Sleeping with her would only mess things up, make it difficult to work together as seamlessly as they did. The flirtatious way they challenged each other would be lost if his cock actually sunk into her body.

But finally Bobby couldn’t resist. The green monster of jealousy did him in. The dress he’d picked out for Jill as part of the bet was a spectacular success. There were gasps from the girls and guys alike. Jill was surrounded by suitors bearing hard-ons. The upstairs room of the bar that was hired for the company’s New Year’s party was more brightly lit than Bobby expected. The material of the dress kind of clung around Jill’s chest, clearly outlining the shape of her breasts and nipples. The mesh at the back virtually disappeared in bright light. It dropped so close to the short hem of the dress that if Jill pulled the hem down to keep her pussy hidden, virtually her whole ass was on show through the invisible mesh.

At the beginning no one dared touch, but as more and more glasses of fizz went down, the IT help-desk crew in particular were becoming bold. Jill was giggling at the attention and enjoying her night of self-declared independence. She playfully patted away the hands that lifted up her dress to hold her bare ass, not always pulling the dress back down straight away. Jill was basking in the compliments about her body, and how she had tied her hair.

Bobby stood away from it all, his mood becoming increasingly anxious. It wasn’t just the throng around Jill that had his jealously rising, it was the lewd comments from other parts of the room, too. The general consensus was Jill’s Escort Bodrum husband was in Macau for the night and she was up for grabs. Her ring had been taken off, perhaps she’d even give herself to a few of them.

Then Bobby realised Jill had disappeared. The throng was still mostly in place but Jill wasn’t among them.

“Shit. Not already.”

Bobby ran downstairs and into the street, looking both ways. Nothing. If she had left already, she was gone. He ran back upstairs and pulled open the wheelchair toilet. Empty. He asked the girls who left the ladies room if there was anyone still in there. Shaking heads.


But then two guys left the men’s room smirking. He heard a sly comment that they would see who was next. Dashing inside, Jill was leaning her forehead on her arms inside the only cubicle the boys’ room had. Her dress was on the tiled floor, a trail of sperm hung down between her legs. She looked drunk and totally fucked.

Bobby jumped in and locked the door before the next suitors laid claim.

“Jesus Jill, it’s only nine o’clock. Are you really so fucked up already?”

“I need the condoms,” she slurred.

“Too late for that.”

Bobby took toilet tissue and pulled away the string of cum falling from her pussy. He handed her a clean piece to wipe sperm from her face and chin, too.

“You’re meant to go home with a guy, not take all comers in the toilets.”

“It was only two,” Jill defended.

On cue, two more guys came in looking for her, to take their turn.

“Jill? Is that you? Are you in there?” the knock came at the door.

Bobby held her mouth. “Taking a dump fellas. There’s a wheelchair toilet out there if you need the toilet.”

After some murmuring, the two guys left.

“Come on, put your dress back on. Let’s get you out of here before the whole company runs through you.”

“Are you going to take me home?” Jill turned and asked, her bare breasts pushing into his arm.


“Are you going to fuck me?”

Bobby looked at the gorgeous nude girl and sighed. It was such a bad idea. Their relationship would never be the same.


“I’ve still got three condoms,” Jill volunteered. Bobby laughed.

“Bit late for that,” he said again.

In the end, Dwight relented and told Bobby to come over.

“What’s going on?” Buck asked, having heard one end of the conversation.

“A guy I worked with before. Wants to bring his score over here to do her in my bedroom.”

Buck laughed loudly.

“Holy shit! Why does he have to come here? Why doesn’t he take her to a hotel or something?”

“She won’t go to one. Worries about being seen. She’s married,” Dwight sighed.

“Holy shit,” Buck grinned. “This town is amazing.”

10:10 pm

Dwight let Bobby and Jill in, with the thought to quickly scurry them through to his bedroom once she was over the shock of seeing whose apartment they were in. But when Dwight took her coat and saw what she was wearing under, he couldn’t help but say out loud, “Holy shit, Jill, that dress…fuck!”

That drew the faces from the balcony. Dwight had opened the glass doors and turned on the outdoor gas heaters to give more space. Jill saw Megan and Wayne and her cousin out there, and squealed. In turn, Megan saw Jill and squealed back.

“What are you doing here?” Megan shrieked.

“You two know each other?” Dwight asked, confused.

“They’re sisters,” Bobby sighed.

“What the fuck? Why are you here?” Jill asked, shocked.

“I thought you were off screwing some guy tonight?” Megan asked directly. “How the hell did you end up here?”

“How does your sister know that?” Bobby asked.

“Let’s just leave,” Jill said, overwhelmed.

“Hey, wait, your sister knows you had to fuck someone tonight?” Bobby asked.

“Yes,” Jill said, red with embarrassment as a bunch of strangers looked on.

“Well, come on,” Bobby said, taking her hand. “Then you still can.”

“I already did!”

“A spit-roast in the toilet doesn’t count. The deal was go home with someone. We can go in here, there’s a bedroom.”

“Are you serious? With Megan right there? And my cousin? And all these people? Megan, why are you here? You know Dwight?”

“Who is Dwight? Oh, you’re Dwight. I don’t know him,” Megan shrugged.

“Then how the fuck…?” Jill asked, entirely confused.

“Sorry to interrupt. Come on,” Bobby insisted, “If they already know you’re here for sex, then they already know.”

Bobby pulled Jill through to the bedroom and shut the door. Back out in the living area Dwight stood in surprise, mouth agape.

“Did you see that fucking dress? Can someone explain to me what just happened? You’re Jill’s sister?”

Megan nodded.

Dwight laughed. “Shit. Holy shit. And you’re okay with that? In there?”

Megan shrugged her shoulders. “It was part of some bet. I told her she should let loose, her husband’s out of town and he’s a douche anyway. But what the hell is she doing here?”

“Bobby and I used to work together. And Jill.”

“That guy works with her? Is that Bobby? Shit, I’ve met him before. He’s the one that gave her the bet. She was going to win his car.”

“The Porsche? Seems unreal. He’d never part with that.”

Buck laughed and shook his head in disbelief. “I saw the dress. This town is seriously crazy.”

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