Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 06

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Eighteen months ago…

Her surprise upon first meeting Doctor Jacobsen in her downtown office must have shown on her face.

“Are you looking for a couch, Mrs. Crane?” The young blonde woman seated across from Nicole smiled sympathetically at her through of heavy black-framed glasses.

“I’m sorry, what?” Nicole said.

“You’d think the stereotype would have gone and died long ago, but a surprising number of patients expect psychiatrists to work with a couch. I only know one therapist who uses one for his patients, and he’s quite elderly.”

Lindsay Jacobsen was far from elderly; in fact, she looked barely old enough to have completed a doctor’s education. She was very slender, a little taller than Nicole, dressed in a conservative lavender silk blouse, navy skirt with matching pumps, and dark hose. At first glance she looked as if her people were from northern Europe, Denmark perhaps, but there was something indefinably exotic about her features that suggested more diverse ancestry.

And there was no couch in her office. Other than a plain metal desk and swivel chair the furnishings included green plants in terra cotta vases, a pair of bamboo end tables, several colorful woven wall hangings, and two comfortably upholstered modern chairs in which Nicole and Doctor Jacobsen sat facing one another.

Nicole said, “I guess I expected someone…”

“…Older. More motherly. More…experienced?” the young psychiatrist’s eyes twinkled as if at a private joke.

“I’m sorry, Doctor. I didn’t mean?”

“Relax, Nicole. Call me Lindsay, please. Now, why don’t you tell me how I can help you today.”

Nicole exhaled deeply and began describing in general terms her “affair”?that was how she termed it?with young Luke Gable. She wasn’t sure how long the doctor?Lindsay?let her talk uninterrupted, but something about the young woman’s open and direct manner engendered a sense of safety and trust in the older woman. Lindsay listened with keen interest, making occasional notes in the black book she held in her lap.

When Nicole had finished, Lindsay said “Let me ask you one or two things. On how many occasions have you…seen Mr. Gable?”

“Mister?? Oh, Luke…seven. Eight.”

“And are you in authority over him?” Sensing Nicole’s confusion, Lindsay elaborated: “You’re not his employer. Or a teacher?”

“No!” Nicole reddened at the memory of watching her son with Elaine Moore. Feeling exposed, she anxiously tugged the hem of her floral print jersey dress further down her bare legs, suddenly wishing she’d worn something less clingy…more modest.

“And the young man is of legal age,” Lindsay said. “Nicole, you need to be more specific with me about what’s troubling you.”

“I’m twice his age!” Nicole protested, suddenly doubting the wisdom of having come here at all. “I’m married…”

“It’s not my role to judge you,” Lindsay said. “I simply want to understand the real source of your emotional distress. You say that your marriage is troubled…”

“Miserable is more like it,” Nicole said, surprised at her own vehemence. “George is a workaholic. I can’t complain about him as a provider, but the time he doesn’t spend at his father’s factory he ‘rewards himself’ by drinking. He’s seldom home, and when he is, he’s either loudly drunk or sleeping one off.”

“And your sex life is…” Lindsay prompted.

“Nonexistent. For years.”

“Well, then.” Lindsay said, “ordinarily I’d say that your primary problem is the state of your marriage rather than this affair.”

“I feel so guilty. About Luke,” Nicole insisted.

“I don’t think that’s it.” The young leaned forward, her warm blue eyes gazing directly into Nicole’s. “You react with visible excitement, and may I be so bold, pleasure when describing your time with Luke. I believe that the shame that you feel is somehow displaced.”

Lindsay glanced down at her notes. “How old is your son? How old is Brandon?

It was as if someone had struck Nicole a blow right between her shoulder blades, knocking the wind out of her. “He’s…Brandon is eighteen. He’s a high school senior.”

“You mean that Brandon is Luke’s age.” Lindsay closed her notebook, an enigmatic smile tugging at the corners of her full, pink-frosted lips. “Nicole, do you think of your son when you’re with Luke?”

“Do I think…?”

“Do you think about Brandon when you’re fucking his best friend?”

Lindsay’s sudden bluntness stunned Nicole, but not nearly as much as what the young psychiatrist said next.

“Nicole, dear, relax. Any sexual feelings that you have for Brandon are completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Nicole’s eyes flickered up to meet Lindsay’s. “How can that be so?” she asked.

“Why do you suppose the incest taboo is so strong in our society…in every culture?” Lindsay asked. “We don’t have to make harsh civil and religious rules against behavior that people don’t want to practice. In fact, the most forbidden of acts are those that most tempt and call to us. Those we most long for.”

“That bahis firmalar─▒ is logical,” Nicole conceded. Still troubled but with the beginnings of hope she asked: “So you’re saying that the fantasy is harmless?”

Lindsay paused, then said, “There’s more to it than simple fantasy, isn’t there? Have you ever experienced sex with a family member?”

Lindsay seemed to take some private glee in the question. It’s my imagination, Nicole told herself. She needed to trust this young woman. Despite misgivings, after a moment’s hesitation, she slowly nodded. “Yes. My father.”

“I see.” Nicole braced herself for a series of concerned and probing questions. Instead, Lindsay simply asked, “Nicole, would you be willing to explore your…emotional responses in a safe setting?”

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Roleplaying. Re-enactment. I would guide you through sexual scenarios under controlled conditions, in this office, with the assistance of a surrogate.”

“I…I guess. When would we…?”

“No time like the present.” Lindsay stood abruptly and stepped over to her desk, picking up the phone.

“Right now? This afternoon?” Nicole was on the verge of panic.

“Anthony, would you please come to my office?” Lindsay said into the headset. She looked back and Nicole, fairly grinning as she said, “You truly need relief. The sooner, the better.”

A young man whom Nicole had seen earlier in Lindsay’s otherwise empty waiting room entered her office. He was stocky, fair, and of medium height. He looked very young. “I-I thought you were the receptionist,” Nicole stammered.

“Tony assists me in this sort of therapy. He has some very specific qualifications.” Lindsay explained. “Tony, please lock the door.” She glanced at her patient reassuringly. “We’ll want complete privacy. Now, Tony must disrobe in order to proceed. Y may remain fully clothed at this point in the procedure if you prefer.”

Tony kicked off his loafers and stripped out of his socks and his blue oxford shirt. He was a lean, muscular youth with a smooth and nearly hairless body. When he removed his khaki pants and undershorts Nicole saw he had no pubic hair at all.

Lindsay Jacobsen noticed her patient’s fascination. “Yes, depilation is much more manageable and hygienic in a clinical setting,” she said curtly, standing beside her assistant. “I understand that some young men also shave because they believe it makes their genitals appear larger.”

She snickered and placed her hand on Tony’s cock, moving it gently back and forth, causing the flaccid organ to rapidly engorge and stiffen. “I don’t think that’s something Anthony has to be concerned about. Will he function adequately as a substitute?”

“Substitute for what?” Nicole said absently, absorbed in watching the young man’s erection grow.

“For whom. Can you pretend that Tony is Brandon?”

The fires of the red-haired mother’s lust were kindled now. This whole situation was so strange…and yet compelling. He’s not Brandon, she told herself. Whatever happens here is safe, like Lindsay said. And she is an expert. She’s a doctor.

She stood up and took a step toward Tony. “Son,” she began and stopped herself. She was increasingly horny but felt ridiculous.

“It’s not necessary to speak to him other than to give him directions,” Lindsay said, sitting down in Nicole’s vacant chair. “You’ll notice that Tony hasn’t spoken nor will he speak during your encounter. We’re interested in exploring primal behavior, not superficial play-acting. However, if vocalization comes naturally to you don’t resist it.”

“Oh.” Nicole touched the youth’s prick. She closed her hand around it, enjoying the surging pulse of his blood rushing along the shaft. How old is he? she wondered. Can he be as young as Luke? As Brandon? She looked up into his blue eyes. He smiled guilelessly back at her.

“Sit down,” Nicole instructed. Tony settled himself easily into the chair Lindsay had used earlier. She knelt before him. “Let me…let Mama have a look.” He obediently opened his knees and she ran her fingers up the insides of both of his thighs. She cradled his shaven balls. The skin was soft as velvet but his sack was taut and full, promising much.

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Lindsay was not taking notes on the encounter. The doctor had abandoned her prim, professional posture, uncrossing her legs and slouching low in her soft chair. She watched intently as her patient continued to stroke Tony’s balls with one hand while running the other up and down the underside of his cock.

Raising herself up a little Nicole steadied herself with her forearms atop Tony’s thighs so that she could lower her face to his prick. She opened her mouth to swallow the tip, drooling over his glans. So many sensations, all at once: She savored the slightly salty taste of his skin, the round fullness of his cock crown as she curled her tongue around it…the warm slickness of pre-cum gliding over the roof of her mouth as she took more of him inside.

Sense ka├žak iddaa memories of deep-throating her father’s big prick flooded back to her. So many fine sensations, at once familiar but always somehow new and exciting again with each new man. Her pussy welled up, soaking the crotch of her snug cotton panties. She slid her mouth down the length of Tony’s meat until she couldn’t take any more, then pulled slowly off.

“You’re clearly aroused, Nicole. It appears you’re orally fixated and enjoy fellatio a great deal.”

The kneeling redhead nodded enthusiastically. “I love to suck cock,” she admitted. “I’m not sure I realized until just now how much I love to suck cock.”

“Self-discovery. Good.” Lindsay encouraged. She removed her eyeglasses and chewed delicately on the end of one ear-piece, slipping it slowly in and out of her own mouth. “You’re making progress. Continue.”

Now eager to cooperate, Nicole returned to her therapy. She sucked Tony’s prick hard, wetly gloving his veiny cock-shaft with her lips while milking his balls with her fingertips. She bobbed up and down, gradually taking more and more of him into her throat, heedless of the loud slurping and smacking noises she was making. Her nostrils flared as she kept gulping and sucking down prick meat, moving her head and lips up and down faster and faster.

He’s very disciplined, she mused as Tony made almost no noise in response to her lusty blow-job. She grew sensitive to the ragged intake of his breath and the way his thigh and abdomen twitched, signaling the intense pleasure that she was sure she was giving him. She was so intensely in her cock-sucking zone that she nearly swallowed and choked when she felt air pass across the back of her thighs. Lindsay had quietly crossed the office and now knelt behind her patient, lifting Nicole’s knit cotton dress up and folding it around her waist. Her shapely buttocks and trim legs were completely exposed to the doctor’s examination.

“These must be very binding at this point,” Lindsay said, touching the wet crotch of Nicole’s underpants. She slid her fingers under the waistband and pulled the garment down to the redhead’s knees. Never missing a beat of the blowjob she was administering she briefly lifted first one leg and then the other permitting the blonde to completely remove the sopping panties.

“Better?” Lindsay whispered. “Very good.” Nicole stiffened at the touch of the doctor’s fingertip lightly stroking her mound, close by but not touching her dewy pussy lips. The digit moved to explore the short tangle of her minge. “Oh, you are a real redhead, aren’t you? And your skin is like cream.”

Lindsay reclined on the carpet and scooted up so that her face was directly under Nicole’s cunt. Her hands reached up to cup Nicole’s ass cheeks, drawing her patient slowly down toward her. The older woman felt warm breath tease her clit as Lindsay said, “Now, be honest with your doctor, dear…have you ever had your pussy eaten by another woman?”

Nicole shook her head furiously, tremors of raw need running through her belly and thighs.

“Excellent.” Lindsay kissed Nicole’s cunt. She molded her soft mouth to her patient’s trembling pussy lips, her tongue lapping around the inner surfaces in a leisurely, confident circuit.

“Mmm! Mmmmph!” Nicole moaned, her throat muscles vibrating against Tony’s cock in a whole new way. The young man bucked and shuddered beneath her. Lindsay darted her tongue deep into Nicole as if French kissing her pussy, teasing and exploring the tender interior.

Nicole gave up any remaining illusion that she controlled the action. She surrendered to the demands of her hungry body and let Lindsay set the pace. The redhead bobbed and sucked cock and moved her hips in rhythms dictated by the blonde’s tongue as it stirred and jabbed deeper and deeper inside her.

Nicole needed no previous experience with women to know that Doctor Lindsay Jacobsen was a pussy-sucker par excellence. At one moment her tongue was broad and soft, lathing Nicole’s insides like a girl licking sweet strawberry cake frosting from the inside of a mixing bowl. An instant later she rolled it stiff and used it like a finger or a little cock.

The redhead’s lips burned with the raw friction of her cock-sucking and she grew desperate for the reward of her lover’s spunk. She meant to suck him dry and feel the sensation of his thick jism coating her throat and warming her tummy. She grabbed the base of his prick with one hand and pumped frantically while the beginnings of orgasm coursed like little flames through her own body.

When Lindsay unsealed her lips from Nicole’s cunt and started licking her stiff little clit, Nicole’s climax overwhelmed her. “Give it to her NOW, Tony!” the doctor commanded. Nicole drew her head up until her lips clasped just behind the flared rim of his cock knob, the better to taste the first delicious gobs of his goo, then plunged forward again to engulf his whole prick and capture every drop.

Tony’s cock throbbed powerfully and erupted with ka├žak bahis a quantity and duration she’d not experienced before. With a lover at her mouth feeding her a seemingly endless stream of jism and a second eagerly drinking her pussy juices like sweet oozing honey she came, again and again, one orgasmic peak melting into another…and then another…and another.

When at last Nicole’s spasms subsided and Tony’s flow diminished to a trickle she slumped to one side and rolled off of Lindsay. Leaning against his near leg, she curled her arm around his calf for support. Her psychiatrist smiled up at her, licking droplets of girl dew from her lips.

“You’ve made extraordinary progress for a single session,” the doctor declared. “I’d say you’re halfway home.” Seeing Nicole’s puzzlement, she elaborated. “There’s nothing really wrong with you other than your self-tormenting denial of your natural sexual needs. The more frequently you express your urges in open action, the better you’ll feel. Hmm…Anthony needs a bit of finishing up, I think.” She got to her knees and began licking stray rivulets of cum from the still-seeping opening of his cock. “What…mmm…what did you say that Luke told you, Nicole? I think it was ‘healthy women fuck.'”

Lindsay rose to stand in her stocking feet, her shoes long since discarded, unbuttoning her blouse as she went on. “Young men have a raw, unfiltered grasp of the basics, Nicole. They can offer us more than just their hard cocks and rivers of cum. Much more.”

She slipped off her little ribbon of a bra. Her small, high breasts were half-covered by puffy pink nipples.

Nicole sucked in her breath at the effect Lindsay’s casual strip-off had on Tony: his prick had wilted only just a bit after coming, and now it swelled rapidly back to full size.

“I told you he had very special qualifications for this work,” Lindsay murmured, pressing down with two fingers on the tip of the resurgent prick, releasing and watching it spring up.

Nicole found her voice at last. “What about my fixation on Brandon?” she asked. “You really believe my fantasies are normal? It’s okay to?”

“Much better than just okay, dear.” Lindsay unzipped the side of her skirt, let it fall to the carpet, and stepped out of it. Her hose were held up by an old-fashioned black garter belt. She wore no panties. Her little pussy was as denuded of hair as Tony’s cock and balls. “I’d characterize your desire for your son as a great good fortune…for both of you.”

She straddled Tony, facing Nicole, and crouched over his lap. The young man’s strong hands caught her around the waist as if on cue, holding her so that her pussy hovered a few inches above his cock.

“I don’t just condone sexual fantasies, my dear. Under appropriate circumstances, I endorse the full practice of incest itself.” She tousled Tony’s hair. “In fact, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Right, brother?”

Tony relaxed his hold on her so that she could lower herself onto his prick, and spoke for the first time. “Right, Sis.”

Lindsay reached her hand down, guiding his cock toward her cunt. Her slim thighs as she slowly lowered herself onto him. His cock-tip brushed against her pussy lips and she held steady for a moment. Then she moved her hips in little circles as she descended, biting her lip in obvious pleasure. “Ahhh, yesss!”

“Oh my God,” Nicole whispered as she watched in disbelief. Her own pussy was wetter than ever, and she was afraid to blink and miss an instant.

When she’d taken her brother’s cock down to the balls Lindsay rested briefly, squirming and rubbing her ass and thighs against him before bracing her hands on the chair’s arms and rising again until only his cock head remained inside her. “Oh yeah!” Tony groaned. “Fuck me, dammit! Fuck!”

She rode him with feline grace, arching her back as she slowly rose and fell on his prick. She winked at Nicole. “How does this make you feel?”

“Confused,” Nicole said.

“And-?” Lindsay prompted.

“Turned on,” the redhead admitted. “Watching you fuck your brother makes me horny.”

“As well it should. You’re a highly sexual woman.”

“But he’s your brother. It’s wrong.”

Lindsay just laughed. “Does this feel wrong to you, Tony?”

“It feels fantastic, like always!” he replied, reaching around to cup her little tits.

“Listen to me, Nicole,” Lindsay said as she fucked her brother. “The rule against incest is ancient. It’s outdated and foolish. For women like…UHNGH!…women like us it’s a neurotic obstacle to self-actualization OH FUCK BABY FUCK ME! SOOO GOOD! GIMME THAT COCK!”

Lindsay caught her breath, recovered her composure, and continued. “Nicole, do you see anything?OHH!?wrong with the way Tony’s cock fits in my UNNHH!?pussy?”

The redhead shook her head.

“Come closer, dear. Look carefully. We want you to be sure, don’t we?” the young blonde couldn’t suppress her amusement.

Nicole rose to her knees and eagerly pressed her face between Tony’s legs. Enrapt, she watched the way Lindsay’s cunt lips unfurled and clung to the trunk-like cock as she lifted herself, rolling up inside her pussy on the downstroke. Nicole inhaled the heady aroma of Tony’s mingled sweat and cum and Lindsay’s juices.

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