Hoff and Hols, a Romance Ch. 02

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She was still shivering, the spasms only just receding, to judge from her physical reactions. I felt tingles go through me as she said that she wanted to reciprocate; we liked to share.

“You did that so well Pix, you can be my little cunt-muncher anytime you like.”

“Do you have to use that word, AK?” I replied.

“Tell me it didn’t make you aroused and I won’t!”

I blushed.

“See, fuck Pix, this is so hot. I’m with you, hate that word in cold blood, but when we are like this, fuck don’t you think it adds something?”

AK had, as usual, a point. The use of that word in this context added something – a wet pussy in my case – or, and the thought caused little shocks to congregate on my clit – a wet, gooey cunt.

“You going to munch my cunt then, AK?”

AK smiled. She looked like an erotic dream. Her long blonde hair messed up, her blue eyes soft with lust, those full lips, which I suddenly wanted on my lower lips, and those perfect, firm breasts with those long, stiff nipples. Her tummy was so flat and perfect, and her blonde bush was showing signs of my attention.

“Like what you see, Pix?”

I bit my lower lip.

“You are delicious, to look at, and to taste.”

“Right then, now for you.”

AK reached across to pull me up to a kneeling position and began to kiss my small breasts. As the little electric shocks pulsed through me, I moaned; there may not have been much there, but my nipples made up in quality for what quantity had failed to provide.

Her eyes, as they looked up at me, shone with lust and mischief – and something more.

“You may only have titlets, Squirt, but fuck I love them, and your nips are something else.”

As usual, she had a point – or in this case, two of them.

Her lips firmly fastened to my left nipple, pulling at her, AK’s right hand slit down to caress my bum, squeezing it, kneading it like it was a dough ball. Gripping my right cheek hard, her finger brushed against my rosebud, and I whimpered.

Pausing from her sucking for a moment, she looked up:

“You little perv, you liked my finger on your arsehole?”

Her language, what she was doing, the way she described it all conspired to make an answer entirely unnecessary.

Her left hand slid between my thighs.

“You shave, you little perv!”

I was too busy moaning and whimpering to tell her the truth, which I did later. The fact was that at eighteen I had but a sparse smattering of hair where she had a luxuriant bush.

“You’re like one of those girls in the les porn I watch under the covers.”

So, I thought, that is what she was doing, but how the heck did she get round the school’s security. She told me the trick later. I guess it helped knowing a computer geek from St Edmund’s – and as she explained, his charges were very reasonable – “quick hand job and it’s done – two seconds!”

AK’s finger pushed slowly between my folds. Where her pussy had long, even dangling lips, mine was tight and folded in on itself, which meant that her fingers soon encountered the obstacle of my hymen.

“Fuck, Pix, don’t tell me you haven’t ruptured that thing?”

Moaning louder, I admitted I was still virgo intacta, to which she said she could “bloody well see that. I’ll take care, we don’t want blood on the sheets,” she giggled, “I am not Henry VIII, and you are not Anne Boleyn.”

It did not occur to me to correct her understanding of the facts, which goes to show how distracted I was by what she was doing to me. I suddenly realised that this, AK, was what I wanted. Where none of the oiks from St Edmund’s had so much raised an interest, AK had my nipples aching and my clit on fire; I had never felt this alive!

Once I discovered what AK was watching in private, I realised how she was so skilled, but that very first time I knew nothing, except that she was doing things which took my body out of my control into hers.

Her tongue slipped between my lips, and as it parted them, I gripped her hair and, shamelessly, pushed her face to put more pressure on me there. As the tip of her tongue massaged my clit, pushing her upwards and flicking at her, I felt myself go; it was into an erotic haze where there was only AK and myself.

I relaxed into her. I heard myself whimpering as she lavished my clit with her tongue. Then my dark hole felt moist. I was so wet and at such an angle that my juices were pooling there. As though that was in invitation to her, AK began to tease my hole with her index finger.

She looked up at me, her face wet with me.

“If I am not taking one cherry Pix, I am taking this one!”

With that I felt her finger invade my dark hole. Instinctively I pushed, and somehow that made it easier for her.

I heard someone squealing and grunting unintelligible words. It must have been me, but all I could feel was my tummy muscles rippling and my sinews tightening. I clenched on her invading finger, but wet with my own juices, she fucked my arse with it and, and a million mersin escort wavelets hit me. As I came, I lost myself, I lost everything except a feeling of being satisfied beyond my wildest imagination. Then it went black.

“Pix, Pix, you okay? Pix!”

As my eyes gained some focus, I saw AK’s lovely face – and smelt it.

She kissed me, I tasted myself. Gosh I tasted nice.

As she pulled away, I asked croakily,

“What happened?”

“You blacked out you little perv; fuck you gave me a shock.”

“That’s nothing to what you gave me you goddess!”

“Oh I like that Squirt,” she smiled, “I rather like being a sex goddess. Did you see the way the Quentins were gasping for me?”

“The Quentins” was our shorthand for the oiks from St Edmund’s, most of whom has been straining to get more of a glimpse of her tits and to see what was up her skirt.

“Oh you did, didn’t you Squirt? Was that why you were going? Were you jealous, Squirt? You were, weren’t you?”

As she teased me, I kissed her to shut her up. My hands cupped those delicious tits the Quentins had wanted, and I began to kiss her nipples, first one, then the other, and then back to the first.

“Stop fucking distracting me!”

I bit her left nipple.

“Fuck that, distract away!”

Always happy to take a lead from AK, I did just that.

My fingers slipped between her legs, and encountering no obstacle, I wriggled two fingers through her petals and felt her inner gooey warmth. I sucked on her nipple harder, letting my lips fasten on tight; then I pulse sucked as I finger fucked her.

She squelched delightfully as my fingers invaded, pulled back, and invaded more and more urgently. I sucked her other nipple, then, mindful of what she had done and wondering if that was because she might like it, I slipped a finger down to her dark hole, coating it in her pussy juices before rimming her. The way she responded showed me I had guessed right, she pushed herself onto it.

My face pushed into her full breasts to suck and nibble on her delicious nipple, I could feel her heart beating faster and her body trembling. I loved the sensation and the realisation I was giving her pleasure. Daring, I pushed my finger into her arsehole and with that, she exploded on me, swearing like a trooper.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck you dirty little bitch, yesssssss!”

I sucked and felt her clench my finger. Her body was warm, sweaty with erotic excitement; our scent filled the room.

Gradually, AK came down from her second orgasm of the night. She drew me to her. She kissed me. I could still taste and smell myself on her. Her tongue filled my mouth, and we fell back onto the bed.

She turned and looked at me.

“You know Squirt, for a titch with no tits, you are a sexy bitch. Where’s that finger you stuck up my arse?”

I showed it her.

“Suck it!”

To my own amazement, I did just that, tasting a musky, slightly bitter taste.

AK grinned.

“You like?”

I grinned back.

“Don’t know what surprises me more, you asking me to do it, or me doing it?”

“What say we put it down to Hoff and Hols being kinky bitches?”

“To Hoff and Hols!” I said, and she joined in.

Eventually we slept.

Fortunately it was Saturday morning. Chapel was optional, and breakfast was not until eight – but we missed that.

I woke in her arms. She was sleeping.

Her hair was on the pillow, like a sleepy golden storm, and her breasts squished together. I kissed her on the lips.

“Good morning, Hols,” I said, our usual greeting when we were up to mischief.

“Morning Hoff – any regrets? Did I take you too far?”

“What, like to infinity and beyond?”

We giggled. All was right.

“Better show our faces, shall I take the first shower or will you, AK? Mind, you use up all the bloody hot water, so let me!”

With that I extracted myself, reluctantly, and showered. She came into the bathroom and watched. I did the same. We were desperate to resume our games, but we had prep at ten, and dared not miss that.

We dressed in our Saturday best, which was jeans and a white blouse for her, and my usual blue pinafore dress.

As we sauntered into the ref to get the last remains of whatever was left of breakfast, I noticed we were the centre of attention. Amanda was looking as though if looks could kill, we’d both be dead. I ignored her, but as we went past, she hissed:


AK signalled to ignore her, but fuck that for a game of soldiers, I thought.

“Yes, I am a lesbian Amanda, and what’s more, I got laid. How about you?”

From the look on her face, I thought she was having a heart attack. AK laughed.

“Told you, you fat cow, don’t knock what you can’t get!”

With that we got ourselves some breakfast and then went off to prep.

Of course it got round the school like wildfire.

“Did you know Hoff and Hols are an item? / Couple of lezzers, I knew Hoff was, but what the fuck does Hols see in mersin escort bayan her? / God, lucky Hoff, wish I could eat Hols out? /Isn’t Hols just the hottest thing you ever saw?”

Those were just some of the choicer comments which got back to us – along with an individual summons to see Fergie, Miss Fergusson, our Head of Year.

As my name came before AK’s, I was first in. She wished me luck and blew me a kiss.

“Sit down Hoff. You no doubt know why you are here?”

The last chat I had with her was the night of the Christmas Ball, when she had admitted to being a lesbian and to fancying AK, so I was hoping she was not going to chew me out.

“Yes, Miss Fergusson.”

“Look, Hoff, I am terribly sympatico, but I am supposed to be telling you and Hols off, and consider this a dressing down. That said, what I would say is be discreet. You are going into your final term before A levels and you don’t want to get chucked out now. Okay?”

“Yes, Miss Fergusson. I will be more careful.”

“What would your father say?”

” I am not sure he knows that lesbians are a thing, Miss Fergusson.”

“Well now is not the time to educate him. And your mother?”

I shivered.

“She would no doubt tell me I was going to hell.”

“One of those, hey. Sorry for that Hoff. Look, as I say, I am sympatico, but take care, okay?”

“Yes, Miss Fergusson. Thank you.”

“For what,” she said, her face softening into a smile for the first time, “telling you that the school is still in the Dark Ages.”

“For being sweet about it, Miss.”

“What did Hols say to expect?”

I blushed and went with the truth:

“Oh she said if we got lucky, you’d spank us.”

She let out a huge laugh.

“She really is the limit! She and you would no doubt like that? Now scoot!”

I smiled at AK as I left and did a ‘thumbs up’ sign.

We reconvened in the Ref afterwards.

“Silly cow, so fucking hypocritical!”

“AK, she is in an impossible position, don’t be mean.”

“Stop being so fucking saint-like, Squirt. What’s more she did not offer to spank me.”

We giggled.

We took the hint, and we were more discreet.

As we were in the final term before exams, the fuss rather died down. We both got our heads down and studied for the exams, not that we stopped making love, but we were not open about our feelings.

It was after the exams that things shifted.

My Latin paper was the last one, Thursday afternoon, and I could, at last, join AK and the others who had finished days earlier. I loved the way AK had let me have space for last-minute revising.

“Well, Squirt, we are all out on the town tomorrow, clubbing. You coming?”

AK grinned widely.

“What are you up to?”

“What makes you think I am up to anything, Squirt?”

“Well, let me think. You got a mysterious parcel from London the other day, you have been to visit Matron, and you have a shot-eating grin on that beautiful face.”

I kissed her. She kissed me back.

“Damn, you miss nothing do you, Sherlock?”

“Not much where you are concerned. So, shoot!”

“Okay, well I promised my dad that I would not lose my virginity until I got to uni.”

I stopped her.

“You did what? You mean you talk to your dad about sex? And anyway, you have no hymen.”

“Sure I do – talk to him, I mean. As for the covering, well you can’t do the amount of exercise I do and keep it. Hey, wait, you mean you don’t, talk about sex with your parents? What about the ‘birds and the bees’?”

I had to admit that I’d rather the earth open up and swallow me before I discussed sex with my parents. My dad held it was for procreation, and my mother held it was for Saturday nights once a month only, if the noises from their room when I was on holiday were what I thought they were.

“Well, I kind of want to keep my word, but I know that Crispin, who I am dating tomorrow night will want to fuck me.”

“Oh,” I said, trying, unsuccessfully, to hide my jealousy.

“Don’t be like that, Squirt, you know I like men too. But I want you to help, because….”

I cut her off right there and then.

“NO! No, there’s no way.”

“Hey, Squirt, calm down. You don’t have to be there; I want you to prep me.”

I looked at her.

“But you said you wanted to remain a virgin until you went to uni, so what gives?’

“My arse gives.”

I must have looked startled, as she giggled.

“It’s a loophole, Pix.”

“It’s your arsehole, AK.”

“No, you don’t get it.”

“Nor will you”, I giggled.

“Look, point is that he can stick his cock up my bum and cum there, no preggers risk, no virginity ruined, no biblical prohibition – or is there, you are the Bible scholar?”

I pondered. The things she got me to think about!

“No, men aren’t supposed to do it to each other, but there’s nothing about buggering a woman.”

“You put it so delicately, Pix!”

“Just calling it as I see it”, I giggled.

“Well escort mersin that’s where you can help. Open that box.”

I had wondered what was in it, but we respected each other’s privacy. I opened it and saw a big, purple phallic object. I blushed:

“What the fuck is that?”

“Right turn of phrase genius, it’s for fucking yourself with. It comes with batteries, you can make it vibrate against your clit, or inside you while you fuck yourself.”

“Too much information!” I protested.

“Look Pix, you know we both like it when we finger each other’s arses?”

“I had”, I blushed, “noticed.”

“It occurred to me that, well, to put it crudely, you might open me up there a bit before tomorrow night, make it easier of access for Crispin.”

There it was.

“You mean you want me to fuck you up the arse so that dirty oik can spurt in you?”

“Bloody hell, Pix, I thought I’d put it crudely, that was quite the effort to top that! Well, you up for it?”

“Of course, I can deny you nothing.”

She smiled and kissed me.

“When”, I asked when we came up for air.

“No time like the present!”

As we were both already feeling that way, we carried on kissing, stripping down to our undies and then, kneeling between her legs, I helped her off with her knickers, kissing her breasts as I did so – multi-tasking at its best!

She looked at me.

“Squirt, you are so hot, love those titlets. Give ’em here!”

She pulled me up and began to play with my breasts, sucking on my nipples, and then, with a swift move, she pulled my knickers up between my lips and arse cheeks, making my clit tingle; I felt so wet as the cotton rubbed, damply, against me; the fabric teased my arsehole.

“Oh fuck, AK, that’s hot!”

“Now, that Australian kiss!”

To explain, that was our name for cunnilingus – it was “like French kissing, but down under”!

Pressing my face into her intoxicating wetness, I obliged. I knew by now how to please her, and I insisted she put her feet on my shoulders and inclined slightly back. That way, her juices and my saliva would pool in her arsehole. As I licked and sucked, I made sure that I rimmed her arsehole, making it moist and beginning to open it.

AK began to moan, pressing herself up against me.

Taking the dildo, I lubricated it by teasing her wet entrance. She gasped, clearly wanting it in.

“No, bad girl!” I teased. “You know where this is going. Beg for it!”

“What, you fucking, ooohhh….”

Her words were cut short by my rolling it around the entrance to her inner wetness.

“Do it!”

We had experimented with the idea of one of us taking charge, it was usually AK, as she had seen the videos and had a more vivid imagination than me, but that made this all the more erotic.

“Fuck me in the arse, Pix, oh fuck, fuck me in the arse!”

Always being the obliging sort, and seeing the dildo glistening with fluid, I gently rolled it against her puckered arsehole, allowing more goo and saliva to enter it. At that, she moaned and began to push.

“Not so fast, go slow, it’s still dryish.”

So I teased her, for her own good. I sucked on her clit, flicking it, and making her wetness drip down to where it could serve the purpose we needed.

“Now push!” I told her, and as she did, more lubrication went in – as did more of the dildo. I saw, with excitement, that she was rubbing at her breasts, groping her nipples, and muttering something that sounded like: “fuck, fuck, fuck”.

As she began to moan louder, and judging her open enough to take the whole tip, I placed the head firmly against her opening puckered hole, watching as it opened to take more of the purple monster.

AK gasped louder, pushing herself onto it, grinding herself against my face, but I stuck to my guns, or rather, to the dildo, moving my face back so I could do the necessary. She was open enough, and I pressed a little more in and felt something give. Suddenly she was open and plugged.

“Oh fuck, fuck, Pix, yes, yes!”

Arching my neck so I could suck at her clit while she saw to her breasts, I manoeuvred the dildo slowly in and out, making sure to apply more lubrication. A slow, soft half bite on her clit make her arch her back, and the dildo slipped in and out.

Then she came, hard and wet she came for me.

It was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Videos were all very well, but you lost the taste and smell and the immediacy. I watched with fascination as her arsehole seemed to grip the dildo as she came.

As she calmed down, I took care to pull the dildo out slowly and gently. Once out I could not help but kiss her there.

She put her legs down and drew me to her.

“Oh Pix, thanks, that was fucking amazing. Now, once final task. While I am open there, here’s some KY and a plug, you couldn’t be a doll and push it in, could you? It will help keep me open. I’ll wear it for a while tonight, and maybe for a bit before the clubbing starts.”

“What, getting pre-screwed as well as pre-drunk?”

She giggled and I obliged. I had to admit it looked sexy.

That we did not sleep well that night might have been due to a number of factors, but who knew insomnia could be such fun?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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