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So I was 19 years old, when I decided that I wanted to hitchhiked from California to New York. I was in college and not completely unaware of the world because of the things that have happened to me when I was living on the farm. It wasn’t completely without experience I’d been around truck drivers, and new their mentality and I also knew that there were a variety of dangers in hitchhiking when I decided to take my trip. I expected that at some point in my journey I might have to do things to show my gratitude for giving a ride, and I understood that there was a attentional that something might be expected of me that I wasn’t comfortable with. I had already hitchhiked around California a little bit and given blow jobs to guys who were less than attractive. One guy in particular was almost what I would call disgusting and I remember feeling as if I had done one of the dirtiest things I could have taking him in my mouth. Afterwards I spent some time throwing up in the ladies room of the restaurant. I promised myself I would be a little more restrained when I embarked on my journey across the country.
After getting my first ride from another college kid into Nevada, I got picked up by a truck driver. He made some comments about my looks and was very flattering and even attractive. But he didn’t really make any advances or demands so I didn’t offer either. We reached a rest stop where he was talking with other truck drivers and directed me to another guy who took me further into Texas. Again I wasn’t offering anything but some passing comments and hints were made that I should. This truck driver became a little more demanding and his comments became somewhat threatening I suppose, I became too uncomfortable with the situation and when we reached another rest stop I looked for another ride. This time a very attractive trucker that I approached was more than willing to take me as far as he was going up through Oklahoma and then on to Tennessee. I got my things together and hopped in his truck and we started out. He never indicated that he wanted me, I started to think he might not be into girls as a road with him for nearly 2 days. I slept in his sleeper cabin while he was driving and he stopped several times at rest stops and truck stops in between his deliveries and pickups. On the third day we ended up at a rest stop and he turned and told me that he was a little disappointed, he had expected I might offer him a little “action.” I told him that I had thought he was interested because he didn’t make any advances or comments like the other drivers. But I was perfectly willing to give him a little treat. We talked for a little while and he şişli escort went into the truck stop, then came out and let me into the woods where I started giving him a blow job. He was very easy going at first but started getting a little more aggressive and pushing his cock down into my throat making me gag a little bit at first and then more and more. He got very aggressive and started asking me if I wanted to get fucked as well… Very plainly told him no, just the below job and kept taking him in my mouth. He got even more aggressive and kept asking over and over when I wanted to be fucked, finally I looked up at him and said no, just the below job and that’s all maybe later. He replied by saying just two words… “too bad.” Almost immediately I felt my dress pulled up and my panties yanked to the side followed by my pussy being deeply penetrated by cock and a set of hands firmly holding my hips, while the truck driver who I was sucking off held my head down with his cock buried his deep in my mouth and throat as he could go. As I struggled and gagged between the two of them they simply laughed at me and remarked to each other about my being a feisty little whore. The guy behind me pulled out and grabbed my hair pulling me back off of the cock in my mouth and through me to the ground when I looked up trying to get my feet and away from them I realized I was surrounded by several other guys. I was punched and kicked back to the ground, then the guys gave me a beating and held me down with my legs spread apart and one by one each of them raped me. I lay there crying as they savagely took my pussy over and over. Six different guys taking their fill of me and punishing my body. When they were finished with me and stopped my clothes were torn off of me and my dress used to tie my hands together around a small tree. My panties were stuffed into my mouth and I was slapped and spit on. They look down at me and told me they would be back then walked away.
I laid there struggling to get my hands-free crying and screaming through my panties and desperately trying to spit them out. I heard footsteps approaching me and some voices saying “is that the bitch” and the answer of “yes, we tore her up a little bit but I don’t think she’s learned yet…” Another group of men, different from the ones before surrounded me they spread my legs and inserted a tire knocker into my pussy. After brutalizing me with the tire knocker they untied my hands and I was held to the ground and raped again. This time the rape was worse, my mouth and my ass or taken as well. After this group was finished I was once again tied to the tree, one leaned down over me and with his fingers to his lips shushed me to a quiet then he explained that they were not going to gag me and that I could scream for help as loud as I wanted. As they walked away from me I simply whimpered quietly then took them up on their offer and begin screaming. My screams were heard by the next group who would be raping me once again. After they had all taken turns on me and filled my holes with more cum, one of them tied my hands back to the tree again this time much tighter than before. My legs were pulled apart and he picked up the tire knocker that had been used in me before. The tire knocker was shoved into my ass and then another tire knocker in my pussy. As I laid there tied to a tree with the tire knockers sticking out of me, the men surrounded me and started pissing on me. One reached down pulling my head up and shoved his cock into my mouth filling it with piss, and demanding I swallow. As I spit it out I was backhanded in my mouth filled again, I choked down a mouthful and then another and another until they had all made me swallow. I started retching from the disgusting thought of them when yet another group came back to rape me. This group would keep me on my knees with my ass air brutalizing my ass hole and pussy and making sure that I felt as much pain as they could deliver. They continued to beat me as they raped my body. I’ve long since stopped crying and screaming, having now been raped by nearly 20 men. Some of the first group returned and began taking turns on me again. Stopping and encouraging me to try and escape each time pulling me back to the ground and penetrating me with fingers and their cocks. Finally while one of them was laying on top of me taking my pussy and pressing me down with his body I passed out from the pain and exhaustion. It’d been nearly 3 hours since they began raping me. When I came around I was laying naked completely spread out with my pussy filled with there cum, soaking wet from cum and piss completely covered in filth. No one was in sight and my clothing had been taken, I was completely naked and alone. As I mustered the strength to get to my feet and realized that a note had been left on me. The note read if you want to leave go back to the truck you came in, if you don’t will keep you in the woods and start again.
I took a moment and searched around trying to find something to cover myself with, because it was still daylight but I found nothing and then went to the edge of the woods, looking out to see if the truck was still there. I was too exhausted and weak to run, so I walked out of the woods and across the parking lot naked and filthy with cum running down my legs. I was walking past all of the guys who had just brutally raped me, or watched. As I passed by them they talk to me with comments about my being a “whore” and a “disgusting piece of meat”. One of them cracked a belt across my ass and said “wow, they really tore your little ass up didn’t they…” Then another grabbed my hair and spit in my face saying “you better have learned your lesson.” When I reached the truck that I had come in, the driver who had brought me there helped me up into the seat that was covered with a towel. He hopped in quickly and drove us away. He told me to get into the back and get a little rest saying, “you took quite a beating out there.” When I woke up we were in Nebraska at another rest stop. He and another truck driver were sitting in the seats and when they realized I was awake he pointed me out. “There she is waking up now there she is waking up now, how are you feeling?” He asked as if I was just along for the ride. It was nighttime and the two of them chaperoned me into the showers where I cleaned everything feverishly. They provided me with a douche and then gave me a skimpy dress. They told me that if I behaved myself the rest of the way I would clothes back and be treated well. We went back to the truck where the two of them had me in a threesome, while he described some of the ways I was punished. Afterwards they explained to me that I had been raped because I had not put out for the truck drivers that had picked me up. They were part of the first group, and the first two guys to take my pussy. While the two of them discussed me being raped and making me take the two of them in the truck I laid there wincing and whimpering from each penetration into my swollen and sore holes. Even taking their cocks in my mouth was painful and after they finished with me and made me swallow both of their loads I was handed my backpack. The other guy left and we drove on to Tennessee where I had sex with the guy one more time before he made me strip naked put in my backpack on with my stuff in it. He told me to get out of the truck and go stand out side of the exit ramp to the rest stop and find another ride. I stood there naked waiting for trucks to go by and finally picked me up. I had no idea if it was one of the guys who had raped me or watched or just someone who saw a naked woman trying to hitchhike. Either way I laid in his sleeper with my legs spread as he took my pussy vigorously. Each time I change trucks I laid the driver anyway he wanted. Taking load after load of cum in my mouth, on my face, up my ass or in my pussy until I finally reached New York. From the time I left California to New York was eight days and I had sex with over 30 different guys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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