Eyl 02

Hints Ch. 01

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“And if you come this way, you’ll see the room where Clara Barton made her first Red Cross flag.” The tour guide’s voice matched his dreary expression, the tour was tedious and repetitive. Brett Shoe however, wasn’t going along for the mind-numbing tour. Deidre, his partner, they were part of something more entertaining, tricksters if you must, but what the group did not know is that they were about to experience an enthralling performance of Miss Deidra Rose.

The group turned the corner into a plain spacious room and the first few stopped so sharply that the rest bumped right into them, they automatically begin apologizing amongst themselves, however even over the mumbling echo’s from the large gathering, their attention was drawn towards the corner of the room. Red. As the group foucus on what they were actually seeing, the blood spatters across the room followed to a woman’s face, her face. Brett almost didn’t recognize her. She was huddled in the corner of the room, the blood splotches around her yet not from her indicated that something else had lost it.

“Miss, are you okay?” The tour guide rushed himself to her but held himself with caution, his name was Fred and his acting skills could be improved upon, but begers can’t be choosers, he had to do. He was scripted to ask the question with a shaky voice to indicate that there was something frightening to get the huddled group more worried. Instead, his tone sounded almost like he was having an awkward conversation with his mother.

“…pillars…” was the only word that came out clearly in Deidra’s first line. The backs of her hands had the same bloodstains as on the walls. “The fucking caterpillars!” Her voice a little louder and clearer.

“I think you’re in shock,” said a somewhat-shakier voiced Fred. “What caterpillars? Where?”

Deidra’s head swung to full view of the group. A collective gasp. Brett forced his gasp too to keep face with the others. from this safe distance, everyone could see her face that had actually been painted to give the idea that something had been biting, chewing and eating on the left side of her face. The side she had been hiding.

“And now, I seek my next victim!” The voice was low, gutteral, and seemed to come from everywhere. Surround sound, such useful machines. As the people in the room turned to look, animated caterpillars began to come from all corners of the room. A spine-chilling screech turned the entire group’s attention back to Deidra.

“Not the FUCKING caterpillars again! Look! Look at me! Look at what they did to my face!?! Run for your lives, RUN! if you don’t want this done to you.” As if to punctuate her, a mass of caterpillars dropped from the ceiling onto the tour group.

They were energized from a low voltage taser, causing panic and the group scattered. Most ran for the door, only to discover that it was locked, the women screamed and men looked for something to smash, And a few in the group even began to stomp on the caterpillars on the floor. The pranksters, had already thought of that and had put a slimy green type goo into them so that when smashed, they would splatter all over the floor.

“Noooo..” Manisa Escort The sound came from Brett. The first noise..other than the gasp, that he had made. A few of the group looked at him and were startled. In their confusion, Brett had donned the mask of a caterpillar. He appeared to be a grotesque half human, half caterpillar and he slowly stalked his way in Deidra’s direction. At that exact point, a catchy melody began to pulsate from the walls, vibrating everyone to the bone.

Fred, in one last attempt to be a good tour guide, he took his cue to magically produce a key that would unlock the door. He always enjoyed the view of people unknowingly playing into the hands of this prankster group. He never liked having to leave Deidra in the capable hands of Brett. If it were up to him, he would like to be the one to ‘sink his teeth into her flesh’, as the pulsating music was commanding to do.

When Fred didn’t move fast enough, Brett’s attention turned towards him. “Just so we’re clear here,” Brett spoke low through the translucent ear piece, enough for only Fred to hear. “You agreed to be tour guide for $10 per person. We agreed to pay you if you cooperate. And if you don’t, we will be putting your name in the list of people to be pranked, so if you want to be able to sleep soundly, i would cooperate. So, which is it going to be?” His tone was a dominating challenge with a double meaning that Fred knew all too well.

He knew when he was beaten. He had heard rumors that Brett and Deidra were actually lovers. Either way he was jealous, he wished and hoped for the day that Brett made a mistake and he could be the hero to step in. “Yeah, I heard what you said,” Fred firmly shrugged his shoulders when he noticed Brett hadn’t moved. He turned to the disorientated group and bellowed, “Everybody, let’s move! I doubt you want to be attacked by these creatures! These fucking caterpillars.” Fred stared kicking at the little blobs out of frustration and for performance. He took one last look in Deidra’s direction and then he herded the group out the door.

Brett and Deidra waited several minutes until the song stopped. A pause, and then a haunting violin solo that grew into a duet and then a trio. Deidra cocked her head to the side.

“What is this?”

“The Wilder Sun by Jon Hopkins, ah, i must say i love his work.” He closes his eyes to really embrace the music. He opens them to see her eyes, bright and full, but he could see her indifference.

“I know you’re an upbeat type but I promise you, there is an upbeat to this, but I wanted a melody that would show the quiet strength.” Brett had removed his mask and was walking towards his girl, her kneeling position still unchanged, she fidgets.

Deidra’s eyes twitched at the corners and pouted her lips, her face turned into the expression of impatiance and then the dubstep kicked in. “Oooh, I do like me some Simon Curtis.” She got to her feet, stretched out her limbs and breathed in deeply.

Brett was now standing face to face with this beauty. He admired the handiwork. Deidra had gone to beauty school, creating monsters with paint was a skill she Manisa Escort Bayan developed and enjoyed doing. But right now, the only unpainted part of her face was her lips. Brett leaned forward and lightly brushed his lips on hers.

Deidra’s eyes closed at the touch and for a moment, it was just them and music. Far from being tired after 5 rounds of pranking tour groups, Deidra was still quite energized. She slowly pushed her tongue into his mouth, relishing in the electricity that always buzzed between them both. Brett tried to resist, but she wasn’t a psychological thriller for nothing. As he felt his body responding, her nipples became rock hard buttons.

“Look, I know you want me.” she whispered softly, her warm breath against his cheek. His breathing became more heavy, his desire unquestionable. “Oh I know how much I want you, but I don’t really want to have fornication the caterpillar slime. Even if it’s just food coloring mixed with corn syrup, the image is there nonetheless” Brett tried to sound convincing, but now Deidra had moved from kissing his lips to trailing lighter and softer ones from his neck to his ear.

“You’ve never complained before for these endless lines of tours. I’m the victim that’s attacked by these caterpillars. But since it’s been a short day and I’ve got you..” Deidra’s voice trailed off as her tongue flicked the lower lobe of Brett’s right ear. The intensity of her touch was stifling and she knew she was driving him to no return, he felt his skin quiver and tingle where ever she placed her fingertips.

With her left hand, she grazed over his crotch. Sure enough, he had a ready bulge. Dei used her fingertips to lightly stroke up and down while at the same time, run her right hand through his hair, finger nails scratching his scalp ever so lightly and pulled on his hair causing his neck to become more exposed. He moaned at the combination. It felt odd to him that she was attacking him when she was the one who had been “attacked” by this plague of caterpillars.

As if to answer his musings, Dei whispered with a gentle seductive purr, “You’ve had people thinking I got attacked by caterpillars and that you are this ‘caterpillar king’.” She smirked, her self-satisfied smile made his length throbbed with urgency, her voice a lone was enough for him at this point but she had to take it further, she brushed her teeth along his jugular, nipping delicately across his skin. “Now, you’re about to be devoured by the caterpillar queen…” Those words, they were like as if a switch had been clicked within him, his skin grew hot and his tongue wished to taste her. Dei used a strength Brett didn’t know she possessed as she ripped his shirt off, clear buttons scattering across the marble flooring, the sound of fabric tearing echoed all around them like part of the music that still drummed on. Before he could react, her teeth were lightly but firmly attached to his right man nipple. Slowly rolling him between her teeth, her tongue caressed the tip.

“Aarrgh, why must you torture me so?” He asked shakily as his knees began to trigger buckle. He could not understand how she was able Escort Manisa to do this time and time again. His fingertips twitching to grab at her, he wanted her badly , to have his way with her.

“Shhhh.” Deidra released his nipple and moved south. Tenderly licking and kissing his chest, savoring his scent and taste. Hooking her fingers into the back of his waistband, she pulled firmly. Brett’s hands ran through her luxurious hair, her hair had always bewitched him, it was thick, full of volume yet soft and smooth to the touch, his fingers would just slide through it like water. However, the must eye catching thing about it was the color, it was full of reds, browns and plum colors and would shimmer in the light. A sudden gasp left his lips as her breath warmed on his pubic bone. He had a fairly good idea of where she was headed at this point, he did not care anymore that she had any type of paint on or that she was smearing his clothes. Her lips on his hip bones brought him back to the present tense.

Her incessant pulling revealed he had come prepared, no waistband of underwear met her fingers and now as his trousers puddled at his ankles, Dei breathed softly on his erection before circling her moist tongue on the head of his pulsing cock. Dropping down slightly, leaning forward, she kissed his balls before slowly, erotically licking his shaft from base to tip. Slowly running her tongue around the top of the head again, giving a soft suck as she pulled away, allowing her breath to send shivers through him before abruptly and wetly taking him deep into her mouth.

Brett groaned and almost exploded right then and there. It would be unlike him to explode so soon, so he held back. Dei chuckled and the vibrations from her throat carried down his shaft. She felt him struggle to maintain control and wrapped her tongue around him, letting him feel to cool metal of her tongue piercing. His fingers intertwined into a fist in her hair as he firmly held her head in place, her fingertips slowly snaked up his waist as she took it all, she moved them around the base of his back and claws him as she forced him to the back of her throat. His moan between clenched teeth was all she need to hear. Finally, her amusement fulfilled , she pulled her head back, giving quick short bursts of suction as she slowly released his rigid cock.

“I’m going to return that favor,” Brett tried to speak as darkly as he could manage, but his panting smirk failed him.

“Why the look?” Dei spoke with an innocent tone as she looked up at him with her captivating hazel eyes, she tilted her head to the side slightly to keep the innocent image longer.

“Because you knew what you were doing and now I’m going to show you a thing or two about..” his statement was interrupted by a recording on the public address system.

“This is your 5 minute warning, “said the disembodied voice. “The building will go to lockdown mode in 3 minutes. Get your things and go.”

Brett’s thoughts were momentarily distracted. Deidra took the moment to pull his trousers back up and kissed him on the cheek. “Let’s get going before the phantom robots get us.” She giggled as she playfully skipped off towards the exit.

“I’ll go get the car,” Brett sighed as he watched her, he decided to catch up and pinch her arse but as he headed out the door, his mind immediately shifted from being seduced to what he was going to cook up for the next week’s prank.

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