Eki 03

High School: Confusion Ch. 06

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I’m done with Kevin again. I only hit him up when I really need a good blowjob, or to get some ass. It never happens very often, once every few months or so. I’m not really this sexual deviant or anything like that. Most nights, I’m fine with just jerking off. Sometimes I prefer it. Nobody knows me like I know myself.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have somebody do the work for you.


The week drags on. Work is all done, and all my classes consist of just watching movies. I skipped school on Tuesday, and when Wednesday rolls around, I decided to skip school that day too. I know I should be living up the remainder of my days left in high school with my friends before college comes around, I just never feel like going anymore.

Thursday morning I decide it’s time to go back to school, and to stop avoiding every guy I’ve interacted with thus far by skipping.

This morning, a good friend of mine, Phil, says he needs a ride to school. Of course I’m not going to say now. 7:30 rolls around, and I pick him up on our way to school.

“Banana!” he yells when we see a yellow car on our way to school. It’s part of a little game we made up with a few other friends, we call it ‘Fruit of the Loom’. The whole point of the game is that whenever you see a yellow car, one that isn’t a school bus or commercial vehicle, and not to be the last one. The last one to yell it has to take off one article of clothing. If you see a pink car, you yellow “watermelon” and the last to yell it has to remove all their clothes. Usually, we just mess around and never get further than shirts coming off.

“Asshole,” I yellow in aggravation as I take off one of my shoes. I’d always secretly wanted to get Phil alone, and drive through a sea of yellow cars, and get him fully naked in my car, in my control. It’s weird to fantasize about a friend, but I can’t help it. Phil is just my type, a little shorter than me, Travesti with dirty blonde hair, which is a little curly. He has such dreamy green eyes. His hair is mostly brown, actually, but it has these natural blonde streaks in them, they even show up on his eyebrows. It’s almost mesmerizing.

We pull into the parking lot about 5 minutes later, and I put my sneaker back on we head our separate ways to our classes.

As I said, most of the day was just watching movies. Nothing even remotely was happening, and nothing will happen until yearbooks are handed out next week. So obviously, nothing exciting happened until band period.

Today, the underclassmen were outside on the football field setting up where they would be playing for graduation next weekend. The upperclassmen mostly just hung around, except for the few of us that he needed. Luckily, Shawn, being the only bass guitar player, except for the freshman, was somebody he needed to help teach the freshman how to play the part. So I didn’t have to worry about him getting in the way of my next guy.

His name was Grant Kief. Grant had been on my mind since 9th grade. His looks matched his name, he had a sort of English look about him. He had short brown hair, a smooth baby face, and always smelled amazing. He was always the butt of every joke his friends made, and he had been seeming a little down lately. Our group of friends in band took him in a little bit, and hung out with him the more his friends tormented him. I didn’t mind a bit.

We sat outside on the bleachers laughing at the underclassmen mostly, and we got to watch them continuously screw up an elementary level song.

“I’m gonna go take a leak,” Grant said and started walking towards a bush.

“Grant, it’s the middle of the fucking day. You can still get in trouble, and not be able to walk at graduation,” I warned him. It was true.

“I don’t wanna walk all İstanbul Travesti the way inside,” he whined. It wasn’t any wonder why his friends made fun of him all the time. He was a little bitch. “Can you, like, stand watch for me or something?”

A perfect opportunity!

“Yeah, no problem, but we should go to those bushes over there in the back, there’s a much less chance anybody will see you,” I said while leading him to bushes more secluded from where our friends could see us. If only he knew.

“Great idea!” he said while flashing me a dazzling smile. That’s what I love most about a guy, a great smile. His was perfect; a full set of perfectly straight teeth, and pearly white. I walked behind him, admiring his plump ass in his expensive designer jeans.

“Alright, just warn me if anybody comes close,” he said while he turned his back to me and starting pissing in the bushes.

When the stream started to ease up, I took hold of the situation. “Shit, somebody’s coming,” I yelled while pushing him into the bushes. I casually landed on top of him, with his cock still out of his jeans. Of course, nobody was coming, except one of us in a few minutes.

“Shit, who was it?” he said, while fumbling with his jeans, trying to put his cock back in.

“Don’t move at all,” I whispered while moving his hand off his cock, while feeling it a little bit myself.

We layed there for a few seconds, face to face. I felt my dick start to harden a little bit in my jeans, his scent was just intoxicating, I couldn’t help it.

“Troy…” he said while voice wandered. I went in for the kill. I went softly at first, giving me soft kisses. He quickly pushed me off.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He nearly yelled at me.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought of this, Grant,” I said while grabbing his cock which was still out.

“I never have thought of this actually,” Ankara Travesti he continued to yell, but did not push my hand away. His cock even began to harden a little. “I was mostly thinking of this,” he said seductively as he aggressively flipped me on my stomach.

He quickly slid my jeans down just a little bit so that my ass was out. Before I could even realize what was happening, I heard him spitting his hand as he started to stick two fingers up my ass.

It had been a while since I had been fucked up the ass, usually I’m the top. I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste though.

“Stick that big cock in there, Grant. Fill me the fuck up,” I cooed.

“Shut the fuck up,” he commanded. So I did.

I immediately felt his cock enter my asshole. It was a little tough with the only lubrication being his spit and no condom. But I’d been around the bend a few times, and before I knew it, the length of his dick, which I hadn’t even properly seen yet, had filled up my ass. It was a wonderful feeling, being fucked. One second, the pain seems to be the only thing you feel. All of a sudden, however, pleasure just completely takes over. I let out a stiffed moan when his waist hit my ass.

“Fuck me,” I whispered. He might not have even heard. Before I knew it, he was pumping into my ass at the speed of light. He was like a jackhammer, ramming into me like the energizer bunny. We were out in the bushes on the football field, pretty much fully clothed, fucking like we were pissed. It didn’t last very long at all. He started moaning like crazy, and I could feel his cock start freezing up in my ass. Before I could even tell him to pull out, I felt his warm seed filling up my ass. I pull out before I got any of it on my jeans.

I felt like a new man. My ass had been plowed like it had never been before. I had never had anyone go so fast before, and my ass was longing for more.

“If you ever want to do this again…” I started off saying.

“I know where to go,” he said as he stuffed his cock back into his jeans, the cock that I never even got a good look at.

Trust me, I want a good look at that cock next time it gets put in my ass.

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