Hidden Things

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The twins came to town one afternoon to celebrate their eighteenth birthday with me. The actual day was a week before, but I’m just their uncle, so understandably, I have to wait my turn. They came with their cousin, Tanya. She’s the same age, and the three of them have always been best friends. I took the whole gang to a great little place made of old bricks, hidden down an ordinary-looking garden alleyway. They make their own wine there, and they have the best stone-oven pizza you’ve ever tasted. We stayed for lattes and had an early dinner. We talked about the family and how the twins, both Benn and Gabby, had gotten scholarships. The waiter never made us feel rushed, and somewhere in the background, lively violins played on an old record player.

We walked back to my place, just a few blocks, the whole way lit with bright streetlights and glowing neon signs. The twins and Tanya slouched on my sofa; everyone was stuffed with dinner, but we had cake anyways, just a few bites each and only for tradition. After presents, I sang Happy Birthday for Benn and Gabby in my best baritone voice, but by then it was late. The girls and my nephew seemed tired, so I pulled out the spare blankets and all the extra pillows. As they went off to the spare room, they hollered “Goodnight,” and I wished them the same.

I watched the news for a while, something about how they’d just invented the first artificial heart, but the place was a messÔÇöI couldn’t just sit there. I got to my feet and started cleaning up. It didn’t last long. The wine from the restaurant was still swimming in my head. Dizzy, I turned out the lights and stumbled down the hall, feeling my way as I went. As I passed the spare room, I heard the three of them in there, speaking quietly, like they didn’t want me to hear.

“I don’t know if we should do this,” Benn commented. “But it is kind of hot.”

His cousin, unbelievably the very same girl he’d grown up with, replied, “You don’t have to, but I’ve always wondered what twins would look like if they…”

Leaning in closer, I carefully touched my ear against the wood. “That’s why you’re trying to convince us!” Benn deduced with a muffled laugh. “You’re like a dirty old man, you know that?”

“We could try it,” his sister suggested. “If you want to…” I was surprised by her directness. Between the three of them, Gabby had always been the quiet one. Just then, I realized I’d been pressing my ear against the door a little too hard. I began to pull back to let some pressure off the creaky wood panel, but a groan escaped from the doorframe, and my niece called out in a worried voice, “Uncle Drake, is that you?” I heard them start tussling around like they were hiding a body. I wasn’t really thinking. My brain was spinning, confused, or maybe I wanted to see. Whatever it was, I threw the door open, and there they were, all three of them, naked on the bed.

The girls screeched, shouting as I stood in the doorway, frozen in shock. They raced to cover themselves, but it was too late. They’d been on top of the covers, their legs spread wide, everything exposed. Benn had managed to retreat behind a pillow, but he’d also been revealed. I’d seen his erection poking out from his dark patch of tidy pubic hair. I’d seen how they’d all been more than close enough to touch.

They were panicking and embarrassed enough to make their eyes bulge, so I told them all to take a deep breath and relax. I sat on the edge of the bed and said, “It’s about time I explained something to the three of you.” My nephew looked like he was about to throw up, but at least the girls had gotten themselves down to a whimper. They stared at me like they were expecting to be thrown in jail and disowned like I’d forgotten we were family. “What you’ve doneÔÇö” I began.

“Please don’t van escort be angry,” Gabby interrupted. She pointed to her brother, a bedsheet hanging loosely off her arm. “It wasn’t his fault,” she cried. “He went to the bathroom, and when he got back, he caught us fooling around.”

“I encouraged them,” Benn admitted, his cheeks turning candy-apple red. “I guess we got carried away.”

“You’re not going to rat us out, are you?” Tanya asked. Her blonde hair fell over her cleavage, and for a second, despite everything, my Benn’s eyes lingered there.

“Absolutely not,” I told them reassuringly. “And like I was going to say, what you’ve done is perfectly okay.”

Shocked, they stared at me. “What?” both my nieces asked at the same time.

“It’s fine with me,” I told them. “Everyone has secrets. Everyone’s done things they keep hidden.”

“What kinds of things?” Benn blurted out.

I sighed reluctantly. “Well… to be honest, me and your mom did certain things when we were younger. So I’m not judging you. You’re all adults. You can make your own decisions.” They were silent, but I could tell how relieved they were. “And,” I stressed, “what I told you about your mom and I stays between us, just like this whole situation.” They readily agreed, all of us bound by the weight of each other’s sins. We had to get up early in the morning. I reminded everyone it was getting late and told them to put this behind them and go to bed. I told them I loved them, then I stood up and left the room.

I didn’t hesitate to do what needed to be done. I went straight to the washroom and locked myself in. I dropped my pants to my ankles, grabbed my dick, and thought back to my nephew staring at Tanya’s boobs even as he believed he was in the worst trouble of his life. I thought of the three of them on the bed, playing their forbidden games. If I’d been five minutes later, I knew I would have caught them screwing. I only needed to pull on my dick a few times, and the idea pushed me over the edge. Warm gulps of fluid rose up my shaft and flowed over my fingers, falling to the floor in eager dribbles. I couldn’t even see the room around me, only fantasies of my nephew bouncing happily between his twin sister’s legs.

When my balls were drained enough for me to start thinking again, I realized how angry my sister would be if she ever found out I’d told them about what we’d done when we were younger. At that moment, I’d thought my nieces and nephew needed to hear the truth. I hoped she’d understand if she ever found out. Suddenly, it occurred to me that it might have been a bad idea to leave the three of them alone together. As I made my way back into the hall and headed towards the spare room again, I lied to myself about needing to make sure they weren’t still trying to do something wrong. This time, I was much more careful when I put my ear against the wood and listened.

“Don’t. What if he comes back?” one of the girls whispered.

“He said he doesn’t mind,” Benn reminded her in a quiet voice. “Do you really want her to stop?”

“No. I like it when she kisses me there,” the girl admitted. “Uh, this is so bad.” She whimpered loudly enough that I could tell it was Tanya who was doing the talking… who was being eaten out. “She’s making it happen. Uh, uh…” I heard the bed shaking, a quiet rattle that I never would have noticed if I hadn’t been right there, listening. “Please,” the girl begged. “I want to watch you guys do it.”

My nephew chuckled. “Do you still want to, Gabby?

“Do you even have a condom?” she asked. There was no answer, just a quiet moment before she said in a stern voice, “All right, but you better take it out in time.”

Even though I’d masturbated only a few minutes before, my dick was hard again. They’d stopped van escort bayan speaking, but I had the feeling my nephew was busy sliding his dick into his sister while my niece watched, spellbound as her perverted fantasy came true. When the bedsprings began to creak and the twins started moaning together, I thought of my own sister, the ways our bodies had come together years before, of how our incestuous sounds must have been the same. Suddenly, an impulse I couldn’t control came over me. I had to see. My hand fell to the doorknob, and without any thought or hesitation, I turned it and opened the door.

“Hey!” the girls shouted in unison.

They were all naked again, gathered on the bed almost precisely as I’d imagined. Benn was on top of his sister, her arms and legs wrapped around him as their cousin watched cross-legged with a hand on her crotch. They made a weak effort to cover themselves again, but none of them bothered to stop this time. They mostly just stared at me, waiting for me to tell them why I was there again. I think I even noticed Benn giving his sister a couple of short thrusts as I stammered, unsure how to explain the intrusion.

“You can’t complain about it,” Tanya said, already defending her cousins.

“Who’s complaining?” I asked, taking a step into the room. “Maybe I’m just checking to make sure you have enough blankets.” They laughed, pointing to the piles of sheets and bedspreads tossed haphazardly all over the place.

“I know what it is…” Tanya said, letting her scant covers fall away. She reached forward and pulled the sheets off the twins, all the while staring at me. “He wants to watch.” Her hand fell on Benn’s naked ass and she pushed down, encouraging him to keep going. The twins stared up at me, looking more than a little puzzled about what they should do. I took a few steps over to the most shadowed corner of the room and sat down on a comfortable old chair that almost no one ever used.

“I don’t mind if he watches,” Benn said, glancing in my direction. Unwilling to wait another moment, his sister eagerly nodded her agreement, and he instantly pressed forward. She gasped as he kissed her throat, passionately licking and sucking, leaving the delicate skin red and chafed all the way down to her pointy nipples. His thrusts quickened as his arms crept under her legs, driving them up until her feet were in the air.

When their lips touched, it was like watching someone kiss a mirror. Tanya tore her gaze from the twins’ anguished faces and rested her head inches from where they were joined. Her fingers brushed lovingly across their sticky parts, and after a moment of toying with my nephew’s bouncing testicles, she held his shaft and squeezed, pushing him in even deeper. The twins groaned, but Benn never slowed down, even as his Gabby began to climax. I knew it was too much to hope for, but I wished their cousin had been knowledgeable enough to insert a finger into his ass. A circle of fine, dark hair surrounded the puckered hole, and I was sure that a bit of pressure on his prostate would have easily convinced him to empty his balls deep into her unprotected pussy.

Instead, he slowly extracted himself, revealing his throbbing wet purple knob. He gently took Tanya by the arm and laid her down beside his sister. “Your turn,” he said, pushing her legs apart.

She moaned as he climbed on top and rubbed his gooey dick. She looked in my direction and said, “Uncle Drake, you should tell us when we’re allowed.”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she confirmed, holding Benn’s dick against her, rubbing it against her skin. “He can’t put it in until you say.”

“All right,” I agreed from the shadows. “Let’s ask everyone what they think.” Gabby’s hand was between her legs, moving in circles escort van as she watched her brother’s dick throb against their cousin. “Would you be jealous if they went further?” I asked.

“No,” she said. “She got to watch us. It’s only fair.”

I looked at my nephew. His face was red, his hips rocking like he was already screwing her. “Do you want to put it inside, like you did with your sister?”

“So bad,” he admitted hoarsely. “I want to give it to both of them all night long.”

“Do you want him to do that to you?” I asked Tanya, and she nodded silently, holding the drooling tip between her pussy lips. “Even without a condom?” I confirmed.

“I don’t like condoms,” she said, masturbating him slowly.

“Then I think you should,” I told them.

“We should?” she asked, letting Benn’s pulsing knob slowly disappear between her folds.

“If you want to,” I told her. “Doesn’t that feel good?”

“Uh huh,” she said, letting him slip all the way in.

Gabby wasn’t about to be left out. As the new lovers began to rock, she scratched her fingernails down both their bodies, kissing and licking until her mouth found where they were pressed together. A string of fluid dribbled onto the bed as the three of them groaned, and the rutting grew fiercer. He was getting close, and I wanted him to do it inside her so badly that I started thinking about putting my own finger in his ass.

Gabby seemed to want Benn to finish inside their cousin, too. As she licked, pushing them to a frenzied pubic mashing, she reached an arm over them and pressed them together. “Careful, guys. It would be so wrong if he spurted inside you.”

“I could do it so easily,” her brother admitted.

“What if I don’t let you up?” she teased, giving him a little loving tap on his bouncing butt. “How long can you hold out, bro?”

“Not very long,” he admitted.

“What do you think?” she asked me. “Should I make him do it inside her?”

“Let’s ask them,” I suggested. “Do you guys want it to go that far? You know the risks…”

“I don’t care,” my niece said through a gasp. “I want it just this once.”

“Is that what you want, too?” I asked Benn. “Don’t forget, she’s family.”

He furrowed his brow and squinted like he was in sudden pain. With a groan, he said, “It’s already happening.”

They held each other for a long time, moaning, twitching, and trembling. When it was over, they pulled themselves free, gasping and sweating, recovering on the bed together. I didn’t usually smoke, but that night, I made an exception. When I struck my lighter, Benn asked if they could have one too. I tossed them the cigarettes, fighting down my initial hypocritical reflex to refuse. After what they’d just done, I would have given them a box of cigars if that’s what they’d asked for.

They smoked and talked as I scrutinized their naked bodies, listening quietly to their conversation. The girls lay together, caressing each other’s hair and breasts, as my nephew rested on his side, contentedly observing as they played. “Did you like watching us?” Tanya asked me in a wispy voice. My hand was in my pants, my thumb delivering a steady pressure. Since we weren’t hiding anything, I left my hand where it was, sat forward, and admitted that I did. I let out a long puff of smoke and told them it was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. “Oh, our poor uncle, guys. Sounds like he got pretty turned on.”

Benn chuckled. “Wonder what he’s going to think when I give you some more, sis.” He was already getting stiff again.

“Wait a second,” Gabby said. “This isn’t really fair.” She sat on the edge of the bed, exposing every inch of her body, and looked at me. “If you could do it with any one of us,” she began, “who would it be?”

I thought it was beyond sweet of her to ask such an open question, so willing and eager to please her old uncle. “Any one of you?” I asked.

The girls nodded, each of them ready to accept whatever answer I gave. I didn’t need to think about it. I pointed to my nephew and said, “Him.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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