Her Man and His Toy

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Lisa was so relieved when her boss let her go home early on Friday. Finally she’d get home without having to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway, and have a little time to straighten up before her boyfriend got home. When she saw her boyfriend’s car parked in the driveway, she felt a little let down. It was always great to see him, but sometimes it was nice to have the house to herself. Oh well, she thought, maybe some other day.

She went into the house and headed back to their bedroom to change out of her skirt and blouse and into something more comfortable, but stopped when she reached the doorway. From there she could see her boyfriend laid out on the bed, nude, with his hard cock in his hand. He was always too uncomfortable to jack off in front of her, but now she had a great view without him knowing it. She could have surprised him by climbing on top, but the thought of watching him without him knowing it was a total turn-on.

She saw he had put a towel down on the bed because he was using quite a bit of lube to make his seven-inch cock slick in his hands. It wasn’t the lube they usually used, though, it was much thicker. He must have gone to the porno store without her. Lisa silently thanked him for not dragging her into the store where he would tease her with the ridiculously huge dildos and, even worse, butt plugs.

She watched as he squeezed another glob of lube onto the head of his cock. His cock jumped up a little as the cool gel tripped onto the sensitive underside of the head. She’d gotten the same reaction when she ran her tongue over the same area. Then he used his right hand to spread the lube around to the top of his shaft, twisting his hand slowly around and inhaling sharply as his hips rose up to press it up through his fist. He pumped his cock through his fist again, stretching the skin tight as it pushed up toward the ceiling.

Lisa could almost feel his cock pressing deep into her pussy as she watched. She loved riding on top, especially when he would grab her hips to hold her steady while he rammed his cock deep inside. She could feel a wet spot forming in her panties now as she watched him make the same movements, only much slower and more carefully.

He was getting wetter, too. She could see a big clear drop of precum on the tip of his penis, and watched him rub it over the head, blending with the lube to make everything even more slippery. She was shocked when he brought his finger up to his mouth to suck the precum off, and then pushed it deeper in and out as if he were giving a blowjob to his finger. Things were only getting more shocking from there.

He rolled onto his right side – away from the door thankfully – and pulled his left leg up to his kaynarca escort chest. As he pulled his finger from his mouth and moved his left hand down, she thought was just going to try a different stroking position, but instead he started rubbing his finger up and down the crack of his ass, and then poked it into his butthole.

He moaned quietly as he pushed it halfway in, and then pulled it out. He put a glob of lube onto his finger, and then went back to his ass, rubbing it gently around the hole before plunging it back inside, getting it completely inside this time. He pressed it in and out, in and out, then moved it in circles. Lisa could just make out the hole stretching open as he pulled his finger farther out. As his slipped his finger out, she could see his butthole wasn’t puckered tightly anymore, but looking slightly open, like it was ready for more.

Her boyfriend was totally getting off playing with his ass – and now so was Lisa. She lifted up her skirt to reveal pink panties that were completely soaked with her juices. She slipped her hand inside to feel the wetness, sliding her hand down over her mound to the puddle forming at her opening. She was so wet her two fingers easily slid into her pussy and pulled the juices up to her eager clit. She had to bite her tongue to keep silent has her finger circled her engorged clit, her hips pushing forward to press it firmly into her fingers.

She was really enjoying the show now, and saw her boyfriend adding a glob of lube onto two fingers of his left hand now and using both to massage his hole before they slipped right inside. He rolled over farther onto his stomach now, pushing his hips up to force his fingers more deeply inside. She could see his body shake as the full length of his fingers plunged into his ass. He let his fingers slide out, and then eagerly accepted them once more. Lisa pushed her own fingers into her pussy, keeping time with his rhythm. In and out, in and out.

As her boyfriend removed his fingers and rolled onto his back, she could see his dick was no longer hard. Perhaps it was feeling neglected during the anal play, but it was about to get more attention as he used his right hand to stroke it back up to its full erect size before reaching up by the pillow to produce a six inch dildo! Lisa could barely believe her eyes when she saw the smooth, silicone dildo in his hands. It was clear and sparkly! It didn’t look like a cock – it had the shape of a thin Coke bottle with a rounded top.

While slowly working his cock, Lisa’s boyfriend brought the dildo to his mouth, licking it along its length before opening his mouth to suck it inside. When it pulled it out, it glistened with his saliva. He added a glob of orhanlı escort lube and spread it up and down the shaft. Lisa was incredibly turned on watching her boyfriend slide he hand over the silicone cock, adding more lube until it was completely slick when he rolled over and got on his knees.

He stuck his ass up the air to spread it wide open as he placed the head of the dildo at his opening. He pushed the head inside, his hole stretching to accommodate it. Gently he pushed the dildo in and out, ever so slightly, just getting used to the feeling of it filling the entrance. After the rounded head, the dildo thinned a little so he easily accepted the first couple inches. As it widened, he took his time trying to slide it inside. A couple of attempts showed that he needed more lube, and as he put more on his fingers the dildo stuck up lewdly out his butthole.

He added more lube to the thick shaft, and pushed his hips back onto it as he pressed it forward. It was starting to press against his prostate now, and Lisa could see precum dripping from his cock as he pushed it in deeper. With his hips back he was completely spread open as the thickest part of the dildo stretched his hole open more and more until it was finally accepted. He had five inches of dildo in his ass now and relaxed to stroke his cock, enjoying the fullness of the warm silicone inside of him.

He slid the dildo out now, so on the tip was still inside, and then started to push it back in, but it needed more lube. He pulled it all the way out of his ass and added some lube before spitting on it to make it slicker. He stroked it, rubbing his hands over the smooth, wet toy that had just come out of his butthole. Then it placed it back at his hole, and pushed it inside.

It went in more easily now, the bulbous tip sliding right inside and the bigger curve barely stretching his hole. He pushed all six inches inside, the head rubbing his prostate and forcing more precum to pour from his cock. He backed it out, his hole stretching to left the curve come through, and then tightening around the shaft once again. He penetrated himself again, his hole opening and closing around the different widths of the dildo, then the head pressing the prostate, then out, then in, then out, then in. Lisa watched him accepting the entire dildo now, plunging it in and out of his ass while she worked her pussy, enjoying the erotic view of him fucking himself in the ass.

Then he looked up as her, and through his heavy breathing, asked if she was going to just keep standing there or help him out. Lisa laughed a little, realizing he’d been putting on a show for her, then quickly hopped up onto the bed, taking hold of his dildo. Now she had a close tepeören escort up view of the glistening cock sliding in and out of his hole. She pulled it out and told he boyfriend to lube it up, looking at his lewdly open hole as he jacked the dildo off again.

She pushed the head into his hole, and saw it close down around the thinner shaft before opening wider to accept the full thickness. She couldn’t believe she was fucking her boyfriend’s ass with a dildo. She had left her wet panties at the door and could feel her wetness dripping down from her pussy with each stroke of the dildo in and out of his ass. She saw him reached down to jack himself off as she pushed the dildo in and out, in and out. He really liked her fucking him, so she decided to give him what he wanted.

She straddled his legs behind him and looked down at his ass, spanking both his cheeks as she realized why guys liked doggystyle so much. She was totally in control now, slapping his ass and then moving forward so her pussy was up against the base of the dildo plunged in his ass. She lifted her skirt and pressed her wet pussy up to the dildo, holding it against her as she pulled it out, then pushed it back in with her hips. She rocked back and forth, the smooth silicone rubbing over her clit each time she pushed the dildo back inside. Her boyfriend responded with grunts and moans as the dildo slid in and out of his hole, and pushed against his prostate. His cock felt harder than it ever had, and the precum was almost a constant stream now.

Lisa was really fucking him now, her hips slamming into his on each stroke. The sound of them slapping together let her know she was in charge; she was the one penetrating him this time. She grabbed his hips and pulled him into her forcefully, making him take every inch of the dildo again and again. She pulled it all the way out, seeing his hole hungry, begging for it again and again. Then plunged it back inside his ass as she forced their hips together again. With each stroke her boyfriend’s muscles tensed up more and she knew he was close to coming.

She pushed the dildo deep inside his ass, and then banged her hips into him violently, vibrating the cock inside his ass while rubbing her clit against the base. She moved her hands up to his shoulders, pulling him back to her. She rubbed her pussy over the dildo, her wetness making it completely slick. As she humped him, he stroked his cock quicker and quicker until the pleasure was too intense to control himself any longer. As Lisa’s humping pushed the dildo into his prostate over and over, he screamed out as he shot thick ropes of cum from his cock. His cock throbbed and contracted, shooting a river of cum all over the towel beneath them as he felt Lisa’s stroke get quicker and harder behind him. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as she lost all control, releasing a torrent of her cum onto his upraised ass and dripping down both their legs. Stunned and exhausted they collapsed together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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