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Helping My Sister-in-Law Cope

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It was so unexpected that I wasn’t sure what to do.

My sister in law had stopped by and it was obvious she was upset. My wife was not home and it seemed she really wanted to talk. I was most willing to help and so we sat down in the living room and she opened up.

She had been had having some health issues and they were causing her a lot of trouble. Her husband seemed to be out of tune and she really needed some tender loving care.

I let my eyes roam over her bare legs under her skirt. She was quite upset, and she had let her legs settle open slightly, and I couldn’t help myself but to look. Her pretty pink panties were quite visible, but I don’t think she knew.

I raised my eyes to her face and nodded and smiled as she talked. She was talking a lot and crying some so she didn’t notice my wandering eyes. I couldn’t help it as her breasts heaved with her crying.

I had been laying around quite casual, some light blue shorts (quite short) and a tank top. Not much at all. As my eyes took in her body, I began to feel my cock grow more firm. Not what I needed in these shorts.

I got up and went over to give her a hug. She wasn’t much on hugging but today she seemed into it as she pressed her body to me.

I lightly caressed her upper arm letting my fingers graze just barely her bountiful breasts. Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were substantial and firm.

Offering her a drink she accepted, and I arose to get it for her. Standing my firm cock pressed the front of my shorts in front of her eyes. I saw her eyes open wide as she got an up-close view. I let my fingers slide over her head caressing her hair as I walked away.

Returning Mersin Escort with her drink I handed it to her and moved to sit in my chair.

She thanked me and took a deep drink.

My eyes watched as she drank then sank to look up her skirt. Her legs were quite spread, and it seemed her skirt had slid up higher (how had that happened?). Her panties were now clearly visible and I grew even more hard as I watched.

I glanced once more at her breasts and as I found her eyes again, I found her staring at my crotch.

There was nothing I could do but grow harder.

She thanked me for being willing to listen and put up with her.

Declaring it was my pleasure I smiled letting my eyes slide from her eyes, to her breasts and down to her legs. I watched astonished as her legs spread even more.

Without a word I stood and went to sit by her side. Turning her face towards me I let my finger tips slide over the outline of her face. With each caress my cock grew harder and longer, and bulged even more. Glancing down I noticed it had begun to peek out of my shorts.

She inhaled and sighed as my fingers continued to caress her face and hair. She lay back and rested her head on the back of the couch. I let my fingers trace down over her chin and down her neck. Her blouse was open but not showing anything. I noticed as she relaxed her legs spread open even more. So leaning down I took an up-close look at her panties. It was not a surprise to see a wet spot on her panties as her pussy began to leak.

Raising my eyes I found her staring at me as I was looking up her dress.

“Do you like what you Mersin Escort Bayan see?” she asked.

“Most definitely,” I replied.

Smiling she lifted her hand to my bare leg and slid it up my thigh. My cock jumped as she neared my crotch. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

I took a chance and began to unbutton her blouse. She did not stop me and soon I opened it up to reveal a black lace bra. Her substantial breasts were mounded up out of the cups, so I let my fingers slip down and trace her bulging breasts.

By now I was rock hard and protruding from my shorts. I felt her hand slip around and grip my shaft. I couldn’t believe this, and I reached into her cup to caress her breast. She arched her back and pressed her tit to my hand. I felt her nipple grow hard under my caress. I pulled her blouse off then reached behind her to unhook her bra. Pulling it loose I let her pretty tits come into view.

I leaned down and began to suck her tits. As her nipples grew long and hard, I let my hand slide between her legs and up her skirt. My fingers found her wet panties and I pressed against her slit. She began to moan as I suckled at her tit and fingered her panty covered pussy.

With a quick motion she reached down and pulled her panties off. I pressed her skirt up out of the way.

I watched as she peeled my shorts off and took my cock into her mouth. I fingered her clit and her wet pussy watching her mouth slide up and down my long shaft.

There was nothing else to do but to slide my hard cock into her hot wet pussy. I pushed her back on the couch and raised her legs. Her pussy stood wet and pulsing Escort Mersin ready to accept my rod. I pressed my mushroom head to her lips and pushed lightly. They unfolded and I watched the head of my cock slide inside her.

I eased in a little more and watched over half my cock enter her love box. She was tight and wet, and my moistened shaft slid in easily. I pressed in deeper with each thrust. Soon I felt my balls bang on her ass I was full cock deep into her twat.

Reaching down I began to finger her clit as I thrust rapidly in and out of her pussy. Soon I could tell she was ready to cum and so was I. I continued to finger her clit as I rammed it home.

As her orgasm broke over my cock, I felt my own cum rush up the length of my dick and explode deep into her pussy. Continuing to thrust I let her pussy milk my cum. We slowed down and my cock slowly slid from her wet pussy, cum dripping from my cock and her pussy.

Without a word I knelt and licked her clean of her cum and mine.

Then she too knelt and licked me clean. Watching her tongue slide up and down my shaft and balls was a total turn on. Though I wasn’t ready for round too I found great solace in sucking her breasts again.

Laughing, she pushed me away. “I need to get dressed,” she said.

Laughing I too stood and dressed, watching her put on her bra and blouse, then her panties and skirt. It was enough for my cock to stiffen a little.

Laughing she caressed my dick and told me later and turned to go.

Turning she gave me a big hug and said she was glad her sister wasn’t home and that she appreciated my listening to her and giving her advice.

I too laughed as I swept over her breasts and smiling told her anytime. She turned to walk away………..”Maybe you shouldn’t tell sis I was here!” she exclaimed.

I told her I thought that was best.

I heard the toilet upstairs flush….when had she come home?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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